1. M

    English to Spanish boyfriend

    maybe you could add a diffrent way on how to put it as in I want to give this to you because you are my boyfriend.
  2. M

    English base lost on

    I think be lost on somebody also means that one person doesn't care about you, like he or she doesn't know about your existence. - You'll never be lost on me. = Nunca pasarás desapercibida para mí, in Spanish
  3. P

    English to Italian eat your heart out

    Io tradurrei l'espressione "eat your heart out" con "rodersi / mangiarsi il fegato", che - benché poco usato forse oggi, offre un bellissimo paragone con la forma inglese, che usa il termine "cuore" al posto di "fegato" . Mi sembra interessante lasciare questa forma perché nel periodo...
  4. Squiggle

    French base turbiner

    I would like to suggest "churn" as another translation for "turbiner". This came up for me in a translation about making sorbet.
  5. Μ

    English base moment of inertia

    (physics) Moment of inertia - Wikipedia › wiki › Moment_of_inertia The moment of inertia is defined as the product of mass of section and the square of the distance between the reference axis and the centroid of the section. List of moments of inertia - Wikipedia...
  6. LordThomas

    English to Italian bagging

    In English the word "bagging" is not a noun but a the -ing form to bag. Therefore, I think that the Italian translation of the word confezionamento is not "bagging" but confezionamento packaging
  7. tene

    English to Italian lying

  8. A

    English base argue

    (philosophy, phrase used at the University of Edinburgh) argue for a view, argued for the view that see: University of Edinburgh - Philosophy - Coursera
  9. M

    English to Spanish weep

    Llorar Spanish The boy was weeping El niño estaba llorando
  10. R

    English to Italian cold spell

    After the heat wave there was a cold spell, much to everyone's relief The Italian translation is not correct La recente ondata di freddo è stata un brutto colpo per l'agricoltura.
  11. Nanon

    French to Spanish chou

    chou nm (légume vert) col nf berza nf Le chou peut se déguster froid ou cuit à la vapeur. La col se puede degustar fría o cocida al vapor. También repollo (que aparece en las formas compuestas). Hay países en que col o berza casi no se usan. V. Berza, col o repollo
  12. M

    English to Italian cleavage

    (geologia) sfaldatura
  13. N

    French to Spanish ces

    Could you add the "ces" translation please? It's litterally the subject of the page...
  14. Z

    French base couvrir ses arrières

    Hi, I'm martin, I'm french and living in the uk, I was wondering how to translate that "couvrir ses arrières" aswell as "on couvre tes arrières". The later might be well translated with "to support" but I wander if there would be any more similar saying involving the blind side of someone? Also...
  15. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese alias

    The translations under "alias" and a.k.a" should be more or less the same: a.k.a., aka, A.K.A., AKA. prep initialism (also known as) também conhecido como loc adv aliás adv William H. Bonney, a.k.a. Billy the Kid, was a 19th-century American outlaw. alias adv (also known as)...
  16. P

    French to English embrasement

    There are typos in the examples that contain two "s".
  17. G

    French base congé thématique

    Bonjour, Pour le congé thématique, il n'est pas rémunéré par l'employeur. En revanche, il est payé par la solidarité nationale (sauf convention collective ou accord d'entreprise plus favorable) Congé pour proche aidant : Congé de proche aidant Attention, certains congés sont décomptés...
  18. L

    French base reprendre

    en génie civil, on dit qu'un élément de structure reprend des forces de poussée par exemple, quel serait le terme adéquat?
  19. swift

    English base peaks and troughs

    I believe we’re missing this phrase in the English base. Could it be added so it’s translated into other languages in the future? Thanks!
  20. L

    English base laundry basket

    laundry basket = laundry hamper About 123,000,000 results (0.82 seconds) Search Results Images for Laundry basket Guided Search Filters Laundry baskets | › products › laundry-cleaning › lau... Laundry baskets. FYLLEN laundry basket, 79 l, White | IKEA Greece -...
  21. J

    English to Spanish hoog

  22. S

    French base issue fatale

    How would you translate "issue fatale" ? Thank you
  23. Keith Bradford

    French base guirlande

    The dictionary suggestions of tinsel or wreath when translating "cette année, notre sapin aura des guirlandes de Noël rouges" is surely wrong. Wreaths are circular and placed on doors or walls, and tinsel is silver or gold, not red. Could I suggest a rewrite of this article in the light of...
  24. A

    French to Spanish vautour

    oublié le v
  25. D

    English to Italian complacency

  26. P

    English base popularization

    related terms: public outreach, public lectures What are public outreach programs? Some examples of outreach activities include public lectures, field trips for students or adults, community-based participatory research, community or professional workshops, the development of an educational...
  27. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese penny

    penny, new penny, plural: pennies n UK (coin worth one hundredth of a pound) (moeda) centavo sm (moeda) péni sm There are one hundred pennies in every pound. Há cem centavos em cada libra. I think it would be better to remove "centavo" (because I don't think there are cents in...
  28. M

    English to Italian throttle valve

    valvola di laminazione
  29. P

    English to Spanish clickbait

    No pronunciation of the word is provided. thank you
  30. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese toll

    It seems that only the Brazilian version of "toll" "pedágio" is in the dictionary; could you add the European Portuguese version? pedágio TERM 1 toll n (road fee) pedágio sm tributo sm If we take that road, we'll have to pay a toll; perhaps we should try an alternative route...
  31. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese drive

    drive⇒vi (operate a vehicle) dirigir v int I can't drive yet. I'm only 15. Ainda não posso dirigir. Só tenho 15 anos. drive [sth]⇒vtr (operate: a vehicle) dirigir, conduzir vt Would you like to drive my new car? Gostaria de dirigir meu carro novo? Also add "(POR)...
  32. H

    English base epitome

    synonyms: paragon, perfect example shining example good example model epitome archetype ideal exemplar nonpareil paradigm embodiment personification quintessence standard prototype apotheosis the crème de la crème the beau idéal acme jewel gem flower angel treasure a perfect...
  33. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese ride

    riden US, informal (transport: lift in a vehicle) (meio de transporte) carona sf Thanks for the ride! I'd never have made it here on time without it. Posso te dar uma carona para casa? "carona" is Brazilian Portuguese only; could you specify it and find the European Portuguese term...
  34. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese hitchhiker

    hitchhiker n (person who solicits car rides) caroneiro, carona sm Sebastian pities hitchhikers, but he feels it dangerous to stop for them. Could you 1) put the feminine version if applicable? 2) specify that these terms are Brazilian Portuguese 3) find the European Portuguese term for...
  35. L

    French base fins

    il manque la traduction de à des fins...
  36. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese busy

    busy adj (telephone, in use) (telefone, em uso) ocupado adj The phone line is busy. A linha telefônica está ocupada. I don't know whether "impedido" would be worth adding? See here or there.
  37. L

    French base crise de colère

    temper tantrum
  38. T

    French base string

    Si Géraldine parlait un français correct, elle trouverait que les strings "irritent LA peau" et non "sa peau"
  39. M

    French base porter

    porter [qqun] = ? J'ai cherché partout même dans les forums, pourquoi ne trouvé-je pas la traduction de "porter quelqu'un" ? Est-ce quecette expression est usagé en anglais ?
  40. n.ares

    English to Portuguese dog

    dog n (pet: canine) cão sm cachorro sm She got a dog for Christmas. Ela ganhou um cão de Natal. Ela ganhou um cachorro de natal. dog n (species: canis familiaris) cão, cachorro sm There are many different breeds of dog. Há várias raças de cão (or...
  41. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese bank holiday

    bank holiday n UK (national non-work day) feriado bancário loc sm I always work bank holidays – I get paid double-time! Eu sempre trabalho em feriados bancários, eles me pagam o dobro! How common is "feriado bancário" (in Portugal)? I think that "feriado" on its own would be more...
  42. J

    English to Portuguese sharesies

  43. K

    English base goyim

    "goyim" is listed as a "pejorative" word—this isn't true. "goyim" means "nations", in reference to people who aren't jewish. this is a completely neutral term and it's rather antisemitic to demonize our native language. the antisemitic notion that hebrew is demonic or that jews are trying to...
  44. Nanon

    French base accablant

    accablant adj (accusateur) (prueba, evidencia) contundente, irrefutable adj mf Le fusil, qui porte ses empreintes digitales, est une preuve accablante pour Henri. El fusil, que tiene sus huellas digitales, es una prueba contundente para Henri. No me parece que contundente (muy...
  45. U

    French base glisser

    Glisser vers- to slide towards / lean towards. Il glisse vers le parti républicain - He leans toward the republican party.
  46. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese stop

    stop n (station on a route) parada sf estação sf ponto sm The train arrived at my stop. The bus passenger pressed the bell for the next stop. O trem chegou à sua última parada. "paragem" in European Portuguese? halt n (stop) (BRA) parada sf (POR) paragem sf...
  47. D

    English to Portuguese staging

    In software, the build and deployment tools used in CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) use the term 'staging' while preparing/moving all the pieces to package them. In Portuguese, the equivalent is: "preparar para a fase de implementação."
  48. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese for

    for prep (time: duration) (tempo: duração) por prep She was gone for four hours. I've been learning Chinese for two years. Ela ficou fora por quatro horas. Estou aprendendo chinês por dois anos. Also "há" with a past perfect in English?
  49. E

    French to Spanish crue

    Crue lo ponen como derivado del verbo croire (creer), pero yo opino que viene del verbo croître, aunq lo lógico hubiera sido que se escribiera crûe. I thought this was Spanish- French, but I'm not sure if it's the English-French forum, so I will also post it in English: Wordrefernce says crue...
  50. DearPrudence

    English to Portuguese taxi

    taxi stand, also UK: taxi rankn (place where taxis wait) ponto sm There is a taxi stand a block from here. Megan needed to get home and the last bus had gone, so she went to the taxi rank. Está faltando alguma coisa importante ? Notifique-nos a respeito de erros ou sugestões Also...