1. S

    Middle Persian spelling of برزافره

    I was wondering if anyone knows the Middle Persian spelling of Middle Persian spelling of برزافره (Barzapharnes)? And is there an Old Persian attestation of the name as well?
  2. S

    Persian: Jupiter

    I have been looking at the native Persian words for different planets. When I came to Jupiter I found multiple words for the Arabic borrowing of مُشْتَرِي, including هرمز, اورمزد, برجیس and زاوش. Does anyone know which one is the primary native Persian word for Jupiter, what the difference is in...
  3. S

    Middle Persian: بیروج/بیروز

    I was reading Islamic Hadiths, and came across one when شهربانو, the daughter of یزدگرد was captured and saw Umar bin Al-Khattab, she said: آهْ بِيرُوجْ بَادَا هُرْمُزَ Or according to other copies of the hadith: آهْ بِيرُوزْ بَادْ هُرْمُزَ The translations I found states it means “روزگار هرمز...
  4. D

    Middle Persian: causative verbs

    I noticed some verbs in Middle Persian become causative by lengthening a > ā: nišastan "sit" > nišāstan "set" hambastan "collapse" > hambāstan "demolish" Yet I haven't read an explanation for this anywhere. When and why is it used, and how did it originate?
  5. PersoLatin

    Persian/Iranian equivalent for Latin prefix /de/ in deconstruct, depart

    What is the Persian/Iranian equivalent to the Latin prefix /de/ in deconstruct, depart, جدا/jodâ or سوا/savâ will work for deconstruct but is there a more generic one? e.g. reconstruction = bâzsâzi/‏بازسازی deconstruction = jodâsâzi/جداسازی This thread may belong to the EHL forum, if so, could...
  6. C

    Middle Persian: Spelling of Norouz

    How is 'Norouz' (Persian new year) spelled in Middle Persian script? I have only ever seen transliterations of nwklwc or nōg-rōz.
  7. C

    Persian: Etymology of Akhoond

    Despite the popularity of this word, I have not been able to find anything on the etymology of the word آخوند. Does anyone have any info on it? Thanks
  8. A

    Avestan: buiti

    Hi everyone! In the nineteenth chapter of the extant Vendidad it is told that Angra.Mainiiu sent the demon Buiti to kill Zarathushtra. Is the name Buiti the avestan precursor of Mp. but - "idol" (> Np. bot - "idol")? And did buiti already mean "idol" in the avestan language or did it later got...
  9. marrish

    Persian: بیستون mountain, village, area

    Dear all, First of all I'd like to know how the name of a mountain and an area named بیستون is pronounced. Because in English, it's Behistun as far as I know, I'm curious why this difference (surmising historical linguistics at play). In Persian dictionaries the only vowel suggestion is a...
  10. PersoLatin

    Pahlavi words ending in a vowel

    I have taken the following list (not exhaustive) of M.Persian/Iranian words, from ‘A CONCISE PAHLAVI DICTIONARY by D. N. MAcKENZIE’, they are in (transliterated) Pahlavi. I have added the modern equivalents, myself. Note, all Pahlavi words end in a 'g' and the modern equivalents, end in a vowel...
  11. D

    Persian: Traces of orthographic confusion in Pahlavi

    The Pahlavi script is known to have been highly ambiguous, using the same glyph for multiple phonemes of the languages it was used to write, principally middle Persian. My question is: Were there any noticeable changes in the Middle/Modern Persian that might have been triggered by these...
  12. T

    NPers. ahl, Pahlavi ahlaw & Arabic '-h-l

    Hi, In Persian, ahl اهل has four meanings: 1. familiar with, native of 2. good (opposite nā-ahl نااهل) 3. tamed (also ahlī اهلی) 4. family While #1 and #4 are clearly Arabic from '-h-l root (~[make] family), #2 and #3 seem dubious for me. The "tamed" meaning (#3) may well be related to Arabic...
  13. P

    A Juridical Pahlavi Text: "Madagan" or "Madayan"?

    Greetings, My question is in regard to the correct pronunciation of a famous Middle Persian text concerning juridical and canonical issues. In modern Persian they have translated it in form of "Madegan-eh Hezar Dadestan", but Iranica has an article about this text titled "Madayan i Hazar...
  14. A

    Pahlavi abjad vs Arabic abjad

    Which abjad is older Pahlavi or Arabic? The term abjad refers to certain Semitic writing systems wherein only consonants not vowels are represented among the basic graphemes (the fundamental/basic unit of a writing system). This is how abjads differs from alphabets, because alphabets do...
  15. A

    Scripts in Persia (Pahlavi a.o.)

  16. A

    Scripts in Persia (Pahlavi a.o.)

    Split off from this thread. Frank, moderator Thanks for the link, however I think there's room to set up clear and well defined orthographic rules, we can discuss this more thoroughly in another thread or through PM! I didn't feel insulted by his/her comment, because the Pahlavi script is...