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  1. M

    Trattenere i valori lunghi, precipitando su quelli brevi

    Hello - I'm trying to understand the following directions in a contemporary musical score. The "values" are the length of the notes, which is one reason why this seems so confusing to me: “Tratterere i valori lunghi, precipitando su quelli brevi” Something like "Treat the values long...
  2. C

    A schetta ci spiò a la maritata

    I know that this forum is not the place to request full translations, but I hope someone will be familiar with this particular Sicilian folk song and will tell me if it uses inappropriate language for "mixed company." The song is A Schetta e 'a Maritata If you google "Orazio Strano," the first...
  3. A

    in quanto tentativo poderoso di affermazione di un valore aggiunto

    Aiuto! Come tradurre la seguente frase in inglese? Mi sembra che non l'ho capito bene, e sono ore che provo tradurrla... la mia traduzione non mi da tanto senso neanche :( "L'unico romanzo di Cave si presenta infatti come una zona libera dall'ambiente propriamente rock in cui è annidata la sua...
  4. A


    Aiuto!!!! Che cosa significa questa parola e come tradurrla in Inglese? C'e l'ha da fare con qualcuno che abita in una "cave"?
  5. doncletus

    Prova con il gruppo (musica)

    Ciao a tutti! Vorrei sapere con che parola vengono indicate le prove di una band. Ad esempio, dovrei scrivere in inglese "Nessuna prova in programma" sul sito, e pensavo a qualcosa come "No ... scheduled", ma proprio non saprei come tradurre "prova". Grazie!
  6. M

    Struck me dumb like radium

    Buongiorno, mi è stato chiesto di tradurre il testo di un pezzo di Aimee Mann, "Save me"; A un certo punto ho trovato questo: You struck me dumb like radium Like Peter Pan or Superman To struck dumb dovrebbe significare lasciare di stucco, di sasso. Qualcuno mi saprebbe spiegare cosa...
  7. P


    Hi, What does 'grottesco' mean? It's written in a piano piece I have. Thanks
  8. G


    Hi there How can I translate this: "The fugue overreaches itself, overshoots flatwards into ...." The problematic word is "flatwards". Thank you Giovanni
  9. S

    the same old jam

    Salve a tutti^^ In the days of my youth I was told what it means to be a man Now I've reached that age I've tried to do all those things the best I can No matter how I try I find my way into the same old jam Non capisco come tradurre l'ultimo verso... O.o
  10. nundah3

    concierto inaugural

    Hi, Could anyone tell me the correct translation to: "el concierto X como concierto inaugural del Festival" Would it be: "the concert X as opening concert of the Festival"? Thanks Nundah
  11. photodp

    Practice Chanter

    Ciao everyone! I was talking to one of my penpals over in Sardinia, and we came across an issue as I tried to tell her what I was doing this morning. I play the Scottish bagpipes. In order to practice this instrument we players have what is called a "Practice Chanter" which is a smaller...
  12. M

    currently working on a piece

    I am trying to say "I am currently working on the piece 'Elegy' by Gabriel Fauré". My guess would be "je travaille maintenant sur la pièce 'Elégie' qui a écrit par Gabriel Fauré". I know this probably isn't right, but I cannot figure out how to say it... any ideas? :eek:
  13. T

    Lungo tutto il brano

    Si parla di Musica. Si può dire “The semiquavers run along the whole piece”? I sedicesimi corrono lungo tutto il brano.
  14. B

    unfretted fingerboard

    What does it mean, about a musical instrument? The sentence is "The instrument has a hollow body and un unfretted fingerboard". Grazie!!!! Luli
  15. B

    deposito dell'opera o la sua registrazione

    Mi trovo indifficolta a tradurre deposito dell'opera nella seguente frase, in quanto qui non si tratta di copyright, avevo pensato ad un unico registration, ma sono molto perplessa. Mi potete aiutare? Il diritto dell’autore è costituito dalla creazione dell’opera, quale espressione del lavoro...
  16. L

    يا ذا القـوام الســـمهـري

    يا ذا القـوام الســـمهـري حاوي الرضاب السكري عن ثغرك الزاهي اللـمى يروى صحـاح الجوهـري كـم ذا التـجـافـي و البـعـاد أحرمـت أجـفـاني الرقـاد بادر و جد و ارعى الوداد يــــا ذا الجـبـيـن الأنــو
  17. D

    le climat

    Bonjour à tout le monde: J'ai besoin de votre aide. Je vais travailler une chanson dans un cours de francais mais je ne comprend pas très bien cette partie: "On pleure ces étoiles pâles qui se voudraient star- express Quand on est révolté, on envoie des SMS Sans mobile apparent, nos...
  18. B

    sull'onda dell'emozione della perdita dell'amico

    Grazie per gli aiuti che mi avete dato. Sono ancora qui. Come tradurreste "sull'onda dell'emozione della perdita dell'amico"... Il contesto è:....Fabrizio De André wrote "Preghiera in gennaio" sull´onda dell´emozione della perdita dell'amico.
  19. warla


    Hi Everybody! I can't find the meaning of HORNPIPES. I'll show you the context: ....when instruments like the fiddle and the uillean pipes were pulled out for Irish dancing - reels, HORNPIPES and jigs - at weddings and saint's day. I wrote the hole paragraph because I think it might help...
  20. warla

    uilleann piper, tin-whistler, bodhran

    Hi everybody! I´m reading an article about "Flook" an Irish music group and I don`t know the meaning in spanish of these instruments. I have some clues but not the precise meaning: - uillean piper: I think that is a type of flute, but I`m not sure if the spanish name of this is "flauta...
  21. B

    45 giri-33 giri

    E' un titolo.... Non saprei proprio come renderlo Mi potete aiutare? Grazie
  22. pyrosarco

    Stopping to listen to / street musicians

    I am working on a writing assignment about "una cita ideal" and I want to say "Then I would take her hand and we would walk through the streets stopping to listen to street musicians." This is what I have: Entonces yo tomaría su mano y caminaríamos por las calles but I am confused as how to...
  23. N

    The note was too high for me.

    I'm a bit confused about wether aigu or haut is best in this situation, the Word Reference dictionary offered both. Which sounds better? La note a été trop haute pour moi. or La note a été trop aiguë pour moi. Merci!
  24. B

    nume tutelare

    Come potrei tradurre "vero nume tutelare" della canzone d’autore, il quale, in profondo contrasto col festival delle canzonette...... Scusate ma ho trovato che questo forum è un grosso aiuto grazie
  25. D

    ti perderai in te stesso

    Hi, I'd like to translate "ti perderai in te stesso", I've thought: - you'll lose yourself on your own; - you will lose yourself; - you'll get lost on yourself; I absolutely need to use the expression "on your own" in my phrase, and this must be collocated at the end.. Do I ask too much?
  26. B


    Bonjour à tous ! J'ai besoin d'aide car je n'arrive pas à bien définir la signification du mot diaphragm dans les texte suivant (qui est écrit par un américain). Did you realize the potential for what you were doing ? Were you setting out to revolutionize guitar manufacturing ? I didn't look...
  27. L

    You are my own

    Hello everyone, I heard this in a Evanescence's song: And I just can't translate into spanish the meaning of the second line. Thank you!!
  28. I

    road manager

    Hi, I'm translating a newspaper article into Spanish and need help translating the term "road manager" in the following sentence: "The Beatles' former road manager who is now managing director of Apple Corp" I thought about "gerente de gira" but that doesn't sound right... Any suggestions...
  29. O

    first album

    How do I say: Kooks have been together/have played together since 2003. They have released 2 albums and an EP. Their first album is called Inside In and their second is called Konk.
  30. ?

    Création d'un groupe musical

    Hello! Comment pourrait on traduire l'idée de "création" en anglais? (il s'agit d'un groupe musical, quel est le meilleur terme pour dire "créer un groupe"?) ps: créer un groupe=set up a band, création/formation d'un groupe=?)
  31. P

    musique affiche un style

    si je voulais traduire:'cette musique affiche un style oriente vers les sonorites similaires a la house music,melodique,minimale,et funky. would it be.. this music shows off a style similar to house music...??
  32. E


    I'm listening to a reggaeton song and I don't recognize this word... does jipeta = jeep? The lyrics are "hagamos el amor in la jipeta..." so I'm thinking it does mean Jeep. How classy jiji.
  33. G

    picking and choosing one’s way to a personal view

    Salve a tutti :)! Sto provando a tradurre questo passo dalla prefazione di una biografia. "The writing of any biography may be likened to exploring a great lumber-room: in the case of some subjects one may ransack a rich storehouse of facts, not to mention the conclusions of other writers...
  34. B

    el miedo me recorría"

    Estoy tratando de traducir la canción de la artista Bebe "Malo", y no puedo traducir esta frase a mi satisfacción. ¿Significa algo como "the fear crossed my mind", o no? También, ¿"cruzar" puede significar "to crush" así como "to cross"? Gracias. :)
  35. C

    worn disillusion

    Hola quiero saber qué significa worn disillusion aquí: I carry your worn disillusion When my pathetic confusion Kept me from speaking the truth ¿sería cargo una desilución gastada? pero qué quiere decir con el resto del texto. la canción wrapped de gloria estefan.
  36. L

    Grupo heavy se ofrece para grabar disco duro

    Grupo heavy se ofrece para grabar disco duro lo intente traducir como: heavy metal group offers to make a record hard disk pero siento ke no le da el mismo sentido
  37. N


    Saludos, Que sera esta palabra mayne, la he buscado y no he podido dar con el signficado. "Mayne". She got me speedin' in the fast lane Pedal to the floor mayne
  38. G

    bottom flow

    Hello, Can I use this phrase bottom flow in a song, or will it be really too weird ? Mary's alive, she sways in the salt streams, shifted by the bottom flow, running and dragging her I was already adviced to use undertow, or undercurrent instead, but I'd prefer to use bottom flow for sound...
  39. N


    Saludos: Que significa la palabra hugger. el contexto me dice, He's a real life block hugger thx
  40. E

    She's got eyes of the bluest skies and if they thought of rain

    She's got eyes of the bluest skies and if they thought of rain I'd hate to look into those eyes and see an ounce of pain that's what I thought Guns n' Roses were singing. But when I looked the lyrics up on the internet I saw all kinds of different versions except this one. To me it makes...
  41. gafem

    black owned

    Hi! I'm translating an article about "Motown",the first norteamerican company who worked with black singers and bands,and at the beginning of the text it talks about "...it became the most successful black-owned businesses and one of the most influential independent record companies in American...
  42. C

    strung out on you

    hola quisiera prefuntar qué significa strung out on you no sé si es aferrado o algo así. aquí: Baby, you have become my addiction. I'm so strung out on you (mmmm) I can barely move...but I like it, es la canción because of you de ne-yo. gracias.
  43. J

    Uzbek(?): Muhabbat

    I've been listening to an artist named Yulduz Usmanova and I've been hearing this word (sounds like Muhabbat.. not sure if that's how it's spelled) and I really want to know what it means! She sings about it all the time. I really enjoy her music but I'm kinda sad that I can't understand...
  44. C

    Lift Thy Throne

    hola encontre la frase del titulo en una letra de una cancion que habla de religion y no se que significa!!! gracias de antemano ;)
  45. L

    Nido caduto

    I have been translating a song which I heard from Fiorella Mannoia, "Fragile," a lovely and simple song, mostly. It includes, however, the line: "Sono fragile perché sono un nido caduto" which I can only translate ar "I am fragile because I am a fallen nest." This does not make much sense...
  46. C

    tener una segunda piel para recorrer

    I'm not sure what is the most suitable verb for the following phrase: soy tan afortunada de tener una segunda piel para recorrer I`m so lucky to have a second skin to ..... please, help me!
  47. L

    sesiones expositivas

    Hola! por favor alguien que me ayude!! Estoy traduciendo al inglés la metodología de un curso...y dice: -Sesiones expositivas (también en otro curso)- Clases expositivas -sesiones prácticas de ejecución instrumental rítmico-melódica------ practical sessions playing an instrument ...
  48. L

    uppermost bridge

    Qualcuno sa cos'è l' uppermost bridge in un liuto? io credo il ponticello, ma forse è il cavigliere? o il capotasto? la frase suona: ci sono quattro tasti e the uppermost bridge. grazie, lg
  49. Z

    The Monster Mash

    Por favor, pueden decirme que son los lyricos de "The Monster Mash" en espanol. Por favor, por favor!!!! You can find the english lyrics on google and then could you please please translate them to spanish? muy importante!
  50. K

    vocal licks

    Hey, I really do not understand this sentence. What does "licks" mean in this sentence? "he masterfully rolled out his signature vocal licks" "Il a brillament montré l'étendu de ses talents vocaux qui lui sont caractéristiques"??? Thank you for your help!