1. A

    only at their endpoints/endpoint

    How do I translate "endpoint" in a 6th grade math context? Ex--I give a definition of a polygon as "A closed figure made up of 3 or more line segments that intersect only at their endpoints." Can I just say ...extremos? Thanks!
  2. mlemelin

    standard mathematical physics computational objects

    Is there someone who can translate this one: "an environment implementing the standard mathematical physics computational objects"
  3. anite

    Third power..

    Hi, I'm tryng to translate this sentence but it's very hard, and I think my translation don't sound good, I'm sure you are better than me in English!! Thanks a lot for your suggestion Anite Starr concluded that acceptability of risk from an activity is roughly proportionale to the third power...
  4. S


    How would I say [...] non-repeating in reference to math problems? Thanks!
  5. S


    How would I say non-terminating [...] in reference to math problems? Thanks!
  6. U

    È alto due metri

    Come si dice "è alto due metri" in inglese? Ci sono differenze tra inglese britannico e americano in questa frase? Tipo unità di misura?.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. E

    Par abus de notation

    Bonjour, Je cherche une traduction de l'expression "par abus de notation" dans un contexte mathématique. Je crains le contre-sens avec "notation abuse". A titre d'exemple : "Par abus de notation, on désignera par s tout sous-ensemble de S." Ou encore : "Afin de simplifier l'écriture, on...
  8. D

    coincidere con (matematica)

    Ciao a tutti, Qualcuno sa dirmi come si può tradurre "coincidere con" in ambito matematico? Per esempio: "l'espressione di x coincide con l'espressione di y" "the x expression coincides with the y expression"? Grazie mille. Daniela
  9. D

    Fx: x è l'argomento della funzione F

    Qual'è il termine piu adatto per tradurre la parola argomento?
  10. R


    Salve a tutti, volevo un'informazione; ho trovato la seguente frase nell'help di un programma matematico, " each vector is the vector column-wise storage of a matrix" mi potreste dire come si traduce correttamente? Grazie
  11. L

    selon la formule(Maths)

    Hi everyone, Can somenone help with the mathematical expression in French .... selon la formule : x=a+b ??? I would say : according to the formula: x=a+b but I am not sure. Thanks
  12. S

    valeurs nulles

    Good afternoon, In a mathematical context, with formulas, how would you translate "valeurs nulles". I was thinking of "blank values" but I don't know if blank is the appropriate word? Thanks for your help!
  13. P

    esecuzione di calcoli numerici

    Ciao a tutti devo tradurre la seguente frase: "la parte pricipale del lavoro e' consistita nella derivazione di modelli matematici, implementazione di programmi e esecuzione di calcoli numerici". Nello specifico sono stati "fatti girare" dei programmi per simulare alcuni sistemi fisici...
  14. P

    ordonner dans le sens agencer

    Hi to all, I wonder what is the verb for "agencer" in the mathematical way of thinking, i.e by putting things in a logical way: for numbers for instance, to put them in the rising or diminishing style.
  15. N

    independent <from><of>

    Hi all, please, can anybody tell me which one is correct: "X is independent OF Y" or "FROM Y"?? Thanks a lot Nsonia
  16. TheMuse80


    Buongiorno, chissà se mi potete aiutare. Come si traduce in inglese il termine 'intorno', inteso come sostantivo usato per esempio in linguaggio matematico? La frase è: 'il paesaggio è definito come un sistema di ecosistemi interagenti che si ripete con una struttura riconoscibie in un intorno...
  17. J

    goodness of fit

    Salve a tutti, mi ritrovo a tradurre amichevolmente un articolo di psicologia per un'amica, ma mi son bloccato di fronte a due dubbi 1. come si traduce "goodness of fit"??? Ringraziandovi anticipatamente janpy81
  18. I

    a sub 3 (matemáticas)

    Necesito saber como se expresan en inglés los subíndices en matemáticas. Por ejemplo, ¿cómo se diría en inglés "a sub 3"? Muchísimas gracias
  19. Cam-Ann

    il existe (mathematics)

    Hi! In French, mathematical statements often use the expression "il existe". For example: "il existe au moins un nombre réel tel que..." "there is at least one real number such that..." Translating by "it exists" or even "there exists" sounds a bit strange to me. Would English speakers...
  20. F

    minimize over

    Hi, In the translation of the next sentence, I am having difficulties to translate "minimize over" The whole sentence : The basic principle of this method is to construct an estimate of X from the data themselves and then to minimize this estimate over h to give the ... My translation : Le...
  21. P

    la puissance d’un ensemble infini

    how would this mathematical term (la puissance d’un ensemble infini) translate into English?
  22. Vanda

    avo - matemática

    Gentem, SE tivermos que traduzir avo (fração de unidade) para o inglês, será que fraction seria entendido? Sei que um treze avos = one thirteenth (1/13), mas minha dúvida é: apenas 'fraction' traduziria a palavra?
  23. S

    dati usati per calcolare l'equazione stessa

    Devo tradurre questa frase scientifica: "la capacità predittiva dell'equazione deriva dalla qualità dei dati usati per calcolare l'equazione STESSA." Il mio dubbio riguarda la parola STESSA, come si traduce? Il resto della frase dovrebbe essere: "the predictive capability of the equation derives...
  24. Franglais Maestro

    zero intercept

    In a regression graph the line is almost following x=y and therefore should go through x=0, y=0 (zero intercept) However life is not perfect so the line does not go through the "zero intercept". It should, but due to experimental error it does not. The software can be told to make it go through...
  25. A


    Buongiorno a tutti. sapreste dirmi il significato di "export-weighted" e "distance-weighted sum? Se volete vi riporto tutta la frase. Ciao :)
  26. M

    add = anadir/sumar

    Hola. What's the difference between anadir and sumar? I'm aware that they mean "to add". Agradezco anticipadamente tu respuesta.
  27. A


    In informatica esiste un'operazione chiamata "modulo"(a%b). Praticamente sarebbe il resto della divisione fra a e b. Ora, come posso tradurre la parola "modulo"? Grazie in anticipo :D
  28. F

    slope analysis (statistical)

    Ciao, Ho bisogno di aiuto con l'espressione" slope analysis". Si tratta di una sperimentazione clinica di un farmaco per l'Alzheimer e uno dei metodi di valutazione dei risultati e' "a slope analysis". Che cos'e'? E, soprattutto, come si dice in italiano? Grazie per l'aiuto.
  29. S

    Minore/uguale - maggiore/uguale a zero

    Come si traduce l'espressione matematica "minore\uguale a zero" e la relativa "maggiore\uguale a zero"? Non ne vengo proprio a capo! Grazie.
  30. Wookie

    with reference to

    The concentration stated or, in the absence of such concentrations, the general concentrations of Directive 1999/45/EC are the percentages by weight of the metallic element calculated with reference to the total weight of the preparation. I know what "reference" means but I still have...
  31. B

    Truncation (EN) Troncation (FR) Truncamiento" (ES)

    Hi, I am looking for the Portuguese translation of the word "truncation" (English), "troncation" (French), "truncamiento" (Spanish). Here are definitions of the word with the meaning I need to convey, although the context is statistics rather than linguistics as in the French definition...
  32. P

    x squared / the square of x

    Hi, I¡m translating an isolated sentence into English from Spanish, but I'm not sure which option sounds better. Can some technically-minded person tell me which sounds more appropriate? 'The correlation coefficient squared', or, 'the square of the correlation coefficient' Original sentence...
  33. B

    Per costruzione

    Hello everybody! This is my question: how to translate "per costruzione"? The context is mathematical, here the complete sentence: "Le due variabili sono indipendenti per costruzione". Here my try:"The two variables are indipendent for construction", but I'm afraid it is wrong. Thanks in advance.
  34. S

    determinar el valor de X para la ecuación...

    Enunciado en español Determina el valor de K para que la ecuación 3x2 – 6x + k = 0 no tenga ninguna solución y representa todas las posibles soluciones en la recta real. Mi (lleno de posibles errores) enunciado en ingles English Term: Determine the value of k for that the equation 3x2...
  35. R

    clustering, cluster

    hola, alguien puede ayudarme con la mejor traducción para "cluster" y "clustering"; estos son términos que aparecen en la mayoría de los documentos que hablan sobre reconocimiento de patrones o "clustering algorithms". Aunque la traducción más equivalente es "grupo" y "agrupamiento", para...
  36. S


    In a text concerning graphics and statistics, I've found "MSA". Possibly it's Modular Smart Array. Any idea if it's correct and how to translate it?
  37. P

    Estallidos de roca

    Nesecito traducir "estallidos de roca", ocurren en la minería subterránea por la energía acumulada. Gracias!:)
  38. J

    raisonnement par l'absurde

    Bonjour, This expression is used in mathematics, where it refers to a conclusion that is reached after all other possibilities have been discarded. I cannot find a obvious translation in english. Thank you all for your help.
  39. O

    skew symmetric matrix

    hi, this is my math assignment, it goes as follows: " prove that the determinant of a skew symmetric matrix of odd order vanishes identically." I'd really appreciate your help. thank you!
  40. B


    Hola a todos. Me preguntaba si existe el sustantivo que hace referencia a "estocástico" en español. En inglés lo he visto escrito como "Stochasticity" (ver diccionario), pero la traducción al español no está en el diccionario de WR. Busqué en el Diccionario de la Real Academia Española la...
  41. S

    Crown distance

    ¿Cómo puedo traducir "crown distance" al español? Se trata de geometría. La definición en inglés es "The crown distance is the distance from the midpoint of the chord to the arc" Mi intento: Distancia cornilla ¿Alguien podría decirme si mi opción está bien o no? Gracias de antemano
  42. Quantz

    log log

    Context is mathematics Almost all numbers n are composed of approx. log log n prime factors log log n prime factors : ?:confused:
  43. G


    How could I translate the Spanish SUMATORIO (Σ) into English? For instance: el sumatorio de todos los valores añadidos. Thanks in advance
  44. SquirrelCage

    control for

    Substantial research evidence shows that early ability in core skills is strongly correlated with a range of future outcomes: a major longitudinal study in the United Kingdom, for instance, found that test scores in literacy and numeracy at age seven were significant determinants of ernings at...
  45. C

    l'unite passe à zero

    Bonjour/Hello, Can someone help me to understand the English translation of this phrase please. I am trying to help my son with his homework and I can't come up with a translation of the individual words that makes sense in a sentence. Thanks very much Steve
  46. R

    Dataset vs. data set

    I'm wondering about the word "dataset". It seems to be in pretty common usage in technical writing these days, compared to "data set", which tells me originated in the early '70s. MS Word's spell checker catches "dataset", but since both data and set are bound to be in its...
  47. D

    Facultad de Matemáticas

    Hola, quiero poner en mi cirriculum vitae (resume) que soy graduado de la Facultad de Matemáticas, mi duda es, como ponerlo, "Math Faculty" o "Faculty of Mathematics", o cuando se usa cada uno? Gracias
  48. C

    a linear combinatinon of smooth spatial basis functions

    Como puedo traducir esta frase al castellano? "which are modeled by a linear combination of smooth spatial basis functions" gracias
  49. V

    insegnamento affine, base e caratterizzante

    Buona sera a tutti. Sono alle prese con una tabella che riporta i curricula di alcuni corsi di laurea Nuovo ordinamento. Come tali, accanto alle singole materie, c'è l'indicazione ministeriale di riferimento , cioè insegnamento "base", "affine" o "caratterizzante". Ho navigato nel sito del MIUR...
  50. M

    Ecuaciones diferenciales

    Hola a todos, es mi primera vez en este gran foro que me ha sacado varias veces de apuro. Necesito traducir esta frase, que me ha traído dolores de cabeza. Se trata de un manual de matemáticas aplicada (ecuaciones diferenciales lineales homogéneas) By finding the roots of the auxiliary...