1. haliava

    elevados encima de las máquinas

    Hola otra vez: Tengo dudas acerca de la traducción de esta frase:Los transportes deberán ir elevados por encima de las maquinas, altura mínima 2.5 metros. Según normas de seguridad. Mi intento: The conveyors have to be raised across the top of the machines, with the installation height 2.5...
  2. M

    Binder technology

    A new formaldehyde-free binder technology. Si parla di materassini di lana di roccia e lana di vetro tenuti insieme da una resina che non contiene formaldeide. Mi verrebbe da dire "tecnologia legante" ma non ho trovato riscontri e mi si dice che non è corretto (senza che mi sia stata data una...
  3. N

    manufacturing capacity

    Dear all, how to translate to Italian the term “manufacturing capacity” in the following expression “The country has created locally controlled manufacturing capacity in a technologically complex industry"? Is the translation “capacità produttiva” appropriate? In that case, it would...
  4. ordira

    to be nonvalid

    Qué tal!! mi duda es de inglés a español. En una planta de fabricación, un comité se encarga de revisar que los procesos sean válidos. Dice: “Acceptable processes will be certified by the commitee”. Hasta ahí no hay problema, pero luego dice “Unacceptable processes will be restructured and...
  5. T


    Hi Hope you can help me ! I work for a clothes manufacturing company. So, how to translate the word used in Spanish to refer to people which work is to lay the fabric on tables in order to cut it? In Spanish we call them "tendedores" from the verb "tender". What would be they called in...
  6. G

    Path To Volume

    Hello does anyone have a good translation for Path-To-Volume (PTV). Je pense à accroissement (au niveau souhaité) It's not very important, I just want to know any other suggestions, as I have encountered this concept several times recently Cheers