1. ainex

    Sanskrit/Pali: Anand Ha Ne/ Anand Hani/ Ananda Ha Ni

    Good day, dear Forum Members Some time ago my father had a vivid dream that intrigued me to the bone. An Indian looking woman told him "Anande Ha Ni", he woke up & scribbled down her message "Anand Hani". He is not into spirituality nor languages, he just instinctively felt her message is...
  2. W

    Persian: آخرین سالی که تماشا کردم

    Hi. How can I translate "آخرین سالی که تماشا کردم" to English? Here's the complete sentence: سال 2015 آخرین سالی بود که من در آن بیش از 100 فیلم تماشا کردم Which one is correct? A: 2015 was the last year that I HAD WATCHED more than a hundred films from. B: 2015 is the last year that I HAVE...
  3. H

    Pali: अयं कायो अनिच्चो दुक्खो अनत्ता

    Hi, I found this resource: But I want to write a Pali phrase for which that resource is not enough. The phrase is: Ayaṃ kāyo anicco dukkho anattā. Even if you don't know pali, if you write Devanagari maybe you can help me. Thank...