1. G

    English to Italian editor

    editor (in software) can be translated as "editore." It's an exact translation, I'm not sure why the english is being used here.
  2. F

    French base trebucher

    La randonneuse n'a pas vu la pierre et a trébuchée. The hiker didn't see the stone and she stumbled.
  3. Riverby

    French base bienfaiteur

    The pronunciation (bjɛ̃fɛtøz) for the feminine form doesn't match the spelling (bienfaitrice).
  4. G

    French base tube

    French translation feels wrong. I would rather write : Tu iras à la piscine en métro ou à vélo? "métro" is the french word for tube/subway
  5. J

    Spanish to English prueba

    The example sentence given for this definition has an error. The Spanish sentence makes sense: "Nicolás está estudiando para su prueba..." But the translation into English says that "Nicolas is revising for his math test..." The translation should be "Nicolas is studying for his math test..."
  6. Z

    English to Italian performance art

    nel dizionario "performance art" è tradotto con "arte rappresentativa"; non so se più corretto ma certamente più comune è "arte performativa"
  7. Kelly B

    French base pouce bleu

    Pouce bleu -> "like" on social media (sample context: I bought this thing because of all the pouces bleus.)
  8. M

    English to Italian leech

    Ho trovato questa parola usata in racconti fantasy con il significato di lamia, mostro che si nutre del sangue o delle energie psichiche altrui. Non so se è una peculiarità dell'autore specifico o è una traduzione consolidata.
  9. A

    English to Italian night

    avete dimenticato di inserire il verbo "night" accanto a "talk sth away", perchè è sinonimo. E visto che siamo sulla pagina di "night" è bene scriverlo per chiarezza :)
  10. M

    Spanish to English hora

    Hora de reir, hora de llorar.
  11. M

    English to Portuguese hence

    There's a wrong tranlation in the first example.
  12. S

    French base important

    "important" dans le sens "nombreux"
  13. M

    English to Italian breakage

    (small pieces of scrap metal) rottame
  14. G

    French base Machin

    Bonjour, Il manque l'expression "le machin", pour signifier l'ONU. Selon Wikipedia : Machin — Wikipédia Ce terme est devenu lexicalisé. J'ai pensé à la suggestion d'un forumeur el armatoste dans ce contexte spécifique. armatoste
  15. M

    English base set

    The translation "conjunto" (in mathemathics, a collection of different elements) should be added
  16. M

    English to Arabic rut

  17. M

    English to Italian record

  18. T

    English to Italian influencer

    "Orientatore" is a better translation for "influencer" (in internet-usage sense)
  19. M

    Spanish to English calima

    La calima es una neblina de partículas en suspensión (polvo, arena o cenizas) especificamente, mientras que "haze" es una neblina en general (habitualmente de agua). Calima (meteorología) - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
  20. lzlnspanish

    Spanish to English comadre

    The Board for National Interpreters accepted "comother" and coparent for comadre when I took my test.
  21. C

    Spanish base coyuntura

    Considering the translation "joint" as an "additional translation" for the word "coyuntura" is inaccurate. The Real Acadamia Española dictionary (coyuntura | Diccionario de la lengua española) has the meaning of "joint" as the first meaning, which is the original one, not an "additional"...
  22. Gustar la comida

    Spanish to English manuel

    Is this the real meaning of the word. It doesn't really seem like it is.
  23. R

    Spanish to English soltero

    En «(persona no casada)» añadid: (female) «bachelorette» (US)
  24. S

    English to Italian prequel

    precursore in italiano
  25. R

    French base prise de rendez-vous par téléphone

    Une "prise de rendez-vous par téléphone" is commonly called a "rendez-vous téléphonique" Ex: Ce client préfère prendre un rendez-vous téléphonique en raison de la crise sanitaire. or : Cet entretien d'embauche prendra la forme d'un rendez-vous téléphonique.
  26. R

    Spanish to English no hay más preguntas, señoría

    Significados: -My argument is proven; I conclude my statement. -(idiomatic) The previous encapsulates my view. no hay más preguntas, señoría no tengo más preguntas, señoría(ley:)I rest my case
  27. R
  28. A

    English to Italian longs

    Parte del discorsoTraduzioneInverti traduzioniFrequenza help_outline verbo bramare long, covet, crave, desire, long for, yearn desiderare ardentemente long, hanker, ache, hunger avere molta voglia di long
  29. A

    English to Italian injured

    Someone were seriously injured in an accident. With its meaning.
  30. E

    English base departures

    um desvio de curso ou padrão (a deviation from a course or standard)
  31. C

    Spanish to English a pies juntillas

    In the expression "hook line and sinker", it is preferable to have a comma after "hook" as it is usually written this way to better reflect the tempo at which it is said. Hence "hook, line and sinker".
  32. Μ

    English to Greek active

    The opposite!! Το αντίθετο!!
  33. O

    English base gutter

    In typographical matters.
  34. C

    French base question

    Question n’a pas été présenter avec un *s*
  35. F

    English to Italian lockdown

    cella per arrestati
  36. P

    English to Italian bloodshot

    Penso che, in questo contesto, nel parlato non si direbbe mai Il mio occhio sinistro è iniettato di sangue e infiammato. ma piuttosto "è rosso e infiammato"
  37. F

    English to Italian kick drum

    La grancassa Il batterista Suona la grancassa
  38. M

    English to Italian dwell

    E' possibile aggiungere la traduzione della parola dwell come viene intesa in terminologia radar? Grazie
  39. L

    English to Italian claim

  40. Τ

    English to Greek machine

    verb: τορνάρω › translate translations of ΤΟΡΝΑΡΩ - translate ΤΟΡΝΑΡΩ (Greek) translation of ΤΟΡΝΑΡΩ,translations from Greek,translation of ΤΟΡΝΑΡΩ Greek. › el-el ΤΟΡΝΑΡΩ : definition of ΤΟΡΝΑΡΩ and synonyms of ΤΟΡΝΑΡΩ (Greek) - Sensagent...
  41. M

    English to Italian cup

    to cup=imbarcarsi, incurvarsi floorboards tend to cup= le assi del pavimento (in legno) tendono ad imbarcarsi
  42. mouzhik

    Spanish base albero

    Diccionario Clave: el albero - 1. Tierra para jardines y para plazas de toros: Han traído dos camiones de albero para los paseos del jardín botánico. 2. En una plaza de toros, ruedo: Cuando el toro salió al albero, el torero lo esperaba. DRAE : albero, albera | Diccionario de la lengua...
  43. M

    English to Italian verger

  44. Φ

    English to Greek domain

    περιοχή συγκεκριμένης δράσης
  45. The Frizz

    English base practice

    I assume that "practicar" is the word you used to say "He practices Hinduism, Catholicism, etc.," but I wanted to be sure. Thoughts?
  46. Ρ

    English to Greek expound

    (elaborate on) βάλε κι αυτό στην παρένθεση
  47. Φ

    English to Greek switch

    switch to FARLEX μεταμορφώνομαι σε άλλον
  48. E

    English to Italian self-help books

    libri di crescita personale/per la crescita personale
  49. F

    English to Italian providences

  50. O

    English to Italian pickup

    Translation of "pickup" or "pick-up". I'm an engineer and I was looking for the meaning of "Magnetic pick-up". I couldn't find nothing useful in your dictionary, so I started looking around in Internet. Here you can find some explanation: Pickup Sensors ... " Magnetic Pickups are routinely used...