1. J

    English base irregardless

    The word is regardless. For example. He carried on regardless of the risk.
  2. B

    English base mosquito bite

    Compound Forms: mosquito bite / mosquito sting -- picadura de mosquito
  3. Á

    English base earth rod

    "earth rod" is a rod that you hammer in the ground as part of an electrical installation to create the ground network that works as electrical protection avoiding direct electrical contacts in case of failure. It is translated to spainsh as "pica de tierra".
  4. U

    Greek to English ισχνός

    gracile Scientists Reveal the Evolution of Modern Human Brain Shape with small and gracile faces. Also on: UCTV Evolution - YouTube
  5. P

    English base crisp

    Some meanings are left out: Precise, as in a crisp reply. Cool, unfriendly, as in a crisp tone. Thank you.
  6. DearPrudence

    French to Spanish petit pot

    petit pot nm (petit bocal de nourriture pour bébé) (ES) potito nm Et que dit-on hors d'Espagne ?
  7. L

    English to French beg the question

    "Begging the question" réfère à un type d'argumentation fallacieuse qui consiste à supposer la vérité de la conclusion dans les prémices (raisonnement circulaire). En français, on traduirait ça par "faire une pétition de principe". Cette traduction n'est pas actuellement proposée, je pense qu'il...
  8. D

    French to Spanish 4 voie

    (Voie rapide) ex: "Il a pris la 4 voie pour aller à Brest."
  9. B

    Greek to English ρόπαλο

    Baton (law enforcement) -
  10. K

    English base asset seizure

    Asset seizure is translated as "extinción de dominio." This is a commonly used legal term for the confiscation of property or assets (alleged proceeds or instruments of crime) by government authorities.
  11. A

    English base mere

    A mere (noun) is a shallow lake, pond, or wetland, particularly in Great Britain and other parts of western Europe. SOURCE: Mere (lake) - Wikipedia mere, n. 1: A sheet of standing water; a lake; a pond, a pool. Now chiefly British regional and literary. Used spec. of Grendel's abode in...
  12. A

    Greek to English οδηγίες

    insctuctions An "r" is missing.
  13. A

    French base nez

    Je propose de remplacer Valérie est un nez chez ce grand parfumeur. par Valérie est nez chez ce grand parfumeur.
  14. Τ

    Greek to English ταμίας

    I would like to hear the pronunciation !
  15. A

    English base goodwill

    Considero que es muy común hablar de "Goodwill/Goodwill shops" cuando se refiere a tiendas de segunda mano. Creo que hace falta incluir esta acepción.
  16. T

    English to German manure

    Wrong translation of manure in German? Der Dünger: fertiliser and der Dung: manure. Even though there can be some overlap, for example if you mean animal waste, you can of course also use Dünger if the fact that is is from an animal is obvious. Im not a native speaker of German, but from what I...
  17. M

    French to Spanish repérage

    It is wrong the use of situación, it should be more like ubicación, because repérage means the use of marks to find a location. In spanish it is more correct the word ubicación, sitaución is something completely different.
  18. DearPrudence

    French to Spanish plat principal

    Aussi "segundo plato"?
  19. D

    English to Portuguese be still

    Hi. I can't find "be still".
  20. Α

    Greek to English φύτουκλας

    Wrong Greek definitions. φυτό means good student in Greek You are trying to impose a false definition.
  21. C

    Spanish to French aspaviento

  22. Δ

    English to Greek wireframe

    σκελετός, πρότυπο, σχεδιασμός υποβάθρου, δομική βάση, σκαλωσιά
  23. A

    French to Spanish massue

    Maza de malabares
  24. E

    English base stack

    Como sustantivo puede también traducitse por "almiar"
  25. H

    English to Romanian callower

    imatur, lipsit de experiență
  26. DearPrudence

    French to Spanish haie

    haienf (séparation verticale de terrains) seto nm cerca nf Note: Le h est aspiré. Il existe des haies artificielles et des haies végétales. Existen setos artificiales y setos vegetales. Étant donné qu'une haie est un ensemble d'arbre et d'arbustes, est-ce que la...
  27. L

    English to Spanish frother

    Pronunciation is not there
  28. wildan1

    English base mutton chop

    "Mutton chop" is also a description of a sideburn style popular in the 19th Century -- des rouflaquettes In FR-EN rouflaquettes in this context is defined; it is missing in EN-FR.
  29. N

    English to Greek familial

  30. M

    English base site

    'line of site' artillery Definition of line of site | :-)
  31. E

    English to Portuguese reason why

    Está faltando a tradução do reason why
  32. M

    English base gyration

    giravolta, fluttuazione: This was in the middle of the wild steel price gyrations. Questo fu nel mezzo delle tempestose fluttuazione nel prezzo dell'acciaio
  33. F

    English base general average

    General average is loss or damage to a ship or its cargo that is shared among the owners of the ship and cargo. General average es la pérdida o daño ocasionado a un barco o a su cargamento, la cual es compartida entre los propietarios de la nave y de su cargamento.
  34. D

    Greek to English παραδοχή

    Παραδοχή είναι και μία υπόθεση, που θεωρούμε εκ των προτέρων σωστή. Οπότε θα μπορούσε να μεταφραστεί και ως assumption.
  35. G

    English to Portuguese Atlantis

    Cadê as frases de exemplos com a tradução? Seus pamhonhas
  36. C

    English to French accountable

  37. L

    English base in receipt of

    I have read in a sentence "on receipt of". the complete sentence is: Your books will be despatched on receipt of your order provided they are in stock ¿Are both correct?
  38. S

    French to Spanish vis à vis

    de cara a, cara a. es una traducción mas precisa porque ademas tiene una mayor cercanía etimológica con la expresión francesa la cual proviene del sustantivo visage
  39. L

    English to Spanish pencils

    Plural of Pencils?
  40. B

    English base go

    go (changing, moving, transforming, tending) --> cambiar, transformar, tender (a) We are in the process of going from a manufacture- to a service-centred economy La economía se está cambiando de una centrada en la fabricación a una de servicios. Fashion is going toward a...
  41. I

    English to Czech easement

    služebnost /not "právo průchodu"/
  42. S

    English to French pullback

    "retracement" (en parlant du prix d'une valeur côtée en bourse) "retracement" existe aussi en anglais technique financier est est quasi-synonyme de "pullback". "repli" peut aussi convenir, il me semble.
  43. V

    English base crayon

    This is an odd use of crayon in verb form: The children crayoned in their art class.
  44. T

    English to Spanish tougher

    - Falta audio/ No hay reproducción de la palabra "tougher" con voz. - No speaking/ There isn't the making saying word "thouger" with voice.
  45. E

    English base portent

    In your example sentence, shouldn't it be "I don't think that what happened WAS any portent?"
  46. X

    English to French Gills

    The organ aquatic animals use to breathe underwater EX: All species of salmon have adapted to use gills unuderwater
  47. A

    English base Boolean

    "bool" should redirect to Boolean since this is used as much if not more (at least in my experience)
  48. Μ

    English to Greek whopper

    υπερμεγέθης α θ, υπερμεγέθες (ουδέτερο)
  49. H

    French base rave

    Bonjour, Je trouve l'exemple pour le terme "rave" pas approprié, je trouve ça dommage de renforcer l'idéologie stéréotypée de ce mouvement en donnant comme unique exemple " vues d'un mauvais œil" Merci
  50. C

    German to English Beschwerde

    Regarding medicine and health, 'Bescwerde' needs to be translated as 'complaint', not 'grievance'. E.g. you would say: 'He was in poor health and suffered from various health/medical complaints, such as asthma and bronchitis'. If you said, 'he had various health/medical grievances' that would...