1. G

    English to Spanish set

  2. Jessica Peruzzo

    English to Italian lifer

    Nel linguaggio del birdwatching (e, più raramente, delle osservazioni naturalistiche in generale), quando una persona fa un "lifer" significa che ha visto una nuova specie per la prima volta nella sua vita. Esempio: Domenica scorsa ho visto un avvoltoio monaco. È stato proprio un bel lifer! =...
  3. C

    English to Spanish you guys

    ¡Ustedes sí! ex: You guys!
  4. A

    English to Italian vilification

    antagonizzazione il queer coding antagonizza le persone di genere non conforme
  5. J

    French base prolonger

    Bonjour, à mon humble avis, la phrase « «les discussions ont prolongé » est incorrecte en français. On dit « les discussions se sont prolongées » Cordialement
  6. C

    English to Italian distraction

    missing meaning: as "dis"+"traction", as "removal" plus "pullling along" = "traction out of his usual place"
  7. S

    English to Greek involution

    ενδόστρεψη, ενδοστροφή
  8. M

    English to Arabic glorified screw

    البرغي الفاخر
  9. N

    English to Greek hornet

    σφηδόνι. είδος σφήκας, μοιαζει σε μεγεθος με μελισσα αλλα εχει χρωμα εντονο κιτρινο αναμεσα στις ριγες του και δεν εχει χνουδι γυρω απο τον λαιμο. φτιαχνει παρομοια φωλια με της μελισσας οσον αφορα τις πενταγονες θηκες, ομως του σφιδονιου ειναι σαν χαρτινα, οχι κερινα.
  10. LMorland

    French base défeuillé

    Bonjour ! According to here défeuillé — Wiktionnaire, défeuillé is also an adjective !
  11. M

    English to Spanish nasty

    Kamala Harris was nasty to Joe Biden on the primaries.
  12. Alex Jonathan Huarcaya.

    English to Spanish ass off

    I worked my ass off to get what I wanted. So don't give up and go get it!
  13. O

    English to Spanish struck-out

  14. I

    Greek to English μικρόκοσμος

    (colloquialism, differential geometry, differential geometry in the small) in the small
  15. Y

    French base répéter

    there is no sound file on this word
  16. Y

    French base regarder

    no sound file
  17. Nanon

    French base marron

    Bonjour, Outre l'exercice illégal, il manque un autre sens, à savoir que la personne soit corrompue, véreuse (ex. avocat marron). marron adj(qui exerce une profession illégalement)fake, sham adj (slang, pejorative (doctor))quack n as adj (slang, pejorative (doctor))quack n
  18. P

    English base ordinance

    What is the definition in the religious field ? See for example the ordinance rooms in Mormon temples. Thank you !
  19. Κ

    English to Greek sled

    sled, go sledding, UK: sledge, go sledging viUS (travel on a sledge) (διαδικασία)κάνω έλκηθρο ρ έκφρ (μετακίνηση)κινούμαι με έλκηθρο περίφρ We sledded down the hill all afternoon. Κάναμε έλκηθρο στο λόφο όλο το απόγευμα.
  20. S

    English to Greek coarse-grained

    γενικευμένος, γενικευμένη παρουσίαση συστήματος Βλέπε: Sean M. Carroll - 20. Entropy and Information - YouTube
  21. Ό

    English to Greek fallow

    : όχι εγγενώς άγονη που εσφαλμένα γράφει το Word Reference στην ελληνική κακομετάφραση, δες fallow adjective - Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced American Dictionary at
  22. R

    English base fag

    shimmy-arsed (fag or whore)
  23. L

    English to Spanish overtake

    Past participle is wrong
  24. A

    English base dead giveaway

    prova schiacciante, prova inconfutabile
  25. R

    English to Italian rang

    For rang there is another mean. Rache
  26. M

    French base passer

    Go to the French word "passer" and press for the Canadian pronunciation. Thank you.
  27. B

    Spanish base autobús

    Creo que el plural no es 'autobús', sino 'autobuses'
  28. C

    English to Greek lay

    lay judge λαϊκός δικαστής
  29. S

    Spanish base autobús

    Hello, It is listed that the plural form of autobús is also autobús. But shouldn’t it be autobuses since the stress falls on the last syllable? thank you
  30. A

    French to English passerelle

    Bonjour, La traduction figurée propose network : Il existe une passerelle entre ces deux filières. There is a link between these two networks. Le fil passerelle d’études au niveau collégial donne bridge, mais le dico filières donne : filière nf(secteur d'étude) (figurative)pathway n...
  31. S

    English to Greek plaster

    αλαβάστρινος πχ plaster mould εννοούν αλαβάστρινο καλούπι (οι Έλληνες και οι Άγγλοι δεν μιλούν το ίδιο, δεν λένε alabaster διότι το καλούπι είναι μέτριας ποιότητας και μόνο για εργασία, όχι έκθεση σε σαλόνι)
  32. S

    English to Greek ridership

    επιβιβασιμότητα, βαθμός επιβιβασιμότητας
  33. Maître Capello

    French base sol

    La prononciation audio de ce mot (Accents : France) est [sœl] alors que cela devrait être [sɔl] comme écrit.
  34. A

    English to Italian comment

    It missing "comment regard"
  35. Δ

    English to Greek notably

    χαρακτηριστικό παράδειγμα Not an exact translation, but in some phrases is the only option, because the other options you have aren't suitable for all phrases.
  36. C

    French to English lettres

    humanities / arts subjects is not a correct translation for "lettres". According to Wiki, the "...include the study of ancient and modern languages, literature, philosophy, history, archaeology, anthropology, human geography, law, politics, religion, and art." I would suggest literature as a...
  37. M

    English to Italian front of the house

    The translation for Front of the House staff (in a restaurant context) is missing from this item. The Italian 'Facciata' in this case does not work.
  38. E

    English base drop

    To drop: scartare To drop a card (in table and card game): To withdraw from the current deal; to discard one's hand rather than stake enough chips to stay in the game.
  39. A

    English to Greek all the way

    πέρα για πέρα
  40. Υ

    English to Greek throw out

    Merriam Webster τσαμπουνάω
  41. M

    English to Italian lashing

    tie-down lashing= cinghie di tensionamento (per legare un carico al portapacchi di un veicolo)
  42. le chat noir

    French to English trembler

    Il manque peut-être "shudder" comme équivalent ?
  43. R

    English base nig-nog

    Why is this racially offensive? In the UK, where I come from, it means "a silly person". I am actually offended to see the description given here.
  44. X

    English to Italian give way

    GIVE AWAY to [something] IT: Ho cercato di resistere, ma alla fine ho dovuto cedere alle sue richieste. ENG: I tried to resist, but at the end I had to give way to her requests.
  45. Ρ

    English to Greek splint

    wooden splint Στην χημεία ή ξυλάκι παγωτού
  46. S

    English to Greek coupling

    άρμοση (secondarily) αρμόπιρος
  47. ?

    English base transgender

    It is literally saying: rare, may be offensive Transgender is not an offensive word, please change it.
  48. G

    English to Greek get into

    It's missing the definition
  49. M

    English to Italian op-ed

  50. J

    French to Spanish jusqu'à nouvel ordre

    Jusqu'au nouvel ordre > Hasta nuevo aviso.