1. J

    Spanish to English deje

    Should be "living abroad" not "living aboard"
  2. G

    English to Greek obsequious

  3. P

    English to Spanish classmate

    For the example sentence, it should be "Los dos hombres eran compañeros de clase".
  4. T

    English base smell test

    smell test NounEdit · smell test (plural smell tests). (idiomatic) An informal method for determining whether something is authentic, credible, or ethical, by using one's common sense or sense of propriety. quotations ▽. 1994, Todd ... English Noun
  5. D

    English to Italian congregation

    "Congregation" intesa come "people in the church" si traduce in Italiano con ASSEMBLEA (LITURGICA). The congregation stood and began to sing. L'assemblea si alzò in piedi e iniziò a cantare.
  6. O

    Portuguese to English temperar

    Senti falta desta palavra. Tempero de comida, temperar uma comida.
  7. M

    Greek to English μουντζούρα

    "...τό μεγάλο χωράφι του, τριών μουτζουριών γη..." Κ. Θεοτόκης ΚΑΤΑΔΙΚΟΣ.
  8. A

    Spanish to English caída

    El Santo Ángel------979 metros Angel´s Falls------975 meters
  9. S

    English to Italian crush

    Shouldn't "pestare" be one of the options of translation of the word "crush"? EG: Bisogna pestare il basilico, il sale e i pignoli per preparare un pesto autentico.
  10. Q

    French to English quantification

    Bonjour, J'aimerais traduire la notion de quantification au sens mathématique/traitement du signal = donner des paliers de valeurs, et par exemple transformer un signal analogue/continu en un signal avec des valeurs discrètes. Je vois que sur wikipedia l'article français sur la quantification...
  11. J

    Spanish to English endodoncia

    'root canal' should appear as one of the English translations.
  12. V

    English to Italian harsh

    I will include the difference with soft (i know that are opposite) but in the sentence: I didn't catch what Tom' sad. He's got a really soft/harsh voice, with is right? Thank you for the attention, i will be glad is you include this information.
  13. C

    Spanish to English agostar

    One of the listings in the section "Additional Translations" is misspelled as "agotarse" rather than "agostarse."
  14. C

    Greek to English σειραϊκός

    in series, successive (αλληλουχικός)
  15. M

    Spanish to English cobrar

    You should add 'charge' as another translation for 'cobrar', as a synonym for 'asking for money'.
  16. F

    French base réveillon du premier de l'an

    réveillon du premier de l'an --> Je crois que 'premier' doit prendre une majuscule dans ce contexte. Le réveillon du Premier de l'an.
  17. M

    English to Spanish gendering

    El tema de género se va adquiriendo mucha importancia. En inglés, se usa constantemente 'gendering' verbalizando el género. Eso ayuda por ejemplo para decir "There is a constant gendering of language..." ¿Cómo se puede traducir este concepto en español en una palabra? ¿Existe alguna palabra...
  18. W

    Spanish to English Avena

    oats and ur mom
  19. E

    Spanish to English hortalizas

    De acuerdo con la RAE: Verdura 1. f. Hortaliza, especialmente la de hojas verdes. Hortaliza 1. f. Planta comestible que se cultiva en las huertas. Los conceptos presentando en la página establecen lo siguiente hortaliza nf(verdura de hoja verde) verdura nf(hortalizas en...
  20. M

    English to Italian conflation

    equiparazione: some radical feminists also promote the conflation of sex work and trafficking = anche alcune femministe radicali promuovono l'equiparazione di prostituzione e tratta.
  21. M

    English to Italian dawn

    to dawn on= balenare
  22. M

    Greek to English άλλωστε

    After all After all, it is better to have a job than stay at home.
  23. Κ

    English to Greek seize the day

    κάνε ότι καλύτερο μπορείς τώρα/σήμερα γράψε και την νεοελληνική σημασία
  24. T

    English to Spanish mash

    Hay una tilde errónea en el ejemplo "Karen mashed the potatoes in the pot. / Karen hizó las patatas puré en la olla." Debe ser "hizo", no "hizó".
  25. J

    Spanish to English pedorreta

    "Raspberry" is missing as translation for "pedorreta". (The opposite is included, though)
  26. J

    English to Spanish haven of rest

    I would translate into "remanso de paz" also.
  27. M

    English to Greek organizational

  28. C

    English to French gaming room

    Lots of my students were looking for this translation: une salle de jeux
  29. P

    English to Spanish sobriquet

  30. M

    English base tourist

    1. tourist 2. English 3. The senator says he travels in economy, and I go in economy every time. INSTEAD OF: The senator says he travels tourist, and I go tourist every time. - you cannot travel in 'tourist', this makes no sense in English
  31. M

    English to Spanish Medicare for All

    a U.S. policy proposed by Senator Bernard Sanders that extends Medicare to All Americans as a universal, single-payer healthcare system. It would be administered by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). It would provide automatic enrollment of individuals upon birth or residency...
  32. J

    Spanish to English estero

  33. D

    French to English voix

    Il a obtenu quatre voix au dernier vote. He received three (four) votes during the last round of voting.
  34. DearPrudence

    English to Spanish evening

    ¿También "noche"?
  35. Τ

    English base tick all the boxes

    (idiomatic) To fulfill all the requirements, especially as itemized in a list; to have all the needed characteristics; to complete all the steps in a process in an orderly manner. › wiki › tick_all_t... tick all the boxes
  36. elroy

    Spanish to English quilla

    I believe the proper definition of "quilla" in the second sense ("hueso de ave") is "keel," not "breastbone." See Quilla (ave) - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre and Keel (bird anatomy) - Wikipedia. The second definition of "corredor" in the DLE (corredor, corredora | Diccionario de la lengua...
  37. D

    English to Greek volatility

    VOLATILITY= διακύμανση
  38. Κ

    English to Greek bird of prey

  39. S

    English base assuage

    delete the American pronunciation and find a sane American (I respect France but we are a different nation)
  40. W

    English base battle of wills

    A battle of wills is a situation that involves people who try to defeat each other by refusing to change their own aims or demands and hoping that their opponents will weaken first. The President offered compromises to parliament to defuse the battle of wills over who should wield power...
  41. A

    Spanish to English mueble

    Hello, The definition entry for mueble nm includes a word that does not seem to be in any dictionary--enser. Perhaps, this was a typo?
  42. jann

    French to English payement

    Current entry: figuré (contrepartie) Translation: return Using "return" isn't wrong, but it's odd to my ear as a bare translation. "Return" doesn't translate paiement so much as "in return" translates en paiement. I would also suggest adding "(in) exchange" and "(as) payment" as translations...
  43. A

    English to Spanish endanger

    "To endanger" would not be rendered by "estar en peligro", which would mean "to be in danger'' or "to be endangered".
  44. N

    English to Spanish eating

    You need to include the English translation of the sentence.
  45. D

    French to English maux

    When I try to look up this word (maux) in the French-English dictionary, it takes me to the page for a different word: e-mail/email
  46. J

    English base bud

    Rq : en anglais le terme "bud" désigne aussi maintenant les écouteurs intraauriculaires sans fils, Bluetooth. Ex: One way to manually turn the buds on or off...
  47. F

    English to Portuguese thread

    Sou da area da programação, pelo menos estudo programação, e adoro buscar as traduções de palavras do tipo, e vi no site do wikipédia Thread (computação) – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre Thread é a tarefa que um determinado programa realiza, Fio de execução também conhecido como linha ou...
  48. A

    English to French time

    Hello, What I am asking may be difficult, however I, and many, many others would really appreciate it if word reference could add a function as to translating phrases or sentences. I think this would be helpful. Google translate is not as reliable, however when I need to translate a sentence r...
  49. P

    English to Italian pajamas

    Should be specified that pajamas is the american spelling and pyjamas the British spelling.