1. S

    English base out

    I don't understand the difference between out as an adverb and as a preposition in these two examples that look quite similar: out adv(to the outside) (à l'air libre)dehors adv à l'extérieur adv I'm just going out to the garage. Je vais juste dehors vers le garage. out...
  2. Ρ

    English to Greek expound

    (elaborate on) βάλε κι αυτό στην παρένθεση
  3. Φ

    English to Greek switch

    switch to FARLEX μεταμορφώνομαι σε άλλον
  4. E

    English to Italian self-help books

    libri di crescita personale/per la crescita personale
  5. F

    English to Italian providences

  6. R

    French to English renfort

    I see this word in the credits to a TV show. I guess 'reinforcements' could be the translation, but maybe add "backup team"? In this instance, it has been in the credits to "Engrenages" ("Spiral").
  7. O

    English to Italian pickup

    Translation of "pickup" or "pick-up". I'm an engineer and I was looking for the meaning of "Magnetic pick-up". I couldn't find nothing useful in your dictionary, so I started looking around in Internet. Here you can find some explanation: Pickup Sensors ... " Magnetic Pickups are routinely used...
  8. L

    Spanish base regañar

    "La pareja estuvo regañando toda la tarde" no es correcto. Propuesta 1: La pareja estuvo discutiendo toda la tarde. Propuesta 2: La pareja estuvo peleando toda la tarde.
  9. djangli

    Spanish base aventar

    SV- given in entry* for aventarse(-a word to be careful with). Since SV is not given as a link, i hunted thru various sites + learned it is 2 letter ISO code for El Salvador**. So my suggestion is to make SV into a link like other abbreviations in WR. Thank you, djangli * aventar - Diccionario...
  10. J

    French base guide

    Guide (chef): Personne qui dirige les autres, chef d'un groupe. Ce mot implique que le chef emmène ses subordonnés quelque part (idée de direction, de mouvement, d'action). Il ne relève pas d'une hiérarchie officielle mais plutôt d'une reconnaissance de la part des pairs. Le guide dirige un...
  11. C

    English base blood supply

    (figurati) linfa vitale
  12. C

    French base proxénè

    Note alternative spelling in La Vie Devant Soi by Roman Gary page 40 (paperback edition) proxynète
  13. R

    English base heft

    (painting) painting techniques to represent massiveness › 2012/11/14 › photo... Web results "Photography Lacks the Depth and Heft [...] That Painting Possesses" - PetaPixel Nov 14, 2012 — But can they be works of art of the same order as paintings? Modern critical orthodoxy would...
  14. Ý

    English to Greek waste

    συρρικνώνω νοσόν όργανο phthisis /ˈ(f)θʌɪsɪs,ˈtʌɪsɪs/ noun ARCHAIC•MEDICINE pulmonary tuberculosis or a similar progressive wasting disease.
  15. S

    English to Spanish shedding

    En sentido médico SHEDDING es PROLIFERACIÓN
  16. J

    English to Greek surfactant

    (chemistry) ιξωτροπική ουσία (που μεταβάλλει το ιξώδες)
  17. R

    English to Greek virulence

    λοιμοδυναμική Viral dynamics - Wikipedia Viral dynamics is a field of applied mathematics concerned with describing the progression of viral infections within a host organism. It employs a family of mathematical models that describe changes over time in the ...
  18. M

    English to Italian scuttle

    (mechanism for passing charges or shells inside battleships or cruiser to prevent spread of explosions) giostra
  19. C

    French to English complice

    Bonjour ! Je suggère d'ajouter les traductions suivantes : close inseparable
  20. Α

    Greek to English προμηθεύομαι

    Στα παραδείγματα έχετε χρησιμοποιήσει το τοπικό επίρρημα "πού", χωρίς τόνο ("που"), προκαλώντας σύγχυση στον αναγνώστη.
  21. A

    French to English spectacle

    the value of a thingy.
  22. K

    English to Italian draft record

    documento di leva
  23. E

    English base form

    (martial arts) a sequence of martial art techniques She is a white belt, so her current form is Kicho Hana
  24. C

    Spanish base cabreado

    Etymology: from cabra/cabron. Rammed.
  25. N

    English to Italian glide

    "glide over an issue" =sorvolare su una questione Example: "I glide over the issue of what sort of "may", "legitimacy" and "permessibility" is in question." (Nozick R., Anarchy, State, Utopia, chapt. 2)
  26. K

    French to English foutre

    Why does this page contain lots of asterisks rather than full words? You should fix this.
  27. F

    English to Italian pusher

  28. M

    English to Spanish car

    Espanol. English car. Also
  29. Nanon

    English base rider

    A sense is missing: (Law) a provision added to a bill with little or no connection to the subject matter. There are a few related threads: ENIT the veto-related issue of attaching riders to legislation or ENES tax rider This thread comes from here: French base - cavalier (the same sense is also...
  30. D

    English base digress

    pun: of course you're off course
  31. shakimi

    French to English remontrances

    Plainte Critique
  32. R

    English to Italian chert

    I'm writing a thesis about stonetools in paleolithic. My supervisor made me aware that chert in italian is another kind of "selce", just like "flint". In english there is the difference, not so in italian.
  33. M

    English to Italian unhinged

    sgangherato (letteralmente, poiché i gangheri sono i cardini della porta)
  34. V

    English to Italian harsh

    I will include the difference with soft (i know that are opposite) but in the sentence: I didn't catch what Tom' sad. He's got a really soft/harsh voice, with is right? Thank you for the attention, i will be glad is you include this information.
  35. LMorland

    English base frames

    Please add the word "glasses" to "spectacles." I came onto this page looking for "glasses frames" and a search for "glasses" picked up nothing... until I got to the Forum, and then I had to read through an entire exchange before someone finally offered the translation "monture." Thank you...
  36. Κ

    English to Greek bird of prey

  37. S

    English base assuage

    delete the American pronunciation and find a sane American (I respect France but we are a different nation)
  38. Π

    English to Greek ply › wiki › καταιγίζω Web results καταιγίζω - Ancient Greek (LSJ) - Jul 2, 2020 — καταιγίζω [~ καταιγίς] naar beneden stormen, losbarsten:; πρὶν καταιγίσαι πνοὰς Ἄρεως voordat de storm van Ares losbarst Aeschl. Sept. 63; overdr. tekeergaan:. καταιγίζοντες ἔρωτες liefdesstormen AP ...
  39. G

    English to Spanish born

    GRRR it doesnt tell me what born means in spanish
  40. Β

    English to Greek aggravate

    αλλάξτε παρακαλώ το συνώνυμο "exasperate" με τη συνώνυμη λέξη "exacerbate"
  41. C

    English to Spanish mayo

    May n (5th month)mayo nm
  42. M

    French to English tabernacle

    Le juron, c’est-à-dire le sacre en français québécois n'est généralement pas le mot lui-même mais une variation genre « Tabernak ! » En plus, les trois traductions proposées sont toutes vulgaires. « Jesus Christ! » est certainement vulgaire et très familier. Pour les définitions...
  43. Λ

    English to Greek litmus

    το λειχηνόβαμμα
  44. R

    English to Italian sever

  45. B

    English to Greek sport

    (subcultivar) υποποικιλία Add that also.
  46. G

    English to Italian spade

    verbo transitivo che vuol dire castrare un cane, ma usato anche per cagne. viene usato anche come aggettivo; my dog is spaded!
  47. P

    French base depareille = unmatched, unparalleled

    depareille = unmatched, unparalleled
  48. Θ

    English to Greek saturated

    (colors) πλήρους απόχρωσης, μέγιστης χρωματικότητας
  49. P

    English to Italian underway

    Hi everyone! As there is no traduction about: underway (boat: moving in water) I think it should be: "abbrivio". It means exactly when a boat is moving in water, with or without engine or sail propulsion. I am a sailor and I have sailed many times with english mates and "underway" is often use...
  50. johncor1960

    English to Italian shelf

    one more meaning is just take the off the shelf , togli il disco (LP) dal piatto (dove girano i dischi in vinile)