1. C


    alguien sabe como se dice OTORRINOLARINGOLOGO en italiano, necesito una cita con uno, y no tengo idea de como buscarlo, gracias!
  2. D

    delusional disorder

    Salve a tutti e ben ritrovati Come si traduce questo termine medico? Delirio allucinatorio? Disturbo allucinatorio? Aggiungo un po' di contesto: ne soffre una donna anche definita "schizofrenica" e "paranoica" che si crede Giovanna d'arco e compie efferati delitti in preda alle allucinazioni...
  3. ordira

    gross necropsy

    Se está hablando que se a las ratas muertas después de un experimento se les hace una "gross necropsy" y luego se registran todos los "gross pathological changes" ¿A qué se refiere el término gross? será como total? All animals were subjeted to gross necropsy. All gross pathological changes...
  4. M

    milk thistle (natural silymarin)

    in French, anyone know? It's an herb also known as "Natural Silymarin" used to treat nausea. I don't need this sentence translated, this is just in case you need more context: "Milk Thistle extract is obtained from a plant belonging to the Compositae (daisy) family. It is classified as a...
  5. R

    attending physician

    Ciao a tutti, non riesco a trovare l'equivalente italiano di attending physician (I'm Dr. Moore, an attending physician at Aberdeen Hospital). chi mi aiuta? garzie
  6. _LuNa_


    Ciao a tutti! Sto traducendo un articolo di una rivista scientifica, parla di strategie mediche utilizzate nel trapianto di organi per aumentare il successo della tecnica. Ho un problemino con una parola (in grassetto) "the success of solid-organ transplantation depends on the continuous...
  7. Trisia

    Psychiatric history?

    Hey, I got this one off the French-English forum. Somebody's asking how you BE and AE speakers call it when one has had a history of psychiatric, shall I call them episodes? Antecedents/precedents sounds too weird (although resembles the French original), because these words make me think of a...
  8. jackie22


    Labirintite - che cosa e'? E' seria? Grazie
  9. K

    physician outreach

    Rieccomi! Qualcuno sa dirmi che cos'è una "physician outreach"? Contesto: "Having an access solution that is user-friendly and provides a good experience is key to our successful physician outreach and competitive position." Grazie! Klemi
  10. klodaway

    médicament administré en continu

    Hello- Je cherche à traduire le sens "administré en continu" dans le cas d'un patient en salle d'opération sous anésthésie auquel les analgésiques sont administrés par une pompe, donc "en continu". j'en suis à : "the patient is continuously supplied with anaesthetic", mais je trouve que...
  11. Agnès E.


    VIDAL : Base de données médicamenteuse pour les prescipteurs libéraux Dictionnaire des médicaments Merci à Kelly B. Dictionnaire médical Dictionnaire medical. Merci à atcheque.
  12. V

    skin breakdown

    how would "skin breakdown" translate into spanish? ...and please let me know if this is not the appropriate forum for english-->spanish translations (i'm new here)
  13. Z

    massiccio facciale

    Qualcuno sa dirmi come si può tradurre in inglese il termie "massiccio facciale"? Grazie mille.
  14. fox71

    medical report

    Lo so che è difficilissima e forse solo un medico potrebbe aiutarmi, ma potete controllarla ad aggiustarla un po? Ecco qua il mio tentativo: Medical Report: CT OF THE CERVICAL RACHIS Volumetric aquisition for the study of the segment from the basioccipital to C5 also with parameters...
  15. G

    ecodoppler positivo per embolia polmonare.

    Well, I'm an Italian medical doctor and I really do not know how to translate : ecodoppler positivo per embolia polmonare. In english I don't think that this expression exists. Do you have any idea?
  16. S

    Laboratorio analisi chimiche

    Laboratorio analisi chimiche = laboratory used for chemical analysis??
  17. S

    heart rate habituation

    Hi all, I found "heart rate habituation" in a medical article I'm translating. Any hints about how shall I translate it? Thanks
  18. J

    Une angine

    Bonjour, C'est mon premier message, (je trouve ça très utile depuis quelques ans), merci d'avance. Mon copain veint de me dire qu'il a une angine et que le médecin lui a dit que je devais déjà malade. Ok. C'est pas trop grave. Je reviens à New York la semaine prochaine pour les...
  19. I


    Estoy traduciendo unos documentos comerciales del portugues al español y me aparecen las palabras TRIAGEM/TRIADO y no encuentro mas traduccion en losdiccionarios que seleccion, pero en español no tiene sentido. Si hay alguien que me pueda dar una mano se lo agradezco muchisimo. IMARIAPC
  20. L

    caso clinico

    Ciao! Ho finalmente trovato la traduzione di "partogramma" che è "partograph". Risolto un dubbio, me ne sorge un altro. Non ho trovato una traduzione di "caso clinico" ma solo di "caso medico" che non mi pare esattamente equivalente, nessuna traccia della traduzione nemmeno sul Gould Chiampo...
  21. D

    Guardia Medica/Servizio di Continuità Assistenziale

    Hi all, this is my first post in this forum. Is there a word that describe this institution (guardia medica) in UK? thanks in advance Danielsun
  22. D

    cancer survivor

    My daughter is a cancer survivor and her birthday is coming up. I'd like to get her a bracelet with the Italian phrase or word that signifies that she's survived cancer. Any suggestions?
  23. Tsuru84

    infecto contagiosas / infectocontagiosa / Infecto-contagioso / infectocontagioso

    Field and topic: Medicine --------------------- Sample sentence: mortalidad de desnutrición y enfermedades infecto-contagiosas en niños.
  24. cronenborg

    ciclo mestruale

    Ciao a tutti, mi presento, sono CronenBORG. Non ho mai trovato un sito più utile di questo e vi sottopongo la mia richiesta. Qualcuno sa dirmi come si dice in inglese "ciclo mestruale"? Forse Menstrual Cycle? Grazie.
  25. J


    what is this is english ? I can only find hemisome but I don't think this means anything...suggestions welcome thanks x
  26. L

    strep throat

    I've been looking in general dictionaries and online med dictionaries, but can't find this comman ailment. What is "strep throat" in Italian?
  27. susy

    time is muscle

    Buon week end a tutti! Sempre in ambito medico, questa frase come la traduco? E' in un contesto di emergenza: Rapid triage for chest pain (N.B. Time is muscle) Io direi: Smistamento rapido per dolore al petto (N.B. il tempo -la tempistica- è fondamentale). Che mi dite? Grazie! Susy
  28. V

    board certification

    hi everybody, i have to translate a proposal call for oncologists. those who are willing to submit an application (physicians) should enclose a [...] Copy of Board Certification(s) or International Equivalent License(s) if applicable [...] i wonder how to translate correctly "board...
  29. C

    drug, medicine, medication, preparation, ...

    Can anyone explain to me the difference, if any, between medicine and medication? Thank you.
  30. R

    Laberintitis y Otorrino

    I'm just wondering what you call it to this, in English,
  31. K

    hamstring- the muscle

    An anatomy question: what is the word for the hamstring muscle in Italian? Thanks so much! Grazie.
  32. mimitabby

    Emergency room

    come se dice "emergency room" or "emergency hospital" in italiano it's the place you go when you break some bones, but you never stay there.
  33. danalto

    Licensed Medical Practitioner

    sorry, but I can't find the right equivalent (tired!) grazie
  34. Budgie


    Does anyone know the meaning of "Leberwerte" in medical terms?? If anyone knows then I have a few others as well, would be very grateful!! thanks
  35. infinite sadness

    accanimento terapeutico

    How do you say "accanimento terapeutico". Therapeutical fury?