1. G

    French base congé thématique

    Bonjour, Pour le congé thématique, il n'est pas rémunéré par l'employeur. En revanche, il est payé par la solidarité nationale (sauf convention collective ou accord d'entreprise plus favorable) Congé pour proche aidant : Congé de proche aidant Attention, certains congés sont décomptés...
  2. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese light

    a light n (fire to light a cigarette, etc.) isqueiro sm Hey, do you have a light? Ei, você tem um isqueiro? Also "fogo" or "lume"?
  3. Nanon

    English to Portuguese agree on

    agree on [sth] vi + prep (decide mutually) concordar vt Both sides agreed on a truce. Nós não concordamos nem um pouco em nossas opiniões políticas. agree upon [sth] vi + prep slightly formal (decide mutually) concordar em v int + prep (figurado) chegar a vt + prep The two...
  4. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese swoon

    swoon vi dated (faint, pass out) (desusado) desmaiar, desfalecer v int People were swooning in the heat. As pessoas estavam desmaiando no calor. I don't think that in Portuguese "desmaiar" (and "desfalecer") are "desusado". The Dsense applies to the Portuguese translations, not the...
  5. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese ago

    Also "há" (as you can also see in the compounds "a while ago, ages ago, long ago...")?
  6. A

    French to Spanish vautour

    oublié le v
  7. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese juice

    juice [sth]⇒ vtr (fruit, etc.: extract juice) (fruta, formal: extrair suco, BRA) extrair suco vt espremer vt Dana started juicing fruits and vegetables because she heard that it's healthy. Dana começou a extrair suco de verduras porque ela ouviu falar que é saudável. "fruits"...
  8. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese toll

    It seems that only the Brazilian version of "toll" "pedágio" is in the dictionary; could you add the European Portuguese version? pedágio TERM 1 toll n (road fee) pedágio sm tributo sm If we take that road, we'll have to pay a toll; perhaps we should try an alternative route...
  9. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese drive

    drive⇒vi (operate a vehicle) dirigir v int I can't drive yet. I'm only 15. Ainda não posso dirigir. Só tenho 15 anos. drive [sth]⇒vtr (operate: a vehicle) dirigir, conduzir vt Would you like to drive my new car? Gostaria de dirigir meu carro novo? Also add "(POR)...
  10. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese blinker

    blinker n US, often plural (vehicle: indicator light) seta sf The driver's blinker was flashing. The translations should be the same as for "indicator": indicator n UK (car: flashing signal) (carro) farol sm (POR) pisca, pisca-pisca sm (BRA) pisca-alerta sm (BRA) seta sf...
  11. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese ride

    riden US, informal (transport: lift in a vehicle) (meio de transporte) carona sf Thanks for the ride! I'd never have made it here on time without it. Posso te dar uma carona para casa? "carona" is Brazilian Portuguese only; could you specify it and find the European Portuguese term...
  12. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese hitchhiker

    hitchhiker n (person who solicits car rides) caroneiro, carona sm Sebastian pities hitchhikers, but he feels it dangerous to stop for them. Could you 1) put the feminine version if applicable? 2) specify that these terms are Brazilian Portuguese 3) find the European Portuguese term for...
  13. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese hitchhiking

    hitchhiking, also UK: hitch-hiking n (soliciting free rides at roadside) caroneiro sm carona sf Pat decided that hitchhiking was the cheapest way to travel through France. Could you add the European Portuguese version: "boleia" and specify that "caroneiro" and "carona" are Brazilian...
  14. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese busy

    busy adj (telephone, in use) (telefone, em uso) ocupado adj The phone line is busy. A linha telefônica está ocupada. I don't know whether "impedido" would be worth adding? See here or there.
  15. T

    French base string

    Si Géraldine parlait un français correct, elle trouverait que les strings "irritent LA peau" et non "sa peau"
  16. n.ares

    English to Portuguese dog

    dog n (pet: canine) cão sm cachorro sm She got a dog for Christmas. Ela ganhou um cão de Natal. Ela ganhou um cachorro de natal. dog n (species: canis familiaris) cão, cachorro sm There are many different breeds of dog. Há várias raças de cão (or...
  17. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese bank holiday

    bank holiday n UK (national non-work day) feriado bancário loc sm I always work bank holidays – I get paid double-time! Eu sempre trabalho em feriados bancários, eles me pagam o dobro! How common is "feriado bancário" (in Portugal)? I think that "feriado" on its own would be more...
  18. J

    English to Portuguese sharesies

  19. Nanon

    French base accablant

    accablant adj (accusateur) (prueba, evidencia) contundente, irrefutable adj mf Le fusil, qui porte ses empreintes digitales, est une preuve accablante pour Henri. El fusil, que tiene sus huellas digitales, es una prueba contundente para Henri. No me parece que contundente (muy...
  20. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese stop

    stop n (station on a route) parada sf estação sf ponto sm The train arrived at my stop. The bus passenger pressed the bell for the next stop. O trem chegou à sua última parada. "paragem" in European Portuguese? halt n (stop) (BRA) parada sf (POR) paragem sf...
  21. D

    English to Portuguese staging

    In software, the build and deployment tools used in CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) use the term 'staging' while preparing/moving all the pieces to package them. In Portuguese, the equivalent is: "preparar para a fase de implementação."
  22. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese for

    for prep (time: duration) (tempo: duração) por prep She was gone for four hours. I've been learning Chinese for two years. Ela ficou fora por quatro horas. Estou aprendendo chinês por dois anos. Also "há" with a past perfect in English?
  23. E

    French to Spanish crue

    Crue lo ponen como derivado del verbo croire (creer), pero yo opino que viene del verbo croître, aunq lo lógico hubiera sido que se escribiera crûe. I thought this was Spanish- French, but I'm not sure if it's the English-French forum, so I will also post it in English: Wordrefernce says crue...
  24. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese taxi

    taxi stand, also UK: taxi rankn (place where taxis wait) ponto sm There is a taxi stand a block from here. Megan needed to get home and the last bus had gone, so she went to the taxi rank. Está faltando alguma coisa importante ? Notifique-nos a respeito de erros ou sugestões Also...
  25. V

    English to Italian scrapie

    malattia prionica delle pecore, dal verbo to scrape
  26. n.ares

    English to Portuguese your

    yours pron (possessive: belonging to you) seu, teu, sua, tua pron seus, teus, suas, tuas pron Is this umbrella yours? Este guarda-chuva é seu? Maybe seu(s), sua(s) should be separated from teu(s), tua(s) with something that specifies the difference (você vs. tu.)
  27. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese hello

    hello interj (phone greeting) (ao telefone) alô interj Emma swiped her phone to answer the call and said, "Hello?" Ema atendeu seu telefone e disse "Alô?" Don't they say something like "estou", "sim"... in European Portuguese?
  28. D

    English to Italian wedge

    wedging the clay = impastare l'argilla
  29. C

    French base travailler à la pièce

    travailler à la pièce, en espagnol "trabajar a destajo" se dit très souvent "être payé aux pièces"
  30. F

    English to Italian argument (ontological argument)

    This is incorrect ontological argument n (assertion that God exists) (filosofia) disputa ontologica nf The correct Italian translation for 'ontological argument' is 'argomento ontologico'. Additionally, the example given (It was Avicenna in the 11th century who first proposed the...
  31. M

    English to Italian thread

    (indagini di polizia) pista
  32. D

    English to Italian tip-off

    Contesa= tip-off (basketball)
  33. A

    English to Italian groat

    the hulled kernel of various cereals, such as oats wheat and rye
  34. A

    Spanish base lija

    herramienta de mano
  35. L

    French base pas terrible

    Correction de l'exemple donné: "C'est pas terrible comme score. Ce film est pas terrible alors si j'étais toi, je n'irais pas le voir."
  36. B

    English to Portuguese egregious

    Sugiro incluir entre as definições o termo notório para a palavra 'egregious'.
  37. L

    English to Italian sweep out

    Physic meaning. "The amount of energy incident in a planet is equal to the TSI times the area that the planet sweeps out of the beam of parallel energy flux"
  38. ?

    French base faire semblant

    Il ne s'agit pas de faire semblant. C'est faire semblant de l'être. Exemple : Vous ne pouvez pas dire que je suis « faire semblant » pour rire, car cette phrase a peu de sens. Tu ne peux pas dire que tu puisses avoir une telle phrase ; c'est de la baliverne.
  39. M

    English to Italian conveyancing

    Manca la traduzione in italiano
  40. S

    French to English baie

    Dans certains pays, en tout cas en nz les baies vitrées sont appelées 'french doors'
  41. D

    French base partition

    What is it in chemistry?
  42. L

    French to English sens

    Dans le sens de:)
  43. N

    English base inciter

    rabble-rouser noun plural noun: rabble-rousers a person who speaks with the intention of inflaming the emotions of a crowd of people, typically for political reasons. Synonyms: agitator troublemaker instigator agent provocateur mischief-maker incendiary firebrand...
  44. A

    French to Spanish chic

    chic adj familier (bien agréable) (AR: coloquial, aprobación) copado adj (CO: coloquial, aprobación) bacano adj (MX: coloquial) buena onda loc adj (VE: coloquial, aprobación) chévere adj mf On peut compter sur elle, c'est une chic fille. Podemos confiar en ella: es una...
  45. A

    French to Spanish protéines

    Bonjour, il manque la traduction en espagnol. Cordialement Annick de France
  46. M

    English to Italian blow the whistle

    Suonare la campanella d'allarme
  47. Víctor Pérez

    French base ceux-ci

    Français Espagnol ceux-cipron (ces personnes-ci, ces objets-ci) estos pron Note: Advertencia: El género del pronombre puede variar en función del género gramatical del antecedente una vez traducido al español. Quels pulls préférez-vous : ceux-ci ou ceux-là ? —¿Cuáles suéteres...
  48. C

    English to Italian Abutment

  49. Panado

    French to English coi, coite. Cordialement Merci!
  50. L

    French base agression

    Une agression sexuelle n'est pas une "attaque due à une pulsion sexuelle" mais une violence sexuelle sur une personne non consentante par une personne qui n'a de respect que pour elle-même. Si les violeurs craignaient de voir leurs parties génitales lacérées au cutter, ils arriveraient à gerer...