1. V

    Malay: Kandong Bandoeng

    Hi all! One of characters of Karel Čapek's novel "Salamander Wars" is J. van Toch, a captain of a steamship who transports goods in the seas of Indonesia. The name of his ship is "Kandong Bandoeng". I assume it is a Malay language. Bandoeng = Bandung is a city name. But what is "Kandong"? I...
  2. E

    Malay: Negeri Sembilan State

    Hello, I'd like to ask what should be the translation of "Negeri Sembilan State" in Malay language. I suppose that if I use Negeri Negeri Sembilan (by anology to Negeri Kelantan, Negeri Pulau Pinang, Negeri Sabah, Negeri Melaka) the meaning might change since the duplication may indicate the...
  3. WannaBFluent

    Malay: mulbar

    Hi, I have heard that Malays (at least Sri Lankan Malays) says 'mulbar' for 'Tamil'. Do you know what is the origin of the word 'mulbar'? Thank you.
  4. Z

    Malay: an (affix)

    What is the usage of the affix "an" in Malay? e.g bual bualan,what is the difference of the two word?
  5. T

    Written Indonesian vs written Malay

    Hi I would like to know if written Indonesian and written Malay are the same. I am providing translations for a text and having to search for Indonesian, and was wondering if written Malay is the same as written Indonesian - I know that speech is different - but what about the written form? If...
  6. L

    Malay/Javanese: سڤرسڤوله روڤيه

    Hello! I have a coin here with some Arabic text, but I am unsure of what it says. Can somebody help? Thank you. Matty
  7. N

    Indonesian: punya / apa

    Hello everyone. Is there any difference in meaning and usage between these verbs? Saya ada sebuah mobil. Saya punya sebuah mobil. Saya mempunyai sebuah mobil. Thank you
  8. K

    Indonesian, Malay: bilik

    130 left homeless by Teluk Telalo longhouse fire " ............. A resident saw thick smoke rising from one of the ‘bilik’ around 2.30pm and alerted other residents to evacuate the building. ................." Is there any significant difference between "bilik" :arrow: Bilik - Wikipedia Bahasa...
  9. K

    Malay: Pokok Ketum

    Risda on commercial ketum planting: Why only focus on the negatives? "PADANG BESAR: The people should look on the many benefits that can be gained from ketum farming programmes instead of focusing mainly on the downside. ........" What is "Pokok Ketum" :arrow: (Pokok Ketum - Wikipedia Bahasa...
  10. K

    Malay: dadah

    Youth jailed for assaulting his teenage wife " ............ Investigation revealed that the couple has been married for a year and they were quarrelling as his wife suspected him of taking dadah after finding an apparatus used for smoking drug in his bag. ............." Does "dadah" mean...
  11. K

    Malay: Mi Wonton

    Thank God, Sam’s free now - Nation | The Star Online First meal outside prison: Sam savouring ‘wan tan mee’ in Petaling Street, Kuala Lumpur, after his release. What is "Mi Wonton" :arrow: (Mi Wonton - Wikipedia Bahasa Melayu, ensiklopedia bebas) called in ID? :confused: Is it available in...
  12. K

    Malay: bot pancung

    7 dead, 21 missing in Johor boat tragedy - Nation | The Star Online " ............. “Initial investigations revealed that the group was attempting to sneak out of the country via a non-gazetted route in a bot pancung (rickety boat). ..............." Does "bot pancung" simply mean "rickety...
  13. K

    Malay: terubok

    Soldier held for joking about bomb at Kuching airport - Nation | The Star Online " ........... He said police inspected the suspect’s luggage thoroughly and found no bomb among its contents, which included terubok (salted fish) and “kek lapis”. .................." Does "terubok" mean "salted...
  14. Rani_Author

    Malay: bahasa Indonesia pun best pe

    Hi! I hope, there is someone would answer my question as soon as possible. Because, I'm so curious with the meaning of "bahasa Indonesia pun best pe". Actually, I had learnt Malay language and literature enough deeply. But, this kind of colloquial language made me confused. The context is: I...
  15. K

    Indonesian/Malay: sayang

    Prison officer molested male inmate from China at Admiralty West jail " .......... Twice, when he was rebuked, the married prison officer asked the inmate: "Officer sayang (love) you, why you no sayang officer?" But the inmate - who cannot be named to protect his identity - put up with the...
  16. K

    Malay: lagi " ............. He said the SUV driver, in his 20s, wound down the window and repeatedly shouted at him “Kenapa? Kenapa? Hang tidak kenal lagi aku siapa (Why? Don’t...
  17. airelibre

    Indonesian/Malay: Grape/Wine/Grape Juice

    How do you distinguish between these three words? Minuman anggur is literally grape-drink, so how do you say grape juice? Jus anggur?
  18. B

    Malay/Indonesian (Jawi): Unknown text

    Good Day I am baffled with this script on the diagram. Any Assistance appreciated? Thanks in advance Bakkah
  19. E

    Malay: Jawi script

    Hello. I am interested in the Jawi (Arabic) script used to write Malay and in particular how both long and short vowels are marked. I've noticed that in some old English Malay dictionaries that there was some variation in how Malay words were spelled in Jawi- sometimes a long vowel like ا or و...
  20. WannaBFluent

    Indonesian/Malay: ya

    Selamat, Can someone explains the meaning of the ya repeated at the end of each sentences in the following lines : Beberapa tahun belakangan ini ya, Islam berkembang pesat di Amerika, ya. Jumlah warga Muslim yang sebenarnya memang susah dipastikan ya, tapi menurut berbagai penelitian ya...
  21. F

    Indonesian/Malay: Is this chair taken?

    How to respond to, "Is this chair taken?" in Melayu? Often, while in a coffee shop in Kuala Lumpur, someone will approach me and ask if this chair is taken (like if you are at a small table with 2 chairs by yourself and they want to take the spare chair). I usually reply with tidak, but I would...
  22. J

    Malay: word stress

    Hello, Could anyone tell me which syllable is stressed in each of the following words in Malay ? tripang, kampung, sarung, gurami, amoq, pengguling, bambu Thanks a lot ! :)
  23. C

    Malay: text on a medal

    Hi all would anyone be able to help me originate the arabic nation this medal is from and what it says on it? any help would be massively appreciated. thanks some screens of it:
  24. M

    Malay: We tend to bring the quality fried chicken to all our customer

    Can somebody please help me to translate the following sentences into Malay? We TORI TORI tend to bring the quality fried chicken to all our customer, fresh chicken meat is strictly used for our delicious Crispy Chicken and Chicken Wings.
  25. C

    Malay: proper names

    My problem is, I'm reading some Malaysian scholars' papers and decide to cite their works. However, I get confused with their proper names; in other words, I cannot distinguish between their last names and their first names, as many indigenous Malaysian didn't have last names. I hope you can...
  26. S

    Indonesian/Malay: hukum syara

    Can anybody tell me what does 'hukum syara' mean? Thanks
  27. Y

    Malay: ni memang nak kne ni

    What does "ni memang nak kne ni" mean? What does ni mean exactly? Hope someone can help. Thanks!
  28. R

    Indonesian/Malay: Berapa nomor telepon pertama yang Anda miliki

    Do somebody can help me with it? I don't know where it comes from, maybe India or Indonesia, sorry for my ignorance. Seems to be hindikalam but not sure. Berapa nomor telepon pertama yang Anda miliki??
  29. Setwale_Charm

    Malay: on our side of the world

    Selamat tengahari! How would you say in Bahasa Melayu: Things are not too bad on our side of the world also? In response to "Here everything is OK".
  30. P

    Malay: Petisyen Isteri (p)

    Hello fellow translators Are there any Malay translators out there who can help me with identifying the (p) on a Decree Nisi Absolute certificate please? The P may stand for Petitioner - or Respondent since both words are covered by Pempetisyen. a line that may help is : di antara...
  31. E

    Malay: pookie

    Hey everybody, I was recently talking to my friend who happens to speak Malay and I called him the English pet name "pookie". (pronounced poo [as in winnie the pooh] - key) He laughed and said that the word was quite offensive and that it probably wasn't the best of ideas to call a Malaysian...
  32. S

    Malay: What is your E-mail address?

    What is your E-mail address? It's a straight forward request for their email address. Thanks
  33. F

    Indonesian/Malay: Jack of All Trades, Master of None

    I was wondering if anybody knows how to translate "Jack of All Trades, Master of None" into either bahasa indonesia or malay. thanks, farfromsanity
  34. L

    Malay: Why were you not here last time?

    Why were you not here last time? Can somebody tell me how to say that in Malay please? (last time meaning last lesson, if that helps...)
  35. Q

    Malay: stress

    Hello On which syllable are the following Malay words stressed? abrek = mica géndi / kéndi = water jug gondok = goiter
  36. P

    Malay: aku mujo sangat orang yang kata

    its in Malay... i get 2 words out of it ... aku and orang... can u help me translate what it means please
  37. W

    Malay: I will be missing you

    sure... hmm... you can help me at something... cay you translate it in you're language... i'm collecting different translation about this... "i'm really really thankful and grateful because you're always here for me. Especially when you really am forcing me to rest at your house because you can...
  38. S

    Malay: Basic words

    Hi there, I am a frequent Malaysia Airlines traveller and on my many journeys to the orient and beyond, i have discovered several things about the awesome language of Bahasa Malay. Here are my 3 points & questions... 1) Firstly the crew's announcements allways begin with: "pwan pwan dan pwan...