1. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English ¡no puede ser!

    Add other options, such as: I can’t believe it No way It’s not possible / It’s impossible You’re kidding me / You can’t be serious / You must be joking
  2. S

    English to Italian inbox

    n (document tray for mail to be read) (in un ufficio) vassoio della posta in arrivo nm The attorney's inbox is always full, and sometimes it takes all day to go through. MANCA LA TRADUZIONE IN ITALIANO inbox n figurative (folder for new e-mails) (casella e-mail: cartella) posta in...
  3. M

    English base to each his own

    each to their own or TO each their own
  4. O

    Spanish to English sieso

    I think this is missing a definition; of something like “angry, grumpy, hot-tempered” person…?
  5. A

    Spanish to English convertir

    Los celos hicieron que mi amor --- = jealousy turned his (MY) love ---
  6. DearPrudence

    French to English vitre

    vitre nf (plaque de verre enchâssée) pane, window pane n La pluie tombe contre les vitres de la fenêtre. The rain is falling on the window panes. Also "window" for a car?
  7. H

    English to French squat

    Ben went into a squat behind the hedge to avoid being seen. Ben s'est mis en position accroupie derrière la haie "pour ne pas qu'on le voie" Ben s'est accroupi derrière la haie "pour ne pas qu'on le voie." ----- Bonjour, Les constructions mises entre crochets ne sont pas correctes. On peut...
  8. S

    French to English soigner

    It is not to take care over your appearance — to take care of your appearance. She stopped taking care of her appearance. Elle a arrêté de prendre soin de son apparence.
  9. M

    English to Arabic sugar maple

    يأتي السكر من النسغ لا من الورق
  10. Ι

    English to Greek variable

    τροποποιήσιμος, μεταβλητός variable /ˈvɛːrɪəb(ə)l/ See definitions in: All Science Mathematics Biology Mechanics Computing Nautical adjective 1. not consistent or having a fixed pattern; liable to change. "the quality of hospital food is highly variable" Similar...
  11. J

    Greek to English ψηλά

    ψηλά=high (high is both an adj and an adv) highly = ιδιαίτερα, ανεπιφύλακτα (highly is an adv with a different meaning) Eagles fly high = Οι αετοί πετούν ψηλά Ι higly appreciate= εκτιμώ ιδιαίτερα I higly recommend = Προτείνω ανεπιφύλακτα
  12. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English corredor

    corredor nm (pasillo) passage, hallway n corridor n Todas las habitaciones dan al corredor central. All rooms lead to the central passage (or: hallway). Shouldn't "corridor" be higher up?
  13. DearPrudence

    French to English bouton

    bouton nm (excroissance cutanée) spot n (slang, acne) zit n (acne) pimple n (caused by insect) bite n J'ai mangé trop gras, et j'ai plein de boutons sur le visage. Ce bouton de moustique me démange. I've been eating too much fatty food and I've got a load of spots on my...
  14. A

    English to Greek chisel

    In the definition for the word "chisel", I'm pretty sure one of the expressions offered should be chisel [sth] out of [sb] and not chisel [sb] out of [sth], both because of the meaning offered in Greek (τρώω κτ από κπ) and because of the example given in English (The guy chiselled twenty bucks...
  15. U

    English to Italian sinkhole

    The best translation in italian is "voragine"
  16. L

    English to Italian bulk

    Bulk Conductivity = Conducibilità di Volume Concerning insulation materials neglecting the surface conductivity wich depend on the surface treatment. Bulk conductivity, in this hypothesis, express the conductivity of an insulator in unit form: [siemens/meter].
  17. M

    Spanish to English cualquiera

    I have been struggling for a long time to understand how cualquier and ningún differ from each other in usage in their pronoun and adjective forms. I finally figured out that they do work the same (i.e. when to use the short, male and feminine forms). The confusion stems from the fact that the...
  18. M

    English to Italian nutshell

    in a nutshell= in nuce
  19. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English perrera

    perreranf (organismo protector) (UK) dogs' home n (US) dog pound n Fui a la perrera a adoptar un perro. I went to the dogs' home to adopt a dog. I'm not sure "(dog) pound" is US only. pound
  20. J

    English to French ply

    coup d'échec
  21. M

    English to French smash into something

    the right translation is not "s'ENCADRER dans quelque chose" mais "s'ENCASTRER dans quelque chose".
  22. Kelly B

    French to English levée de réserves

    I don't think the proposed translation is adequate; notice of defects is part of the process, but I don't think it covers the meaning - the levée happens after those defects are fixed. In US E, maybe final acceptance? Withdrawal of reservations is suggested on Linguee and in this thread Levée...
  23. M

    English to Italian coyly

    La traduzione non è corretta. Proporrei piuttosto "con falsa modestia".
  24. M

    English to Arabic living

    في الحياة بدل فب الحياة في المثل الثاني
  25. M

    English to Arabic liaison

    هو الوصل بالفرنسية لا إظهار حرف صامت
  26. Κ

    English to Greek stud

    studded /ˈstʌdɪd/ adjective decorated or augmented with studs. ολόκαρφος
  27. Κ

    English to Greek stud

  28. Ν

    English to Greek inkling

    ψύλλιασμα › wiki › ψ... ψύλλιασμα - Βικιλεξικό Ελληνικά (el)Επεξεργασία ; κλητική, ψύλλιασμα, ψυλλιάσματα ; Κατηγορία όπως «όνομα» - Παράρτημα:Ουσιαστικά ... › ... ψύλλιασμα - Dictionary of Greek -...
  29. B

    French to English C'est fou comme le temps passe vite !

    En français, nous n'utilisons pas cette expression pour exprimer le changement rapide des mœurs, mais plutôt pour exprimer la rapidité du temps qui passe, qui file sans que l'on s'en rende compte. Par exemple, si l'on s'aperçoit que le soleil se couche déjà pendant une agréable sortie à la...
  30. I

    English base squiggly

    marcado (a), subrayado (a). Marcado con una línea debajo.
  31. N

    English to Portuguese decodable

    Informações sobre a sílaba tônica e fonemas.
  32. Σ

    English to Greek χαρακτηρισμός

  33. O

    English to Greek sequester

    "δεσμεύω", would also be a greek word giving a precise translation of "sequester".
  34. R

    French to English assister

    Hello I have found that in everyday conversation 'assister' is much more frequently used in its meaning of 'attend', as in 'attend a performance'. Therefore I would recommend this be recorded as the primary meaning, rather than 'assist', ie help.
  35. P

    English to French powerhouse

    A powerhouse economy/country/etc. is figurative way to describe sth that has a lot of presence and power. Also a person strong and full of energy. (Not only a building were energy is generated) Suggested french translations: Acteur majeur, Moteur, Puissance (majeure), Grande puissance...
  36. M

    English to French monkfish

    contradiction: Monkfish are found along the Atlantic coast of North America. On trouve la lotte sur la côte atlantique de l'Afrique du Nord.
  37. Σ

    English to Greek latent

    υποφώσκων Οι μεταγενέστερες ελληνικές λέξεις ΔΕΝ διαγράφονται (πχ κοινότοπος ΚΑΙ κοινότυπος είναι ελληνικές λέξεις. Δεν ισχύει ο ακροδεξιός κανόνας των διαγραφών.)
  38. A

    English to Italian welding

    saldatura con fusione del materiale base Workpieces and the metal base are heated and melted in welding Il materiale base e il pezzo vengono scaldati fino alla fusione nel processo di saldatura
  39. A

    English base since

    In the Principal Translations, the 4th definition of using the word "since" like the word "because" has an error in the example sentence (as far as I know). The sentence " I'll cook dinner, since you're so busy." should not use a comma. The first part/clause of the sentence "I'll cook dinner"...
  40. L

    English to French eschew

    Et pourquoi pas tout simplement le verbe « esquiver » dont eschew est certainement tiré ? Étymol. et Hist. Ca 1600 esquiver de « faire échapper à » (A. Hardy, Alcée, IV, 4, 1493, éd. E. Stengel, t. 2, p. 273); 1613 intrans. abs. « s'échapper » (Régnier, Sat. 8 ds Hug. : J'esquive doucement et...
  41. Σ

    English to Greek sunk

    ναυαγισμένος › wiki › να... ναυαγισμένος - Βικιλεξικό ναυαγισμένος < μετοχή παθητικού παρακειμένου ναυαγώ. ΜετοχήΕπεξεργασία. ναυαγισμένος, -η, -ο. → δείτε τη λέξη ναυαγώ ... › wiki › να... ναυαγισμένο - Βικιλεξικό Κλιτικός τύπος...
  42. D

    English base tell off

    There's not the traduced phrase in spanish
  43. M

    English to French Parkinson's

    An error: The French definition for Parkinson’s is marked as masculine and it should be feminine, la maladie de Parkinson. The sample sentence is correct.
  44. Kelly B

    French to English séparer

    This one may be too specific for its own entry, but I came upon a sentence la société x va se séparer de son activité y, where it means that the company is spinning off its y division, the division that offers products in the y sector. So I wondered whether to spin off was listed here; it is not.
  45. J

    Spanish to French afecto

    Era un empleado afecto a su jefe, don Manuel. I would rather translate this as: « C'était un employé attaché à son chef, Don Manuel. »
  46. Υ

    English to Greek flurry

    χιόνηση, χιονόπτωση
  47. K

    English to Romanian sluice

  48. M

    Portuguese to English pastoral

    Há tradução em inglês para a palavra pastoral no sentido católico? Pastoral da música, pastoral dos leitores, pastoral da juventude, pastoral do dízimo, etc.
  49. M

    English to French hold sbdy over

    suffire à quelqu'un
  50. U

    French to English abonnement

    The meaning of the word abonnement in the context of public transportation is not really explicit and there are other ways of saying it in that case (apart from the listed ones as of 2022/07/28), please fix that.