1. A

    Norwegian: Appropriate use of "glad i deg" or "Du betyr så mye for meg"? (Stavanger area)

    Hello! I've browsed this forum (and many other websites) but I'm still left unsure about something. What would be the appropriate or typical response in this situation? Two estranged adult friends reunite. One of them has been "in forelsket" with the other for years, secretly. After reuniting...
  2. C

    I love you like I've never loved anyone before.

    Ciao! Sarebbe correto dire: "Ti amo come non ho amato nessuno mai (prima???)". Grazie.
  3. A

    non c'è sesso senza amore

    Ciao a tutti vorrei proporvi una frase di una canzone di Venditti: Non c'è sesso senza amore, è dura legge nel mio cuore There's no sex without love, it's a hard law in my heart. C'è un modo migliore per esprimerla? Grazie mille! =)
  4. P

    I love you

    Greetings. What's the Latin equivalent of "I love you"? Thank you.
  5. S

    I love my sister, my sister loves me

    My big sister loves me. or. I love my little sister. in German.
  6. O

    Please don't leave me.

    こんにちはみんなさん! Could someone please translate the title sentence into Japanese? 'Leave' is used in a permanent sense -- the person leaving isn't ever coming back. ありがとうございます。 ^0^
  7. C

    I like you so much, I care so much for you, for what you are and for who you are

    how i can say in greek "I like you so much, I care so much for you, for what you are and for who you are" please its important i love this boy....!!!!
  8. V

    I shine in the light of the moon

    The song my love always played for me when we first started going together was Goapele's Darker Side of the Moon. This has remained one of our favorites and could possibly be the song we play at our wedding. Angelo comes from an Italian family (while I'm mixed) and I thought it would be special...
  9. S

    I Hate How Much I Love You

    any one have an idea of how to write, 'I Hate How Much I Love You' In Japanese? Thanks ahead of time also ^^
  10. C

    Filtre d'amour

    Bonjour, Je voudrais savoir comment se dit un filtre d'amour en anglais ? Merci par avance pour votre réponse Hi, I want to know how i can translate in english this french words : Un filtre d'amour Thanks in advance for your answer :-)
  11. A

    sweet dreams, my love

    How do you say "sweet dreams my love" In French? (for at the end of a letter.)
  12. S

    Am I really in love with one of my bestfriends?

    Sorry for the lengthyness of the phrase, but I want to know how to say, Am I really in love with one of my bestfriends? Thank you in advance!
  13. T

    Je t'aime tout simplement

    What would be the English equivalent of this? Pas forcement la translation mais.. Appologies if I'm posting this in entirely the wrong place - new here!
  14. W

    Si la luna es bonita....

    Hola, foreros. Estoy intentando traducir, de manera más o menos poética, la siguiente frase: "Si la luna es bonita, más bonito es el sol, pero una mirada tuya, no tiene comparación." Sé (gracias a este foro) que "beyond comparison" sería la traducción correcta para "sin comparación", pero no...
  15. H

    Love: Always and Forever

    Hello everyone, what a wonderful forum. It has been so helpful searching through threads but I am still left with a few questions. I am getting a tattoo in the place of a wedding band (work-related reasons) and the importance of gettting the wording, spelling and meaning cannot be overstated...
  16. A

    I love him more than anything, because he's my everything

    how do you say "i love him more than anything, cause hes my everything" in spanish?
  17. K

    i love you very much, soon I will see you and I cannot wait

    Hello, My partner lives in Spain, and i want to send him a very nice text, and finish it off with something along the lines of " i love you very much, soon i will see you and i cannot wait" BUT this sounds a little dull..... can anyone spice it up for me?! (for information, we have a long...
  18. KarenM

    mi amor / cariño

    Me gustaría saber ccuales son las palabras más comunes o más utilizadas en INGLÉS para referirse cariñosamente al novio o novia. Que no suenen cursis. Aquí encontré algunas, pero quisiera saber cual es la que más se asemeja o se parece a: " Mi amor " o a " Cariño " en Español. Sweety Sugar...