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  1. F

    That hold over...

    Hola: Necesito que me ayuden a entender esta frase... "This is one of the most widely used methods, where a set of simultaneous equations that hold over short time increments is solved." Por favor ayudenme, no entiendo la parte del hold over... Gracias
  2. V

    Carattere statistico

    Dear All (especialyl natives), I kindly ask your support to translate the following statistics terms: - carattere (the phenomenon under observation, i.e. the yearly income) - intensità (the observed values within a population, i.e. 20.000, 22.000, 25.000, an so on) Thanks, Valeria
  3. Azrael_1

    estrictamente mayor

    Hola a todos. Cómo puedo citar con palabras, en inglés, la relación: a>b. En español diría: a es estrictamente mayor que b. Mi intento: a is strictly greater than b. Gracias :)
  4. D

    le chiffre des dizaines, centaines

    Bonjour a tous, J'aimerai savoir comment vous traduiriez "le chiffre des dizaines" (1234), "le chiffre des centaines" (1234), "le chiffre des milliers" (1234)? Merci d'avance pour vos contributions! Nicolas
  5. Azrael_1

    igualmente probable

    Hello! I want to say this sentence in English: "Por lo tanto, se produce un resultado diferente, en el que hay dos alineaciones posibles para los vectores, las cuales son igualmente probables" (tienen la misma probabilidad de ocurrencia" I know it's a little technical. That's why I gave the...
  6. Singinswtt11

    The same number is missing from each of these related facts

    Hola! This is a question from a math test for 1st graders. The same number is missing from each of these related facts. Mark the missing number. 8+__=15 15-__=8 Como se traduciría las palabras en negrita? Thanks in advance
  7. S

    élément (mathematiques)

    Bonjour tout le monde: I am attempting to translate a work of Poincare's, and élément is coming up quite a bit, however I am struggling with the right definition (as the plain element is obviously a sub-par, and incorrect meaning). Here is a sample sentence: Il est clair qu'une chaine...
  8. S


    I am attempting to translate a work of Poincaré's from 1900, and am unable to find the proper definition for bilatère. I presume it is bilateral and that bilatère is simply an outdated version, instead of the current "bilatéral", however I do want to make sure in the off chance that a more...
  9. cat on mars

    significative au seuil de 0.025

    In discussing the statistical significance of research, the text says: "différence significative au seuil de 0.025, test de Fisher-Yates" would that be: difference significant after 0.025, or difference significant to 0.025, or something else still?
  10. Carolina Rocío

    salient variable similarity index

    ¿Alguien sabe cómo se traduce la frase del asunto: Salient variable similarity index? Hasta ahora tengo: índice de similitud de variable saliente. Pero no sé si es correcto; es un término de estadística usado en investigación de mercado.
  11. B

    Oferta educativa

    Hola. ¿Como traducirías Oferta Educativa?.....es un título de un listado de los programas de estudio de ingenieria. Gracias.
  12. Singinswtt11

    rate, unit rate

    Hola hola hola! The following is from a math test for 6th graders: Write the statement as a rate. Then write the unit rate. 12. 12 miles in 4 hours A. 4 hours to 12 miles; 12 miles per hour B. 12 miles to 4 hours; 4 miles per hour C. 12 miles to 4...
  13. Singinswtt11

    find the number of... (math)

    Esta es una de las preguntas en un examen de matematicas: Look at the number sentence. Find how many peppers are left. en este contexto se puede traducir "find" como encontrar? O sea la traduccion seria : Mira la ecuación. Encuentra cuántos chiles quedan. Gracias de antemano!
  14. S

    tasso di variazione istantaneo

    Ciao to everybody, this is my first thread, I hope not to do something wrong.. I actually don't know how to translate from Italian: tasso di variazione istantaneo maybe tasso di variazione = variation rate, but istantaneo?? Thank you...
  15. H

    Ley de esperanzas iteradas (L.E.I.)

    Querría saber cómo se traduce al inglés este término estadístico: "Ley de esperanzas iteradas" cuyo acrónimo es LEI.
  16. G

    decimal round?

    As componentes de avaliação reflectem a totalidade da nota arredondada a três casas decimais. The evaluation components reflects the totality of three decimal round mark Penso não restar correcto. Alguémpode dar um concelho?
  17. P


    Hi all, I am unable to find the meaning of this word Ces meteurs pour l'eau froide sont homothéthiques Any suggestions??
  18. M

    forme développée d'une équation

    hi, who can help me to find the correct english expression to "forme développée", speaking about mathematics or similar, opposite to "forme contractée". Thanks for your help, Marianne
  19. Y

    matrix pencil

    Hi Does anyone know what a pencil as far as algebra is concerned? For instance, what does "canonical form of matrix pencil" mean?
  20. B

    Formalisation Mathematique

    How would you translate "formalisation" ? I am speaking about a mathematical model. Thx
  21. K


    Hi! Does anybody know anything about Math? I need to translate "Calculus". The subject "Calculus" is usually offered in the United States as a fourth year high school mathematics course. It comes after Trigonometry. What is it called in Italian? Geometria analitica, goniometria? Thanks a...
  22. A

    construct a matrix

    Are these usages right and they have the same meaning? "construct a matrix", "build a matrix", "generate a matrix" and "make a matrix" Matrix here means the Mathmatical term.
  23. S


    Hi again! In a survey regarding historical trends in time use I found this word "time-series" and the sentence is "Time-series data from Canada, Norway and the UK show that women have decreased their work in traditional women's activities." Is it right if I write "Dati relativi al tempo-serie...
  24. S

    Upper set

    Can anybody tells me what is the French for the English term "upper" in the mathematical expression "upper set" (and "lower" in "lower set")? Please note that I need the specific mathematical French term. So, is there any mathematician who might help me? Thanks!
  25. FraiseTagada61

    Modélisation mathématique

    Bonjour :-) Je cherche à traduire en anglais "modélisation mathématique". Est-ce que "mathematic modelling" conviendrait ? Voici le contexte : "On estime que les Chinois ont perdu leur capacité d’innovation au XVe lorsqu’il est devenu nécessaire de faire appel à de la modélisation mathématique...
  26. L

    approssimazioni successive

    Hi. The context is: "We cannot reach our goals directly, but we have to work 'per approssimazioni successive'. Something like 'step-by-step', but it's not exactly what I mean: 'step-by-step' doesn't give the feeling to be closer at every step. Thank you very much Ciao Claudio LaFenice2002
  27. A

    how to read the dots

    Does anybody know how to read "the dots" in the following two math statements? 1+3+...+9 and 1,3, ..., 9 Thanks in advance.
  28. veracity

    expression in mathemathics

    Hi, It is unbelievable that I could not find the correct English words for our Hungarian counter parts. I am puzzled terribly. Let's take a mathematical function. y=f(x) and this could be y=7x+12 It is possible for a function to be zero. y=0 At what value of x will y be zero? 7x+12=0 x=-12/7...
  29. H

    La preuve par cinq

    How would you translate from French to English the expression "la preuve par cinq"? It actually is the title of a French TV show (historical detective stories) from the 1970s. The usual expression in French is "la preuve par neuf", derived from a "mathematical" epxression, and the title of the...
  30. C

    Incremented BY or incremented WITH?

    I'm not sure how to complete the verb, what has to be added just after it. So, what's the good phrase? Thanks for your comments.
  31. M

    numero di ristoranti per unità di superficie

    Hello! I'm trying to translate in English this sentence: "numero di ristoranti per unità di superficie", but I cannot find a good expression for "per unità di superficie". Is it "for surface unit" or "for area unit" or ...?? Thank you montello
  32. M

    Prendre une valeur

    Hi/Bonjour I'm trying to translate into english the french expression "prendre une valeur" applied to a mathematical function. For example : En 3, la fonction x -> x² prend la valeur 9 The square fonction ____________ 9 at point 3. I tried to make a google search over the litteral...
  33. V

    General pronunciation: mathematical formulas

    Hello. I'm dealing with CAE-systems (Fluent, ANSYS). Up-to-date software is supplied with different "User manuals". To perform appropriate analysis I have to translate some theoretical reference. It's not that simple, but I can do that. :) And here's my problem. How can I read in English a...
  34. N

    The Vertical Heat Equation

    Howdy y'all! Could I have a little help translating a dissertation title from English to the Tongue of the Augustus? :-) In English, the title is, "The Vertical Heat Equation". It is about mathematics, and there is a well-known equation studied in that discipline called the, "Heat Equation"...
  35. E

    Strictly greater

    Salve a tutti!!! qulcuno saprebbe dirmi come riportare in italiano la seguente frase? This is essentially the assumption that the excess return on one asset to the people investing in it is strictly greater than that on all other assets. Grazie a tutti fin da ora!!!!!!!!
  36. E

    trade on both sides of the market is bounded away from zero

    Salve. Volevo sapere se qualcuno fosse in grado di tradurre l'espressione "bind away" che credo trattarsi di un phrasal verb. Grazie in anticipo.
  37. G

    signos matemáticos

    Hi! Which is the correct word to say "signos" matemáticos? Symbols? Signs? Is there any difference between symbol and sign in this case? Thanks!
  38. D

    valori al contorno

    What does it mean: "valori al contorno"?
  39. B


    Intendo quando, dopo aver descritto una procedura, si inserisce la descrizione analitica, cioé con formule...) Grazie
  40. F

    inner product

    Hello, I would know then meaning of "Inner product notation" in Mathematics. In French please! I think that's "Produit Scalaire" in French but I'm not sure! Thank you for all! Fafabzh
  41. stellina06

    diverso da zero

    Good morning everybody. The sentence I have to translate is the following: "L'importo deve essere diverso da zero" It is in the translation of a software I am carrying out and it deals with an amount of money, concerning allowances and instalments. What I am wondering is whether I can use...
  42. Iscariote

    combination of squares, things, and constants - matemáticas

    Saludos, compañeros. Me aqueja encontrarme en una situación donde simplemente no tengo la menor idea de qué pueda significar una palabra en una traducción, así que les pido ayuda. Este documento trata de la historia de las matemáticas, y en algún momento desarrolla el concepto de "problemas...
  43. Staarkali

    Réaliser une condition (boolean algebra)

    Following this thread, I was eager to know when talking about logic (boolean operators in maths and electronic) I'm pretty sure we don't say meet a condition. Fulfill a condition maybe? In French, une condition est réalisée
  44. S

    integrale di circuitazione

    Ciao a tutti, avrei bisogno di sapere come si traduce la parola "circuitazione" in inglese. E' inteso come integrale di circuitazione. Ho visto che a volte si usa "To integrate in a closed loop" ma mi chiedevo se esiste proprio una parola, grazie
  45. Storditaaa

    svolgere una derivata

    Hello! What's the verb for "svolgere" a derivative?? Perform?? Thank you in advance Elisa
  46. S


    Hello. In Mathematics. Singular: the unknown = l'incognita. Plural: the unknowns ? With s at the end?
  47. S

    C'è probabilità zero che..

    Hello to all of you. I have to write in English the following concept: "C'e' probabilita' zero che le condizioni iniziali di un moto siano proprio quelle corrispondenti ad una soluzione periodica." In other words: "il fatto che le condizioni iniziali di un moto siano esattamente quelle che...
  48. M

    x is chosen such that

    Hi, I want translate into French " x is chosen such that the function f(x) >0" =?=> " x est choisi pour obtenir f(x)>0" Is it ok? Thanks
  49. S


    Hello, I need to translate the explanation of a formula, K being one of the values. How do I translate the word 'k-esimo'? Here's the context : Y è l’autofunzione associata al k-esimo modo di vibrare della struttura trave. Thank you for your help. Sicily
  50. N

    Y varie en fonction de X

    how can i translate, "Y varie en fonction de x" Thx