1. O

    what is the distinguish between corporate objective and corporate strategy

    I am currently doing a research of this question and i have totally no idea, bout it. What is the distinguish between corporate objective and corporate strategy. anyone have any clues for me?
  2. J


    " ... A personality trait or characteristic that increases recpetion also decreases yielding. " How can we translate Yielding in this sentence !!! Thank you JN31
  3. SquirrelCage

    scripted key interactions

    Contesto: rapporto sull'istruzione, descrizione di alcuni sistemi scolastici This Agency has been given the task of raising the quality and quantity of applicants into teaching. To do this it chose to employ best-practice marketing and recruiting techniques used in business: it carefully...
  4. SquirrelCage

    sophisticated relationship management system

    Contesto: rapporto sull'istruzione, descrizione di alcuni sistemi scolastici This Agency has been given the task of raising the quality and quantity of applicants into teaching. To do this it chose to employ best-practice marketing and recruiting techniques used in business: it carefully...
  5. SquirrelCage

    target audience

    Contesto: rapporto sull'istruzione, descrizione di alcuni sistemi scolastici This Agency has been given the task of raising the quality and quantity of applicants into teaching. To do this it chose to employ best-practice marketing and recruiting techniques used in business: it carefully...
  6. Y

    wall zip

    Hello, How to translate "wall zip" in a clothing and merchandise context. "cierre de pared" it is not accurate and refer to medical merchandise. Any suggestion? Thank you for you help :)
  7. S

    customer evangelists

    Can someone help to discover what the author says through this phrase?
  8. N

    Contribuir a la apertura de espacios periodísticos

    I want to translate "Contribuir a la apertura de espacios periodísticos". I made an attempt, but I don't know if it's right: "Contribute to the opening of journalistic spaces". Any comments or suggestions? Thanks :cool:
  9. N

    Favorecer el vínculo entre la labor de los científicos...

    Estoy intentando traducir esta frase: "Favorecer el vínculo entre la labor de los científicos y las necesidades particulares del sector productivo", y me ha quedado así: " favor the linkage between scientists' tasks and the particular needs from the productive sector". ¿Qué opinan, está bien o...
  10. O

    licensed home professional

    S'il vous plaît, comment dit-on "to businesses and licensed home professionals" en français? Would it be "aux entreprises et aux professionnels intérieurs agréés"? Merci!
  11. Y

    fulfillment center

    How to translate "Fulfillment Center" in Spanish? Ex: "Our Fulfillment Center Will Not Send Your Order Using Your Shipper Account" His literal translation is "Centro de cumplimiento", but it is not accurate, isn´t? I think I can translate as "almacén de distribución", but I am not sure.
  12. L

    vicino a noi

    Buongiorno a tutti, avrei bisogno di un consulto sulla traduzione della frase: Vicino a noi. Il senso della traduzione deve far trasparire sia una vicinanza fisica che una vicinanza mentale/psicologica, da qui il semplice near to us oltre che foneticamente brutto mi sembra semanticamente...
  13. M

    Favourable price

    Buenas tardes! Tengo la siguiente frase para traducir: "High-quality machine at a favourable price" Aquí no me cuadra lo de "precio favorable". Creo que se vería mejor: "Máquina de alta calidad (o prestaciones) a precio económico" Sugerencias? Gracias por adelantado
  14. Davex

    Center Efficiencies

    Hola: Estoy traduciendo un entrenamiento para gerentes y en los tópicos a discutir se encuentra "Center Efficiencies". ¿Creen que sea correcto “Facilidades del Centro”? Es un centro de llamadas con muchas estaciones de trabajo. Muchas gracias
  15. I

    venire a conoscenza

    Hi all! This is my first thread! :) I need your help to translate this sentence "Come è venuto a conoscenza del convegno?". How (where?) have you been aware of the conference? :eek: (it's a question in a survey form). Thanks a lot! ilaria
  16. C

    retail outlets

    hola a todos de antemano, me gustaria saber que significa "retail outlets" y cuando se ocupa, estoy buscando como se dirian "puntos de venta" como una compania que tiene sus puntos de venta para surtir sus productos o servicios y en un traductor me aparecio eso pero busco retail en el...
  17. Y


    Buenas tardes, ¿Cómo se traduce "marketworks" en el siguiente contexto? "Once you have finished all your purchases, go through the marketworks checkout procedure to pay..." Muchas gracias
  18. A

    Pôles Élégance et Performance

    Hello, I am just translating a sentence, important for me, from french to english and I would like to be sure. Could you please help me? "...Je veux cultiver les pôles Elégance et Performance pour m'accomplir dans un poste qui m'apporte plus qu'une nécessité, un équilibre, une harmonie"...
  19. R


    Hi guys, I'm copywriter. I would like to know if the verb "elevate" includes two senses, rise physically and give yourself a best intellectual dimension, and i would like to know if i can use it only by saying "Elevate." as an advice. Thank you very much.
  20. P

    tentata vendita

    Hi to everybody. Anyone knows how to translate "tentata vendita" from italian into English? It's a way of trying to sell items. Here in Italy, this is common for some agents who carry items to be sold on a van or a car, and when they visit their customers (new or old) they try to sell directly...
  21. S

    que resultan apropiadas por sujetos particulares

    "...pero el proceso de recuperación y reciclaje lo convierte en materia prima y su comercialización en mercancía, que adquiere valor de cambio, y genera ganancias, que resultan apropiadas por sujetos particulares..." This is a report on improving the ecosystem of an area in Colombia and the...
  22. M

    Criteria Item

    Hi, I am translating a business glossary for a food company. The title is "X (name of the company which I can't display) Criteria for Business Excellence). Then, in one of the terms says: Approach Approach refers to the methods used by an organization to address the Criteria Item...
  23. L

    Glossy publication

    Hi all, I have the phrase in English 'the only glossy publication in the entire state' to translate into Spanish but I am not even sure that 'glossy publication' is correct. Shouldn't it be more like 'publication in glossy paper' or 'glossy quality publication' or something like that? I...
  24. T


    me gustaría saber que realmente significa " volutional "
  25. E

    trame d'une image

    Comment traduisez-vous "trame" pour une image? Merci bcp
  26. D


    Buenos días ¿Alguien podría ayudarme a traducir al español "innovativeness"? El contexto es el siguiente "The company's formula was firmly based in (...) its innovativeness" Entiendo que se trata de "capacidad para innovar", pero me gustaría saber si existe algún término más preciso...
  27. C

    N'hésitez plus!

    Dear all, I would need your help to translate the idea of "N'hésitez plus, réserver dés maintenant!" or "Ne cherchez plus, réserver!" "Do not hesitate, book with us" is it correct? I would like something more marketing... Thanks in advance for your suggestions! Regards from Sunny Costa Rica...
  28. Cayena

    customer facing role

    Hola! Estoy haciendo una traducción sobre los requisitos que debe cumplir un potencial candidato a un trabajo como Director de Proyecto en el área de las nuevas tecnologías. Uno de los requisitos es "To have experience in a customer facing role" ¿Qué entienden por customer facing role? My...
  29. J

    nivel de agrado

    Hola todos, "nivel de agrado" aparece mucho en estudios de mercado que a menudo me toca traducir, nunca he estado seguro si lo mejor es "level of likeness" (que lo he visto en algunas páginas), "level of acceptance" o si existe otro término más del mercadeo que mejor se acomode. gracias de...
  30. W

    lead-based websites

    Hello! I need your help to understand this text: "Lead-based websites generate value by obtaining sales leads from websites". As I unsderstand, "Lead" can be "plomo" or be related to leadership. However, I don't get the meaning of the definition above. Thanks for your help. Best regards.
  31. M

    Tunnel Houses

    Hi, I'm translating an article for a company related to the chicken business (breeding, processing and distribution). I have trouble finding the meaning or equivalent word for the following "tunnel houses". The sentence says the following :The breeder farms, hatcheries, and broiler farms use...
  32. W

    Primary Market Research

    Hola Buenos Días, Como puedo distinguir entre "Investigación de Mercados" y "Primary Market Research" -- primary market research es cuando se colectan los datos directamente de la gente, no de otros estudios y bases de datos. Gracias!
  33. A

    killer application

    Bonjour ! Souvent les gens qui travaillent dans le domaine du capital de risque parlent de "killer application". Ils veulent alors parler de l'application d'une invention qui sera celle qui sera vraiment "révolutionnaire", celle qui apportera le succès à une entreprise en démarrage. Comment...
  34. A

    Alternative synthetic production (minería de carbón)

    Hola a todos, traduzo esto de español a inglés, y tengo dudas, creo que el párrafo no es claro, especialmente al final: Original: "El constante aumento de los precios del petróleo y sus derivados han prendido las alarmas de los consumidores de hidrocarburos y aparece el carbón como una de...
  35. F

    Carta de Crédito

    Boa tarde, gostaria de ajuda de vocês para a tradução de Carta de Crédito.. Como exemplo, nossa empresa trabalha com o sistema de carta de crédito. Muito obrigado. Letter of credit??
  36. M


    Hi, I have a problem with this word. The context is about leverage points in the buying process. The topic is Marketing. One sentence says the following: Is it leverageable to other segments? Hope you can help me. Thanks.
  37. A

    traitement statistique

    Hello J'ai un problème avec "traitement statistique" dans une phrase à la fin d'un questionnaire de satisfaction. "Ce questionnaire est maintenant terminé, je vais juste prendre quelques informations nécessaires pour assurer un traitement statistique et anonyme de vos réponses." J'ai essayé ...
  38. A

    Aménagement Intérieur (d'un stand à un salon)

    Hello/bonjour I'm trying to find a good translation for the following sentence: "l'aménagement intérieur (du stand) était esthétique et bien décoré" Would "the interior setting (of the stall) was attractive and well decorated" do? It feels clumsy..... Merci beaucoup Amélie
  39. P

    pared to the bone

    Holas a todos, ¿qué puede significar "pared to the bone"? La frase es: When all allowances have been made and all extravagant estimates pared to the bone, the fact remains that propaganda... Es un texto de ciencias de la comunicación. Gracias!:)
  40. O

    OPI - Objeto Publicitario Iluminado

    Hello, I would like to know how to translate the acronym OPI (Objeto Publicitario Iluminado). I don't know if there is an acronym in English for the same concept. Thank you, Olga
  41. LondonCat

    Trading name

    Hi, I am currently proofreading the translations for a company software. The term "Trading name" (for a company) was translated as "Nom usuel", which I find strange as I don't remember seeing this term for a company before. Would anyone know if there is a better translation or if the...
  42. A

    Red de tiendas, red comercial

    Quiero traducir: ¿Es posible identificar alguna red de tiendas o red de comerciales que se dirijan a este mercado con algún otro producto? Mi intento: Is it posible to identify any store channel or network sales that is now already targeting to this segment with another products?
  43. L


    Bonjour à tous, Je vais sans doute poser une question stupide, mais si on est UNE commerciale... on dit saleswoman ???? Je préfère avoir confirmation avant d'utiliser ça n'importe comment ! Merci !
  44. S

    fond de rayon

    Hi, A precise question from a retail environment: how would you translate "les produits de fond de rayon", which, at a retailer, oppose to the promoted products (different prices and sometimes, different positioning on shelf)? Thanks
  45. N

    Key opinion leader (KOL)

    What do we call by the expression "key opinion leader"? What is the translation in french? This term is used in pharma industries as a marketing term. It seems to be a general term to call credible physicians or scientists hired by companies to acts to popularize new drugs, new products towards...
  46. A

    bajo costo de cambio

    Hola, necesito traducir "bajo costo de cambio". En el sentido de cambiar de un proveedor a otro. Es correcto "low shifting cost"? Gracias por su ayuda.
  47. P

    Tag line

    what is the meaning of Tag line in this contest: With a tag line that speaks to the market and to employees.
  48. R

    Marketing Goodies

    Hola, tengo que hacer un trabajo para la Universidad sobre Marketing Goodies, las instucciones dicen asi: Topic-"marketing Goodies" , Topic must have occurred within the past 60 days of your presentation date. - A good,actual event/initiative that ocurred/will be occurring. -Why it is good, what...
  49. L

    Global Brand Manager

    Hi, I don't leave many message but I'm really interested to know how I could traslate "global brand manager" in italian. I 'm thinking to: Direttore del marchio globale or don't traslate it. In similar case in Italian language, words are not changed. I hope that you could help me. Sorry...
  50. L

    Différents degrés de qualité selon la zone de prélèvement

    Hello everybody, I'm looking for a correct expression for this sentence. I'm talking about make-up brushes, and in particular about the hair quality. It comes from pony or goat, and the quality and softness depend on the area on the body of the animal where it has been taken (please, don't...