1. A

    questa diminuzione può raggiungere l'80% 3 ore dopo

    Ciao a tutti! Ho qualche problema nel tradurre questa frase; non so quale sia la maniera corretta di introdurre la percentuale (servono proposizioni? altro?) e se la costruzione con "3 hours after administration" vada bene dove l'ho messa (e qui servono preposizioni per introdurla?). La frase...
  2. T

    muscles de la patte d'oie

    Anyone know the English for "patte d'oie"? Not the crows' feet round the eyes, but the point just beside the knee :
  3. V

    primary care

    Ciao a tutti Ho difficoltà a rendere la differenza tra questi tipi di cure mediche...primary-care and mental-health center outpatients Riporto la frase: "Associations between childhood difficulties and adulthood alexithymia were studied with samples of primary-care (N = 1,033) and...
  4. V

    in nota

    Ciao tutti, I have a question regarding the phrase "in nota" in the following (from a patient's cartella clinica): "Paziente in nota x intervento Ia della lista" Could a possible translation be the following: "Patient is first on the list scheduled for surgery." or "Patient is scheduled for...
  5. elva29


    Young adults/children detasseled corn that had received an application of Quadris 6 days previously Tema: Casos clinicios. al momento de traducir el termino detasseled no encuentro una traduccion... ALGUIEN ME PUEDE AYUDAR
  6. elva29

    body muscle tremors

    During the study period, decreased body weights in parent animals, body muscle tremors and reduced pup body weights and developmental retardation (eye opening) generations were observed in the high-dose group. Tema: Estudio sobre mamimeferon por lo menos en 2 generaciones en la traducción me...
  7. elva29

    became moribund

    Two deaths occurred at the high dose, one animal at this dose level became moribund. Tema: Teratogenicidad en ratas 2da generación. en la traduccion bruscamente sale se volvió moribundo, sin embargo me parece que la terminología es otra. alguna sugerencia?
  8. C

    Agglomération (medical)

    I have come across the French term agglomération in a medical report, referring to a mass created because of adhesions. Can anyone tell me whether "agglomeration" is also the term used in English medical terminology? Thanks.
  9. L


    Hello everyone! I'm having a lot of difficulty with the rendering of "dispositif" in the following context: La solution de chlorure de sodium à 0.9% des Laboratoires XXXXX peut être considérée comme un dispositif: 1) au contact d'une muqueuse et 2) à exposition limitée. My attempt: The 0.9%...
  10. G

    M. Inf. droit

    Hello, (Bonjour,) Can someone help me with this medical/anatomical term? (Quelqu'un peut m'aider avec ce terme médical/anatomique?) Context: found on a medical invoice for physical therapy. It lists the location of the physical therapy as "M. Inf. droit". (Contexte: Je l'ai trouvé sur une...
  11. Farfy

    pleuro-parenchimali e cardio-mediastinico

    Salve a tutti!! Il referto medico dice così: L'esame non mostra alterazioni pleuro-parenchimali in atto. Profilo cardio-mediastinico nei limiti di norma. Tentativo: Examination doesn't show pleural-parenchymal scarring. cardiomediastinal silhouette within normal limits.
  12. S

    diagnosi di accettazione, diagnosi principale di dimissione

    Hello I'm translating a medical document and wanted to know if the following two sentences had a colloquial meaning: 1.'diagnosi di accettazione' 2. 'diagnosi principale di dimissione' My translation: 1. 'diagnosis of hospital admittance' 2. 'diagnosis of hospital discharge' Grazie mille
  13. ankendosh

    Tracé de Contrôle

    In translating a medical record, CA French, for a stress test (Cardiology) Tracé de Contrôle: Normal Does anyone know this term? thanks
  14. Kibramoa

    Burn center/unit.

    Estoy traduciendo un documento (Eng=>Spa) que indica los servicios que un hospital (no) ofrece. This hospital does not have a burn center. Este hospital no tiene una unidad/un departamento/ un centro de quemaduras. No estoy segura si "burn" aquí es quemadura o hay otra palabra más...
  15. SDLX Master

    Bostezos, cajones (traumatología de la rodilla)

    Hola colegas traductores, Me gustaría saber los equivalentes en inglés para las palabras de la referencia. Parte del texto es como sigue: EN LA EF SE ENCUENTRA MEDICIÓN DE MUSLOS IGUAL, NO BOSTEZOS, NO CAJONES, NO STEIMAN NI McMURRAY. Gracias por el apoyo. Saludos, Roger
  16. F

    Fracture de parade

    Hi - I can't find any translation for 'fracture de parade'? des traumatismes sur les avant-bras, du type fracture de parade, ont été relevés. Any ideas? Many thanks - Frances
  17. little_philosopher

    stale breath

    Hi guys :) I'm translating from English to Italian. We're talking about a cardiac catheterization (in Italian: "angiografia cardiaca", right?). We have a man on the stretcher before the operation and his wife holding his hand. This is the problem: "Don't worry, sweetie," he said, and kissed my...
  18. D


    Hi all, I've been able to find the following definition for the word déglobulisation, but as yet haven't been able to find an English equivalent. Can anyone help? Original context: A report of a splenectomy operation La situation se dégrade avec une déglobulisation conduisant à la...
  19. D


    Hi, I'm translating a medical report and cannot find a suitable translation for rehausser in the following phrases 1. [...] hémopéritoine important avec gros remaniements de la rate dont peu de partie se rehausse de façon normale. 2. [...] rupture de la rate avec rehaussement très...
  20. S

    backup of contents prior

    frase incriminata: "The stoppage results in a backup of contents prior." tentata traduzione: "il blocco causa un MOVIMENTO RETROGRADO del contenuto intestinale." oppure "Il blocco causa un INCAPSULAMENTO del contenuto intestinale." TESTO PRECEDENTE: si parla di sindrome del colon irritabile...
  21. K

    en aval

    Working on a translation and they are describing different parts of the circulation system. "le volume d'echantillonage se situe en aval des cavites cardiaques.." Other sentences refere to "en aval de la valve pulmonaire". I was thinking: the survey volume is located ....the cardiac cavities"...
  22. J


    Hi. I wonder if anyone knows the Italian equivalent to this term: odontophlegmon It refers to an ache or inflammation in the dental pulp. Couldn't find one in WR dict. Thank you.
  23. T

    A reliable tracheal aspirate Gram stain

    Salve a tutti. La frase che sto cercando di tradurre proviene da un articolo scientifico, relativo alle polmoniti nosocomiali. La parola che non riesco a decifrare è "stain". La frase è questa: A reliable tracheal aspirate Gram stain can be used to direct initial empiric antimicrobial...
  24. E

    angioplastica senza palloncino

    I understand what "angioplastica con palloncino" is but what is it called when it is "senza palloncino?" non-balloon angioplasty? This is from a doctor survey. This is the whole phrase. Thanks for any assistance.
  25. C


    Salve! Sto cercando di capire il significato di "lines" nel contesto di una cartella clinica. La frase è: "All lines and tubes are appropriately sited and there are no obvious complications of insertion." Se "tubes" può essere usato come "sonde", a cosa si riferisce "lines"? Grazie dell'aiuto! =)
  26. M

    non objectivée - medical

    Hi all - I am doing a translation of an autopsy report into English and I am not sure how to translate this term. The context: Under the heading "External examination of the body" "Lésions Cutanées: non objectivées" "Skin Lesions: ________" Thanks for any help!
  27. M

    mal de Pott

    Bonjour à tout le monde! Does anyone know the equivalent in English of this expression "mal de port"? It is on a patient summary I am translating. There is a list under a title "clinical history" including this line: "Mal de Port de la hanche + prothèse" "_______ of the hip + prosthesis."...
  28. birder

    lesioni osseo focali TC rilevabili

    A medical report reads: La rielaborazione con algoritmo per osso non ha evidenziato lesioni osseo focali TC rilevabili. What is that last bit, particularly the abbreviation, please? Molte grazie.
  29. birder

    origine annessiale sx

    A medical report contains the following: Nello scavo pelvico si evidenzia la presenza di una grossolana formazione espansiva, disomogeneamente ipodensa, di 120 x 73 mm, a possibile origine annsessiale sx, con margini polilobati ed elvato enanchment dopo MDC. What is the bit in bold, please...
  30. birder

    ispessimento dei MESI

    In a medical report on a tomography scan we have: Plurime linforandopatie dei circ. 15-20 mm in sede inter-aortocavale. Concomita ispessimento dei mesi. What are these mesi that are thick? (WR does not say, and on-line searches by Google or are useless because they are overwhelmed...
  31. birder

    TCMS addome senza e con MDC

    The following is from a medical report: TCMS addome senza e con MDC Esame eseguito mediante acquisizione di scansioni volumetriche multistrato cranio caudali, senza e dopo infusione ev. a bolo rapido con iniettore automatico di MDC non ionico, con tecnica multifasica e ricostruzione...
  32. birder

    antro, b. duod. e duod. disc.

    In a medical report we read: Stomaco: invariata la lesione della parete port. del corpo gastrico; antro, b. duod. e duod. disc. regolari. I need help with the bold phrase containing the abbreviations to find out what is going on with this poor chap's duodenum. Molte grazie.
  33. F

    duole spontaneamente

    Hi there I am a bit stuck translating the Italian sentence "duole spontaneamente, o solo al tatto?" Thought of "Is it sore spontaneously, or only to the touch?" though it doesn't seem to sound quite right perhaps "sore naturally" or "sore consistently" (however, I think consistently may...
  34. C

    s.s. (dosaggio medicinale)

    Ciao tutti! I'm not sure what "s.s." is in a patient discharge report from hospital. It's in a table under "dose". I'm thinking "sublinguinal" but have no idea! Any suggestions?!
  35. A

    esercizio abusivo della professione medica

    Hi! Is that correct? "Il tribunale ha disposto l'archiviazione dell'indagine per esercizio abusivo della professione medica a carico del Signor X." "The Court dismissed the investigation for the unauthorised practice of the medical profession against Mr. X." Thanks for any help.
  36. E

    volontario sano

    salve a tutti, vorrei chiedere se "healty volunteer" corrisponde alla comune accezione italiana di "volontario sano" inteso in senso medico. Grazie
  37. E

    apparecchiatura dedicata a basso campo

    Ciao! I'm translating a medical report about an MRI scan, and I've come across the following: apparecchiatura dedicata a basso campo (0.2 T) Is this literally low field (as in magnetic?) dedicated equipment? Grazie!
  38. L

    lay persons' stigma

    Please, what does it mean "lay persons' stigma" in an health context ? Tahk you very much lelaus
  39. I

    Sacca di sangue

    Ciao, sto cercando la traduzione di "Sacca di sangue". Molti errori sono ascrivibili all'identificazione delle sacche di sangue del patiente e del donatore. Many mistakes are ascibable to the identification of....... of the patient and the donor. Thanks
  40. E


    I'm stuck on what 'addictive' is in french. Here's the sentence i'd like to put it in to: "Dans le passé j'ai fumais du cannabis et je buvais beaucoup de l'alcool. C'était mauvais pour ma santé en plus c'était 'ADDICTIVE'." Can anyone help me?
  41. raffavita

    assistant coroner

    Ciao again, mi chiedevo se l'assistant coroner fosse semplicemente "l'assistente del medico legale" o se invece avesse un equivalente specifico diverso. La frase è la seguente: "Assistant coroner later confirmed that she'd died between four forty-five and six..." Grazie mille a tutti. :)
  42. yakumo

    piatto articolare

    Hi all,I need an hand to traslate this medical report: trauma cervico-dorsale con affondamento minimo del piatto articolare delle prime 5 vertebre dorsali Below my attempt:Cervicodorsal trauma with minimum foundering in the 'piatto articolare' (???) of the first 5 dorsal vertebras; How can I...
  43. raffavita

    the blood had already laked

    Ciao a tutti, :) Si parla di un cadavere. The blood had already laked. All'inizio ho pensato che fosse un'immagine figurata, che volesse dire che il sangue si era già raccolto in una pozza. Poi ho trovato questa definizione: of blood : to undergo the process by which hemoglobin becomes...
  44. E

    Stab/band neutrophils

    Salve, Sto traducendo gli esami di sangue e purtroppo non riesco a trovare l'equivalente per Stab(band) neutrophils. Mi interessa l'aggettivo che caratterizza questi neutrofili. Ringrazio a tutti che mi possono dare una mano.
  45. gaiaam

    specialist registar vs. associate specialist

    Hi all! Is there anyone who can explain me the difference between these two levels of seniority and help me in translating them in italian? I suppose that specialist registar has nothing to do with our "specializzando" ( and that associate...
  46. I

    previene l'allontanamento dal reparto da parte del paziente

    Ciao, sto cercando di tradurre questa frase: - questo dispositivo previene l'allontanamento dal reparto da parte del paziente; oppure - Esso disinibisce l'uscita del paziente dal reparto. Grazie x il Vostro aiuto. Ciao
  47. V

    Funzioni e disfunzioni dell'organo masticatorio

    I am translating a certificate of degree from Italian into English and I should be grateful to you if you would help me to translate the following sentence: Funzioni e disfunzioni dell'organo masticatorio Here is my attempt: Functions and malfunctions of the masticatory organ? Many thanks.
  48. K

    quadro sintomatologico

    Good morning! Context: La fatica operazionale costituisce un quadro sintomatologico di non rara evenienza fra il personale aeronavigante. I am not sure what (actually I have no idea) what "quadro sintomatologico" means. Something along the lines of: Operational fatigue is triggered by...
  49. I

    degradazione del corpo

    Hi folks, What is "degradazione" in English if I want to transalte "degradazione del corpo". We're talking about an illness/disease that causes the body to "degradare". - Decay? (don't think so, because it would sound as if we're referring to a corpse) - Degradation? - Decline? Grazie! Isa...
  50. S


    Ciao ragazzi, ho davvero tanto bisogno di una mano! Sto traducendo un testo per la mia tesi per infermieristica e ho qualche problema. La frase è: Although Barofsky proposed in 1977 a continuum of self-care with three levels of response to recommendations - compliance, adherence, and...