1. marrish

    All Indo-Iranian Languages: aspirated consonants mʱ nʱ lʱ [*rʱ *yʱ *ʋʱ *ɳʱ]?

    In the phonetic inventories of most of Indo-Aryan languages (like Urdu, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali etc.) there is a class of aspirated, "breathy" consonants. An apt example of these aspirated consonants is from Devanagari script for Sanskrit: ख /kʱ/ घ /gʱ/ छ /t͡ʃʱ/ झ /d͡ʒʱ/ थ /t̪ʱ/ ध /d̪ʱ/ ठ...
  2. MonsieurGonzalito

    Hindi, Marathi, Urdu: vakhrā

    OK, this is embarrassing ... In a verse I already asked about, from the song Mera Murshid Khele Holi, talking about the shifting nature of either God or the Murshid: कही वखरा / कहीं सरखा کہیں وکھرا، کہیں سرخا at times different / at times constant I was told that "sarkā" was a Gujarati and...
  3. MonsieurGonzalito

    Gujarti, Hindi, Marathi, Urdu: sarkhā

    In the song "Mera Murshid Khele Holi", which supposedly is a qawwali mystic poem, the author speculates about the nature of God, and plays with opposites. The poem says that sometimes he sprinkles thorns in flowers, sometimes he smiles behind teardrops, ... and beautiful contrasting images of...
  4. S

    Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit: मुद्रेयं लोकमंगला

    Good morning, I'm translating a financial document which has the BoM logo like in the picture below: What could the the phrase in the circle on the logo mean?.. मुद्रेयं could mean 'financial', but the rest?.. If anyone has...
  5. S

    Marathi: संआसांसं

    Good morning, I found this word (most probably, an abbreviation) in a birth certificate from Maharashtra. The line reads as: शाकेमुभो - 1849 - संआसांसं - 3-12-2000 - 3,700 बुक्स (50 पृ x 1) My translation: Central state printing house, Bhopal - 1849 - ??? - 3.700 books (50 p. x 1) Any ideas on...
  6. A

    Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit: ऋण-

    Hi all, nice to visit this lovely forum after a long time. Hope you all are doing well! Today my question concerns the delineation of loan and debt in Hindi as it relates to the world/root ऋण. As the thread title alludes, I am interested today only in Sanskrit-derived words. And on a further...
  7. J

    Marathi alphabets: ऎ, ऒ and ॲ

    I am wondering if the Marathi language use these three alphabets? For ॲ, Wikipedia this essay ( claims Marathi uses ॲ instead of ऍ as Hindi does. But I've barely seen any mobile phone keyboard be able...
  8. C

    Marathi/Marwari/Gujarati: Let go

    If anyone could help me with the following phrases, it'd be really great. I need the Marathi, Marwari, and Gujarati translations, but Romanized. If anyone knows the Sindhi translations as well, that'd be really helpful. Both formal/informal would be appreciated (and if there's any difference in...
  9. C

    Marathi: Listen to me

    So I was wondering how you would say: "Listen to me." in Marathi. I would need it Romanized if possible. I have been told that "listen" is "aika", but I'm not certain how correct that is. Thank you!
  10. F

    Gujarati and Marathi: Nominative and accusative forms of neuter nouns

    Like other modern Indo-Aryan languages, Gujarati and Marathi have a system of “split ergativity” whereby the present tense of transitive verbs uses a nominative/accusative construction, while their past tense uses an ergative construction. Differently from other Indo-Aryan languages, they have...
  11. H

    Hindi & Marathi:'For those who helped along the way...'

    Hello All, I am writing my university thesis and would love to include a dedication in Hindi and Marathi for my friends, but I don't speak either :-( Would anyone be willing to translate the text 'For those who helped along the way...' into Hindi and Marathi for me? I would be very grateful...
  12. T

    Marathi/Hindi: dhekul

    On a TV show they recently used the word DHekul. After doing some research online it seems it is a Marathi word for clod of dirt. In the subtitles it was translated as inept. Is this word common in Hindi now?
  13. J

    Hindi / Marathi: Teej (तीज)

    There is a festival of Hindus in India, called Teej. It is celebrated in many parts of India with some variations. I saw it being celebrated in Maharashtra under the name Hartalika Teej हरतालिका तीज. I want to know more about this word "Teej" तीज. Is it a Marathi word or a Hindi word? Has it...
  14. J

    Marathi / Hindi: Tasha (ताशा)

    People knowing Marathi or Hindi would be knowing this word "Tasha" ताशा which comes with "Dhol Tasha" ढोल ताशा. I think it is a Marathi word because it is extensively used in the language. These days there is huge celebration of Ganesh Utsav in Maharashtra and ढोल ताशा is an eternal part of the...
  15. S

    Marathi: Mangeshkar

    Greetings, I've always wondered what the exact meaning/origin of the surname मंगेशकर is. It is the surname of the great singer लता मंगेशकर (Latā Mangeshkar): लता is presumably the Sanskrit word for ‘creeper, vine’. Best wishes, and many thanks...
  16. L

    Hindi or Marathi-theeka

    From which language does 'theeka' as spicy come from? I couldn't find it in Shabdkosh, Platts, or an online Marathi dictionary. Apparently it is a very common way to say chile-hot spicy in Mumbai. I heard a Punekar say it today. Googling leads me to believe it may be used in Gujarati as well.
  17. L

    Hindi: Pronounciation of "Marathi"

    Hello All, Would someone please tell me how "Marathi" is pronounced. In other words, should I pronounce its "th" as two separate leters "t" and "h", or as one letter like in English? If the "th" are pronounced as two separate letters, is there - generally - Indian words that have the sount...
  18. T

    Influence of Marathi on Hindi

    I read somewhere a while back that Marathi was having a huge influence on either Hindi or the Hindi used in Bollywood films. I think the film cited as an example was "Javaani Divaani" (the most recent version) if I'm not mistaken. Anyone know if this is true?
  19. S

    Hindi, Marathi, Urdu: Days of the week

    I know that in Hindi the following are the seven days of a week: Soomwaar, Mangalwaar, Budhwaar, Guruwaar (or Bruhaspatiwaar), Shukrawaar, Shaniwaar, Raviwaar सोमवार मंगलवार बुधवार गुरुवार (or बृहस्पतिवार) शुक्रवार शनिवार रविवार In Urdu, as far as I understand, following are the seven days of a...
  20. A

    Marathi: I love you

    Hi everyone, I'd like to know how to say "I love you" in Marathi. More specifically, I'd like to know how a boy would say this to a girl he loved romantically, for example, a young couple. If possible, I would be grateful if you could write it in the Marathi script. Thanks a lot.
  21. R

    Hindi vs. Marathi

    Hello All, I am sorry that this is not specifically a question about a word or phrase, but I am thinking the question comes within the bounds of the discussions here. I was wondering how Hindi and Marathi compare. Do they share much of a vocabulary set? Does the grammar work similarly...
  22. panjabigator

    Hindi/Urdu/Marathi/Panjabi: sleep (n.)

    What is the the Hindi, Urdu, and Marathi equivalent for "sleep?" As defined by the New Oxford American Dictionary: The word that we use for this in my house is गिड्डा (<giDDaa>; might even be nasal) but I'm uncertain if this is an "actual" Hindi word. I suspect it's Panjabi.
  23. A

    Hindi/Marathi - Dharma

    I recently learnt that dharma (धर्म) in Hindi and Marathi (and possibly other Indic languages, but I can't say) means religion, unless I am very much mistaken. Of course, in English, that refers to the religious "duty" in Hinduism and, I believe, many other Indic religions. My question is, if my...
  24. panjabigator

    Marathi in Bombay and Pune.

    How important is knowing Marathi (or even Gujarati) in Bombay? Would one get by knowing just Hindi or just Marathi? I know the Maharashtrian government is trying to augment the importance of Marathi and outright prefers its usage to Hindi in the political spheres, but how far has this tendency...
  25. panjabigator

    Marathi: Happy Birthday

    "Happy birthday" in Marathi, according to some website I can't remember, is "vaadhdivasaanimitta manahpoorvak shubhecchaa." My question is the following: Can someone give me a word for word breakdown of what this means in Hindi? And can someone transliterate this into Devanagari? I am not...