1. L

    English to French cuddly toy

    Pour dire une peluche cest très courant qu'on dise "doudou" je pense que c'est intéressant de le mettre dans la traduction.
  2. T

    English to French extracurricular

    The current IPA transcription for this word (UK) is /ˌɛkstrəkəˈ rɪkjʊlə˞/. I'm not an expert in British English phonetics but I don't believe they roll their rs. I suggest /ˌɛkst͜ʃɻʷəkəˈɻʷɪkjʊlə˞ / as a more accurate transcription.
  3. Π

    English to Greek ουδός

    Η λέξη ουδός είναι ουσιαστικό αρσενικού και όχι θυληκού γένους που προέρχεται από τα αρχαία ελληνικά.
  4. S

    French base vultueux

    puffy, bloated "la face est pourpre et vultueuse"
  5. B

    Spanish to English ingle

    I was just watching an advert on tv and noticed that ingle/s also refers to what is called a “bikini line” in english, particularly in reference to the topic of female grooming. The additional translation of “groin” would sound wrong if someone translated this word for this purpose. I realise...
  6. B

    English to French croaky

    its written too small
  7. A

    English to German need

    regelmäßg is spelled wrong in the first example. Should be regelmäßig.
  8. jann

    Spanish to English antes de pe y be con eme escribiré

    It seems odd to me to "translate" this Spanish spelling rule (about mb & mp) by providing a totally different English spelling rule (about ie vs. ei). A gloss might be more appropriate?
  9. R

    Portuguese to English drogaria

    This is a false friend. Drogaria in PT (at least European) is not a drugstore. This is a store where you buy hardware products, specialized cleaning products (and other chemicals). Not sure if there's a name for it in English.
  10. Δ

    English to Greek crack team

    υπερρομάδα, σούπερ ομάδα
  11. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English afectación

    Pienso que hace falta el matiz de afectación que viene del verbo "afectar". afectar⇒ vtr (dañar, perjudicar) (negative) affect⇒ vtr be harmful to v expr be bad for the health v exprverbal expression: Phrase with special meaning functioning as verb--for example, "put their heads...
  12. L

    English base precinct

    Pedestrian precinct : zone piétonne
  13. amikama

    Spanish to English lenguaje

    Hello, two issues in this entry: 1) lengua de signos, lenguaje de signosnf, nm + loc adj (habla por gestos) sign language n Sonia es sordomuda y habla por lenguaje de signos. Sonia is deaf and dumb and speaks in sign language. "Sordomudo/a" and "deaf and dumb" are now considered...
  14. A

    Greek to English κατόπιν

    In the example given 'consequently' is used incorrectly in the sentence. In this context, the word should be 'subsequently' - it is primarily a temporal NOT a causal context. Great resource - I love Word Reference - thanks so much for it!
  15. E

    English to Italian slim pickings

    vacche magre After months of slim pickings, Russel finally earned a win. It's been a much too hot summer for our crop: I'm afraid we'll face slim pickings in the fall.
  16. A

    English base hit

    When I was translating, I noticed that one of the uses for the word hit was missing. The one that I think is missing is the use of hit like in "The tornado hit the city". I was wondering if that use for the word could be added, however I'm not sure if there is a correct word in Spanish for it.
  17. R

    Spanish to English baqueano

    For the first definition, though not exactly equal because of origin, "bushman" would be a understandable equivalent. Or "woodman/woodsman". Both imply knowledge about navigating the wild.
  18. A

    English to Italian strike

    "Rintocco" is another possible translation
  19. J

    English to Chinese watchful

  20. K

    English to Greek adverse

    Τυπογραφικό λάθος στη λέξη "φαρμάκου"
  21. Y

    French base amélioration

    Bonjour, Il faudrait ajouter "axe d'amélioration" dans les choix de formes composées du mot "amélioration". C'est une formulation très utilisée en français ! Je pense que la traduction anglaise serait la même que "point d'amélioration" : "area for improvement". Merci d'avance !
  22. Paquita

    Spanish to French gastarselas

    Falta la tilde en gastárselas del título y en "cómo" del ejemplo: Ten cuidado con él que ya sabes como se las gasta. Y la traducción merecería ser revisada: jugar malas pasadas = jouer des mauvais tours no me parece la mejor manera de expresar lo mismo.
  23. M

    English to Italian mingle

    c'è un'errore nella traduzione: The witness's account mingled truth and lies until you couldn't tell which was which. Unire gli ingredienti umidi a quelli secchi e mescolare bene. Il racconto del testimone mischiava menzogne alla verità, finché non fu più in grado di distinguerle.
  24. L

    French base faire de la peine (me faire pitié) *péjoratif*

    Quand quelqu'un dit "Vous me faites vraiment de la peine". Les personnes sont tellement ridicules que ça nous fait pitié. Je ne sais pas comment le traduire en anglais.
  25. G

    English to Italian boss

    plural: bosses Italiano: poppetta (plural: poppette) (mechanics) - Bosses are used for the mechanical assembly of the components or as housings for fastening elements, such as self-threading screws, tapping screws and various inserts My suggestion is to introduce: Bosses - Poppetta, Poppetta...
  26. S

    English to Italian sheepish

    La traduzione più semplce e naturale di "Dan felt sheepish when ..." è "Dan si sentì imbarazzato quando ..."
  27. P

    English to Italian pest House

    The term should IMO appear in the list of compound forms :)
  28. W

    English to Greek impregnate

    διαποτίζω Βλ. Word Reference monolingual to cause to enter and be spread or permeated throughout
  29. N

    English base throttle

    Bonjour, ne serait-il pas plus correcte de dire "throttle [sth] back/down" pour la traduction de "mettre au ralenti" ? Cordialement
  30. L

    English base bounce

    A bounce board (photography, cinematography): un réflecteur Bounce boards and reflectors are flat surfaces that reflect light onto a subject or a scene. Bounce lighting is a technique of lighting in which the light from a vital light source is bounced off of a bounce board, or another...
  31. S

    English to Italian overweight

    consensus Rating on stock
  32. J

    English base shrinking

    , shrinkflation (n) camoufflage de l’augmentation du prix par la réduction du produit dans l’emballage
  33. M

    Spanish to French lote

    En Colombie lote vuet dire aussi un morceaux de terre, un terrain, un lopin ou petite parcelle, quelle serait le meilleur mot en francais pour cette définition de lote ?
  34. N

    English to Greek fusiform gyrus

    Ατρακτοειδής έλικα (ανατ)
  35. X

    Spanish to French abrumador

    Hola, Por "abrumador" (étourdissant) es que ensordece y no "que halaga" (qui flatte) Muchas gracias.
  36. A

    Spanish to English erotizar

    The UK English translation should be "eroticise" rather than "erotisize" :) thanks
  37. T

    English to Italian heyday

    apogeo The heyday of the Empire = l'apogeo dell'Impero
  38. A

    English to Italian blunt-trauma

    trauma contundente
  39. C

    English to Greek gray

    here gray means also not interesting and attractive
  40. G

    Greek to English οδηγίες

    Οδηγίες Is translated in: insctuctions Which should be: instructions
  41. L

    French base être un bon coup

    etre un bon coup se dit aussi:to be a sure thing.
  42. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English oreja

    Add palmier and either remove or demote oreja. oreja nf MX (pan de hojaldre) (pastry) oreja n puff-pastry bread n
  43. Τ

    English to Greek melee

  44. C

    English to Italian box

    Per questa parola mancano due importanti significati: 1) (sport: calcio) area di rigore 2) (botanica) bosso "buxus" Esempi: 1) l'attaccante ha subito un fallo nell'area di rigore e l'arbitro ha assegnato il rigore 2) la siepe di bosso forma un rettangolo preciso intorno al giardino
  45. DearPrudence

    French to English eau

    eaux nfpl (liquide amniotique) waters npl La future mère vient de perdre les eaux. The mother-to-be's waters have just broken. Also "water" in AmE (as per enbase)? your waters (have) broke vs. your water broke her water broke / her water will break soon [break waters]
  46. A

    English base shell

    Il manque le sens de cosse ou gousse (de petits pois par exemple)
  47. G

    English to Italian mean

    Below the explanation of means as "method", the example sentence "Laura took up painting as a means of dealing with stress" is wrongly translated. "Laura si è data alla pittura in modo da gestire lo stress", would be better.
  48. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English plexiglás

    ¿También "perspex" in the UK? Perspex, perspex n uncountable, ® (acrylic material: artificial glass) metacrilato nm plexiglás nm Note: As a registered trademark, “Perspex” should be capitalized, but it is often not capitalized in informal communication. Perspex, perspex n as adj...
  49. DearPrudence

    English base perspex

    Perspex, perspexn uncountable, ® (acrylic material: artificial glass) (Chimie, ® : polyméthacrylate de méthyle) Plexiglas, plexiglas nm (®) Altuglas, altuglas nm I think that "Perspex" is UK only. Perspex Perspex perspextm noun - Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes |...
  50. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English mamar

    mamar⇒ vtr (beber del pecho) nurse⇒ vtr be breastfed⇒ vi (informal) suck⇒ vtr El bebé mamaba la leche del pecho de su madre. The baby nursed her mother's breast milk. I can't find "nurse" as a vtr for a baby. (and "be breastfed" is not a vi)