1. J

    Spanish to English sentado

    "Sentado" is an adjective but the English example uses "sat" as a verb. Should be "remained seated" or "remained sitting." I can't think of any examples in which "sat" is used as an adjective. Se quedó sentado en su sillón toda la tarde. He sat in his armchair all afternoon.
  2. X

    French to English monter sur ses grands chevaux

    Les traductions proposées signifient "se montrer arrogant". Ce n'est pas le sens de l'expression française.
  3. D

    French base pompage

    pompage is masculine, not fem.
  4. P

    English to Greek tank destroyer

    tank destroyer n (anti-tank vehicle, with increased penetration) αντιαρματικό ουσ ουδ
  5. P

    English to Greek tank destroyer

    ttank destroyer n (anti-tank vehicle, with increased penetration) αντιαρματικό ουσ ουδ
  6. Iraklakos

    English to Greek underwriter

    Check the first translation, pls!
  7. DearPrudence

    English to Spanish call out

    call [sb] out vtr + prepinformal (challenge)desafiar a vtr + prep call [sb] out on [sth] v exprinformal (challenge: on [sth] said, done)retar a alguien a loc verb desafiar a alguien a loc verb Julia called her uncle out on his offensive remarks. This is not easy to translate, but I...
  8. V

    Spanish to English proeza

  9. H

    Spanish to English camilla

    In Antigua, Guatemala a taxi driver delivered one to my house for use later. He told me it was a "camilla." It was a massage table.
  10. C

    English to Spanish rub the wrong way

    Caerle mal “Maybe it was the uncomfortable feeling she got when he looked at her that day, but Sara couldn’t explain why her brother’s friend rubbed her the wrong way.” “Quizás era el sentimiento incómodo que ella se sintió cundo él la miraba ese día, pero Sara no podría explicar porque el amigo...
  11. J

    English to Spanish marbles

    Missing: to lose your marbles. Meaning: to lose one's minds, go crazy, act forgetful,... Spanish: Perder la cabeza. Example: House realised he lost his marbles when he started to have hallucinations.
  12. P

    Spanish to English nacional

    The Argentine audio says "Nacionalidad"
  13. A

    English to Spanish fleeting

    The word "pasajero" Is missing as a option.
  14. P

    English to French receive communion

    To receive the real body and blood of Jesus Christ
  15. A

    English to Greek reference

    Check the translation for "act of referring"
  16. A

    English to French fierce

    The team faced some fierce competition in the next match. L'équipe allait devoir faire face à une compétition féroce lors du prochain match. correction : The team will face some fierce competition in the next math, isn't ?
  17. Φ

    English to Greek rickshaw

    μίνι τρίκυκλο
  18. N

    English to Greek without reason

    αφορμή, not αφρομή
  19. I

    English to Italian catch 22

    Altra possibile soluzione per catch-22: 'Un gatto che si morde la coda'
  20. C

    English to Italian shingle

    This translation is missing : shingle hairstyle = taglio alla garconne, taglio alla maschietta.
  21. T

    French to English retrait

    in the domain of architecture, how would you translate "des retraits"?
  22. K

    English to Greek come up with

    Στην μετάφραση: Θα μπορέσεις βρεις τα χρήματα μέχρι το τέλος του μήνα; Λείπει το "να": Θα μπορέσεις να βρεις τα χρήματα μέχρι το τέλος του μήνα;
  23. Κ

    English to Greek pike

  24. DearPrudence

    English to Italian quintillion

    quintillion nUS (number: followed by 18 zeros)quintilione nm quintillion nChiefly UK, dated (number: followed by 30 zeros) Is it normal that 2 very different numbers like 10^18 and 10^30 have the same translations into Italian?
  25. Nanon

    French base farcir

    Bonjour, Il manque le sens sexuel de se farcir qqn : Définition de : se farcir / Bob | ABC de la langue française (Cette information est déjà présente pour se taper qqn - voir fil se farcir / se taper)
  26. FrenchJan

    French base table à encoller

    table à encoller (f) - pasting table
  27. FrenchJan

    English base pasting table

    pasting table - une table à encoller
  28. L

    English to Spanish puppy

    The Spanish sentence is missing here. Thank you.
  29. P

    English to Romanian allocation

    Buna! Ar fi o imbunatatire semnificativa daca ar fi disponibile si forme de plural si articulate la diverse moduri.
  30. Θ

    Greek to English αλλαζονικός

    αλλαζονικός - Ελληνοαγγλικό Λεξικό Αλαζονικός,1 λάμδα.
  31. P

    English to Greek dieback

  32. F

    English to Italian Buffer somebody against something

    Buffer somebody from something Proteggere qualcuno da qualcosa Don't buffer yourself from life problems, find a solution
  33. J

    English to French snowbird

  34. B

    Greek to English ανέγερση

    In the first definition for 'ανέργερση', it writes 'constuction', whereas it should read "construction", withn an 'r'.
  35. jmx

    Spanish base haber de

    In at least part of Spain, "haber de" is equivalent to "tener que", and is not formal at all.
  36. R

    English to Greek silage

    also ενσίρωση
  37. M

    French to English lits gigognes

    My very old and experienced teacher said that "The bunk beds" means "Les lits gigognes". Could anybody clarify?
  38. M

    Spanish to English ojos

    Apple of your eye - ojito derecho. It was posted "niña de ojo" ir similar. She is the apple of her aye - ella es su ojito derecho
  39. N

    English to French dismissive

    There is another more subtle sense of the word "dismissive" missing here. Rather than being condescending or disdainful, which reflects a lot of emotion, there is also a cooler sense. Dismissive can mean "regarding something as unworthy of consideration" in the sense that it is irrelevant. The...
  40. B

    English to Greek striation

    γράμμωση ( όχι ευθυγράμμιση, άρα σωστο)
  41. L

    English to French chump

  42. L

    English to Italian chump

    Ciocco, Ceppo da ardere
  43. L

    English base first name

    I am a native English speaker from the U.S.A., and I just wanted to comment that I would not use "first-name" as a verb, as was done in the example sentence "In Danish schools, it is common for children to first-name their teachers." It would sound more natural and be better understood if one...
  44. Paquita

    Spanish to French nomeolvides

    gourmette est plus compréhensible gourmette - Google Search
  45. M

    French base couvert

    Être couvert d'un vêtement. Couvre-toi si tu as froid. J'ai chaud, je suis trop couvert.
  46. B

    English to French shower

    There’s an error. For ‘take a shower’, instead of saying ‘cheval’ it says ‘porc’ in the translation.
  47. E

    English to Spanish vetch

    The correct translation of "vetch" into Spanish is "veza" or "arveja". Algarroba is something entirely different (the fruit of the tree called algarrobo).
  48. K

    French to English garniture

    garniture nf(nourriture)garnish n Kate a mangé tout ce qu'il y avait dans son assiette, même la garniture. Kate ate everything on the plate, even the garnish.
  49. M

    French to English CPE

    The translated word in English is misspelled.
  50. M

    English to Italian echelon