1. R

    English to Portuguese ride

    1. a ride (noun) 2. uma boleia (a ride in European Portuguese, carona in Brazilian Portuguese which is the only word present as of right now.) 3. i. O senhor pode dar-me uma boleia? ii. Apanhei uma boleia do motorista.
  2. DearPrudence

    French to Spanish porter

    porter [qch] vtr (avoir sur soi) (prendas, joyas...) llevar⇒ vtr (prendas, joyas...) llevar puesto, tener puesto loc verb (prendas) vestir⇒ vtr Note: El participio «puesto» debe concordar en género y número con el sustantivo que designa la prenda o el accesorio: “Lleva puestos unos...
  3. F

    French to Spanish paria

    arriba parias de la Tierra : debout les damnés de la Terre
  4. N

    Spanish base ir

    The verb is conjugated like this Yo Voy Tú Vas El/Ella/usted Va Nosotros Vamos Vosotros Váis Ellos/Ellas/usteds Van This is for present tense Also when you...
  5. Z

    English to Portuguese pencil sharpener

  6. fenixpollo

    English to Spanish go the wrong way

    For the sense (move in incorrect direction), I suggest adding "ir en sentido contrario", which is the common way to express this idea in North America. Also look to add "sentido contrario" if it fits in the other entry for the noun.
  7. M

    English to Italian conversely

    di converso
  8. G

    French base disparition

    Bonjour, Il manque le terme juridique consacré "disparition forcée". Définition dans la Convention de 1992, source ONU : Le problème est que sans cet ajout, je remarque que...
  9. A

    English to Italian burst at the seams

    burstING at the seams. In addition, there is no definition for "stracolmo". Clicking on "stracolmo" does not link to a definition.
  10. R

    English to Italian effectiveness

    In Italian "Effectiveness" could be translated to "Efficienza". An example is the "efficacy" and "effectiveness" of a medical treatment. E.g.: "Efficacy is the degree to which a vaccine prevents disease, and possibly also transmission, under ideal and controlled circumstances – comparing a...
  11. G

    French base logisticien

    Bonjour, Il y a un type de logisticien oublié dans le dico. : le logisticien humanitaire ou de solidarité internationale. Le logisticien humanitaire est chargé de gérer le matériel et l'administratif lors d'une mission humanitaire et de recruter le personnel local + le personnel de sécurité...
  12. W

    Spanish to French amarrar

    Ejemplo dado: "Esa chica ya amarró marido: le acaban de dar el anillo" ¿le acaban de dar el anillo"? debe ser ¿acababan de ? Siento no soy hispanohablante. Soy inglés.
  13. A

    French base aller

    Bonjour pour dire "Nous allons vous présentez qq chose " on n'a pas la traduction voila c'etait pour savoir (J'ai pu me tromper et pas le voir aussi ahah
  14. M

    English to Italian cove

    (modanatura) cavetto
  15. susman

    English to Spanish suspicious

    ur sus
  16. B

    English to Spanish unkind

    There are no bad words
  17. G

    English to Spanish gelignite

    "Gelignite" también puede ser traducido al español como el adjetivo: incendiario(a).
  18. D

    English to Italian playbook

  19. I

    English to Italian suzerainty

    Significa sovranità in italiano In 1688 the Transylvanian Diet renounced Ottoman suzerainty and accepted Austrian protection. Nel 1688, la Dieta transilvana rinunciò alla sovranità ottomana e accettò la protezione austriaca
  20. Nanon

    French base carte électorale

    Bonjour, Suite à ce fil : carte électorale, faudrait-il ajouter le sens de « découpage électoral », autrement dit de carte des circonscriptions électorales ?
  21. I

    English to Spanish dam

    add the pjo reffrence.
  22. M

    English to Spanish no pun intended

    The standard phrase in Spain (and perhaps Latin America, I am unsure) in this context is "nunca mejor dicho". Granted, it doesn't explicitly refer to a pun, but the spirit is exactly the same and they are equivalent to one another in terms of usage. Example: La ciencia nutricional tiene...
  23. M

    English to Italian agency

    (psicologia) agentività
  24. DelaChón

    French to Spanish jet

    J'ai lu [dʒɛt] mais on ne prononce pas le "t". Salut !
  25. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese sick

    be sick vi + adj mainly UK (vomit) (vomitando) mal adj Jane is being sick again. She should not have eaten all those cakes. Jane está ficando mal de novo. Ela não devia ter comido todos aqueles bolos. Since this sense is really about vomiting, simply add "vomitar" as a Dterm? sick...
  26. D

    French base démarrer (qqn)

    se battre avec qqn : je vais le démarrer : i will fight with him
  27. DearPrudence

    French to English accouchement sans douleur

    accouchement sans douleur nm (techniques de gestion de la douleur) (UK) labour pain management n (US) labor pain management n Des cours d'accouchement sans douleur sont proposées aux femmes enceintes en complément ou non de la péridurale. Labour pain management classes are offered...
  28. M

    English to Italian high gear

    kick into high gear=andare/mandare su di giri
  29. wildan1

    English base labor room

    The EN-FR Dictionary says: labor room (US), delivery room (UK)n (where babies are born) salle d'accouchement nf He was asked to wait outside the labor room while his wife was giving birth I can't speak for the UK usage, but in the North America the labor room and the delivery room are...
  30. L

    French base persil

    The IPA transcription and the recording don't match up for this entry. The IPA transcription is [pɛʀsi] in both the WR tab and the Collins tab, but in the recording it's pronounced [pɛʀsil].
  31. A

    English to Italian headcount

  32. V

    English to Spanish nonprofit

    Idiom: por amor al arte
  33. R

    English to Italian heel

    Heel! interj (dog command: follow!) (comando al cane) zampa! inter Laura called to her dog, "Spot, heel!". Laura comandò al cane: "Zampa!" = "Al passo!"
  34. Nanon

    French base erratum

    erratum, plural: errata nm (faute à l'impression) errata nf Un erratum en fin d'ouvrage corrige les fautes découvertes après l'impression. Le sens est « faute à l'impression » mais l'exemple illustre un autre sens qui, dans l'usage, existe tant pour erratum que pour errata : celui d'une...
  35. Y

    English base furry

    A human like animal
  36. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese anyplace

    anyplace adv US (anywhere, in any location) em qualquer lugar loc adv algures adv any place adv US (anywhere) em qualquer lugar loc adv I would rather be any place but here right now. Eu preferia estar em qualquer lugar agora a estar aqui. Until they are merged, the...
  37. D

    French to English demain

  38. DearPrudence

    French to Spanish deux-pièces

    deux-pièces nm inv (appartement de deux pièces) de dos habitaciones loc adj J'ai quitté mon studio pour emménager dans un deux pièces avec mon copain. Nous avons trouvé un grand deux-pièces exposé plein sud. F2 nm abr, vieilli (appartement de deux pièces) (AmL) apartamento de una...
  39. M

    English to Italian watering hole

    watering hole=abbeveratoio
  40. Catesogne

    English to Italian mood

    for me is incorect
  41. N

    English base dampener

    boredom-maker, dislike-causator dampener (Cambridge Dictionary) noun [ C ] UK/ˈdæm.pən.ər/ US/ˈdæm.pən.ɚ/ something that makes something less active, less exciting, or less enjoyable: ________________ by Oxford Languages: dampener /ˈdamp(ə)nə/ noun a thing that has a restraining or...
  42. M

    English to Italian brush

    scaramuccia, schermaglia, "toccatina" (rapid encounter)
  43. M

    French to English fac de droit

    Fac de droit "Je veux aller en fac de droit"
  44. J

    French base confronter

    Dans le contexte de "confronter ses idées avec celles d'autres personnes", "to challenge" pourrait être une proposition de traduction intéressante.
  45. K

    French to English classe

    The translation 'form' is not dated.
  46. G

    English to Italian necromancer

  47. S

    English base twang

    Parlata: "How Tennesseans talk expresses their regional identity and often draws comment by people from elsewhere. Whether they call it a “Tennessee twang” or an “East Tennessee brogue,”
  48. P

    English base sapphic

    The word ‘sapphic’ in English is an adjective (which can also be used as a noun) which is an inclusive, umbrella term that describes women-loving women and non-binary people. This includes lesbians and bi/pan women and non-binary people, amongst others. It is similar to the word ‘queer’, in that...
  49. H

    English base methadone

    The English definition of methadone is listed as "drug: heroin substitute". This is extremely stigmatizing and inaccurate. Please update immediately.
  50. DearPrudence

    English to Spanish SAT

    SAT n US, acronym, ® (university admission exam) examen de admisión nm + loc adj (ES) selectividad nf (ES, coloquial) selectivo nm The SAT is a test that is widely used for college admissions in the US. El examen de admisión se usa para todas las admisiones a universidades de...