1. P

    Occitan: En mai un gous es magre, en mai las mouscos le picour (late 18th c. expression)

    I'm assisting with the translation of a French journal from 1796-1798, and there is a single phrase that has stumped me (an English speaker) and several French-speaking translators, but we think it may be Occitan: "En mai un gous es magre, en mai las mouscos le picour." The phrase appears in...
  2. Setwale_Charm

    Occitan/Provencal: Months, Days of the Week

    Hello all! There may be not a high chance with asking on here, but would anyone of you, linguists, happen to have come across any sound files/video containing the names of the months, seasons and days of the week in Occitan AND specifically in Provencal? I know how they're written but I need...
  3. purasbabosadas

    Occitan: to stink

    I want to translate the verb "to stink" in Occitan in the following context:"The garbage stinks".
  4. U

    Occitan: péiche dens la prado

    Péiche dens la prado is part of an old pastorale from Southern France. The sentence is: L'angèth que m'as dounat - se n'es anat - péiche dens la prado. The lamb that you have given me, if it does not belong to you, it belongs to the meadow? Part of the meadow?
  5. U

    Occitan: pèiro fulhado, pèira fuelhada

    Péiro fulhado is the name of a stone in a text from Southern France. The sentence is: Il y a un autre mégalithique schisteux appelé "Pèiro fulhado". There is no other context. I have found staircase for peiro and covered with leaves for fulhado but that seems a bit strange. Or maybe: stone...
  6. N

    Occitan: Pro de peguesas

    Hi everyone, can you help me translate this phrase? I guess "pro" has the same meaning of the catalan "prou", but i have no clue for "peguesas". Thank you very much. (You can even reply in french, italian, spanish or catalan). Ciao
  7. X

    Occitan: mainatges

    I read somewhere that 'mainatges' means 'children' in the dialect of Toulosse. Is it an occitan word? Do you use it also in french? And how is the "tg" pronounced? Is it similar to the sound on 'bridge' in english?
  8. M

    Occitan: dent canine du sanglier

    bonjour, je cherche le nom occitan de la dent canine du sanglier, qu'en Français on appelle "défense".
  9. P

    Occitan: de doas garitas datariá d'òbras

    Adieusiatz, What is the translation of the following Occitan sentence: "La torre carrada de l'angle sud-oèst sobremontada de doas garitas datariá d'òbras delh sègle XIV." Would it be something like "The square tower on the southwest side was built on (?!) two farmer huts dataria [given to?]...
  10. P

    Occitan: aviá

    Adieusiatz, I have difficulty to find the exact meaning of "aviá" in this Occitan phrase: "que entornejava complètament lo chastèl, aviá tres pòrtas". As far as I get, it says: "that completely surrounds the castle, aviá [via? through?] three harbors". Mercè d'avanca
  11. P

    Occitan: S'i pòt veire un donjon carrat

    Adieusiatz amics e amigas, What does this Occitan phrase exactly mean: "S'i pòt veire un donjon carrat". It is describing the architecture of a castle allegedly build in the so-called Savoyard style in Southern French. Here is my own, probably terrible, try: "S'i [it?] pòt [ledge? is] seeing a...
  12. P

    Occitan: lhors

    Adieusiatz, What is the exact definition of Occitan "lhors" in this sentence: "En 1195 lo senhor de Montlaur esposèt Miracle de Solinhac e son fraire Beraut de Solinhac lhors balhèt lo fèu de Mairàs". I am not sure how much I am correct, but this is what I get: "In 1195 the seigneur of...
  13. P

    Occitan: Lo tèrme tanben pertòca l'aspècte teoric de las art

    Adieusiatz, What does "pertòca" mean in Occitan? I found it in this phrase: "Lo tèrme tanben pertòca l'aspècte teoric de las arts visualas ". I have commenced learning Occitan since roughly a week, and my French ken is unfortunately terrible. There are apparently no inclusive Occitan...
  14. P

    Occitan: Strike One

    Hi, I realise that this is French/English (please don't shout at me :-( ) but there is no link to Langue D'Oc in Romance Languages. Although I realise that it is a sporting context, I rather hope there is an occitan speaker can help me with a translation of "Strike One" the baseball call. My...
  15. T

    Occitan: Les grandes douleurs sont muettes, mais le silence est lourd

    Bonjour, Je voudrais traduire quelques phrases en Occitan pour un tatouage (de préférence languedocien ou gascon). L'Occitan est important pour moi puisqu'il fait partie de mes origines! La traduction est donc d'autant plus importante et je prendrai compte de tous vos avis ! Voilà les...
  16. G

    Occitan: La Menudiére (menudière)

  17. P

    Occitan: A hum e a huet!

    Does anyone speak Occitan? What does this phrase mean?? "A hum e a huet!" Thanks.
  18. A

    Occitan: Situada a la broa del riu Tamèsi

    Could anyone tell me what language this sentence is in? : "Situada a la broa del riu Tamèsi dins lo sud-èst de l'illa de Grand Bretanha." It's from a Wikipedia dump. I know some (Catalonian) Catalan and have no problem understanding the sentence, so I have a suspicion that it may be...
  19. mtmjr

    Occitan: at work by 9

    I would like to say: She has to be at work by 9:00. I'm not sure how to translate "by": (Ela) deu ésser al trabalh d'aicí/avanç a las 9. (?) Thanks in advance!
  20. Pedro y La Torre

    Occitan: I speak Occitan

    Ieu parli occitan, is that correct?
  21. panjabigator

    Occitan: pas

    Is the word "pas" obligatory for negation in Occitan? In Catalan, "pas" is used as an emphatic, I.E. "no parlo pas català" for "I don't speak any Catalan." Thanks ahead:)
  22. D

    Occitan: adieusas / a diù siatz / Adieu-siatz / Adishatz

    Hello, I thought I heard a word somewhere that was a lot like "adieu" except it was a very, very firm final goodbye. I might be mistaken, or the word might be Provençal (Occitan), (or maybe even my mind mixing up Spanish and French now? Gaah!) but I believe it was similar to "adiosas" or...
  23. chics

    Occitan: Volem rien foutre al païs

    Bonjour. Il y a un neuf duco français en france qui s'appel "Volem rien foutre al païs". Quelle langue est il? S'il s'agit d'une langue... Il peut être patois? Une façon de montrer la langue de la campagne? Une autre chose? Merci bien...
  24. panjabigator

    Occitan: sound sample

    I tried searching for a sound sample of Occitan just now, but unfortunately a lot of the sites appear to be French to my untrained eye. Can someone help me find a sample of this? I'd like to hear what it sounds like, in comparison to French.