1. A

    English to Italian night

    avete dimenticato di inserire il verbo "night" accanto a "talk sth away", perchè è sinonimo. E visto che siamo sulla pagina di "night" è bene scriverlo per chiarezza :)
  2. wildan1

    French to English mortier

    The dictionary says: mortier nm (chapeau de magistrat ou de diplômé) mortarboard n Dans les pays anglo-saxons, les étudiants portent un mortier à la remise des diplômes. In Anglo-Saxon countries, students wear a mortarboard to their graduation. "Mortarboard" is a very technical...
  3. S

    English to Spanish nest

    The children spent the afternoon hunting (looking for) nests in the fields
  4. yuechu

    English to Chinese back up

    Hello, There is a mistake in the Eng-Ch dictionary for "back up". It should be dào instead of dǎo. (Another forum member who is a native speaker of Chinese just confirmed the error) Pronunciation: 倒 Thanks! :)
  5. M

    English to Portuguese hence

    There's a wrong tranlation in the first example.
  6. Tegs

    English base transgender & transgendered

    These are defined as: a person appearing or attempting to be a member of the opposite sex, as a transsexual or habitual cross-dresser. This is quite a problematic definition. Compare with this, for example: Definition of TRANSGENDER
  7. A

    English base on the nose

    On the nose can mean exact or precise, but it carries a second completely different meaning as well. On the nose can mean exact and it can also mean that something is lacking nuance, is missing the point, or is being overly literal. Based on how I've seen it used, people often distinguish these...
  8. F

    English base pomace

    Vinacce: Le vinacce sono un sottoprodotto dell'industria enologica (produzione del vino) composto dalle bucce e dai semi dell'uva. Tradizionalmente questo sottoprodotto viene utilizzato per la produzione di distillati ed alcool industriale opuure come concime per i campi agricoli. Recentemente...
  9. U

    English base close press

    This definition is missing
  10. S

    French base important

    "important" dans le sens "nombreux"
  11. Nanon

    French base ministre

    Bonjour, Et pour une femme ? :) Monsieur le Ministre expr(formule de politesse pour ministre) (speaking about)the minister (direct address)Minister, sir Je dis ça parce que la question a été posée ici : Madame la ministre Et pendant que j'y suis, il y a aussi la question de...
  12. M

    English to Italian breakage

    (small pieces of scrap metal) rottame
  13. G

    French base Machin

    Bonjour, Il manque l'expression "le machin", pour signifier l'ONU. Selon Wikipedia : Machin — Wikipédia Ce terme est devenu lexicalisé. J'ai pensé à la suggestion d'un forumeur el armatoste dans ce contexte spécifique. armatoste
  14. B

    English base Scholarly

    Salve. Bisognerebbe aggiungere, come traduzione, anche 'accademico': nel caso di 'scholarly book' è l'unica appropriata, in italiano.
  15. C

    English to Greek mulch

    φυτικό υδατοσυγκρατικό
  16. M

    English to Arabic rut

  17. M

    English to Italian record

  18. J

    English base impulse

    New entries for noun should appear as well. Existing entries are for verb only. For example electrical impulses, which is a name.
  19. J

    French to English retombées

    Après une explosion nucléaire, il y a des retombées radioactives. After a nuclear explosion, there is radioactive fallout.
  20. T

    English to Italian influencer

    "Orientatore" is a better translation for "influencer" (in internet-usage sense)
  21. Arthur1

    English base driver privilege

    droits de conducteur example : his driver privilege was valid from 1st June 2020 - il avait le droit de conduire depuis le 1er juin 2020 / ses droits de conducteur étaient valables depuis le 1er juin 2020
  22. jann

    French base dames

    The entry for sense (jeu) needs a flag to denote that the example sentences are not a direct translation of each other. Les dames est un jeu qui convient aux petits comme aux grands. J'aimais beaucoup jouer aux dames avec ma grand-mère quand j'étais petit. The children have started a...
  23. X

    French to English monter sur ses grands chevaux

    Les traductions proposées signifient "se montrer arrogant". Ce n'est pas le sens de l'expression française.
  24. K

    French to English garniture

    garniture nf(nourriture)garnish n Kate a mangé tout ce qu'il y avait dans son assiette, même la garniture. Kate ate everything on the plate, even the garnish.
  25. G

    English to Spanish checking account

    En Guatemala y posiblemente en otros países, se llaman "Cuenta Corriente", Monetarios"
  26. S

    English to Italian prequel

    precursore in italiano
  27. R

    French base prise de rendez-vous par téléphone

    Une "prise de rendez-vous par téléphone" is commonly called a "rendez-vous téléphonique" Ex: Ce client préfère prendre un rendez-vous téléphonique en raison de la crise sanitaire. or : Cet entretien d'embauche prendra la forme d'un rendez-vous téléphonique.
  28. P

    French base superfétatoire

    Proposition d'exemple : FR — Le juge estime cette information comme superfétatoire à l'affaire. ENG — The judge deems this piece of information as superfluous to the case.
  29. P

    French base icelui

    Proposition d'exemple : FR – Le seigneur quitta son logis ; néanmoins, icelui n'était pas gardé. ENG – The lord left his abode; nonetheless, it was not guarded.
  30. R

    English to Portuguese injury time

    «acrésimo» usa-se no Brasil. En Portugal usa-se «desconto». Então, por favor, adicionade «desconto».
  31. R
  32. A

    English to Italian longs

    Parte del discorsoTraduzioneInverti traduzioniFrequenza help_outline verbo bramare long, covet, crave, desire, long for, yearn desiderare ardentemente long, hanker, ache, hunger avere molta voglia di long
  33. A

    English to Italian injured

    Someone were seriously injured in an accident. With its meaning.
  34. V

    French base Valet de carreau traduction

    Dame de pique (jeu) — Wikipédia
  35. B

    French base tartiflette

    Tartiflette est un plat français
  36. Μ

    English to Greek active

    The opposite!! Το αντίθετο!!
  37. C

    French base question

    Question n’a pas été présenter avec un *s*
  38. F

    English to Italian lockdown

    cella per arrestati
  39. P

    English to Italian bloodshot

    Penso che, in questo contesto, nel parlato non si direbbe mai Il mio occhio sinistro è iniettato di sangue e infiammato. ma piuttosto "è rosso e infiammato"
  40. C

    English base whirligig

    A 'whirligig' is also a 'rotary airer', a type of washing line which you stick into the ground.
  41. F

    English to Italian kick drum

    La grancassa Il batterista Suona la grancassa
  42. M

    English to Italian dwell

    E' possibile aggiungere la traduzione della parola dwell come viene intesa in terminologia radar? Grazie
  43. R

    French to English abduction

    Abduction: syllogisme. ‘Abduction’ is a syllogism as the action of inferring probable premises. For example, “today the sun is up this morning, we know that it will rise tomorrow” is a deduction.
  44. L

    English to Italian claim

  45. Τ

    English to Greek machine

    verb: τορνάρω › translate translations of ΤΟΡΝΑΡΩ - translate ΤΟΡΝΑΡΩ (Greek) translation of ΤΟΡΝΑΡΩ,translations from Greek,translation of ΤΟΡΝΑΡΩ Greek. › el-el ΤΟΡΝΑΡΩ : definition of ΤΟΡΝΑΡΩ and synonyms of ΤΟΡΝΑΡΩ (Greek) - Sensagent...
  46. M

    English to Italian cup

    to cup=imbarcarsi, incurvarsi floorboards tend to cup= le assi del pavimento (in legno) tendono ad imbarcarsi
  47. M

    English to Italian verger

  48. Φ

    English to Greek domain

    περιοχή συγκεκριμένης δράσης
  49. E

    English base activist

    I have found in in financial newsletters that it could also be translated as "gestor de activos" as in Spanish we still do not use "activista" in that sense, only as militant and similar concepts. Thanks.
  50. S

    English to Spanish date

    There is one meaning lacking in the english-spanish dictionary: date: dátil, coco.