1. J

    Macedonian: хебли

    Добар ден, Дали може некoj да ми рече што значи зборот хебли и која е неговата еднина? Го побарав во речникот, но го немам најдено. Знам само дека ова е алат. Фала многу.
  2. I

    Macedonian: то(в)а

    Can someone tell me why the intervocalic в isn't written in the demonstrative pronoun тоа? The 1944 grammar prescribes това, the 1945 grammar gave both тоа and това while grammars from 1950 to now only allow тоа. It seems that this pronoun is one of the very few exceptions to the rule of keeping...
  3. T

    Bulgarian, Serbian (BCS), Macedonian: Hristos se rodi, Христос се роди

    Hi, I saw this phrase, Hristos se rodi, greeting here, it is the third greeting counting from the bottom. If I am not mistaken, it means Christ gets born/is borning. Which language is that? Croatian? I've saw a similar greeting in Russian once, I'm not sure if for Christmas or for Eastern - I...
  4. T

    Macedonian: to ask - пита/праша, pitati/prašati/(vprašati)

    Although it could be considered dialectal (my family is from the Macedonian diaspora and doesn't speak the literary standard) my family only uses 'pita' for 'to ask' and although they know what 'praša' means they don't use it. Sometimes my grandmother says opita and she seems to use it in almost...
  5. J

    Macedonian: почнав и почнев

    Добар ден! Дали може некој да ми објасни зошто во истата статија се користи почнав (Првата година воопшто не пиев, потоа се здружив со едно друштво и почнав многу да излегувам во кафулиња и ресторани.) и почнев (Бидејќи на работа не смеевме да пиеме, во тоалетот си криев шише со узо и демек...
  6. C

    Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian (BCS): I have a question to ask you

    How do you say in either language " I have a question to ask you?" Fala
  7. Whodunit

    Macedonian: origin of ќе

    Hello, :) while scrutinizing the future tense in many languages, I've come across the future particle ќе in Macedonian. However, I'm not too sure about its origin. According to the theory of the Balkan sprachbund, it's supposed to mean "to want" or "to will". This websites supports this theory...
  8. Christo Tamarin

    Bulgarian, Macedonian: non-witness mood

    The current thread is to continue a discussion which started in this thread. In my post there, I have listed some features of the balkanic languages. In the current thread, the feature marked as {Balkan-a4} "non-witness mood" is to be discussed. As far as I know, this feature exists in...
  9. D

    Bulgarian, Macedonian: genitive case

    If cases are lost in both languages, why is it possible to find this (apparently) genitive forms in this text? (Gospel - Matthew 10:21): BG Брат брата ще предаде на смърт, и баща чадо; MK А братот ќе го предаде брата си на смрт, и таткото - детето, Are they just archaic forms, kept only as...
  10. M

    Croatian (BCS)/Macedonian: Nice to see you.

    Hi:), Can someone translate these sentences for me into Croatian/Macedonian: 1) Nice to see you!/Nice to meet you (I tell it to my friend when I meet her on the street) 2)You look very nice. (To my female friend) 3)I would like to start learning Croatian in the future. 4)Hope to see...
  11. M

    Macedonian: пишувам VS пишам

    Can someone explain the difference in use between these two verbs. I have seen both пишувате and пишете used. Is there any difference between them or is the latter just slang? Thanks. Edit: Also, прашувајте and прашајте, etc.
  12. J

    Macedonian: член во вокатив

    Треба да се употребува членот во вокатив со присвоините заменки? Правилно е Те сакам, моjа љубов или Те сакам, моjата љубов? Благодарам за помошта.
  13. J

    Macedonian: како не & јок

    Hi Slavic@s :), According to some source, како не 'of course' and јок 'certainly not' can be used in Macedonian as reenforced answers to (negative) questions. I wonder what they literally mean. Is не in како не the negation particle? Then how come it appears in an emphatic positive statement...
  14. V

    Language in Yugoslavia: Slovenian; Macedonian; Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian (BCS)

    Hey everyone, can anyone tell me what language is spoken in Yugoslavia? Like in 'Ulcijn'??
  15. M

    Macedonian: Variants

    In Macedonian, in many cases, there exists two variants (i.e. two words) that are used which have the exact same meaning. Ones which I can think of off the top of my head are: Ice (мраз and лед — the latter being Common Slavic) Smoke (чад and дим — again, the latter is Common Slavic) Turkey...
  16. M

    Serbian, Croatian (BCS), Macedonian: Baš/Баш

    What is the etymology of this word and what are some examples of its use in Serbian, Croatian and Macedonian? Can it be replaced by another word in every context, or..?
  17. A

    Macedonian: Sofia, preubava si i mi se dopagas.

    Translation please.
  18. M

    Russian and Macedonian: Кукла

    What is the origin of the word "Кукла" (doll)? And, what is it in (Old) Church Slavonic? (If it has even been recorded or ever used in OCS). Thank you.
  19. S

    Macedonian: 8 lazici brasno se przat na tivok ogin

    Can someone translate this recipe? In particular the words in bold. Thank you! 8 lazici brasno se przat na tivok ogin. 3,5 l voda se vari 5-10min. so 1kg seker.Vo okolu 0,5l od tecnosta se rastvara brasnoto i se dodava na tecnosta,se vari okolu 20 min. so postojano mesanje. Smesata se ladi.Se...
  20. M

    Macedonian: Соба, Одаја, Стаја

    My dictionaries list all three as translations for "room". I have always used only соба, and it appears to be the standard and most common word (compare собна услуга - "room service"). Can a native speaker (preferably one living in Macedonia) explain the differences between each. And, what are...
  21. E

    Macedonian: не си го продавај

    "Не си го продавај Кољо чифликот" It seemes to be а Macedonian song, but I`ve also heard it in Bulgarian ( with different words) There are some words I can`t translate: рујно, меракот,трлото P.S. Is it correct to use cyrillic alphabet?
  22. T

    Macedonian: Course in General Linguistics

    Hello! Can you help me to translate a title of Saussure's book? It is called Course in General Linguistics how can I translate it in macedonian? Thanks in advance.Looking forward to your answer.
  23. Setwale_Charm

    Macedonian: Christmas greetings

    Could somebody translate this into Macedonian for me - the language I know nothing of: Have a blessed and joyful Christmas!! Hope this coming year will bring you and your family a lot of joy, peace and luck!!! Thank you.
  24. K

    Macedonian: shto mi e milo, milo i drago

    Hi! I need a translation of this Macedonian (I think) song. Can anyone help me? Thank you in advance, kum_quat shto mi e milo, milo i drago vo Struga grada, mamo, dyukyan da imam lele varay mome, mome Kalino vo Struga grada, mamo, dyukyan da imam koga po (no) voda, voda mi odat, so tiya...
  25. ferran

    Macedonian: sakam

    Hi, does someone know what sakam means? I think it's Macedonian... thanks
  26. billydagreek

    Yugoslavian and Greek Macedonian: Differences

    What's up everybody, Are there major or minor differences between the Macedonian spoke in Macedonia and the Macedonian spoken by the ethnic group in northern Greece? BillydaGreek
  27. F

    Macedonian: Bibe aj ke idam.

    Hello people, Can someone please translate this for me in either of English/German/Italian? Bibe aj ke idam. What on earth does this mean??? It's Macedonian, that's all I know... Thank you all in advance that might answer my post and aid me in this quest.:D
  28. A

    Macedonian: Te pozdravuva

    GOLEM POZDRAV OD MACEDONIA TE POZDRAVUVA TVOJOT SLAVKO I am new to this site and came to this thread via a google search. COuld someone translate the above text? Thanks :)
  29. L

    Macedonian: врски се карате/расправате ли во врска и

    Hi, can anyone of you translate this into english? "врски се карате/расправате ли во врска и за што најчесто?" Thx Luke