military terms

  1. Heredianista

    la Marina de Esmeraldas tiene que saber

    Hello, I have looked up "marina" in several dictionaries but there are many possible translations and I am not sure which is correct. Here is the sentence in question (please see the attached screenshot of the whole page if you want more context): "Donde me maltrataron fue en la Sierra, pero...
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    teniente político

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a translation for teniente político? (See the attached image for the whole page.) "El día viernes 26 de junio… fuimos detenidos por el cabo Segundo Washington Nazareno, jefe del puesto de Policía de Borbón y más policías, un cabo de Marina y un infante de Marina de...
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    cabo segundo, cabo de Marina, infante de Marina

    I am translating a book of torture testimony from Ecuador. I am hopelessly lost with regard to the military terminology. I've looked these terms up in several reference books, but the definitions do not agree with each other. I would be so grateful for any help. Original (see the attached image...
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    capitán de infantería / de inteligencia [militar]

    Hello, I've looked up "capitán" in several resources and found many applications of the word, but I do not know how to translate "capitán de Infantería" or "capitán de inteligencia" in the context of the book I'm translating, which deals with the military in Peru in the 1980s. I need to find...