1. 5jellys

    Mongolian: Toddkhuslen

    Does anyone know how the Mongolian name Toddkhuslen is pronounced and how to spell it in the Mongolian script. And I've read the name means "clear wish" does it derive from the elements тодорхой and хүсэл? Thanks
  2. Y

    Mongolian (Buryat): Buruu dutuu xazagai duudaxamn'i

    Hello, I have following text in Mongolian Buryat language and I have to prepare phonetic transcription of it: Buruu dutuu xazagai duudaxamn'i Ug garwal zalruulaarai Xazagai buruu duudwal Xaan garwal zalruulaarai Could anyone help me solving some of my problems: - how should I transcribe "r"...