1. ordinarydaniel

    Hindi: मूवी क्लिप

    Hello everyone, Can I use मूवी क्लिप to refer to a movie excerpt which lasts 30 to 40 minutes? Or can this Hindi phrase only describe short movie clips, like 3 to 5 minutes long?
  2. K

    high-concept movie

    But since the onset of the high-concept/event movies ushered in by Jaws and Star Wars, the paradigm of product placement in cinema has become ever more sophisticated.
  3. A

    How Our Movies Are Meant to be Lived

    I have a sign for Blu-Ray Discs by Warner Bros and it has a phrase at the bottom: How Our Movies Are Meant To Be Lived meaning that the movies are intended to be viewed with the advanced qualities of a Blu-Ray Disc in order to truly place the movies in the best light (like when you watch...
  4. C


    What are those black and white things dirictors for movies and such use. They have like, the scene and trial written on it. Thanks
  5. M

    A stunning pre-credits sequence

    Ciao. vorrei aiuto per tradurre questa frase (si parla del film 007): A stunning pre-credits sequence reaches beyond mere pyrotechnics to introduce key plot elements as the action leaps from Bilbao to London, with the opening boat chase sequence down the river Thames. Grazie.
  6. P

    to qualify for the purposes of the Convention

    Bonjour, comment traduire justement cette expression dans la phrase suivante (il s'agit d'un contrat de coproduction cinématographique) : Each of the Parties hereby warrants, represents and undertakes with and to each other that: it will pay all amounts payable in respect of the production of...