1. Serveto


    Working a resumé for a client who was responsible for visitng clients in "toda la zona metropolitana, paracentral, central oriental" (of San Salvador). I get what he means, but I'm trying to figure out a way to make it flow in standard American English. My attempt "Customer visitation in the...
  2. K

    booru no shita ni iru otokonoko

    All right, I am very new to Japanese... this is a sentence on the Rosetta Stone Japanese I am using to learn. The correct answer for this sentence is a picture of a boy lying down with a ball on top of him. I know that booru means ball, otokonoko means boy, iru means is, and ni is a particle...
  3. E

    No shita ni iru/ no ue ni iru/ ni notte iru

    I'm currently using Rosetta Stone to learn Japanese. It's a great program, but you literally teach yourself. I'm doing pretty good so far, but I have some questions. In this sentence: hikooki no shita ni iru otokonoko I understand that it means something like: The plane is above the boy...
  4. F

    Booto ni notte iru otokonoko to onnanoko

    Booto ni notte iru otokonoko to onnanoko I'm just starting to learn Japanese, and I have a quick question. Does the topic title translate to "A boy and girl are riding on a boat"?
  5. C

    Uma no shita ni iru otokonoko

    Hello, thanks in advance for any posts. :) My question is regarding the phrase "Teeburu no shita ni iru otokonoko" I was under the impression that the Japanese language followed the Subject, object, verb order. So I am confused by that phrase because I was thinking it meant, "The boy is...