1. M

    English to Italian glacier

    Pasticcere addetto ai dessert freddi o gelati
  2. M

    Spanish base condicionés

    no existe condicionés con tilde Condición sí existe. condicionés, no El plural de condición es condiciones, sin tilde. condicionés no es la segundapersoa del subjuntivo ni de ninguna otra conjugación podria referirse a que vosotros condicionéis. (lleva una i entre la ey la s finales) gracias...
  3. N

    English to Greek marlin

    ιστιοξιφίας (biologically isn't a swordfish, but colloquially it is)
  4. J

    Spanish base mariposear

    Mariposeando Ana is bothering Ana está mariposeando
  5. Φ

    English base intercept

    add as into tapping
  6. Marcus_60

    English base disenfranchisement

    Hello, according to this forum thread economic disenfranchisement Disenfranchisement is a term that comes from franchise which literally refers to "freedom", but in particular means the ability to vote for one's government. To be disenfranchised, in this case, means to be excluded from having a...
  7. M

    English to Greek in and of itself

    αυτογενώς: in and of itself (έχει κι άλλες σημασίες)
  8. Α

    English to Greek salivary

    σιελικός σιελογόνος = saliva making σιελικός = related in any possible way to saliva; it's a hypernym not restricted to creation
  9. C

    English to Greek convalescence

  10. N

    English to Portuguese rotar

    A tradução de 'rotate' é 'rotar' ou é 'rodar'?
  11. L

    English base clicker

    (med. orthop.) = tensionatore (di fissatore esterno)
  12. C

    English to Italian crash-land

    To crash in a bed
  13. Υ

    English to Greek bolt

    μονάδα μέτρησης υφάσματος
  14. Lturbinati

    English to Italian remount - rimonta

    Nelle forze armate, reclutamento dei quadrupedi necessari per i vari servizi, in sostituzione di quelli che si riformano: cavallo di rimonta. horse holders (in charge of the remounts) - i detentori dei cavalli (incaricati delle rimonte) Analogam., nell’allevamento del bestiame da latte...
  15. L

    English to Italian guardia

    There's a spelling error. It should be "guardia" in Italian
  16. Γ

    English base configuration

    (statistical mechanics) παραμετρική εκδοχή
  17. F

    English base setting

    Setting: in Medicina “quadro clinico”, ad esempio “in the setting of spinal cord injury “ = “nel quadro clinico di una lesione del midollo spinale”.
  18. B

    English to Italian give

    Give up
  19. A

    Spanish base rastra

    Falta el significado de rastra de pelo.
  20. S

    English to Greek fiction

    You had the word in english but like 2 words. Why didn't you wrote these words in greek?
  21. F

    English base furlough

    Anglicized in the style of dough It's a more accurate phrasing.
  22. Κ

    English to Greek cittern

    το κίτερνο
  23. Α

    English to Greek defector

    αυτομολών, αυτομολούσα, αυτομολόν αυτομολητής, αυτομολήτρια more correct than your entry
  24. R

    English to Italian natty

  25. Ν

    English base overshoot

    έκρηξη τιμής, ραγδαία αύξηση
  26. M

    English to Italian as opposed to

    in contrasto a
  27. L

    English to Italian sizzle

    arricchire l'esperienza dell'utente online
  28. N

    English to Italian shadow

    We need the word shadow to be used in a different way. Shadows under her/his eyes,
  29. Π

    English to Greek altar boy

    υποκόρος, νεαρός υποκόρος
  30. TheWrongForkattheJunction

    English to Portuguese altar boy

    Bom dia Quanto à expressão altar boy, parece-me que está em falta o termo «acólito». Cordialmente
  31. D

    English to Italian assenza

    Seizure - medical term - A seizure is a sudden, uncontrolled electrical disturbance in the brain. It can cause changes in your behavior, movements or feelings, and in levels of consciousness
  32. B

    Greek to English φταρνίζομαι

    (parentese, baby talk) κάνω αψού tautological style/ταυτόσημου ύφους to achoo
  33. T

    English to Greek inoculate

    read your own dictionary it also means to transmit the disease, but it's rare or erroneously used μετάδοση (όμως είναι προβληματικός όρος) inoculate - Dictionary of English 15:00
  34. Α

    English to Greek outbreak

    (epidemic) επιδημία
  35. Ν

    English base loathsome

    αποτρόπαιος › nhkworld Web results Father gets 16 years for fatal child abuse | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News 4 hours ago · The judge said what the defendant did was appalling and loathsome. He said Kurihara caused the death of his daughter through his intermittent abuse. Share...
  36. C

    French to Spanish monter la garde

    Bonjour, Malheureusement cette expression de la langue française n'est pas traduite. Pourriez vous remédier à cela ? Merci d'avance
  37. M

    English to Italian hardwood

    legno di latifoglia The property has mature pines and hardwoods. Nell'appezzamento ci sono alberi di latifoglia e pini maturi.
  38. J

    English to Greek cabin fever

    stir fever κλειστοφοβία λόγω εγκλεισμού
  39. H

    English to Italian Hamstring

    Isn’t hamstring at the back of the thigh? I believe there’s an error in the translation as it’s translated as something located in the knee area. I might be wrong but I guess the correct translation would be “bicipite femorale”
  40. S

    English to Greek primer

  41. G

    English to Italian lodge

    lodge [sth] vtr (register complaint, appeal) (denuncia, reclamo)sporgere⇒, presentare⇒ vtr Tina lodged a complaint with the human resources department. Tina ha sporto reclamo presso l'ufficio del personale.
  42. D

    English to Italian involute

    Evolvente Italian native
  43. Θ

    English to Greek fulfilling

  44. R

    English to Greek affective

  45. TheWrongForkattheJunction

    English to Portuguese sobering

    Bom dia Na entrada para sobering, parece-me que seria de considerar acrescentar a expressão «dar que pensar». Cordialmente
  46. Ο

    English to Greek cannonball

    (ammunition) σφαίρα βομβάρδας, βομβαρδόσφαιρα βομβάρδα (κανόνι)
  47. R

    English to Greek operant

    (ethology, psychology) συμπεριφοροδιαφοροποιητικός [αρσενικό επίθετο] operant /ˈɒp(ə)r(ə)nt/ PSYCHOLOGY adjective involving the modification of behaviour by the reinforcing or inhibiting effect of its own consequences. noun an item of behaviour that is not a response to a prior stimulus...
  48. Ν

    English to Greek emergent

  49. J

    Spanish base anís

    The plural form of anís is anises.
  50. L

    English base drippy

    drippy as in cool