1. L

    يا ذا القـوام الســـمهـري

    يا ذا القـوام الســـمهـري حاوي الرضاب السكري عن ثغرك الزاهي اللـمى يروى صحـاح الجوهـري كـم ذا التـجـافـي و البـعـاد أحرمـت أجـفـاني الرقـاد بادر و جد و ارعى الوداد يــــا ذا الجـبـيـن الأنــو
  2. D

    toi mon nombril et moi ta glace

    I have almost figured out all the English lyrics for Carla Bruni's "Le Toi de Moi" but I do not understand these: Toi mon nombril Et moi ta glace Is it: "You my navel, and me your mirror" or "You my navel, and me your ice cream" :) Neither one makes sense to me! :confused: Can someone please...
  3. Z

    The Monster Mash

    Por favor, pueden decirme que son los lyricos de "The Monster Mash" en espanol. Por favor, por favor!!!! You can find the english lyrics on google and then could you please please translate them to spanish? muy importante!
  4. I

    my blessings get so blurred

    Hi, This is part of a wilco's song. The context is: "I'm this apple, this happening stone When I'm alone Oh, but my blessings get so blurred At the sound of your words" Lo traduciría así: "Soy esta manzana, (happening stone no lo se traducir pero entiendo lo contrario de rolling...
  5. xmanta

    to be on your knees

    Sabe alguien que significa esta frase en la canción "Easy Lover" de Phil Collins. No se que es esa frase, parece una expresión relativa a un estado de ánimo o algo similar. Lo que aparece entre paréntesis en la cita, es lo que canta el coro.
  6. A

    manage to station myself in harms way"...

    Hi! I was translating a song, but there's a phrase I can't translate properly. I don't understand the meaning, and any attempt to translate it could be horribly wrong. Can you please help me with this one? Thank you :D "How do I manage to station myself in harms way and only get hit with a...
  7. T

    Bulutsuzluk özlemi - Sözlerimi Geri Alamam

    Merhaba everybody ! I must say that my one trip to Turkey was that kind of once in a life time experience! Starting with the people and finishing with ..well..also the people:)). I am trying to learn Turkish and I also tried this while my days there, but I must say my friends learned easier...
  8. J

    To be to Someone (I am to them)

    Estaba escuchando la canción de Neil Young, KEEP ON ROCKIN' IN THE FREE WORLD y me topé con la fórmula I'm to them. Supongo que debe significar algo como que se siente responsable de ellos... pero no estoy seguro. ¿Alguien puede arrojar algo de luz? Este es la canción. Theres colors on the...
  9. K

    La que entregaba

    Hi, What does "la que entregaba" means? Someone has translated it for me as "the generous one". Not sure if this is correct - is it? It's from the song "Bajo El Mismo Cielo" by Kany Garcia. Many thanks!
  10. D


    Hello everyone :) This question has always puzzled me, so... Here goes an excerpt from the song "No Brakes" by The Offspring: THE FULL LYRICS if needed. Any idea on the meaning of "pow" here? Thank you. :)
  11. D


    Hello everybody, How do you understand "play-by-play" in the lyrics below: Now I can understand friends who want to tell me Think they're gonna help me open up my eyes But the play-by-play makes me want to lose it Every time you do it man it turns the knife Any ideas? If you need to view the...
  12. D

    the kids are strappin' on...

    There is such a song by The Offspring, "Come Out And Play". I'm not sure about the meaning of the underlined part: "Like the latest fashion Like a spreading disease The kids are strappin' on their way to the classroom Getting weapons with the greatest of ease The gangs stake their own campus...
  13. D

    stuck... digging...

    Hello everyone, I'm not sure about the meaning of the underlined parts: "A haole with heart, that's all I'll ever be 'Cause I'm not a part of the North Shore society Stuck on the shoulder, that's where you'll find me Digging for scraps with the kooks in line!" Although I've underlined two...
  14. D

    the crownsnake

    Hello everybody, I'd like to ask you about the meaning of "the crownsnake". When I google "crownsnake", my first result is a website containing the game "Crown Snake". :D It's from the same song by Lloyd Banks. He sings: "I got the crownsnake And you can tell when I'm shoppin' 'cause when the...
  15. D

    the grind

    It's me again, some more lines from the same song: "Whether the truck or train My mind's stuck on the grind 'cause sumwhere down the line, a lot of suckas came" Could you possibly tell me what "the grind" means here? Click here or there to view the lyrics (they differ from each other). Your...