1. أ

    English to Arabic نَطَقَ

    أريد النطق
  2. M

    French base BCBG

    Pour le terme BCBG, les définitions ainsi que les exemples sont trop péjoratifs. merci de modifier ces erreurs.
  3. K

    English to Italian pesticide

    prodotti fitosanitari, includono pesticidi, fungicidi, erbicidi
  4. A

    English base stance

    Politik usw. Meinung; Ansicht have a stance meinen; eine Meinung oder eine Ansicht haben have the stance that __________ meinen, dass __________; der Meinung oder der Ansicht sein, dass __________ take a stance on sth. über etw. [+AKK] meinen; eine Meinung über etw. [+AKK] bilden; auf etw...
  5. A

    English to Italian neoliberalism

    "neoliberalismo" e "neoliberismo" sono due concetti DIFFERENTI, NON EQUIVALENTI, essendo il secondo termine di matrice crociana (vedi polemica Croce-Einaudi) per riferirsi e una sfera economica in cui regna la libertà economica (una 'economia libera'), mentre il primo termine comprende non solo...
  6. M

    English to Italian silo

    It seems to miss any reference to the use of this word in the working context to explain when people work in an isolated manner and do not collaborate even when they should (like in the case in which someone is part of a larger team, but s/he does not share with colleagues any information, etc.)
  7. I

    English to Spanish discretion

    There is his boss and her refering to The boss
  8. M

    English to Italian amortization

    in accounting admortization is better translated with "svalutazione" that refers exactly to the writing off of an asset, while with "ammortamento" is meant the depreciation. is sounds like they are inverted, we call these words that look easy to be translated but they aren't "false friends" for...
  9. M

    English to Spanish grown-up

  10. P

    English to Italian voluptuousness

    Hi everybody, the word VOLUTTUOSITÀ in contemporary Italian does not exist. This archaic term is nowadays, yet very rare, used into the different contracted form VOLUTTÀ. The form reported in your dictionary has a clear ancient latin hint coming from the word VOLUPTAS. Best regards
  11. A

    English to Italian circuit breaker

    In Italiano, "circuit breaker" si dice "disgiuntore". Per esempio: Il disgiuntore protegge i circuiti contro i cortocircuiti. Disgiuntore - Wikipedia
  12. Lexicografur

    English to Italian morning

    Is there a difference between mattino and mattina? I think this could be made more clear, maybe with a note or with a dsense. I know that usually we wouldn't put that kind of note but since the words are so similar it could be helpful here.
  13. Ή

    English to Greek damp squib

  14. B

    English to Greek precipitate

  15. R

    English to Greek fucked-up

    I'm not getting involved with a fucked-up guy like that again! Δεν ξαναμπλέκω με τέτοιο μαλάκα! ξανα-, again; μπλέκω, getting involved
  16. T

    Greek to English αντιπροσωπεία

    Lathos i metafrasi
  17. A

    English to Italian bugle call

    I'd rather translate "bugle call" into "ordinanza militare" that is every military command given by a suitable trumpet sound. Moreover I'd prefer "sveglia" to "risveglio", as this is the term used in Italian Army.
  18. V

    English to Greek dial

    add also αριθμορότορας
  19. M

    English to Greek deixis

    (social) diexis
  20. Ο

    English to Greek barrow

    (το) ορονέκυρ [ουδέτερο] νέκυρ (nékur) corpse, dead person ὅρος • (hóros) m (genitive ὅρου); second declension boundary, limit, frontier, landmark
  21. T

    English to Italian broad

    A lot of errors in translation and missing translation
  22. Δ

    English to Greek audibility

    (acoustic property) ακουστότητα θ ΟΧΙ ΑΚΟΥΣΤΙΚΗ ΧΩΡΟΥ!!! Η ΑΚΟΥΣΤΙΚΗ ΧΩΡΟΥ ΕΙΝΑΙ: room acoustics, spatial acoustics, space acoustics, acoustics The characteristics found within a structure that determine the quality of sound in its relevance to hearing.(Source: KOREN)
  23. I

    English to Greek vocative

    κλητικό ο
  24. B

    English to Italian rattle appart

    Rattle appart
  25. A

    English to Greek orbit

    (astronomy) τροχιάζω, περιτρέχω
  26. R

    French to Spanish réveillon

    On peut dir aussi en espagnol "revellón"
  27. I

    English base engrail

    (biology) to activate the engrailed homeobox protein
  28. M

    English base release

    To release, as in to release a patient from the hospital is a major use of the verb. In Spanish the expression is usually "dar de alta".
  29. lorenzogranada

    Spanish base macarrónico

    Macarrónico applies to public speeches intended to impress rather than inform, with endless rigmarole and strings of fashionable clichés. In Spain, politicians are quite expert at it, using long important-sounding words and adminstrative formulas to intimidate the listeners. It's what the French...
  30. A

    Greek to English δασύλλιο

  31. J

    Greek to English στρατιά

    Ο αρχηγός χρησιμοποίησε την στρατιά του για να επιτεθεί στον εχθρό
  32. K

    French to Spanish faux-bourdon

    Au cas où un jour cela serait utile à quelqu'un, les faux bourdons sont des zánganos...
  33. S

    pending charge

    Hi, How can I translate "a pending charge" in french please?
  34. laurentius87

    Pending cancellations

    Salve, in una lettera che riguarda una domanda di alloggio ho trovato scritto "pending cancellations". Sapreste dirmi cosa si intende di preciso? Vuol dire che si attendono delle cancellazioni/rinunce di altri per liberare dei posti? Grazie