1. yuechu

    Chinese numerals - comma

    大家好! I was recently reading an article on London and came across the following sentence: "伦敦的城市区为欧盟第二大,根据2011年普查其人口达到9,787,426,仅次于巴黎[32]". I was wondering: is it also possible to add commas to a number in Chinese in the same way as it is said? For example: "978, 7426" (九百七十八万,七千四百二十六) Thanks!
  2. yuechu

    319 (三百一十九 / 三百十九)

    Hello/大家好, I was watching a TV show today (月供) and came across the number 319 (it was the number of days since the 男主角 and 女主角 had got married). The number on the screen is "第三百一十九天". My question is: since 19 is usually read 十九 and not 一十九, can 319 also be read as "三百十九" instead of "三百一十九"...
  3. H

    Pronunciation: 110 (yi 一 / yao 幺)

    I know 110 is an emergency number in China, but why do they say it as yao yao ling but not yi yi ling? Why did the sound of 一(yi) became yao? Does that only occur when there's double ones in the initial number combination? Are there any more sound changes of other numbers in certain way?
  4. Boyar

    两个人 / 二个人

    Can anyone tell me the difference in meaning and/or usage between 两个人 and 二个人 ? In other words, when would it be appropriate to use each of these expressions (with 个)? Thank you
  5. S


    One day I was asked to translate from Chinese "这是今天第几件产品“ to English...but couldn't find a close equivalent in English. So I ended up saying "How many part have you produced today?" Is there an English phrase that perfectly equals to "第几个"?
  6. yuechu

    Suzhou numerals (苏州码子)

    Hello everyone, I was reading about Suzhou numerals/苏州码子 recently and find them quite interesting as I didn't know that a writing system for numbers native to Chinese was used in the Sinosphere besides the 一二三四五 etc that we are all familiar with...
  7. D

    〇 / 零 (zero)

    I don't understand why 零 sometimes appears as 〇 . Why a circle? It seems so 'un-Chinese'. What's wrong with 零? Where did 〇 come from?
  8. I

    Cantonese: Lucky numbers

    Hi all, I'm told number 8 is a lucky number because it rhymes with "Faat" (prosper). Someone else told me 3 is even luckier and so is 5. Can you share with us all the lucky numbers and unlucky ones and what they sound like to make them lucky/unlucky ? Thanks in advance.
  9. Everysing

    兩百 / 二百

    I remember reading in a grammar book that the "2" before 百, 千, and 萬 could be written 兩 or also 二. However, what's the difference between these two? Is it that 兩 is much more common than 二?
  10. G


    Hi all, I wonder how to say "十几个" in English... Within the range of 11 to 19 every number is possible, and I don't want to specify the amount. I have totally no idea on that... :( Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  11. A

    Pronunciation: 2010 (year)

    Hi, New year is coming, I was wondering how to say 2010,2011 and so on in Chinese... 2010 Would it be: 二零一零?(or ‘yao‘ meaning one- by the way- what is the Chinese character for the YAO - 'one'?) 2011 would we say 二零一一??? Thanks for your help!
  12. M

    how to read the zero (零) in a number

    According to a Chinese teaching software, 2005 -> 这个数字是两千零五。 ... two thousand zero five. Does is sound fine or is "zero" redundant? What about 205? two hundred zero five or two hundred five? And 20005? Twenty thousand zero five, twenty thousand zero zero five or just twenty thousand five...
  13. C

    The most common abbreviation for "million"

    What's the most common way of abbreviating e. g. 10 million (be it dollars, tons or years)? 10 M? 10 mln.? 10 mln? 10 MM? 10 mio? The same question about billions. Thank you.
  14. jana.bo99

    Numbers (one to ten)

    Hello to all, I am very curious how the numbers look like in Chinese? (with pinyin, please) Thank you,
  15. Leandro

    二 / 两

    Hello my friends (你好我的朋友) I saw that 二 and 两 means 2 (two), when should i use 二 (er)and when should i use 两 (liang) ? ءه谢谢!