1. Ihsiin

    Neaptolitan: scetánnome

    Hello everyone, listening to the song 'O surdato 'nnammurato I come across the lines: Ma, scetánnome 'a sti suonne, me faje chiagnere pe' te The word which stumps here is scetánnome - looking around on the internet it seems to mean 'waking up' (thus Italian svegliandomi), implying the base...
  2. friasc

    Neapolitan: assett

    Greetings forum. I recently noticed that in TV shows and films set in East Coast Italian American communities, characters will often say "assètt" (my attempt at transcription) to invite someone into their home or offer a seat. My guess is that this originally comes from a Neapolitan or other...
  3. Ihsiin

    Neapolitan: Comme tu a chi tiene/tieni mente

    Hello everyone, I'm looking at the song Torna a Surriento and this line is giving me a bit of trouble (not least because I'm finding different variants of it). On the English Wikipedia (link) it gives the third line as "Comme tu a chi tieni mente" which it translates as "like you do with the...
  4. orca

    Neapolitan: Amm’ ’a scassà i ciessi

    Ciao members, Does anyone speak Napolitan?... I'm translating La paranza dei bambini, by Roberto Saviano to Hebrew and this phrase appears a couple of times and is even a name of a whole chapter. The English translation leaves this title untranslated as a chapters' name, but on another occasion...
  5. aefrizzo

    Neapolitan: 'nzurato

    Buon giorno. Una vecchia signora di Gaeta dove, al mio orecchio, si parla puro Napoletano, respinge un aspirante genero perché "nzurato" nonché padre di due figli. Intendo che voglia dire vedovo, dato che si parla di matrimonio e non di convivenza. E invece no, dalla rete apprendo che vuol dire...
  6. P

    Neapolitan: Munnesciaine

    Hello, I'm a lot unsure about the category but I will try here. I was listening a Neapolitan-American song from 1928(1929 called "Anno viecchio e Anno nuovo" (Which mean "Old years and new years") and in this song the singer said that for the new years (1929) everything will change, and...
  7. WordsWordWords

    Roman/Neapolitan(?): Statte chiuse si Muss de scinnia, ca n'atr accum a mi glie che trov n'fregna

    Hello everyone, (I don't even know if it is acceptable to make this type of request here on WR....) I am inquiring about this phrase on behalf of a friend. She thinks it might be Napoletano or Romano -- it appears to me to be some dialect from the south but I am not able to figure out from...
  8. F

    Neapolitan: N'è lu vero nio tè

    Hi, In the famous neapolitan song "Tiritomba", I'd like to understand this line : "N'è lu vero nio tè" The whole text is here. (But the translation of this line is strange!) Thanks in advance.
  9. WestFevalia

    Neapolitan: Mogliere

    Hello, I'm reading The Pentamerone, by G. Basile. I'm a little confused because I had already read two translations of the fairy tale Sole, Luna e Talia (one in English, the other in French) and it seems that both translators weren't very faithful to the original. In the French translation, it...