nahuatl (aztec)

  1. R

    Náhuatl: Fast/Slow/Fast

    Hello, I would like to know if a native Náhuatl speaker could help me with this. I'm looking for the náhuatl words for adjectives "fast" and "slow". I would also like to know the word for the noun "fast", as in "abstention from food", and the verb "to fast" (as in "abstaining for food"). Any...
  2. R

    Nahuatl: Pronunciation of xochitl

    Hello, My question has to do with the proper pronunciation of the word "xochitl", which means "flower" in Nahuatl. Could any of you enlighten me about this issue? I would be very grateful. Thank you in advance, Rainbow
  3. P

    Nahuatl: prefix tla-

    There's so many dictionaries on the language, but a lot of the vocabulary is different. I was just wondering if anyone has any sort of knowledge or expertise on this language to help me out in understanding it. Or maybe you've studied it for a long time and you've made observations. What I'm...
  4. S

    Nahuatl: It amused me

    Greetings. I'm hardly lettered about the Nahuatl's structure. However, I've looked around enough to "build" a sentence and I need to be completely sure that it is well structured. It amused me = "nechmahuizoaya"? You see, I've recently read and learned about Nahuatl's way of structuring...
  5. G

    Náhuatl: Ash quen kemec [axcan quema]

    Saludos a todos los del foro: Mi abuela (QEPD) solia decir una palabra muy especial que foneticamente seria asi "ASH QUEN KÉMEC"; no sé bien que signifique, ni si es propia del español; pero ella la usaba de esta forma Abuelita: "Muy bien hijito, ahora tu amarrate las agujetas". yo de niño...
  6. N

    Náhuatl: pronunciación de tzinitzcan

    Queridos foristas: Por favor, ¿cómo se pronuncia "tzinitzcan"? ¿tiz - niz - can? ¿ts - nit - can? ¿ts - nits - can...
  7. A

    'tecolote' from the Nahuatl 'tecolotl' (owl)

    Hello everyone, I am trying to contrast the words búho and tecolote. I found information on búho, but not enough on tecolote. I actually need a little bit of the history of the word. I found (in one book) búhos are native of Spain. Which doesn't make sense to me. Do you think Spaniards brought...
  8. B

    Náhuatl: Chalchiunenetl

    I am reading an exchange between two lovers. One is named chalchi, and the other lover at one point calls her chalchiunenetl. Is this just her full name, or does it have some kind of meaning? They are both speaking Latin American spanish, if that helps.
  9. A

    Nahuatl: tiquequetzalcoah/tiquetzalcocoah

    hi all, I have just registered to these forums since I could not find any information elsewhere concerning a phrase in Nahuatl and I figured some of you may be of assistance. In James Richard Andrews' "Introduction to Classical Nahuatl" he states that "tiquequetzalcoah" (alternately...
  10. S

    Nahuatl: náhuatl / nahua

    Saludos, ¿Hay una diferencia entre "náhuatl" y "nahua"? Quizás náhuatl es el idioma y nahua pertenece a un grupo de idiomas que tienen sus raizes en náhuatl...? Es nomás por curiosidad. Gracias! --S
  11. T

    Caballeros (de) Jaguar y Aguila (Nahuatl)

    (Poem, adapted from Aztec original) A Robin: No llores, Mi nieta querida, Detén tus lágrimas. Aunque este es un lugar de lágrimas, Un lugar de dolor, Todavía existen los caballeros, (De) Jaguare y Aguila. (English: Weep not, Beloved granddaughter, Hold your tears. Though this is a...
  12. T

    Nahuatl: To live is to die and to die is to awake

    I really want to know the Nahuatl meaning of this I'll really appreciate it if some one can help me out... to live is to die and to die is to awake....
  13. michimz

    Nahuatl: Tips for learning

    My husband speaks Nahuatl as his first language and I am slowly-but-surley learning. Nij kuelitaj miak in Nahuatl! I know that the different dialects are so different because of historic and geographic separation, but I am a language lover and just wanted to put this out here in case anybody...
  14. Chapman

    Nahuatl, Huasteca, Maya, Mizteca: coffee

    Hola! Me gustaría saber si alguien conoce la traducción de la palabra coffee/café en lenguas mexicanas como el nahuatl, huasteca, maya, mizteca, etc. Muchas gracias.