1. L

    Le compte est mouvementé

    Comment traduire cette expression en anglais ? Est ce que ca veut simplement dire que le compte est en mouvement du fait des credits et debits ? Merci :)
  2. L

    Term regroupant buying and selling/ achat-vente

    Bonjour, Je traduis un article sur une société de e-commerce et je cherche un terme en anglais qui serait moins lourd que " buying and selling", pour traduire l'idee d'achat-vente. Merci beaucoup :) Emilie
  3. O

    Opex Bespeak

    Ø The Opex Bespeak includes 2008 YTD May actuals by department. Hi all, the sentence above drove me crasy, I just couldn't find the right French words for it!!! Any suggestions please! I tried: Le Bespeak de l'Opex inclut les actuels YTD de mai 2008 par departement. Je sais aue...
  4. H

    first preferred naval mortgage

    Dear all, Need Spanish translation for First Preferred Naval Mortgage. Thanks in advance. Regards, Humberto P.S. So far I think the correct translation is Primera Hipoteca Naval Preferencial.
  5. X

    ampliación de capital dineraria

    Hello all, I'm new here. Can anyone help me with the phrase "ampliación de capital dineraria". "Increase in monetary capital"? "monied capital"? I'd be very grateful for any help.
  6. P

    Partie Subordonnée

    Hello, I think this means the creditor that has to wait for its money back in the event of the debtor's insolvency. But how do you say it in English? Merci d'avance.
  7. S

    OPA de Reducción

    Hello, I have learned that an OPA is an Oferta Publica de Adquisición, which would be a takeover or takeover bid, but I do not know about the reducción part. I think it refers to a capital reduction, but i do not know how to translate this. ...después de procederse a la liquidación de la Opa de...
  8. N

    £11m (pounds Sterling)

    Hello dears! Alguien sabe: Que significa £11m? A cuántos dolares equivale £11m? Estaré muy agradecida si me responden. Good bye, bye.
  9. J

    Assiette Foncière

    I'm working on a contract and cant seem to translate the following, "assiette fonciere" in the phrase, "tels qu'ils sont situes et projetes sur l'assiette fonciere du projet....." f"onciere" I know means, land or land bank, but cant seem to place the two together.
  10. M

    Trade missions

    Hola a todos. Tengo problemas para traducir la expresión trade missions en el siguiente texto: networking meetings, special showcases we have organised for later this year, trade missions in conjunction with the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce or COPCA, which is also part of our committee En...
  11. F

    seven-armed paperhanger

    Hello! Could anyone please help me understand this phrase: "I felt like a seven-armed paperhanger, going from one phome to another, [talking to the stock exchange, the Chicago futures exchange, and the various Fed presidents.]" Yes, it's from Alan Greenspan's recent book of memoirs, and I'm a...
  12. as_terrr

    Si nuestro presupuesto lo permite

    Hi !!! Could you help me translating this sentence, please? "Si el presupuesto lo permite y hay suficientes alumnos inscritos, se puede organizar un viaje de fin de semana a Londres o a cualquier otra ciudad anglosajona". Because I don't think it's right if we translate it literary "if the...
  13. M

    Asignación no remunerativa

    Hello! I need to translate "Asignación no remunerativa" It is going to be used in a trial balance as a Item. Thank you very much!!! Mordor
  14. M

    Compras exentas

    Hi!! I need to translate "compras excentas" Besides, I would like to know how it´s the correct way to say "REDONDEO" in english. Rendondeo is in reference to costs... For exaple you have 99.99 this is equal to 100 ... Both are used in a trial Balance as items. Thanks in advance!!!! :D
  15. B

    accounting consulting services

    I'm translating a presentation for my boss, from Spanish to English. Can you give me some advice on it? Letters in bold is what i translated. Thanks in advance. I apologize if it's too long. In the first sentence take into account that you may see account redundant but it's just because we...
  16. H

    First Preferred Naval Mortgage

    Deal all, Need to translate into Spanish the following: "First Preferred Naval Mortgage". It is the name of a mortgage for a vessel. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Humberto
  17. S

    tasso di variazione istantaneo

    Ciao to everybody, this is my first thread, I hope not to do something wrong.. I actually don't know how to translate from Italian: tasso di variazione istantaneo maybe tasso di variazione = variation rate, but istantaneo?? Thank you...
  18. B

    Credit Letter

    I need to translate the following: This letter of credit in the amount of ___(spell out exact L/C dollar amount)____ is established in the favor of My Corp. and can be drawn in part or in total at any or various times by presenting to _________(Bank)_________ regular and/or lumber and/or late...
  19. A

    Cálculo de Ganancias a través de Porcentajes

    Hola, necesito traducir la frase "Cálculo de Ganancias a través de Porcentajes" mi intento: Profit's calculation through percentage. Esto se refiere a una capacitacion que recibieron personas que tienen pequenos negocios y recibieron micro-creditos. Muchas gracias,
  20. Y


    Por favor necesito ayuda para traducir esta frase: A fecha X la compañía no tiene devengados derechos de este tipo a los empleados ¿podría ser? As of date X the company doesn't have rights accrued for the employees
  21. C

    Compte-rendu d'evenement

    How to translate in English the French words "compte-rendu d'evenement" or acronym CRE , software or IT terms used for functional or technical specifications? Thanks in advance
  22. black_eyes082

    Joint initiative

    Hi everybody, who can help me? the phrase joint initiative (in a text of finance and mining) mean " acuerdo conjunto" o algo así ??? thanks in advance
  23. T

    conditional waiver of lien

    Hola! Estoy buscando la correcta traducción al español de "conditional waiver of lien". Se que la palabra waiver se refiere a renuncia o descargo de responsabilidad. Y que la palabra lien se traduce normalmente en gravamen. Pero no se cómo traducir todo junto. Es un formulario que utilizan los...
  24. X


    hola: cómo traducir " somos el primer puerto en volumen de descargas de pescado..." ? .."in terms of unloading sea-food and fresh fish" estaría bien?
  25. K

    Actual Reporting

    Estoy intentando traducir una oferta de empleo para un puesto de controller y me aparece esto en una de sus funciones: Prepare monthly Actual Reporting in accordance with different GAAPs. ¿Que quiere decir ACTUAL REPORTING? ¡Muchas gracias por salvarme el cuello!;)
  26. G

    les pays exportateurs nets

    This is from an article about the effects of world food prices on certain countries. It appeared in last month's copy of the French magazine Alternatives Economiques. This is the full sentence: "Les pays exportateurs nets sont par ailleurs gagnants." Thanks in advance.
  27. T

    Trading losses surrendered

    Este es el ejemplo: ¿Que significa surrendered en este contexto? Trading losses surrendered to other Group subsidiary undertakings are made on a full payment basis. Las pérdidas de mercado surrendereda otras empresas subsidiarias del Grupo son realizadas en base a un pago total...
  28. M

    Taxe d'apprentissage

    Hola a todos, Cómo traduciríais la "taxe d'apprentissage"? "La Taxe d'Apprentissage est indispensable au financement des équipements" Acaso sabe alguien si existe este impuesto o un impuesto similar en Espana ? Gracias por vuestra ayuda !
  29. P

    fairness opiníon

    Desearia ayuda sobre la correcta traducción del término "fairness opinion" en la siguiente frase: "Hemos sido contratados para emitir una "fairness opinion" sobre la operaciones a realizar por la empresa....." Muchas gracias por vuestra ayuda
  30. L

    will be pleased to place vs. will be pleased in placing..

    Hola amigos del foro!! ¿Podríais ayudarme con esta frase? Lo que quiero decir es: " Será un placer para mí emplazar un nuevo pedido..." Muchas gracias!!
  31. K

    Interest Rate Collars

    I'm translating a loan agreement which makes reference to "interest rate caps" and "interest rate collars". For the first I used: "límites en la tasa de interés", but I'm having problems with the second. How could it be interpreted in Spanish?
  32. O

    right, title and interest

    Hi. I am translating an Assignment of Inventions and want to translate the following sentence to Spanish: "At ABC request, I will assin to ABC all right, title and interest therein". Any suggestions?
  33. S

    gent: Les ´gents´ préfèrent l´Asie à la City

    This headline from Le Monde (Les ´gents´ préfèrent l´Asie à la City) is followed by this pull-quote: (Londres voit partir de jeunes banquiers, mais garde des /illegible word/: ses horaires, son droit, sa stabilité.) What expression could substitute for ´they´in this translation of the...
  34. L

    surveillance négative

    could anyone please tell me the translation of "surveillance négative" into English?? I'm translating a financial document and it's in the context of financial ratings - I found a translation for another rating; 'perspective stable', which is "stable outlook" thanks Emma
  35. SDLX Master

    Trailing stop.

    Hola a todos, Me urge saber el más aproximado equivalente en Español de lo que es un "trailing stop". El contexto es indicadores bursátiles. A continuación les pongo una oración de muestra: As you can see, the signals to buy or to sell appear in those places, where the market is ready to...
  36. ru_disa

    Trading Post

    Hello! Can I translate "Trading Post" into "Grande Mercado"? Thank you all!
  37. S

    esentato dall'obbligo di ritenuta d'acconto

    Hi, I have to translate this text into English 'esentato dall'obbligo di ritenuta di acconto' wich means I don't have to pay taxes in accordance with a special regulation. Help... Tahnks
  38. T

    gruppo pubblico - gruppo a controllo privato

    Hello, can anyone tell me what do "gruppo pubblico" and "gruppo a controllo privato" mean? these are expressions used in texts about stock market and I could not find any translation or context to figure it out. I don't really have a context, just a not really helpful sentence.. anyway the...
  39. J

    Diritti reali di godimento

    Context is fund investments: This is the full sentence: Il Patrimonio del Fondo può essere investito esclusivamente in: Beni immobili e/o diritti reali di godimento (di cui al parografo 2.5 del Regolamento di Gestione vigente)This is how I've translated it: The funds can be invested...
  40. T

    a pagamento e in via inscindibile

    Hi everybody, I'm translating a company bylaws and I'm having a problem with this sentence. Could you check if my traslation is correct please? Il consiglio di amministrazione con sue delibere del(date) e del (date) ha deliberato di aumentare ill capitale sociale, a pagamento e in via...
  41. A

    Deprezzamento del dollaro

    Ciao, sto cercando di tradurre la seguente frase: "Questi nuovi listini arrivano in un momento molto difficile per vari motivi. Due fra questi sono i preincipali: deprezzamento del dollaro e concorrenza". Potete aiutarmi? Grazie, Anna.:)
  42. D

    real estate tax, income tax, capital gains tax

    Is there a tax expert anywhere who can help with the Italian equivalents of: income tax real estate tax capital gains tax business tax corporation tax Grazie. D
  43. S

    Strike Price Ratio

    Please, could you help me to translate what above? thank you so much.. :)
  44. B

    carrying value, carrying amount

    Do you have any plans or intentions that may materially affect the carrying value or classification of assets and liabilities? Especialmente de carrying value ? Gracias
  45. anangelaway

    Financial / Financier

    Lexique Financier / Finance Glossary in both languages (de A à Z / from A to Z), it's quite complete. English language financial glossary Thanks, Quaeitur! Bilingual glossary of business...
  46. Jaén


    Boa noite! Estou traduzindo um contrato, e estou sofrendo com uma frase que não sei como traduzir: "Licitação, na modalidade Pregão" Como seria aqui o 'Pregão? "Outrcry"? Alguém me pode ajudar? Agradeço! Alberto. Hei! Achei algo parecido, que é "auction". Alguém poderia confirmar...
  47. R

    lump sum

    Hola a todos , estoy llenando una forma para enviara a compras de un supermercado y aparece el renglón Lump Sum:________ ¿A que se refiere? La traducción en el diccionario no me dice nada ya que no es un término del español de México Gracias a todos
  48. Y

    unificar criterios

    Hola ¿Cómo traducir en inglés? "El objetivo principal es unificar criterios" Gracias
  49. A


    Hola: Me podrían ayudar con el término antitrust? Es nombrado como una práctica comercial. Muchas gracias de antemano. AMPARO
  50. J

    attrition rate

    Translating a financial text, I din't find the italian equivalent of "attrition rate", but only "war of attrition"= guerra di logoramento. So I dubbed it with " grado di logoramento" Did I miss the target?