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old norse

  1. K

    Old Norse: Roman Empire

    What is Old Norse for "Roman Empire?" Based on modern North Germanic languages I've come up with "Romariríkr," "Romariskr Kjárríkr." Pardon my Old Norse grammar mistakes.
  2. R

    Old Norse: Blessing

    I am looking for the old norse word for blessing if it exists. Can anyone help me with this?
  3. LMatt88

    Old Norse: I´m back

    Would "Ek em bak" work as a translation? thanks in advance!
  4. N

    Old Norse: Strength

    Hey fellas, I need to know how to say these worsds/phrases in Old Norse: "Strength and fire" "Ferocity" "Beast" "Honor" I truly need it for personal issues, thank you in advance!
  5. C

    Old Norse: umfir fua fik fir valhalla

    This is from the trailer to the video game "God of War" (PS4). Allegedly it means "YOU WILL NOT CROSS INTO VALHALLA." I'd really appreciate it if someone would parse (i.e. break down word by word) this brief sentence. Thanks a lot! < Unapproved video link removed. Cagey, moderator >
  6. S

    Old Norse - Styrkr Utan Styrkr

    Hey guys - Trying to double check some of my research on the web. Looking for the correct old Norse for Strength Beyond Strength and some of the sites I have found list multiple words for Strength. Any help would be much appreciated and thanks a ton in advance. Erik
  7. S

    Old Norse: definite article / out of 'the' great sea

    Hi, I recently began to learn old Norse, so I still know very little about the language. I need help translating this phrase: "Out of the great sea". I'm confused about the article "the". If I'm not wrong, should be "hinn/inn", but do I have to add as a suffix in the word "great"? Or this only...
  8. K

    Old Norse: strength and wisdom

    I am planning on getting a tattoo of the phrase "strength and wisdom" translated to old Norse, and then transliterated to Nordic runes. I want to double check here to make sure I have done it right. The translation is "Styrkr Ok Vísdómr", and then the transliteration to runes is on the...
  9. Seikun

    Old Norse - í + dative

    Hi. I just want to make sure of this. I am learning Old Norse and I want to make sure I understood this lesson. According to the lesson about the use of preposition í, its meaning is in(side) when it preceeds the dative case. Ex: Hestrinn gengr í skóginum = The horse walks in the woods. Is the...
  10. T

    Old Norse: Ólafr Pái (Olaf the Peacock)

    Hello. I need to translate Mr. Ólafr Höskuldsson nickname [Ólafr Pái in Old Norse] to Spanish, and I don't know if it is supposed to refer to a true (Indian) peacock, or maybe just a more generic pheasant. A regular peacock would be like this...
  11. K

    old norse word for "wisdom"

    Hey guys, I was wondering if there is an old norse word for "wisdom".
  12. A

    Old Norse: what does not kill me make me stronger

    Hi people! I need to know ''what does not kill me make me stronger'' in Old Norse... Thanks :)
  13. E

    Old Norse: The impossible we do overnight

    Hi Anyone out there can help me? OLD NORSE - anyone speak/write these? 'The impossilbe we do overnight; miracles take a bit longer' ('we' means 'you and I'. 'overnight' can be literal or a figure of speech. 'take a bit longer' = need a bit more time and effort. 'miracle' (as in Anglo-Saxon...
  14. E

    Old Norse: Hann tekr sverðit Gram ok leggr í meðal þeira bert

    Hi, I'm reading Borge's "Ulrica" there's this quote, but I don't even know wich language it is:Hann terk sverthit Gram ok leggr i methal theira bert.Can anyone help me? thanks
  15. B

    Old Norse: have longboat, will travel

    Hello everyone, My first post,here goes! Would anyone be able to help me with a couple of English to Old Norse translations please? I appreciate you must get asked to do a lot of this! "Have Longboat,will travel" "Have axe,will travel" And finally,whilst appreciating it would be hard...
  16. T

    Old Norse: Truth shall set you free

    Hi, I'm English but am very interested in Nordic languages as I found out that my surname 'Thurstans' originally comes from a Norse background. I am trying to find out what some words mean......I cant use the correct lettering at the moment. It is written down like this: "Sannindi skulu...