1. M

    Malayalam: korchchu

    Hello. The etymology of a word points out to a supposed malayalam word korchchu. I am copying the word as I found it in the source, not sure this is the right spelling. My source says this malayalam word korchchu means twenty or group of twenty. I wonder if there is anybody from Kerala in...
  2. D

    How similar are the Dravidian languages?

    I'm asking for the biggest ones from South India: Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. Is there some kind of mutual intelligibility? Up to which point? Or is it just restricted to certain words? Would the speakers of these languages understand the others if they were written in their writing...
  3. L

    Malayalam: Malayalam Old Script and Pronunciation

    Hi. I understand that the Malayalam script went through a change in the 1970s which simplified the way the vowel signs are written for "ഉ" and "ഊ". However, I have seen some of the ways the letters were written before this change. Where can I find the whole set? I have only managed to find it...
  4. C

    Azeri: cızan

    If any Azeri speakers are out there, can you please tell me what the different meanings of "cızan" could be? Thank you for your help.
  5. J

    Malayalam: enikku ninnodu pinnakkamanu

    Hi guys I am not sure if this is the right forum to post my question. My apologies, if I have posted in the wrong forum! I am looking for a similar word/sentense (in meaning) in English for the Malayalam word "pinnakkamanu" or the sentence "enikku ninnodu pinnakkamanu". Any help would be much...
  6. A

    Malayalam: orthography

    Hi all, I have a question regarding the orthography of Malayalam. As someone who has always been interested in different scripts, I have a longstanding interest in orthography and the speed with which we can write various languages. I am, thus, curious to know if there are any Malayalis (or...
  7. N

    Malayalam: Marikoodinnullil

    English meaning?
  8. T

    Malayalam: revenge, justice

    Hi everybody, I have another question. What are the words for "revenge" and "justice" in Malayalam? I hope you can help me! Moderator note: Moved from; 1394920.
  9. T

    Malayalam: someone who cheats at poker

    Hi everybody, I'm new to this forum which I found after the only two online english-malayalam dictionaries couldn't help me. I need the malayalam translation of the word "traitor" or "betrayer" or "someone who plays false at poker" (the last one would be preferred :) ). I want to use it as a...
  10. Setwale_Charm

    Malayalam: mallu

    I am wondering whether this nickname attached to people coming from Kerala is actually considered an offensive word? Thank you.
  11. MariadeManila

    Malayalam: "Am Sorry"

    Hi my good friends! How do I say "sorry" and "goodluck" in Malayalam? many thanks! Cheers! Maria