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  1. H

    良/白: Variations in Kanji Shapes

    Quick question about form when writing. Is it okay, when writing quickly, to draw the dot on top of 良 slanting slightly to the left, as in 白? (see image) I find this easier than writing it straight up and down, and think I have seen Japanese teachers write it this way as well.
  2. Blackman


    Ho un nuovo dubbio: è obbligatorio mettere l'accento in parole che non lo richiedano sull'ultima lettera?
  3. O

    Cata-vento ou Catavento

    Oi, pessoal. Queria confirmar com vocês a grafia de cata-vento/catavento, segundo o novo acordo ortográfico. Será a seguinte a regra que rege esta palavra? Não se deve usar o hífen em certas palavras que perderam a noção de composição. Ex: madressilva, girassol, mandachuva, pontapé, paraquedas...
  4. I

    Ccatcca, Ccamara ('cc')

    A bit of an unusual query, but this seemed the best place to put it. The letters 'cc' appear all over Peru in place names (Ccatcca, Ccamara) and personal names (Crocce [or Crucci]), in places they clearly wouldn't show up in Spanish. I had thought this was a result of Quechua influence, but as...