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  1. sylvainremy

    French to English conjoncture économique vs structure économique

    economic cycle vs economic structure
  2. M

    French to English lors de

    à l'occasion de
  3. G

    French base friteuse

    Bonjour, Vu que tout le monde se rue dessus, j'aurais bien rajouté "friteuse à air" ! C'est une friteuse qui permet de frire... avec 80% d'huile en moins. La friteuse utilise essentiellement la ventilation interne pour frire. Sur Internet, une recherche me donne "freídora de aire" et je...
  4. R

    Spanish base cancha

    Para español-inglés: ¡Falta el significado de los deportes! El terreno en el que se juega fútbol, rugby o hockey sobre césped. Y que viene en: pitch - English-Spanish Dictionary - WordReference.com field - English-Spanish Dictionary - WordReference.com cancha nf Hispanoamérica: (deportes...
  5. D

    English to Italian shame

    Senso d'inadeguatezza, non sentirsi all'altezza
  6. L

    English to Italian vicious

  7. N

    Spanish base reproductor

    fenêtre de lancement (pour une vidéo web)
  8. M

    English to Italian evaluator

    Manca come traduzione in italiano la parola "Valutatore" che e' molto piu' moderna di "Perito". Infatti, "Perito" andrebbe tradotto con "Technical Evaluator". Sebbene in Italiano "Valutatore" sia un neologismo, questo termine e' usato in molti contesti tecnici ed di uso comune.
  9. n.ares

    English base stonewall

    Please consider adding a new entry for the football term stonewall penalty ("unambiguous foul [...] committed in the penalty area"). Thanks!
  10. M

    English to Italian denial

  11. J

    French base saltimbanque

    In the middle age there was no entertainers and acrobat is too restrictive
  12. J

    French to English saltimbanque

    It's an old middle age profession ,nothing like you say
  13. P

    English to Italian manifold

    In 3d printing means a very specific thing. I found this in google translate that fits the need: "MATHEMATICS: a collection of points forming a certain kind of set, such as those of a topologically closed surface or an analog of this in three or more dimensions."
  14. F

    English base sieve

    Dans le contexte de l'hydrotopologie, sieve signifie "obstacle siphonnant" (danger mortel pour les humains et autres gros animaux)
  15. J

    French base sport de glisse

    "Sport de glisse" is translated by "winter sports" : sport de glisse - traduction - Dictionnaire Français-Anglais WordReference.com It should be translated by "Board sports" This is what I think as a native french speaker, and lover of board sports. Wikipedia seems to agree with this ...
  16. S

    English to Italian stock

    (meccanica) Sovrametallo nm
  17. M

    English base scaling

    In matematica la parola "scaling" viene anche tradotta come "riscalare" nel senso dei seguenti esempi: "The scaling properties of lenght, area and volume are well known" si traduce in "Le proprietà di riscalatura di lunghezza, area e volume sono ben note". Ancora "The scaling factor of the graph...
  18. S

    French to English curieux

    Par curieux hazard - by a curious chance Gandalf
  19. L

    English base crunch time

    Proposing in compound forms: crunch time In video game industry (and other domains), a crunch, or crunch time, is a hard work time to meet a deadline or milestone. Or more generally a period of time when there's high pressure to achieve a result. More information here: Video game developer -...
  20. M

    English to Italian run

    (clock) battere
  21. L

    French base arc

    Un arc dans un animé n est pas traduit. Peut être que l on pourrait utiliser narrative arc mais ce n’est pas précisé.
  22. G

    English to Italian Doormat

    sottone, colui che è privo di carattere
  23. A

    French base sirop

    sirop nm (préparation aromatique à diluer) jarabe, sirope nm Ma grand-mère avait plusieurs bouteilles de sirop pour quand ses petits-enfants venaient. Pour un mélange pas trop sucré, mets un volume de sirop pour sept volumes de sirop. Mi abuela tenía varias botellas de jarabe para...
  24. G

    English to Greek welcome

    Please note the correct is: welcome interj (greeting) καλώς ήρθες, καλώς όρισες επιφ Καλωσέρχομαι does not exist and καλωσορίζω means to welcome sb.
  25. I

    English base wench

    Pejoritif (cow, bitch)
  26. A

    English to Greek spinneret

    μεταξαδένας add that also
  27. M

    English to Italian pitting

    pitting corrosion= vaiolatura, corrosione/erosione alveolare
  28. K

    French base ferme

    travailler ferme - to work hard
  29. W

    French base châssis

    Chez nous <<châssis> veut-dire la même chose que <<fenêtre>>. Cet usage se trouve parmi les québécois, les francophones du nord-est des EU, et dans l’Acadie.
  30. P

    English to Italian smooth

    You miss the meaning "a smooth person" If you describe someone, especially a man, as smooth, you mean that they are extremely smart, confident, and polite, often in a way that you find rather unpleasant.
  31. K

    French to English minoterie

    This is an industrial grain mill, as opposed to a “moulin”, which is driven by air, water, or animal power. Good French-language Wikipedia article on it…
  32. F

    English base in due course

    synonyms: at the appropriate time when the time is ripe in time in due time in the fullness of time in the course of time at a later time at a later date at length at a future time/date at some point in the future in the future in time to come as time goes on/by by and by one day some...
  33. syapk

    English base combat tours

    Mission de combat
  34. A

    English base exercises

    Stocks: exercise an option
  35. R

    English base outpatient

    This is an adjective as well.
  36. A

    French base tâches ménagères

    Dear Sir, I am surprised that I couldn't find the English translation for the French word "tâches ménagères", although we can find it straight away if we type the English word "household chores". Only works in one direction. Just to let you know. I guess if we search the forums we might finally...
  37. M

    French base soin

    bonjour, hello Looking for a "aux petits soins" that i expected to find in the expressions at the end of the page Regards
  38. A

    English to Italian case

    One Italian example contains a typo: "L'ipotese peggiore sarebbe stata..."
  39. B

    French base bain

    Au Canada, les francophones ne diraient jamais "mettre des sels dans son bain". Nous dirions plutôt "mettre du sel". L'exemple devrait être modifié, car elle laisse sous-entendre autre chose à l'oral en français.
  40. F

    English to Chinese model

    modelling 立体,三维 they even understood modelling 他们甚至都有立体的概念
  41. Nanon

    French base Açores

    Les Açores se trouvent au nord-ouest du Maroc. Je ne sais pas si j'aurais rédigé comme ça ou si je ne me serais pas juste contentée de l'Atlantique nord... On parle d'une distance de plus de 1500 km par rapport aux côtes marocaines, à peine un peu plus que par rapport à Lisbonne... Mais bon...
  42. A

    French base vocation

    additional sense: (of an organization, body, etc.) purpose, mission
  43. Ρ

    English to Greek allegory

    (moral or political hidden meaning) συμβολισμός θηλυκό
  44. P

    English to Italian commerce

    Commerce with women etc. = frequentazione
  45. A

    English to Italian groom

    In Italian we usually don't use "stalliere" but groom, like in English.
  46. Χ

    English to Greek scimitar

    You have a mistak. Scimitars and yataghans are different. See any English encyclopedia you like. scimitar: σχιμιτάρι, καμαρόσπαθο
  47. salutparis

    French to English tchin-tchin

    hi, i think it would be add to the dictionary and it's just a suggestion, and tnx and bye !! :)) tchin-tchin = penis, dick ex : Bon, Alex, quand t'étais à l'école et que tu as montré ton tchin-tchin, est-ce que t'as tiré comme ça?
  48. L

    English to Italian bye an bye

  49. hcetanul

    French to English palmarès

    Apart from the existing translations, "à son palmarès" can also mean "to their list of", depending on context: credits accomplishments scores hits successes conquests wins winners
  50. E

    English to Portuguese sawn

    The entry as a past participle of the verb "saw" (example: The wood was sawn into 6-inch pieces) is an error. The verb for this example is "to saw, sawed, sawn" not "to see, saw, seen". In Portuguese: "serrar, serrado": A madeira foi serrada em peças de 6 polegadas. You cannot say, "A madeira...