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    Luxembourgish: Dréi méng Welt an eng kleng léiw Suerg

    Hello I would like to know the meaning of this sentence: Dréi méng Welt an eng kleng léiw Suerg Sief méng Rous, déi och ëmmer fir mech bléit Sief mäi Stär an der Nuecht (Donne-moi une chance, Modern Times) I don't know if "an eng Suerg dréien" means something like "turn into a care"...
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    Luxembourgish: Mutual intelligibility with other Germanic languages and French

    Hello, I am curious about the degree of difficulty of learning the Luxembourgish language. Compared to Dutch or Swiss German, is it easier or harder for German speakers? Also, would knowing French help?