1. S

    Spanish to French joya

    Génial (AR)
  2. P

    English to French formal

    The English use of the word "formal" in the context of something official like a formal document or formal paper is missing. It seems like a fairly important use of the word, so...
  3. S

    English to Greek cuttlefish

    (cephalopod similar to a squid; Sepia)
  4. S

    English to Greek cuttlefish

    (add; Sepia inside the parenthesis)
  5. Maître Capello

    French to English plein de

    Pour plein de [qch], il manque le sens de covered in. Mes bottes sont pleines de boue. ↔ My boots are covered in mud.
  6. M

    English to Italian sheer

    (nautica, curvatura longitudinale dello scafo) insellatura, cavallino
  7. V

    French to English courre

    Je cherche désespérément une conjugaison du verbe " courre" dans le dictionnaire Larousse, sous le prétexte que ce n'est pas usité il n'y a pas... pourtant j'entends des journalistes et des " pseudo écolos" qui emploient ce verbe !et ne savent pas le conjuguer, c'est désespérant et cela écorche...
  8. H

    English to French they

    iel iel est non-binaire
  9. J

    English to Spanish shear stress

    Tensión Cortante La tensión cortante o tensión de corte es aquella que, fijado un plano, actúa tangencialmente a este. (wikipedia)
  10. C

    English to French bonfire

    Il est écrit "jeux de joie" à la place de "feux de joie".
  11. M

    French to English la faune et la flore

    The wildlife seems more appropriate to recommend since the flora and the fauna is a latin expression you do not really hear very often
  12. H

    Spanish to English revertir

    This verb is supposed to be intransitive, but the example given is transitive: revertir la situación.
  13. Γ

    English to Greek individuation

    ατομοποίηση To make separate from others.
  14. Υ

    English to Greek premise

    θεώρηση βάσης
  15. Υ

    English to Greek individuate

    εξατομικεύω (has many meanings) to form into an individual or distinct entity. to give an individual or distinctive character to; individualize.
  16. O

    English to Romanian Sunday

    "Reading the newspapers over a cup of coffee is our usual Sunday ritual" is translated as "De obicei mergem la biserică duminica dimineața"
  17. P

    English to Portuguese Elizabeth

    Desculpem la mas Elizabeth em portugues e Elizabete . Isabel em ingles é isabel em portugues
  18. E

    French to Spanish désodorisant

    Traduction: ambientador Sentence in french: J'ai acheté un désodorisant pour les toilettes. Sentence in spanish: He comprado un ambientador para el baño.
  19. Ν

    English to Greek thy

    Σοῦ (όχι ὑμῶν) αφού είναι ενικός
  20. Ν

    English to Greek fornication

  21. Υ

    English to Greek dagger

    σπαθίδιο n
  22. C

    English to French lose

    As in losing a race or election. ex: If his campaign was better he would not have lost the election. I feel like the translation of "lose" in this context is missing from wordreference.
  23. F

    French to English instinctivement

    « Machinalement » n’est pas un synonyme de « instinctivement ». Un synonyme de « machinalement » peut être « de manière monotone », ou « sans réfléchir ».
  24. Δ

    English to Greek horticulture

    κηπευτική, κηποκομία, κηπουρική, φυτοκομία
  25. A

    English to Romanian furtively

    pe furiș Deși părea că privește ilustrațiile din carte, știam că se uita la mine pe furiș.
  26. D

    Spanish to French borde

    plantas bordes = plantes sauvages hijo borde = enfant naturel
  27. R

    English to Greek rail system

    σιδηροδρομικό σύστημα n out rail system separates and reconnects the overhead traveling crane rails of a building to provide for the passage of a thick concrete radiation shield sliding door through the rails... γενικος - - PDF: rail system σιδηροδρομικό σύστημα...
  28. Λ

    English to Greek stooge

  29. Paquita

    Spanish to French cruz

    garrot d'un cheval le mot figure dans la partie fr/es = garrot - Dictionnaire Français-Espagnol
  30. Paquita

    Spanish to French ribera

    falta carpintero de ribera = charpentier de marine
  31. E

    French base éclaté

    Lorsque l'on dit que quelque chose est "éclaté" c'est que c'est vraiment nul, ou "nul à chier" pour dire ça de façon familière. Par exemple, quand quelqu'un fait un dessin, une autre personne peut dire que le dessin est éclaté. Sous-entendu, il est moche, pas bien fait. Un autre exemple : Je...
  32. M

    English to French yet to (do sth)

    De là à (faire qch)
  33. M

    French to English tranche

    Bonjour je recherche la traduction de tranche pour cette définition Bord mince. : <La tranche d'une pièce de monnaie.>
  34. T

    English to French Criminal Reference Check

    Relevé d'antécédents criminels
  35. S

    English to Italian fancy

    fancy adj (expensive, high quality) di lusso, costoso agg When Jessica got rich, she started eating at fancy restaurants. Quando Jessica si è arricchita, [SPAZIO] ha iniziato a frequentare ristoranti di lusso.
  36. ?

    English to Greek extrude

  37. ?

    English to Greek fine structure

    (physics) λεπτή υφή Fine structure Images View all Description Fine structure is produced when an atom emits light in making the transition from one energy state to another. The split lines, which are called the fine structure of the main lines, arise from the interaction of the...
  38. ?

    English to Greek extrude

  39. Σ

    English to Greek designate

    ονοματοδοτώ, τιτλοφορώ, χαρακτηρίζω designate (Word Reference) [ ~ + obj + (as +) obj] to give a name or title to:The neighborhood was designated (as) a historic landmark area.
  40. D

    English base transgender

    Being transgender is only offensive to people who are prejudice against transgender people. Transgender people are legally recognized in Colorado and protected by law.
  41. R

    Spanish base cepa

    Does this not also mean a hole?
  42. Σ

    English to Greek future

    in future από 'δω και πέρα in the future κάποια μελλοντική στιγμή, κάποια στιγμή στο μέλλον In the first example “in future” means “from now on and always”. It is often used in the context of changing habits or behaviour, and may form part of a reprimand (such as in the above example). In...
  43. D

    English to Italian ambassador

    Aggiungerei la traduzione in italiano testimonial es questa attrice è la testimonial di Dior
  44. L

    English base macaroon

    I don't see the correct spelling for macaron- in English we still spell macaron (the one made with almond flour) the french way- not macaroon....which is the chewy coconut cookie.
  45. D

    English to French heave-to

    Attention ici heave-to est capeyer, prendre la cape ou se mettre à la cape.
  46. fenixpollo

    English base drop

    For both the vi and the vtr, I suggest changing the sense to apply to more situations. drop vi figurative, slang(new music: be released) salir⇒ vi I’ve seen this used by artists who are releasing a new painting, by clothing companies releasing new articles of clothing or clothing lines, and...
  47. G

    English to Italian personal

    Hi, My native language is Italian. I would add "take it personal" / personally for example: if someone gets offended and thinks it's personal.
  48. É

    English to French bigotry

    I suggest to change the French exemple because « Jason ne supporte pas le sectarisme » sounds like « Jason ne supporte pas le lait » or something pointless like that yet we are talking about BIGOTRY so it’s not even a question to bear it or not.
  49. S

    French to English entre nous

    il serait judicieux d'intégrer la notion du "rester entre personne du même genre" -les filles restent entre elles -> girls stay (je ne sais pas comment dire la suite)...
  50. Σ

    English to Greek hardwired