1. M

    English to Italian spoiler

  2. sylvainremy

    English base zoning ordinance

    plan d'occupation des sols plan local d'urbanisme
  3. sylvainremy

    English base pomp and show

    pompe et apparat
  4. wildan1

    English base certified

    In the FR-EN Dictionary: certified adj (person: legally declared insane) aliéné mental loc adj This usage is strictly BE and should be indicated as such.
  5. Q

    English base wasteful

    (figurative) thriftless This stunningly thriftless allocation of genetic material The Complex Truth About ‘Junk DNA’ | Quanta Magazine
  6. M

    English to Italian overreach

  7. S

    English base tender

    tender n (railroads: coal, water car) ténder nm The fireman carried through coal from the tender to feed the engine. El bombero llevó carbón desde el ténder para alimentar el motor. Maybe this is just me reading weird, but isn't the word "through" superfluous in the English example...
  8. A

    French to Spanish prairie

    un sinónimo es también: "le pré"
  9. R

    Spanish base secador

    Sugiero que al buscar «secador» también aparezca abajo de todo «secadora».
  10. P

    English base piriform

    Definition of "pyriform" - Merriam-Webster › dictionary History and Etymology for pyriform. New Latin pyriformis, from Medieval Latin pyrum pear (alteration of Latin pirum) + Latin -iformis -iform. pyriform - Wiktionary › wiki › pyriform...
  11. R

    English to Spanish bicycle kick

    Actual: bicycle kick n (soccer move) chut de bicicleta loc nom m chilena nf Buenas. La traducción «chut de bicicleta» es incorrecta. «bicycle kick / bicicleta» es un falso amigo en el tema futbolístico. bicycle kick → chilena: hacer regates step over → bicicleta: disparar de espaldas...
  12. P

    English to Spanish put off

    A good translation for this term, instead of "causar rechazo", in Spain would be "echar (a alguien) para atrás" (informal).
  13. M

    English to Italian fair

    lisciare, spianare; carenare
  14. R

    Spanish base transformador

    Buenas. «transformador» también se usa como sinónimo de «adaptador de corriente», para los cargadores de portátiles, móviles que tienen un pequeño transformador dentro. travel adaptor - English-Spanish Dictionary - power pack - English-Spanish Dictionary -
  15. R

    English base socket

    Hi. I suggest add a new meaning for «socket» in computers. In computer hardware, a CPU socket or CPU slot contains one or more mechanical components providing mechanical and electrical connections between a microprocessor and a printed circuit board (PCB). This allows for placing and replacing...
  16. R

    English base recommission

    re-optimization, to change the original design or function
  17. P

    Spanish base barata

    En España: Barata = rebajas
  18. R

    Spanish to English reinstalar

    Hi. I suggest adding this word as a derivative of "unistall". And "reinstall" appers in: reinstalar - Diccionario Inglés-Español réinstaller - traduction - Dictionnaire Français-Anglais This is for English-Spanish: reinstall v (computing: computer program)...
  19. sylvainremy

    French to English conjoncture économique vs structure économique

    economic cycle vs economic structure
  20. M

    French to English lors de

    à l'occasion de
  21. G

    French base friteuse

    Bonjour, Vu que tout le monde se rue dessus, j'aurais bien rajouté "friteuse à air" ! C'est une friteuse qui permet de frire... avec 80% d'huile en moins. La friteuse utilise essentiellement la ventilation interne pour frire. Sur Internet, une recherche me donne "freídora de aire" et je...
  22. R

    Spanish base cancha

    Para español-inglés: ¡Falta el significado de los deportes! El terreno en el que se juega fútbol, rugby o hockey sobre césped. Y que viene en: pitch - English-Spanish Dictionary - field - English-Spanish Dictionary - cancha nf Hispanoamérica: (deportes...
  23. D

    English to Italian shame

    Senso d'inadeguatezza, non sentirsi all'altezza
  24. L

    English to Italian vicious

  25. N

    Spanish base reproductor

    fenêtre de lancement (pour une vidéo web)
  26. M

    English to Italian evaluator

    Manca come traduzione in italiano la parola "Valutatore" che e' molto piu' moderna di "Perito". Infatti, "Perito" andrebbe tradotto con "Technical Evaluator". Sebbene in Italiano "Valutatore" sia un neologismo, questo termine e' usato in molti contesti tecnici ed di uso comune.
  27. M

    English to Italian denial

  28. J

    French base saltimbanque

    In the middle age there was no entertainers and acrobat is too restrictive
  29. J

    French to English saltimbanque

    It's an old middle age profession ,nothing like you say
  30. P

    English to Italian manifold

    In 3d printing means a very specific thing. I found this in google translate that fits the need: "MATHEMATICS: a collection of points forming a certain kind of set, such as those of a topologically closed surface or an analog of this in three or more dimensions."
  31. F

    English base sieve

    Dans le contexte de l'hydrotopologie, sieve signifie "obstacle siphonnant" (danger mortel pour les humains et autres gros animaux)
  32. J

    French base sport de glisse

    "Sport de glisse" is translated by "winter sports" : sport de glisse - traduction - Dictionnaire Français-Anglais It should be translated by "Board sports" This is what I think as a native french speaker, and lover of board sports. Wikipedia seems to agree with this ...
  33. S

    English to Italian stock

    (meccanica) Sovrametallo nm
  34. R

    Spanish to English play-back

    Spanish English play-back, playback nm voz inglesa (sincronización de sonido) playback n lip-syncing, lip-sync n La cantante no hizo comentarios con respecto al uso del «play-back» en el concierto. Creo que la traducción al inglés poniendo «playback» está mal. En español...
  35. M

    English base scaling

    In matematica la parola "scaling" viene anche tradotta come "riscalare" nel senso dei seguenti esempi: "The scaling properties of lenght, area and volume are well known" si traduce in "Le proprietà di riscalatura di lunghezza, area e volume sono ben note". Ancora "The scaling factor of the graph...
  36. S

    French to English curieux

    Par curieux hazard - by a curious chance Gandalf
  37. L

    English base crunch time

    Proposing in compound forms: crunch time In video game industry (and other domains), a crunch, or crunch time, is a hard work time to meet a deadline or milestone. Or more generally a period of time when there's high pressure to achieve a result. More information here: Video game developer -...
  38. M

    English to Italian run

    (clock) battere
  39. L

    French base arc

    Un arc dans un animé n est pas traduit. Peut être que l on pourrait utiliser narrative arc mais ce n’est pas précisé.
  40. R

    Spanish to English vale

    Traducción actual: ¡Vale! interj ES: informal (está bien, de acuerdo) fine, right, good, OK interj ¡Vale! Quedamos mañana a las ocho. Fine. See you tomorrow at eight. En mi opinión, creo que hay que poner primero las traducciones «OK» y «okay». Ya que es la mejor traducción para...
  41. G

    English to Italian Doormat

    sottone, colui che è privo di carattere
  42. swift

    Spanish to English manido

    Recién agregamos una nueva acepción para “manido” para hablar del método de conservación de carnes ablandadas y sazonadas. Collins da “high” y “gamy”, pero puede haber otros calificativos relacionados con el verbo “hang”. “High” parece ser británico. ¿Qué opinas, @fenixpollo?
  43. A

    French base sirop

    sirop nm (préparation aromatique à diluer) jarabe, sirope nm Ma grand-mère avait plusieurs bouteilles de sirop pour quand ses petits-enfants venaient. Pour un mélange pas trop sucré, mets un volume de sirop pour sept volumes de sirop. Mi abuela tenía varias botellas de jarabe para...
  44. G

    English to Greek welcome

    Please note the correct is: welcome interj (greeting) καλώς ήρθες, καλώς όρισες επιφ Καλωσέρχομαι does not exist and καλωσορίζω means to welcome sb.
  45. I

    English base wench

    Pejoritif (cow, bitch)
  46. A

    English to Greek spinneret

    μεταξαδένας add that also
  47. M

    English to Italian pitting

    pitting corrosion= vaiolatura, corrosione/erosione alveolare
  48. K

    French base ferme

    travailler ferme - to work hard
  49. W

    French base châssis

    Chez nous <<châssis> veut-dire la même chose que <<fenêtre>>. Cet usage se trouve parmi les québécois, les francophones du nord-est des EU, et dans l’Acadie.
  50. P

    English to Italian smooth

    You miss the meaning "a smooth person" If you describe someone, especially a man, as smooth, you mean that they are extremely smart, confident, and polite, often in a way that you find rather unpleasant.