1. R

    French base prise de rendez-vous par téléphone

    Une "prise de rendez-vous par téléphone" is commonly called a "rendez-vous téléphonique" Ex: Ce client préfère prendre un rendez-vous téléphonique en raison de la crise sanitaire. or : Cet entretien d'embauche prendra la forme d'un rendez-vous téléphonique.
  2. E

    English base departures

    um desvio de curso ou padrão (a deviation from a course or standard)
  3. C

    Spanish to English a pies juntillas

    In the expression "hook line and sinker", it is preferable to have a comma after "hook" as it is usually written this way to better reflect the tempo at which it is said. Hence "hook, line and sinker".
  4. O

    English base gutter

    In typographical matters.
  5. C

    French base question

    Question n’a pas été présenter avec un *s*
  6. mouzhik

    Spanish base albero

    Diccionario Clave: el albero - 1. Tierra para jardines y para plazas de toros: Han traído dos camiones de albero para los paseos del jardín botánico. 2. En una plaza de toros, ruedo: Cuando el toro salió al albero, el torero lo esperaba. DRAE : albero, albera | Diccionario de la lengua...
  7. The Frizz

    English base practice

    I assume that "practicar" is the word you used to say "He practices Hinduism, Catholicism, etc.," but I wanted to be sure. Thoughts?
  8. SofiaSiguencia

    Spanish to English extraer

    extraer sangre
  9. djangli

    Spanish base aventar

    SV- given in entry* for aventarse(-a word to be careful with). Since SV is not given as a link, i hunted thru various sites + learned it is 2 letter ISO code for El Salvador**. So my suggestion is to make SV into a link like other abbreviations in WR. Thank you, djangli * aventar - Diccionario...
  10. J

    French base guide

    Guide (chef): Personne qui dirige les autres, chef d'un groupe. Ce mot implique que le chef emmène ses subordonnés quelque part (idée de direction, de mouvement, d'action). Il ne relève pas d'une hiérarchie officielle mais plutôt d'une reconnaissance de la part des pairs. Le guide dirige un...
  11. R

    Spanish base documentarse

    En el significado de «informarse» faltan las traducciones «to research, to do your homework (está en Wordreference), to get information, gather information» Ejemplo: «en primer lugar fue necesario documentarse sobre...» «estuve documentándome sobre el significado de esta palabra».
  12. DBlomgren

    Spanish to English don

    Hi. Here in Costa Rica, people use don and doña with first names, but in the English-speaking world, we generally don't use "Mr./Ms./Mrs." with first names, so I tell my students there's no real translation for don and doña. For example, if your mother-in-law's name is Maria, here you'll call...
  13. Ý

    English to Greek waste

    συρρικνώνω νοσόν όργανο phthisis /ˈ(f)θʌɪsɪs,ˈtʌɪsɪs/ noun ARCHAIC•MEDICINE pulmonary tuberculosis or a similar progressive wasting disease.
  14. J

    English to Greek surfactant

    (chemistry) ιξωτροπική ουσία (που μεταβάλλει το ιξώδες)
  15. R

    English to Greek virulence

    λοιμοδυναμική Viral dynamics - Wikipedia Viral dynamics is a field of applied mathematics concerned with describing the progression of viral infections within a host organism. It employs a family of mathematical models that describe changes over time in the ...
  16. M

    English to Italian scuttle

    (mechanism for passing charges or shells inside battleships or cruiser to prevent spread of explosions) giostra
  17. Α

    Greek to English προμηθεύομαι

    Στα παραδείγματα έχετε χρησιμοποιήσει το τοπικό επίρρημα "πού", χωρίς τόνο ("που"), προκαλώντας σύγχυση στον αναγνώστη.
  18. K

    English to Italian draft record

    documento di leva
  19. DearPrudence

    English base open

    I would say "open" in American English.
  20. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English saltar

    saltarse v prnl (derecho: incumplir ley o norma)break⇒ vtr breach⇒ vtr No puedes saltarte las normas cada vez que te viene en gana. You can't break the rules whenever you feel like it. Also add "(US) run, (UK) jump, go through" for a red light or stop sign? saltarse un semáforo...
  21. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English naco

    naco nm CO (puré de patata o papa)mash potatoes npl Acompaña las albóndigas con un naco gratinado al horno con queso. Accompany the meat balls with oven-baked cheesy au gratin mash potatoes. Also "mashed potatoes", "mash"?
  22. N

    English to Italian glide

    "glide over an issue" =sorvolare su una questione Example: "I glide over the issue of what sort of "may", "legitimacy" and "permessibility" is in question." (Nozick R., Anarchy, State, Utopia, chapt. 2)
  23. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English pizzería

    Also "pizza restaurant, pizza parlo(u)r, pizza place"?
  24. F

    English to Italian pusher

  25. Nanon

    English base rider

    A sense is missing: (Law) a provision added to a bill with little or no connection to the subject matter. There are a few related threads: ENIT the veto-related issue of attaching riders to legislation or ENES tax rider This thread comes from here: French base - cavalier (the same sense is also...
  26. D

    English base digress

    pun: of course you're off course
  27. R

    English to Italian chert

    I'm writing a thesis about stonetools in paleolithic. My supervisor made me aware that chert in italian is another kind of "selce", just like "flint". In english there is the difference, not so in italian.
  28. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English matorral

    matorral nm (de matas y maleza)scrub n brush, scrubland n Desde que no vengo a trabajar el campo se ha convertido en un matorral. Since I haven't been coming to work, the field has turned to scrub. Have you really translated "trabajar (cultivar) el campo"?
  29. M

    English to Italian unhinged

    sgangherato (letteralmente, poiché i gangheri sono i cardini della porta)
  30. V

    English to Italian harsh

    I will include the difference with soft (i know that are opposite) but in the sentence: I didn't catch what Tom' sad. He's got a really soft/harsh voice, with is right? Thank you for the attention, i will be glad is you include this information.
  31. Κ

    English to Greek bird of prey

  32. S

    English base assuage

    delete the American pronunciation and find a sane American (I respect France but we are a different nation)
  33. Π

    English to Greek ply › wiki › καταιγίζω Web results καταιγίζω - Ancient Greek (LSJ) - Jul 2, 2020 — καταιγίζω [~ καταιγίς] naar beneden stormen, losbarsten:; πρὶν καταιγίσαι πνοὰς Ἄρεως voordat de storm van Ares losbarst Aeschl. Sept. 63; overdr. tekeergaan:. καταιγίζοντες ἔρωτες liefdesstormen AP ...
  34. Β

    English to Greek aggravate

    αλλάξτε παρακαλώ το συνώνυμο "exasperate" με τη συνώνυμη λέξη "exacerbate"
  35. Λ

    English to Greek litmus

    το λειχηνόβαμμα
  36. R

    English to Italian sever

  37. B

    English to Greek sport

    (subcultivar) υποποικιλία Add that also.
  38. G

    English to Italian spade

    verbo transitivo che vuol dire castrare un cane, ma usato anche per cagne. viene usato anche come aggettivo; my dog is spaded!
  39. Θ

    English to Greek saturated

    (colors) πλήρους απόχρωσης, μέγιστης χρωματικότητας
  40. P

    English to Italian underway

    Hi everyone! As there is no traduction about: underway (boat: moving in water) I think it should be: "abbrivio". It means exactly when a boat is moving in water, with or without engine or sail propulsion. I am a sailor and I have sailed many times with english mates and "underway" is often use...
  41. johncor1960

    English to Italian shelf

    one more meaning is just take the off the shelf , togli il disco (LP) dal piatto (dove girano i dischi in vinile)
  42. E

    English to Italian indenture

    livello di priorità
  43. Iraklakos

    English base catchment

    Hi! The term seems to not be used in accordance to the sense: The city is building a new catchment to gather water in case of drought. Catchment (aka catchment area or drainage basin) as referenced in the sense, is not a man-made structure, but rather an area defined by the natural...
  44. italian job

    English to Italian hull

    Credo che la traduzione mallo nell'esempio che riporto sia errata Penso che il mallo in italiano sia solo quello della noce o di frutti simili. Questo dal Treccani. Nel caso in oggetto la traduzione in italiano ritengo debba essere crusca o pula. Grazie a tutti dell'attenzione.
  45. Nanon

    French base fondement

    Bonjour, Pour fesses et anus, je dirais plutôt euphémisme ou humoristique que familier, puisque ce mot est utilisé précisément pour en éviter un autre, familier ou vulgaire... Voir le fil rester sur le fondement
  46. fenixpollo

    English base check mark

    Since there are far more than 4 terms used for checkmark, I suggest breaking this entry up into separate terms, if possible. One option is to create a new entry with the sense of "phone", so we can put "visto" in its own entry. Then we could add either "chulo", which is already in the WR reverse...
  47. R

    English to Greek incorporated

    (municipal corporation) κοινοτική αυτοδιοίκηση
  48. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English hacer deporte

    Also "do (some) exercise", "exercise" (if you regularly go jogging, do some yoga... for example?)?
  49. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English camiseta de tirantes

    I think "tank top" is mainly US tank top - English-Spanish Dictionary - tank top n US (vest: sleeveless t-shirt) I would add "UK vest, vest top" (and possibly "singlet") as well.