1. G

    Faire ses marques

    Hello everybody, I would like to translate the title of a children's book entitled: Je fais mes marques. I cannot think of anything that would really sound English! All suggestions welcome, Thank you!
  2. A

    has been spared

    Hola: Me pueden ayudar a entender esto? Quiere decir que no se les ha dado ese proceso transcultural? Thanks! "no people has been spared the cross-cultural process"
  3. C

    ante esto no hay quien se oponga

    lleva tilde quien?
  4. A

    Roxette's "money talk"

    The expression appears in the lyrics of "Joyride". It goes like this: "[I d]on't need a book of wisdom, / I get no money talk at all". Could somebody help me to understand the meaning of it?
  5. P


    I'm a first time poster but long time reader-- and I'd like to thank everyone in the forums in advance for being such an excellent resource. Here's my question. I'm working on translating a poem from (Ecuadorian) Spanish to English. I'm having trouble with one line in particular: y...
  6. X


    Cómo se traduce: Write a clincher question to get their attention
  7. C

    whether or if...

    hey every one, I would like to know when shuold I use wether and when if. I am a little confuse about that. I don't know wether/if he's in. wich should I use, thank you for your help.
  8. P

    Up leapt the tiger

    Watching a movie I came across some quotation (I guess it is): "off came the cage, up leapt the tiger" Would someone know where it is from? Thank you very much Gustavo
  9. N

    goosey goosey gander

    Hello, I am looking for a way to translate the phrase "goosey goosey gander", as in the nursery rhyme: Goosey goosey gander Whither shall you wander Upstairs, downstairs In my lady's chamber. I welcome any ideas as to what one could use as an affectionate appellation in French for a...
  10. Z

    declinarán en ti todas las brumas

    Could anyone translate this poem for me? Thanks a lot! Enrique Badosa Canto de las cinco estaciones Elegía en Enero … y III DECLINARÁN en ti todas las brumas. Nada. Si te confío el aire, te cortará su espada. Si pienso en tu amargura, podría entristecerte. Tuvimos la esperanza, y no quiero...
  11. T

    erotism vs. eroticism

    Hello everyone, Do you think there is any difference between the terms eroticism and erotism? We are writing a paper on Erotism in Lit. and would like to use the proper word. Thanks!
  12. S

    Plt Bj

    Hola, Quisiera preguntar , ¿Qué significa PLT BJ en este direccion PASEO. PINTOR SALVADOR DE AZPIAZU, 1 PLT BJ - 01008? He buscado este direccion, pero no sé que significa Plt. , . Alguiene me ayude por favor. Muy Atentamente, Shikha
  13. M

    fece il suo rendimento di colpa

    I need help understanding this line. The individual words make sense, but collectively I can't follow. They are a line in a poem by A. Merini. The previous lines are 'Lui non aveva libri/ non suava voci, non parlava,/ e della carne dell'uomo...' then this line, 'il suo rendimento di colpa'...
  14. L

    uncanny - siniestro u ominoso

    Hola: Estoy escribiendo un texto en Historia del Arte relacionado al término de das Unheimliche/ the uncanny de Freud. Existen dos posibles traducciones: lo siniestro y lo ominoso. Los términos se parecen mucho, pero yo prefiero lo siniestro, porque refleja mejor la ambigüedad del concepto...
  15. L

    Unheimlich: siniestro u ominoso ?

    Hallo, ich schreibe gerade im Bereich der Kunstgeschichte über das Unheimliche von Freud. Mein Text ist auf Spanisch und ich Benutze den Begriff lo siniestro, habe aber auch ominoso als gültige Übersetzung vorgefunden. Der Unterschied ist zwar minimal, aber siniestro finde ich passender. Was...
  16. B

    Etre du soir

    Bonjour, Je cherche à traduire en anglais : je suis du soir. Contexte : lettre à ma correspondante anglaise. Je lui dis que je suis fatiguée cette semaine car je commence mon travail tôt et je suis plutôt du soir. Tentative de traduction : I am of the evening. En fait, je cherche au...
  17. K

    magic lights

    How would you describe in informal language the sort of glittering / wavering / hovering / sparkling lights (usually with a faint aura or mist around them) one sees in cartoon-ish depictions of magic in fairy tales? (e.g. around magic items or around a magic wand). I am referring to the...
  18. V


    Je n'arrive pas à comprendre le sens de ce mot: filough et je ne suis pas sûre qu'il existe d'ailleur (faute d'ortographe dans le texte:rolleyes:). Voilà la phrase si cela peut aider: It won't be long before you see she has a mind of her own, and it's quite strong filough not to have to resort...
  19. H

    Ne cherchons donc que la tranquilité

    I am looking for the English translation of the following Flaubert quote: "Ne cherons donc que la tranquilite, ne demandons a la vie qu'un fauteuil et non des trones, que de la satisfaction et non de l'ivresse." It is described in an academic paper as teaching the artist what to expect of...
  20. sherin

    scomodo alla dittatura

    How would you translate the expression "suo padre era un militare scomodo alla dittatura"? This is my try: "his father was an army office who opposed to the dictatorship"...but it sounds strange to me...mmhhh I am writing a short biography. Thanks
  21. B

    double-hung staircase

    ¿Cómo traducís double-hung staircase en finally capturing her as she moved to the double-hung staircase? Es de una novela romántica que estoy traduciendo. Muchas gracias.
  22. SisterGoldenHair


    Hello, I am translating Shakespeare's 12 sonet into Spanish and I cannot find a translation for the word erst (I guess is an abbreviation?). Can you help me, please? "When lofty trees I see barren of leaves, which *erst* from heat did canopy the herd And summer's green all grided up in...
  23. G

    texto destaca el rol de las fiestas cívicas

    Hi! I'm translating a text and i I want to know if it's ok! Thanking you in advance!... El presente artículo analiza los diversos mecanismos que conformaron el imaginario nacional chileno en torno a la Guerra contra la Confederación Perú-Boliviana (1836-1839). El texto destaca el rol de las...
  24. J

    vivre ouvertement

    C'est un instantané sur ces moments furtifs d’extase ou d’absolu que la femme d’aujourd’hui peut vivre ouvertement. My best is "freely experience." Any help appreciated.
  25. P

    Путевка в жизнь

    I found this idiom in a text, the context is: Это было спасение, это была путевка в жизнь. I understand that this is "a ticket to live", "something that will help you in your future life". The fact is that I need it in Catalan (or in Spanish), and I am not really sure whether "un...
  26. A

    things fly at my head

    Hi! I think it's an idiom, but I'm not sure (maybe it means that he's thinking a lot of things at the same time?) because before, in the story, it is said "two small bodies in white came out and a large white thing flew past his head". It's a story about the Canterville Ghost lol. Which may be...
  27. A

    Snow (v)

    "What he'd do was, he'd start snowing his date in this very quiet, sincere voice-- like as if he wasn't only a very handsome guy but a nice, sincere guy, too." What would "snow" mean in this context?
  28. A

    To have sb going

    Hello. The context is this one: a guy is holding onto another guy's wrists and doesn't let him up. The victim starts telling him unpleasant words and the other man is affected by them. When the victim was telling this story, he said: "I really had him going". What does it mean? That he could...
  29. L

    L'engagement n'est pas une foi, c'est un fait

    Salut! Mon question est apropos un citation (censé) du Sartre: "L'engagement n'est pas une foi, c'est un fait" Est-ce qu'il y a un traduction official ou commun de ce phrase en anglais? Je ne voudrais pas un mauvais traduction uniquement à cause de mon ignorance. Merci en avance de votre...
  30. G


    Hello! This is not really some sort of requirement, but I'm in this role-playing forum with my character as French young man. :) Can you please help me translate "Grandmother was right... this is a good school..." ?? Thank you very much for the help!
  31. S

    womanizer man

    Salve a tutti! Sto traducendo un testo dall'inglese-americano all'italiano; il titolo é "come sedurre le donne difficili" e ci sono dei vocaboli che non so come riportare, senza usare parole volgari né dialettali, in italiano; una di queste é " a womanized man": come tradurlo? donnaiolo...
  32. L

    compositional decisions-making

    Ciao a tutti Sto traducendo delle brevi biograife di autori che scrivono per una rivista di musica. Questo autore dice di stare svolgendo nelle ricerche in ambito accademico 'on the part of literary text in compositional decisions-making, discussing works of various styles and eras'. Come è...
  33. Faliraki

    estribillo sin fisuras

    No consigo entender el sentido de la expresión "sin fisuras" en el siguiente contexto: Había quedado con la empresa de mudanzas el viernes 29 de diciembre y la palabra viernes fue un ESTRIBILLO SIN FISURAS en la boca del capataz cuando vio que los libros estaban todavía en su sitio [...] ...
  34. M


    Aparte de preguntar si la palabra suplementándo es correcta, tengo un problema con[…] el diccionario de word no me admite la palabra suplementándo, que el gerundio del verbo suplementar ¿alguien lo sabe? Menyoj:)
  35. Z

    Lithuanian: apystovose

    Lithuanian translation into English: apystovose I am trying to translate a document and cannot find the word in the dictionary. I have found it in a few contexts:1) rytdienos apystovose, 2)apystovose vaiku, 3) šiandieninėnėse apystovose. The sentence I am translating reads: ' dar...
  36. S


    Do the British and the Americans use the words "immune" and "immune system" with slightly different meanings while relating them to health? It seems to me that the British use the words to mean immunity from bacteria or foreign invaders while the Americans use it more widely to denote body's...
  37. M


    Saludos, estoy interpretando La vida exagerada de Martín Romaña y quisiera tener más significados acerca de la palabra "gochista". Agradeceré todas las aportaciones que puedan hacer del término. Hasta pront.
  38. I

    crew cuts

    Hola, estoy buscando una traducción al español de la expresión "crew cuts". Estoy traduciendo una novela de aventuras y aparece ahí. Escribo el párrafo donde la encontré, para mostrar el contexto: "When you get to the check-in counter for the international flight to Paris, three squarely...
  39. T

    el ombligo al aire

    Tengo un problema con la traducción de la expresión "ombligo al aire", porque no entiendo que significa exactamente en español. Se encuentra en un texto de Almudena Grandes : "... le preguntó también otra chica joven, con el ombligo al aire, la nariz perforada... etc " Si podeís darme otros...
  40. suleyman


    hola, alguien podria decirme que significa "guacaico"... Está en un libro de Che Guevara: "Pasajes de la Guerra Revolucionaria", y debe ser algo local de Sierra Maestra y la frase completa es la siguiente: "So guacaico de la Sierra." Muchas gracias de anticipacion
  41. D

    I'd like to be there

    Hello I'd like to know how to write this phrase in french. Could anybody help me!!! Thanks a lot!!!
  42. M

    Se vedrò che te la cavi

    Se vedrò che te la cavi. ¿Alguien conoce un equivalente en español? Muchas gracias. Manuel
  43. J


    Hola, soy traductor de poesía, acabo de descubrir este forum y me parece magnífico para aclarar las dudas que se puedan presentar. Ahora mismo tengo una en la que quizás me puedan ayudar. La palabra "outpoured" como verbo, como la traducirían, conozco "outpouring" que es flujo o lluvia de algo...
  44. B


    Hi, How would you say 'Petrarchan' as in 'influenced by Petrarch' in Spanish? The sentence I am writing is... Aunque la idea del amorinalcanzable es fuertamente (Petrarchan)... Does this sentence read well otherwise? LS
  45. Panpan

    Seduti ma abbiamo vinto.

    Ciao a tutti. Non capisco completamente cosa vuole dire questo frase. Il contesto e da 'Scusa ma ti chiamo amore' da Federico Moccia, capo seidici. Hi all. I don't fully understand what this phrase means. The context is from 'Scusa ma ti chiamo amore' (excuse me, but I call you 'love') by...
  46. Trisia

    Un buen amigo os dirá siempre la verdad: salvo en el caso de que la verdad sea agradable.

    Hi, me again, with another quote from Jardiel Poncela. I think I understood most of this one (ah, the joys of having a Romance language as your native tongue :D), but I need some sort of confirmation or correction: "Un buen amigo os dirá siempre la verdad: salvo en el caso de que la verdad sea...
  47. Trisia

    pidiéndole todos los días algo

    Here goes: my first thread here :D I'm having a bit of a problem understanding this quote from Enrique Jardiel Poncela: "La mujer adora al hombre igual que el creyente adora a Dios; pidiéndole todos los días algo." I think it's something like: "A woman loves a man just like a believer loves...
  48. Panpan


    Ciao a tutti Hi all Potreste aiutarmi a tradurre la porole 'dismessa', per piacere? Il contesto e questa frase da 'Margherita Dolcevita' da Stefano Benni: Could you help me to translate the word 'dismessa' please? The context is this sentance from Margherita Dolcevita (lit: 'Margaret, or...
  49. A

    You're making me horny

    Quiero saber la frase más común para decir esto. Si tuviera que adivinar diría "me estás poniendo caliente" pero no sé si es una frase comun en sí. Mejor me digan ustedes sin hacer caso a mi traducción.
  50. O


    I'm searching for the poetic word "couplet", meaning two lines of poetic verse. Can anyone clarify this, or provide the correct translation? Thanks, Johann