1. Linnets

    Maltese: Fenech/Sfenek

    Hello, are these surnames related in Maltese? I ask it beacuse the famous actress Edwige Fenech was born as Edwige Sfenek but at some point decided to change her surname in Fenech, which seems to be pretty common in Malta, while Sfenek is likely rarer. Also, what is the current pronunciation of...
  2. K

    Maltese: Antnin

    What is the English equivalent of the name Antnin? Thanks in advance!
  3. wse94

    Maltese: I would go there

    Il-Jum it-tajjeb, How is the conditional expressed in Maltese? For example how would I say "I would go there." or "He would buy that."? I've checked what sources I could find online and tried to get an idea of how the conditional would be expressed in Arabic, which seems to be through context...
  4. М

    Maltese: Rose Galea

    Can anyone tell me how is this pronounced in Maltese? My guess is that the name is pronounced as an English name and surname as an Italian surname. IPA would be helpful. Someone told me that Rose is pronounced as Rosh, but I've read about the Maltese phonology and I saw that the letter X makes...
  5. L

    Maltese: Learning resources

    Hi all. New user and first post. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good resources to learn Maltese. I have family and friends there and love the language but none of them can teach. Many thanks Lukas
  6. P

    Maltese: IPA Pronunciation of Xuereb

    Greetings, Can someone provide an IPA pronunciation of the Maltese name Xuereb? Please use only phonetic symbols from the English IPA phoneme set. Percy
  7. L

    Maltese: Trattament ta' keratite newrotrofiċi

    Hi everybody, I really could use some help translating the phrase Treatment of neurotrophic keratitis/keratopathy into Maltese. Does Trattament ta' keratite newrotrofiċi sound right? I'm not quite sure about the adjective... Thank you very very much!
  8. jonquiliser

    Maltese: I wanted to say

    Imperfectively, modals are conjugated to person the same way as the main verb, nixtieq nghid , nistghu nitkellmu etc. But for a past modal, do you conjugate the main verb in the imperfect or the perfect? (I would have assumed the first). That is, would it be correct to say xtaqt nghid...
  9. jonquiliser

    Maltese: the present plural of seta'

    The given conjugation of the verb 'can' in the plural is nistgħu , tistgħu, jistgħu. But I have also seen 'nistaw'. Is this a spelling mis take because of how nistgħu would be pronounced, is it a variant, or is it merely wrong?
  10. jonquiliser

    Maltese: negation

    I have a small doubt about negation in Maltese. The negating particle is generally inflected after person/subject. But in many cases where I'd expect e.g. mhijiex/mhix or mhumiex, mhux is still used. Such as "Il-flus mhux kollox" (il-flus is said to be a plural noun that must be treated as...
  11. S

    Maltese: "hu" fi: Meta beda jitkellem hu kulħadd siket.

    Xi ħadd tista’ taqdini, jekk jogħġbok? „Meta beda jitkellem hu kulħadd siket“. When he began to speak everybody was silent. Ma nifhimx għaliex il-kelma “hu”. Grazzi għal għajnuna tiegħek.
  12. S

    Maltese: Ilbieraħ inqalgħali kollox.

    Xi ħadd tista’ taqdini, jekk jogħġbok? Ma nifhimx din is-sentenza: “Ilbieraħ inqalgħali kollox.” Xi ħaġa bħal “Yesterday / it moved to me / everything” ??? Il-kuntest huwa: “Stennejna li narawk fil laqgħa tal-għaqda storika.” “U ħallini Josef. Ilbieraħ inqalgħali kollox. Mhux stajtx...
  13. jonquiliser

    Maltese: għażel, agħżel (pronounciation)

    Hello. What would be the difference in pronounciation between għażel and agħżel - I gather the function of għ is principally in lengthening the vowels it comes before or after? Grazzi ħafna.
  14. jonquiliser

    Maltese: auxiliary verbs

    Hello: jidher li hawn mhumiex membri Maltin ħafna; madankollu, nixtieq nistaqsi dwar ħaġa li l-Għarab magħrebi forsi wkoll jistgħu jafu. How is the auxiliary verb used? Per eżempju: We could say - nistgħu ngħidu I want to ask - irrid nistaqsi? Iva? (Should anyone knowlegdeable...
  15. jonquiliser

    Maltese: ried / xtaq

    Bonswa, għandi dubju: fil-frażi "I want to learn Maltese", ikun aħjar li nuża il-verb "ried" - irrid nitgħallem jew li ngħid nixtieq nitgħallem? X'inhi d-differenza b'din il-frażi? Grazzi ħafna bil-quddiem,
  16. jonquiliser

    Maltese: waqt / matul / żmien / ħin

    Hello, jien li nitgħallmu l-ilsien Malti. Mostly I'm trying to read Maltese articles and posts, using Googletranslate for a rough idea of the meaning. Unfortunately I don't have access to a detailed dictionary giving any more than basic meanings. So, now I wonder: what is the difference...
  17. J

    Maltese: Vowels in strong verbs

    Hello, I'm attempting to learn the perfect tense in Maltese, but I'm confused by the vowel changes in strong verbs: For example: ħdimt ħdimt all with an 'i'; but ħadem ħadmet all with an 'a'. And yet, for example, kiteb retains the first 'i' all throughout its perfect forms. Are there...
  18. S

    Maltese: Pronunciation of "u" in Mifsud and Muscat

    I am not quite sure how to pronounce maltese names because I don't even know which pronounciation rules to apply - English or Malti. What about names like Mifsud or Muscat. Is the "u" pronounced like in "Budweiser" or like in "true"?
  19. C

    Maltese: minn xulxin

    Merħba bikom - Kont irrid nistaqsi dwar l'espressjioni "minn xulxin" li sibt fi dan il-kontest (u din is-sentenza ġiet minn paragrafu li jiddescrivi r-razez tat-tajra l-Barbaġann) "L'aktar li jintgħarfu minn xulxin huma l'alba u l-guttata." L'alba u l-guttata huma tnejn minn r-razez...
  20. C

    Maltese: ikbar, akbar

    I was reading the Wikipedia article on the city of Rabat (Victoria/Vittoria) in Gozo, and I came across the following sentences: The city has a population of 6,414, and the population of this area is the greatest/largest in Gozo. The city(?) Victoria is the largest area in Gozo, and it falls(?)...
  21. C

    Maltese: ckejken

    So I've decided to start learning Maltese, and I'm acquiring a number of materials, such as a translation of Le Petit Prince, titled "c-Ckejken Princep" ([tsh-tshkeiken printshep]). Does anyone know the etymology of the word ckejken which means "small" in Maltese? It doesn't seem to be an...
  22. S

    Maltese: Bil-flus taghmel triq il-bahar

    Malti(Maltese) Bil-flus taghmel triq il-bahar Money can make a road in the sea gh= ع بالفلوس تعمل طريق البحار Since some people say Matese is Arabic and some say it is another language. Is this understood by most Arabic speakers. It comes from this thread post#75
  23. J

    Maltese: ħ vs. English h

    Could somebody please explain to me what the difference in pronunciation is between the English 'h' and the Maltese 'ħ' (e.g. in 'saħħa')? I can't hear any difference between our 'h' and their 'ħ', but I'm told there is one... Grazzi!
  24. V

    Maltese: nixtieq nagħmel l-imħabba miegħek

    Pleeease help!!! I got this message in maltese...can u help me translate it? Nishtia nammel limhabba miek
  25. T

    Arabic/Maltese: Pharyngeal Fricative

    Is this sound present in all variants of Arabic? Do any not possess it?
  26. T

    Maltese: Christmas wishes

    Hi i am writing a christmas card to my girlfriend.. I would really liek to write it in maltese to her but would not have a clue how. Can someone please translate it for me? it would mean so much to me. If possible can you please translate... "Dear Lorraine, Have a merry christmas. I hope...