1. M

    downstream player

    ¿Alguien sabrá a qué se le llama "downstream player" en la industria del petróleo? ¡¡Gracias!!
  2. Molly-Molly

    Hard Oil

    This is just FYI because I've been searching for it for a long time and just found it. hard oil is translated as petróleo duro hope it helps somebody out there ;)
  3. X

    Field or lease condensate (crude oil)

    Hi everyone! I need to translate the definition of Crude Oil from the glossary of 1996 Guidelines Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) to spanish, but i just don't get it. Crude Oil: Crude oil is a mineral oil of natural origin comprising a mixture of hydrocarbons and associated...
  4. JeSuisSnob

    price has outweighed the volume effect

    Hola, compañeros del foro. Tengo una duda. He dejado el primer enunciado para que haya una mejor contextualización (lo encerré entre corchetes). Mi duda estriba en el segundo enunciado (el cual traduzco debajo): [The risks to this pleasant picture are an abrupt drop in oil revenues and a “W”...