1. F


    I find no listing for 'ahurissant' on Wikipedia. From one context in which I find it, it seems to correspond to something like 'fantastic' or 'astounding'. Can anyone give me a better translation, or more information as to where this word comes from?
  2. tandilense

    push to pass

    Bonsoir à tous, Je ne comprends pas le sens de la phrase du titre et ne l'ai pas trouvée en cherchant sur WR. :confused:Il s'agit d'une présentation concernant le changement de culture dans les entreprises. Je n'ai pas de phrase ou de paragraphe puisqu'il s'agit du titre d'une diapo... :(...
  3. M

    me dan ganas de salir corriendo

    Por favor, ¿alguien podría traducir ésto?
  4. K


    Hi What is meaning of "campin"? Thank you.
  5. learningeveryday


    Please. What means "headcrab"? Thanks!
  6. T

    creo que debe hacerla ya

    "creo que debe hacerla ya" This is in the context of a car going into a garage for a check.
  7. D

    to be a pain in the backside

    Grammar is a pain on the backside, and at times, we feel like throwing out of the window a language that causes us so much pain. Grammar is a pain on the backside. It means ¿ Es un rollo? Thank you in advance.
  8. L


    Hey guys, I saw this comment on a friend's picture but have no idea what it means. I looked for the words and didn't find a definition. I'm guessing it's slang or something.. here it goes: "Putin tu me donne tro fin la miff...:))" It's a picture of a hamburger, so hmm I think he means "Putain...