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    Japanese name writing

    Hi! Well, english is not my mother language neither, but i will try: Im writting a 'story' (yeah, classic) that includes a japanese boy character and the name here is important. Anyways, the background really doesn´t matter, but just the name itselt, that´s why i came here for help, since i...
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    "日本国ハ満洲国カ其ノ住民ノ意思ニ基キテ自由ニ成立シ独立ノ一国家ヲ成スニ至リタル事実ヲ確認シタルニ因リ..." Is there a name for this type of Japanese writing? During what period of history was this writing system used and when did it fall into disuse? I'm not specifically interested in knowing the meaning of this particular passage, but I was...
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    Reason(s) for the spelling ty-/sy-

    Hello, In some Japanese textbooks (and in some scholarly texts on Japanese), there is a convention of writing ty-, sy- and si where standard Romaji would have ch- and sh(i). For example, tyō/tyoo instead of chō 町 syō/syoo instead of shō 正 hanasi instead of hanashi 話 I know that the...
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    Words Written in Hiragana

    Can anyone list me here all Hiragana characters that are used in Japanese sentences or conversations? かなり - Comparatively もしかして - By any chance ばっかり - Just? Recently? おそらく - Probably ながら - While