1. Samarian

    French base monnayer

    Debería incluirse en el diccionario "acuñar" como traducción en el sentido de "Hacer, fabricar moneda". Esta acepción se encuentra en el Larousse monolingüe: monnayer 1. Convertir un métal en monnaie : Monnayer de l'or, de l'argent. y en el Atilf: MONNAYER, verbe trans. A. Transformer en...
  2. Hoang-Long Le

    French to English tant ... que is une conjonction; tant + N + que + N. Adverbe never modifies un nom

    tant ... que is une conjonction; tant + N + que + N. Adverbe never modifies un nom
  3. L

    English to Spanish trailblazing

    Lo Stalin sin parar
  4. Berthault

    French to English artisanat

    Quelle est la différence en anglais entre Craft et Craftsmanship, les deux étant souvent traduit par artisanat en français ? En tous cas, la traduction craftsmanship/craftswomanship/craftspersonship devrait être proposée.
  5. 4

    French base veuillez trouver ci-joint

    The example sentence should read "veuillez trouver", not "veuillez trouvez".
  6. A

    English to Spanish Indian

    how you say I am from India should be clear
  7. aces31

    French base être maquillé(e) comme une voiture volée

    There are two dictionary entries for this phrase - the only difference is the agreement on the end of 'maquillé'. Here are the two entries: être maquillé comme une voiture volée loc v péjoratif (être trop fardé) be heavily made-up v expr (informal, may be pejorative) be all tarted up v...
  8. R

    French base automobilisme

    Salut ! "automobile" entre dans : automovilismo - Diccionario Español-Francés Je propose donc votre ajout Français-Espagnol automobilisme nm (science de la voiture) automovilismo nm Le automobilisme a développé des techniques pour appliquer les nouvelles avancées...
  9. Hiérosam

    French base appréhendable

    appréhendable This word is not in the dictionary. direct english : apprehensible also : understandable I'll let the team take care of those other fancy and useful details. thanks
  10. Hiérosam

    French base poser

    poser un act Nous avons posé des actes irrémédiables We have done irreversable acts Il a posé des actes concrets He has achored/set in stone/done(seems too light)/made (fait) ? ... concrete acts
  11. C

    French base Échec thérapeutique

    Hello, here's a suggestion for a possible addition to the online dictionary: Regards.
  12. M

    English base to each his own

    each to their own or TO each their own
  13. M

    French to English sauter au plafond

    Go through the roof
  14. L

    French base logement social

    "Pour les personnes modestes" should be changed to "pour les personnes à revenus modestes". It's not housing for modest people, it's low-income housing.
  15. M

    English to Italian coyly

    La traduzione non è corretta. Proporrei piuttosto "con falsa modestia".
  16. F

    French base banal

    May I suggest an addition to the "banal" page? la banal' (slang contraction of "la voiture banalisée" AKA unmarked cop car) = ghost car Example: "Menotté dans la banal', comment c'est loin Paname."
  17. R

    French base assister

    Hello I have found that in everyday conversation 'assister' is much more frequently used in its meaning of 'attend', as in 'attend a performance'. Therefore I would recommend this be recorded as the primary meaning, rather than 'assist', ie help.
  18. A

    English to Italian welding

    saldatura con fusione del materiale base Workpieces and the metal base are heated and melted in welding Il materiale base e il pezzo vengono scaldati fino alla fusione nel processo di saldatura
  19. M

    English to Italian cutting

    secante (geometria)
  20. R

    Spanish base trompicón

    Buenas Sugiero que al buscar «trompicón» y «trompicones» también aparezca la entrada «a trompicones». a trompicones - Diccionario Inglés-Español
  21. wildan1

    English base kiss [kiss-off]

    Under the EN-FR dictionary page on kiss, this appears: kiss-off n mainly US, figurative, slang(dismissal, as from a job) renvoi nm That's just one usage of the compound noun; it can also describe someone dismissing another person, their idea, comment, etc. e.g., Max kept asking Cathie for...
  22. J

    English to Spanish NF

    Al dar click para ver el significado de nf (noun feminine) aparece un recuadro con la explicación y viene la palabra "ejemplo" el cual esta escrito incorrectamente dice Exemplo en lugar de Ejemplo, es decir esta con x en lugar de J.
  23. N

    English to Spanish mall

    To whom it may concern: regarding that the pronunciation of mall, in the recording sounds like male in American pronunciation. Thank you.
  24. J

    French to English dent

    Dendelion est le nom américain pour le pissenlit en français. Il semble que ce soit une origine française (dent de lion) en raison de la forme de la feuille
  25. L

    French base planter

    planter ses griffes dans expr figuratif (s'insinuer dans) sink their claws into v expr Une croqueuse de diamants a planté ses griffes dans mon riche frère. A gold-digger sinked her teeth in my wealthy brother.
  26. R

    French to English enrouleur

  27. A

    French base débrider les yeux

    débrider les yeux loc v (opérer un blépharoplastie) Pratiquer une ...
  28. P

    English to Portuguese Molly

    Slang (informal) for methamphetamine (addictive drug)
  29. F

    English to Italian wild goose chase

    Io avevo scritto solo 'goose chase' che voi traducete come 'ricerca inutile'; più preciso sarebbe 'Ricerca impazzita ed inutile.'
  30. S

    English to Italian brain scan

    Scansione cerebrale (tac)
  31. sensa

    French base Adelphe

    Why is this word not in the wordreference dictionary? Are there other gender-neutral terms to refer to siblings in French? What about aunt/uncle/niece/nephew? Merci!
  32. K

    Spanish to English tocayo

    I now about "alma gemela" but couldn't this also be similar in meaning to "kindred spirit" too?
  33. D

    French to English 5g

    5g 5g !
  34. A

    French base convoler

    Convoler en mathématiques qui se dit to convolve en anglais. We convolve two functions. par exemple
  35. Rocambolesco

    French to English Rocambolesque

    Rocambolesque is of the character, who was: fabulousness personified, extraordinarily extreme, ostentatious, risqué, tawdry (gross but sensual), bewitching, oxygen-sucker, VeryVIP, boisterous, lucky, desiredANDdespised, proud, legendary, indellible, over-the-top, #AMEXblack ,rebel&hero...
  36. DearPrudence

    French to English voix cassée

    voix cassée nf (voix éraillée) passive voice n I'm not sure I understand this translation. voix cassée
  37. R

    English to Portuguese ride

    1. a ride (noun) 2. uma boleia (a ride in European Portuguese, carona in Brazilian Portuguese which is the only word present as of right now.) 3. i. O senhor pode dar-me uma boleia? ii. Apanhei uma boleia do motorista.
  38. M

    English to Italian coppicing

  39. DearPrudence

    French to Spanish porter

    porter [qch] vtr (avoir sur soi) (prendas, joyas...) llevar⇒ vtr (prendas, joyas...) llevar puesto, tener puesto loc verb (prendas) vestir⇒ vtr Note: El participio «puesto» debe concordar en género y número con el sustantivo que designa la prenda o el accesorio: “Lleva puestos unos...
  40. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English tetona

    tetona adj coloquial (mujer: de tetas grandes) busty adj (formal) bosomy, buxom adj (informal) big-breasted, big-chested adj (colloquial) chesty adj POS has changed from adj to nf. + harmonize with "tetón"? tetón adj informal (que tiene tetas grandes) big-boobed adj...
  41. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English tendente

    tendente a adj mf + prep (tiene un fin) tending adj So that would be "tending sth" then?
  42. fenixpollo

    English to Spanish countertop

    When "countertop" refers to the work surface of a kitchen, there are several other terms that could be added from the entry for "counter": counter n (kitchen surface) (ES) encimera nf (BO, CL, CO, EC) mesón nm (AR, PY, UY) mesada nf (VE) tope nm
  43. F

    French to Spanish paria

    arriba parias de la Tierra : debout les damnés de la Terre
  44. B

    French base gommé

    Hello all, As this entry lists "gommer" - to erase, the main entry, "gommé" should have an added principal translation as "erased". Awesome site BTW. Bob
  45. N

    Spanish base ir

    The verb is conjugated like this Yo Voy Tú Vas El/Ella/usted Va Nosotros Vamos Vosotros Váis Ellos/Ellas/usteds Van This is for present tense Also when you...
  46. DearPrudence

    French to English valorisant

    valorisant adj (qui met en valeur, reconnaît) rewarding adj gratifying adj Il est très valorisant pour lui de savoir que son travail facilite le quotidien des personnes handicapées. He finds it very gratifying to know that his work is making life easier for disabled people. I'm...
  47. Z

    English to Portuguese pencil sharpener

  48. H

    English to Spanish rock

    wheres the rocks name
  49. M

    English to Italian conversely

    di converso
  50. G

    French base disparition

    Bonjour, Il manque le terme juridique consacré "disparition forcée". Définition dans la Convention de 1992, source ONU : Le problème est que sans cet ajout, je remarque que...