1. HesterPrynne

    foot (military)

    ¡Hola! ¿Cómo se dice foot en el sentido militar? Then he served as an ensign in the 73rd Foot, liutenant in the 76th and 41st, captain in the 58th... ¿Regimiento? Y con el número, ¿cómo se pone? ¿Regimiento 73? Muchas gracias.
  2. C

    Autorité défilant en tête

    Hi there, I am translating a military blurb and am having great difficulty finding a translation of the following: Autorité défilant en tête: [xxxx name of general etc.) Does anyone have any ideas? Many thanks!
  3. S

    Adviser (military)

    Hola: Se puede usar "consejero" para hablar de una persona que le da consejos a un líder político durante una compaña militar? Muchas gracias.
  4. L

    Caporale Maggiore Scelto

    Salve a tutti, non so se questo grado di soldato "Caporale Maggiore Scelto" ha una traduzione diretta in inglese o no. Ho trovato solo "Corporal" come traduzione di "Caporale Maggiore" su un altro sito ma non so come tradurre "Scelto" in un contesto militare.
  5. M

    seven hundred twentyone hundred hours

    Salve ragazzi, è la moglie di un maggiore dell'esercito che parla con le amiche ironizzando sulla vita sessuale tra lei e il marito. Dice: "Our sexual life is reliable. Seven hundred twentyone hours" So che i militari usano questi termini per gli orari ma non ho la più pallida idea di cosa...
  6. H

    This single-action, power-packed, gas-operated

    This single-action, power-packed, gas-operated pistol is one hundred per cent U.S. made. Si riferisce ad una desert eagle che funziona a gas. La parola "power-packed" si potrebbe riferire alla cartuccia? E' un tipo di alimentazione? Ooppure è qualcosa come "potenza compatta" ?
  7. S


    ¿Qué significa biónico? Es en relación a las hamburguesas, dicen que son biónicas, Me imagino que se refiere a las porquerías que llevan. Un saludo, y muchas gracias. Ana.
  8. G

    stick to your guns

    meaning, stay loyal to your position, do not be swayed by resistance. I need an expression keeping the idea of guns or warfare, in order to translate the mood of the original. thanks :)
  9. K

    Roof trolley

    Dear all, I am looking for a good translation in Spanish for the word "Roof Trolley". This is a roof support in which it is possible to put (in this case) a mast in a horizontal position. To extend the mast the roof trolley slides to the back of the car (not on the roof anymore!) where the...
  10. Nunty


    איך אומרים אמל"ח באנגלית? Weapons זה כלי נשק ו-ammunition זה תחמושת, אבל האם יש מונח כללי יותר כגון "אמצעי לחימה"? תודה!
  11. J

    façades d'entraînement

    hi i'm really getting sick! i surfed allover the net, i could not find a little clue aboout waht il could be the meaning of the expression "facade d'entrainement". if anyone help me, i would be so much grateful. "l’essai d’endurance sur les façades d’entraînement d’accessoires vis à vis des...
  12. G

    Foi je Tiendrai

    This appears as a motto in a family crest and has also been used by a member of the family at the end of an affectionate note to his Mother. The family is English. The only evidence I have of it being used in personal messages is in the 1930's. I have looked for this in the dictionary but do...
  13. Grey Fox

    Bajen el arma (military order)

    Please, is there anyone out there who can help with the correct phrases for the orders for firing? There's a sequence here, where they're practising, perhaps it would be helpful to check them all?: ¡Preparen! = Get ready! ¡Apunten! = Take aim! ¡Fuego! = Fire! ¡Bajen el arma! = Lower...
  14. J


    Buenas tardes a todos, en una canción de los Beatles aparece esa frase "Helter -skelter", ustedes saben a que se refieren?? Gracias
  15. H

    ordre de mouvement

    Il s'agit du mouvement d'une force armée ou d'une armée. Merci pour votre traduction en anglais, je suis coincé...
  16. HesterPrynne


    ¡Hola! ¿Cómo se traduce la palabra bivouac en castellano? En inglés significa esto. Mi contexto es una biografía de Enrique V en la que dice: ...a man who spent much of his life in unsanitary camps and bivouacs. Mi traducción: ...un hombre que pasó gran parte de su vida en campamentos...
  17. G

    Foglio di congedo illimitato

    Come lo tradurreste? Semplicemente Discharge Certificate o in qualche altro modo? Grazie in anticipo
  18. G

    Incorporazione militare

    Sto traducendo il mio foglio di congedo illimitato (military discharge). Come tradurreste "data di incorporazione"? Grazie.
  19. P

    sauf réglementaire

    Hi all, I am unable to get the meaning of the highlighted term Comme souvent dans les avant-postes d’une armée loin de sa base et fonctionnant en vase clos, l’organisation sociale était tout, sauf réglementaire Anu suggestions??
  20. F

    sarin and soman nerve agents

    Bonjour, Comment traduire en français ces termes militaires très spécifiques: The facility near Leonidovka will serve to destroy 7,600 tons (6,885 metric tons) of VX, sarin, and soman nerve agents. L'installation près de Leonidovka servira à détruire 7600 tonnes de VX, sarin et... ? Merci
  21. sherin

    scomodo alla dittatura

    How would you translate the expression "suo padre era un militare scomodo alla dittatura"? This is my try: "his father was an army office who opposed to the dictatorship"...but it sounds strange to me...mmhhh I am writing a short biography. Thanks
  22. Shmuel

    Navigation Aid Radar Modes

    Hola, nuevamente, a todos. A veces hay frases en Inglés cuya traducción al Español me saca canas verdes... Navigation Aid Radar Modes, ¿ y en Español? Modos de Ayuda a la Navegación del Radar, o Modos del Radar de Ayuda a la Navegación. GDA.
  23. Shmuel

    doppler beam sharpening

    Hola a todos, Doppler Beam Sharpening, ¿y en español? Se refiere a un método / técnica que mejora la resolución de la imagen recibida por el Radar.
  24. HesterPrynne

    linen body armor

    ¡Hola! ¿Puedo traducir linen body armor por armadura de lino en esta descripción de Alejandro Magno? He dressed to be seen: a lion helmet with a high crest, linen body armor and a big, flaunting cloak. Éste es mi intento: Vestía para ser mirado: un casco de piel de león con una gran...
  25. HesterPrynne

    arms drill

    ¡Hola! Hablando de Alejandro Magno, no sé cómo traducir arms drill, ¿qué pensáis? But he was skilled with the sword and spear and expert at all forms of arms drill -his trade from boyhood. ¡Muchas gracias por adelantado!
  26. HesterPrynne

    siege train

    ¡Hola! Estoy teniendo problemas para traducir unos términos militares, los que resalto en negrita. ¿Me podéis ayudar, por favor? He also created a permanent professional army, based on the infantry phalanx, which was without equal in its own age, but also containing a well-trained cavalry arm...
  27. HesterPrynne


    ¡Hola! ¿Cómo se dice en español commissariat, un término militar que significa esto? ¡Muchas gracias!
  28. Shmuel

    Company: it / they

    Hello, all. In the sentence: "If the Company uses the services of subcontractors, it should include a brief description of the type of services these subcontractors provide." Should I use it, or if the pronoun is for a Company, should I use "they"? TIA
  29. K

    height ratio

    Dear all, Could anyone be so kind to help me with the following translation (Spanish to English): "a compact retracted to extended hight ratio" (I am talking about a mast) Thank you very much in advance, Kristof
  30. L

    servizio permanente effettivo

    I have to translate from It to En "servizio permanente effettivo". Can anyone help me?
  31. M

    senior colonel

    Allora, vediamo che mi spiego o no... come posso tradurre "senior colonel" in italiano??? C'é qualcunoooo? ;)
  32. R

    to lock on - Military

    Comment dit-on en francais "to lock on" en contexte du missiles militaire? as in a missle fired from an fighter jet plane?