1. K

    wicked way

    Estoy buscando traducir la palabra "wicked way". Se lo que significa pero no se como escribirla de una manera en la que se escuche bien. Aqui tengo algo del texto y subraye la palabra que busco traducir. "I can only describe them as the man with a beard, but no hair, and the woman with hair...
  2. D

    a world where no center holds

    No sé cómo darle la vuelta a esta frase: Surrounded by moving targets, in a world where no center holds.....
  3. E

    como oro en panyo [paño]

    Can any one help with "lo guardamos como oro en panyo" in English. Thanks.
  4. B

    Incapaci di ricominciare...quanto impreparati

    Ciao a tutti, volevo un consiglio sulla traduzione di questa frase. Vi do il contesto: Ricordava, di un libro che aveva letto molti anni prima, un capitolo dedicato ai sacerdoti che avevano perso la fede, ma non l'abito. Preti già anziani, icapaci di ricominciare una vita quanto impreparati a...
  5. B

    hold (fortified)

    hold en inglés antiguo es fortaleza. hold in arcaic english means a fort, a fortified castle.
  6. M

    raw emotion

    Is there a way to express a "raw emotion" in French? The idea that it is pure and untainted? I'm hesitating using "emotion/sentiment cru"...
  7. G

    you were only given this life because you were strong enough

    despues de q me paso algo que me dolio mucho, mi novia me mando esta frase...que significa? "you were only given this life because you were strong enough to live it " tu diste esta vida porque eras suficiente duerte para vivirla?
  8. A

    correr a sangre y fuego

    How would you say this in English? Context: "y una campaña, una algarada, de Rodrigo por las tierras de Toledo, cuando Rodrigo corrió a sangre y fuego, con gran violencia , los dominios del rey." Thanks,
  9. A

    sugiere las contradicciones que despierta

    I don't really get this sentence, and don't know how to convey the meaning in English. Talking about El Cid and Spaniards. "José Luis Olaizola sugiere las contradicciones que despierta el personaje."
  10. A

    circunstancias vitales

    Would it be 'living conditions', or is there a better option? Context: "Entre lo histórico, o más o menos histórico, y lo legendario, el pueblo se quedaba con lo más atractivo y lo que mejor respondía a las necesidades de su tiempo, casi siempre relacionadas con unas muy duras circunstancias...
  11. A


    Hello all, i'm reading "i robot" and i found the word pantingly the context is as follows and gloria with a final burst of wild speed, dashed pantingly past him to touch the welcome bark of home-tree first. by the way, i cant understand the main idea :S some spanish traslator may help. my...
  12. I

    Luego regresó a Arabia, juntó sus capitanes y sus alcaides

    Can someone help me translate this into english please? The full sentence: Luego regresó a Arabia, juntó sus capitanes y sus alcaides y estragó los reinos de Babilonia con tan venturosa fortuna que derribó sus castillos, rompió sus gentes e hizo cautivo al mismo rey. My translation so...
  13. I

    si Dios era servido, se lo daría a conocer algún día

    Can someone help me translate the sentence pleas? Thank you! the full sentence is: Sus labios no profirieron queja ninguna, pero le dijo al rey de Babilonia que él en Arabia tenía otro laberinto y que, si Dios era servido, se lo daría a conocer algún día. i have: His lips didn’t hurl any...
  14. M

    wire mickey langer

    "though nobody mentioned -- now that I pause to list all this -- though nobody mentioned your langer, or your wire, or getting your mickey licked." (italics in the original) This is in a contemporary Irish novel (that someone in this group is (or has) also translating (-ed) and I've found...
  15. P

    Pull short

    Hi! I don't understand this: 'He had pulled his attack short and the crowd fallen silent.' I know what is 'pulled' and 'short', but I don't understand the context. Thanks!
  16. H

    material support

    Hi, Recently I read an application in which the author wrote "and she is supplying material support" in regards to financial matters. Later I found out that the she being referenced is providing 100% support. Is the use of "material" misleading in this context? Thanks for any comments.
  17. W

    personajes utilizados

    Hola, quiero decir la siguiente frase en francés: Los personajes utilizados por el autor, ¿está bien la siguiente traducción?: Les personnages utilisés par L’auteur o mejor les personnages utilisent par L'auteur? Muchas gracias de antemano.
  18. P

    "Faites" et "La verites physiques" in Buffon

    Bon Soir! Ma femme est une etudiante de la philosophie. Elle ne parle pas francaise, mais au devoirs elle trouve des citations en francaise. L'auteur, qui a ecrite ce texte en anglaise - a cite un ecravain francaise (Mnsr Georges Louis Leclerc de Buffon) mais il n'a pas lui traduire. J'ai...
  19. I

    Y entonces vio el mundo la primera col.

    I know "and then it viewed the world the first" but i don't know what col means. can someone tell me? Thanks!
  20. I

    La rosa entonces –tentada como después lo sería la mujer

    The full sentence is: La rosa entonces –tentada como después lo sería la mujer- deseó la utilidad, de tal modo que hubo palidez en su púrpura. It is from El nacimiento de la col by Rubén Darío.
  21. I

    Como el último se olvidó de desconectar las máquinas

    From Apocalipsis by Marco Denevi. Please help me translate this phrase into english. (This is only half of a sentence because the whole sentence didn't fit. The full sentence is: "Como el último se olvidó de desconectar las máquinas, desde entonces seguimos funcionando.") I got: Like the...
  22. A

    de una lanzada

    "Sancho fue asesinado en su tienda, en pleno campamento, de una lanzada," I am not sure given the context if it means Snacho was murdered 'recklessly' (de manera lanzada) or if it is talking about the method: ie, Sancho was murdered by a swingshot? shot? (de una lanzada de algo?o de alguien?)
  23. J

    Are you in over your head?

    What's the meaning of this sentence in this context? - Both of them are crying, and I'm pretty close myself. - 'Are you in over your head?' Marie suddenly asks me. - I llok at her, and I don't say absolutely, but I'm pretty sure she can read my mind. Could anybody help? Thanks in advance!
  24. J

    Abbreviation: APB

    Could anybody tell me what APB stands for? There’s an APB out for him in 15 states and a warrant for triple homicide Could anybody help? Thanks in advance!
  25. J

    top of the morning

    What does this greeting mean? And top of the morning to you too! Could anybody help? Thanks in advance!
  26. T

    oaten stop

    Hello! I'd be grateful to learn what the first-line phrase 'oaten stop', in Collins's "Ode to Evening"-- 'If aught of oaten stop, or pastoral song,'--means.
  27. I


    Hola :) En una de ellas vive con una hija y el yerno la señora Estefanía, que también nació con el siglo y es quinta, por lo tanto, de la señora Adela. El DRAE dice que quinto/a puede significar: Conjunto de personas que nacieron en el mismo año Creo que éste es el sentido de "quinta" en...
  28. A

    correr y descorrer de fronteras

    "Hay un continuo correr y descorrer de fronteras" Talking about winning and losing ground in a war. Would it be something like: "There is a continuous gaining and losing of ground." ?
  29. 1

    Double emploi

    ¿Cómo podría traducir este párrafo para que tenga sentido Elle en parle dans les letrres como dans les carnets, dans une sorte de double emploi où les différences deviennent particulièrement signifiantes? Es que cuando digo doble empleo me suena fatal... Gracias
  30. A


    I need a translation of 'tiradas' but in the sense given below: Tirada. En lingüística se usa en métrica, y designa una serie de versos que comparten rima asonante en los cantares de gesta medievales.
  31. A

    hallar sentido

    I know the literal meaning 'to find sense' to 'to make sense' but it doesn't sound right in the context. La literatura, entonces, hallaba sentido en todo un entramado de funciones de todo tipo, también religioso y político. How could I word this in English?
  32. P


    Well, this is about a boy who must be injected because he's preparing for something that night... so when the person tell him that he needs a injection, he answer: "I'm overdue". What is that mean? Because overdue is something out of time, like "fuera de tiempo", "extemporáneo", or something...
  33. P

    little bugger...

    Ok, I'm translating a text which it supose is not... rude, but it has this line: "Dangerous little bugger." So it is correct to translate "Peligroso hijo de puta" in Spanish, if it supose is not rude? Anyone has a better idea? Thanks!!
  34. S

    Persian: صفات بهار و مجلس عشرت ساختن خسرو با شيرين

    I'm doing a translation of an article from Turkish into English. The article is concerned with poets from 14th-century Anatolia. Anyhow, there are a number of extracts from poems in the article, and these are in Turkish. However, Ottoman and pre-Ottoman poets in Turkey typically used Persian...
  35. E

    words in american slang ( 19 th )

    Hello, does someone know what means : - gwyne - to resk - tanyard or tan-yard - bulrusher all found in " Huckleberry finn " by M TWAIN Many thanks, eric
  36. 1

    Donner des échos

    ¿Cómo traducir la expresión "nous en donne quelques échos à travers l'histoire de ..."?
  37. A

    se ve en el deber

    I am translating a historical article and this phrase comes up in a sentence saying 'X se ve en el deber de ayudar el rey.' I would translate it 'X feels obliged to' but are there any other options? Thanks,
  38. J

    rally point

    What's the meaning of rally point in this context, please? Anyone could help? "Five minutes before, we had finalized our plan at a rally point in the parking lot of a Food Emporium two blocks away." (From 'Step on a Crack' by James Patteron, page 396) Thanks in advance!
  39. N


    I was wondering if anyone has come across this word before. It's in a novel I'm reading. The context is : 'Hubo en su tiempo muchos rasgos idénticos entre este personaje y la proyección del pensamiento contemporáneo africano dada por el erudito Zaragundo Congolino acerca de la inclusión de...
  40. P


    I can't find this word, 'unbidden', the context is: "Her knuckles crashed into a shield that sprang up, unbidden, right before my nose." Thanks :)
  41. B

    La otra

    In the poem, Canción de otoño en primaveram by Rubén Darío there is this stanza: La otra fue más sensitiva, y más consoladora y más halagadora y expresiva, cual no pensé encontrar jamás. He's been talking about youth all along so what is "La otra" in this stanza?
  42. R

    poured over: outset

    Please, you can translate the following sentences, the context is a book of narrative psychology: In the light of a kerosene lamp. I poured over maps... any specific travel goal at outset of each day... Thank you.
  43. R

    Esfuerzate y preparate

    Please somebody help me: How can I translate "esfuerzate" in Enlish... I want to say "Esfuerzate y preparate, da lo mejor de ti en este English contest"... Is it ok if I say "Effort and get ready, do your best in this English Contest"
  44. A

    Upon his return

    How would you translate "Upon his return" into Spanish? I am trying to summarize a book and would like to say: "Upon his return from the war in Viet Nam, he suffered post traumatic stress." Gracias! Maria
  45. Grekh


    Bonjour!! Je voudrais savoir si vous pouvez m'aider avec la traduction de cette partie d'un texte... Zut, ras-le-bol, elle a mis où mon pain? Dépannage, tu parles ! Elle m'a déjà volé Joseph, elle est en train de me piquer mon travail. J'ai tenté de le traduire: Y ahora dónde puso mi...
  46. P

    where love is concerned, too much is not enough.

    Puoi aiutarmi con questa frase? (E' di Pierre Beaumarchais.) "Where love is concerned, too much is not even enough." Provo questa ma forse e' troppo letterale! "Dove riguarda amore, troppo e' non ancora abbastanza". Grazie!!
  47. N

    cada tanto

    Hello, I was wondering how this phrase, cada tanto, could be translated into English. Here it is in context: Cada vez que la miro, cada tanto. Thanks
  48. P


    From "The unstrung harp" by Edward Gorey: "He cannot help but feel that Lirp´s return and almost immediate impalement on the bottle-tree was one of his better ideas" I have no information about this... bottle-tree? The translation into Spanish doesn´t help me. Any idea?
  49. R

    Duro colpo

    Ciao a tutti, devo tradurre in inglese l'espressione " ricevere un duro colpo", nel senso di un tragico evento della vita. qualcuno puo' aiutarmi?
  50. J


    Hi there, I think that "youngin's", in the context of the sentence below, means "youngers". 1) Am I right? 2) Why the apostrophe in "youngin's"? "Julia, you're on lifeguard duty for baths for the youngin's, and you're also responsible for getting them dressed in the morning." Thanks a lot...