1. S

    Urdu, Hindi, Persian: Working hours and non-working hours

    Dear Foreros, I was wondering what the official terms for working and non-working hours are in the languages above. From a quick Google search the following is what is returned so far as Urdu is concerned: Auqaat/Oqaat e kaar which would suggest that Ghair-auqaat/oqaat E kaar would be the...
  2. MonsieurGonzalito

    Persian: نرسد

    Friends, What does نرسد mean in the following context: عشق اگر بہ فریادِ دلِ ما نرسد It belongs to the lyrics of a song in the Pakistani musical show "Coke Studio", meant to be an hommage to Googoosh's "Man Amadeh Am". [Youtube: U_DSCLqgZCo] But I don't know if the Persian parts are...
  3. marrish

    Persian/Gujarati: پن પણ 'but'.

    Hello, A seemingly unassuming yet quite an interesting word which I've just noticed skimming through the pages of Persian dictionaries is this: پن pan, But, but then, now; yet, however. In Gujarati, a very similar word, પણ paɳ 'but, yet...' is used all the time and expresses the same...
  4. E

    Persian: Pronunciation of آبش احمد‎

    Hello, I'd like to ask about the pronunciation of آبش احمد‎, which is the name of a town in Iran: 1. Does the آ here represent the short vowel a /æ/ or the long vowel ā /ɒː/? 2. Is there a glottal stop sound /ʔ/ between آبش and احمد ? Thank you in advance.
  5. W

    Persian: یاد باد آن که به اصلاح شما می‌شد راست

    I am having trouble translating this line of Hafez. It is the last two lines of Ghazal 204. I've posted the context here: یاد باد آن که به اصلاح شما می‌شد راست نظم هر گوهر ناسفته که حافظ را بود Translation #1: The poetry/order of every unpierced gem, that was Hafez Translation #2: the...
  6. PersoLatin

    Persian: پرخاشخر

    I was looking up a word and came across پرخاشخر (see here) , mainly in Ferdôsi's work, it not related to پرخاشگر, there's also پرخاشخور (-xor) which can only be the correct version of پرخاشخر despite خر- being pronounced as 'xar' and not 'xor', I am assuming suffix خور derives from خوردن, with...
  7. PersoLatin

    Persian: اغمام

    Yesterday I received a text which had this word in it, from the context it was obvious that the sender meant غم‌ها “sorrows”, I can’t find it in any online dictionary, is اغمام plural (broken) of غم “sorrow”, a legitimate Arabic word with the meaning in question, and if not, is it still used or...
  8. M

    Persian: gender - jen-deh (false friends)

    First of all, apologies that I'm unable to write the Arabic script. Anyway, years ago, in a former life, I taught English as a foreign language. In the 1960s, Iranian students were often in the majority in language schools in GB. I was interested in foreign languages and had a bit of a go at...
  9. S

    Urdu, Persian, Hindu: You're family, like family.

    Dear Foreros, I was wondering how would you refer to someone as "like family or to be family to you" in the languages above. If someone were your blood you would say "tum to meraa/humaaraa xuun ho", however the same wouldn't apply for an adopted member of the household I.e. whether its a friend...
  10. marrish

    Persian: ندی

    Hi, What does the word ندی stand for in the following phrase which I've come across in a text message? جوین ندی از دستت رفته I don't expect the following definition from the Steingass dictionary to be of any help, however it indirectly points to the possibility of it being a proper name...
  11. PersoLatin

    Persian: توجهات and صدمات

    From Persian point of view توجهات (attentions) and صدمات (damages) are plurals of توجه and صدمه and on that basis why is صدمات correct and not صدمهات, looking online the same seems to apply to these in Arabic too, can some please explain this?
  12. Ali Smith

    Persian: تا انگشتم به خون هموطنانم آلوده نشود

    سلام What does تا انگشتم به خون هموطنانم آلوده نشود mean? My guess: Lest my finger not be sullied with the blood of my fellow countrymen. متشكرم
  13. Milky Lion

    Persian: نگار and نگاری in ghazals

    Hi there I have a question concerning the gender problem of نگار / نگاری in Persian poetic tradition. Since 1. the Persian language is not gender marked, and 2. the poetic vocabulary has been usurped by the شاهدبازی Sufis for a long time, the exact gender of the beloved often becomes...
  14. MonsieurGonzalito

    Persian: تو کجا من کجا

    Friends, In the TV music show "Coke Studio Pakistan" a beautiful song was peformed called " تو کجا من کجا" [sample Youtube: VPp3fudw69w] The song has mystic overtones, and it normally exalts the spiritual master, or God. It is in Urdu, but this opening stanza is the above, in what (seems to...
  15. S

    Urdu, Hindi, Persian: Credit/ Taking the credit

    Dear Foreros, How would you define the concept of taking the credit or wanting the credit for having done something or an accolade in the respective languages. The word that shouts at me is daad. I would assume daad lenaa and chaahnaa would perfectly encapsulate the idea in Urdu and Hindi...
  16. C

    Persian: کارهای کسی را برایش انجام دادن

    Hi, Could you help me with the translation of the underlying part please? استقلال بیمار در انجام کارهای روزمره به دلیل توجهات بیش از حد خانواده به بیمار و انجام دادن تمام کارهای وی، تحت الشعاع قرار گرفته Thanks!
  17. taraa

    Persian: take effect

    Does 'take effect' mean 'اثر گذاشتن/اثر داشتن'? itself; write(X) must certainly be done after the final write to xi. The output(BX) operation for the buffer block BX on which X resides does not need to take effect immediately after write(X) is executed, since the block BX may contain other data...
  18. taraa

    Persian: in the face

    What is the Persian equivalent to 'in the face'? Is it like 'در مواجهه با'/'در رویارویی با'? The recovery scheme must also support high availability, that is, the database should be usable for a very high percentage of time. To support high availability in the face of machine failure (as also...
  19. P

    Persian: more than/less than

    I've been teaching myself to read Persian through Wheeler M. Thackston's An Introduction to Persian, & have come across two constructions that appear at first glance to have the same meaning. Thackston writes in §44.5: (He does note that the second & third sentences are open to other...
  20. AidaGlass

    Persian: translation, He may be thinking of “culmination” in the Catholic sense of

    Hello. How would you translate the part in red? One of the most respected Stanford humanities professors, Robert Harrison, called death the “culmination” of life. He may be thinking of “culmination” in the Catholic sense of making peace with God and receiving the last rites. Can the idea of...
  21. S

    Urdu/Farsi: Maadar e zameen vs Maadar-watan

    Dear Foreros, I am flummoxed by the izaafat in both terms above. Whilst although I regularly hear Maadar-watan being used for mother country in lieu of Maadar E watan. I would like to know the purpose of these izaafats and whether or not they were compulsory in both cases? Most Urdu-phones at...
  22. T

    Persian: First command

    The two stories were written at different times and belong to different collections, but they refer to the same period in Conrad’s life; namely, the period of his first command. به فارسی چی میشه؟ ممنونمfirst command سلام کسی می دونه معنی
  23. taraa

    Persian: sabotage

    What is the Persian equivalent to 'subject' and 'sabotage' here? A computer system, like any other device, is subject to failure from a variety of causes: disk crash, power outage, software error, a fire in the machine room, even sabotage. In any failure, information may be lost. Database...
  24. taraa

    Persian: catching up

    What is the Persian equivalent to 'catching up' here? Creation of materialized views that are maintained immediately, as part of the transaction that updates any of the relations used in the view, can also benefit from online construction techniques that are similar to online index...
  25. C

    Persian: که آن هم

    Hi, How can I show the emphasis- که آن هم- in the following sentence? "طبق جستجوهای انجام شده در بانک های اطلاعاتی، مطالعات محدودی از استفاده بالینی از این ابزارها یافت شده که آن هم به صورت گزارش موردی بوده است" Thanks!
  26. PersoLatin

    Persian: پالیختن pâlixtan

    Is پالیختن/pâlixtan a Persian verb and if it is, what does it mean & is پالیز/pâliz "garden, orchard..." its present stem?
  27. Ali Smith

    Persian: و ھر گاہ یکی از این عیوب در کلمہ ئی یافت شود

    سلام كلمۂ فصیحہ، کلمہ ئی است کہ تنافر حروف، غرابت و مخالفت قیاس لغوی نداشتہ باشد و ھر گاہ یکی از این عیوب در کلمہ ئی یافت شود آن کلمہ فصیح نیست۔ What does و ھر گاہ یکی از این عیوب در کلمہ ئی یافت شود mean? My guess: و ھر گاہ یکی از این عیوب در کلمہ ئی یافت شود And whenever one of these...
  28. lukebeadgcf

    Persian: Pronouncing ک as چ

    Hello! I heard the word له کردن "to crush," and it very much sounded like it was pronounced له چردن. I was wondering when and why the ک turns into a چ more generally. Thank you!
  29. C

    Persian: مسئولین و دست اندرکاران تربیت بدنی

    Hi, How can I say "مسئولین و دست‌اندرکاران تربیت بدنی وزارت آموزش و پرورش" in English? Thanks!
  30. lukebeadgcf

    Persian: دگرباش

    I saw the word دگرباش in a BBC article about the Australian olympian Matthew Mitcham. Where does the word دگرباش, meaning "LGBT," come from? What is its etymology? To what extent can it be used in conversation with this meaning? Or are there better alternatives? Thank you!
  31. C

    Persian: میزان اثربخشی

    Hi, Could you help me with the English equivalence of "میزان اثربخشی" in the following context? تفاوتی بین میزان اثربخشی حرکات ورزشی مختلف بر عملکرد شناختی جوانان وجود نداشت. Thanks!
  32. Ali Smith

    Persian: برتر بودن

    سلام My textbook defines the Arabic word برع in the following way: برع بہ فتح وضم راء در لغت بہ معنای برتر بودن شخصی بر غیرش در علم و غیر علم است Does bartar budan mean "to be superior"? My translation: برع with a fathe and a zamme on the raa in language (لغت) means "for a person to be...
  33. A

    letter discovered

    We found a letter in a home where people hid from the nazis during WW2. A friend of mine suggested that it's written in Farsi. Anyone care to look at it? Thanks in advance.
  34. A

    Persian: دره ی کوه کجا و تهران کجاست؟

    Dear all, I found the sentence دره ی کوه کجا و تهران کجاست؟ (from the novel روزگار سیاه by 'Abbas Khalili) translated as "There is a world of difference between the mountains and Teheran!". Is the phrase koja... koja? used to mark the difference between two elements? I would be very grateful...
  35. taraa


    What's the difference between 'policy' and 'mechanism'? When should I use either? There are various concurrency-control policies that we can use to ensure that, even when multiple transactions are executed concurrently, only acceptable schedules are generated, regardless of how the operating...
  36. Haji Firouz

    Persian: origin of هنرپیشه (actor/actress)

    Hello, I was wondering about the origins of the word هنرپیشه ("actor"/"actress"). I noticed it is derived from هنر , which means "knowledge"/"art"/"skill"/"talent", according to: هنر - Wiktionary However, any career path requires talent and knowledge in order to be succesful. How would you...
  37. taraa

    Persian: traditional/conventional

    Can you please translate 'traditional' and 'conventional'? Are they different? 1- The conventional solution to this problem is to wrap the two updates up into a single transaction, like this" 2- It follows from this example that if multiple assignment were supported, there would be no need for...
  38. S

    Persian: ده‌کده

    Hi Hope I have spelled ده‌کده correctly. I mean deh 'village' + kadeh 'place of'. How exactly is the word ده‌کده used in Iran today? Is it also an official word for an administrative unit? What exactly is the meaning of each of the elements? I think there must be a better way of expressing them...
  39. Shounak

    Persian: به بی‌سامانی‌ام وقت است اگر شور جنون گرید، که دستی گرکنم پیدا نمی‌یابم گریبان را

    Hello, This is from the 8th.chapter of Ghubar-e- Khatir: به بی‌سامانی‌ام وقت است اگر شور جنون گرید، که دستی گرکنم پیدا نمی‌یابم گریبان را (This is by Bidel) The previous lines are : چیتہ خان یہاں آتے ہی اس عقدۂ لا ینحل کے پیچھے پڑ گیا تھا۔ روز اپنی طلب و جستجو کی ناکامیوں کی کہانی سناتا...
  40. Shounak

    Persian:شبم خرابِ مہر، کتاں سینہ چاکِ ماہ لو اور بھی ستم زدۂ روزگار ہیں!

    Hello All, This is from the 8th.chapter of Ghubar-e-Khatir. The previous lines are: وہ روتا رہتا ہے کہ مجھے صرف ایک دن کی چھٹی ہی مل جائے کہ پونا ہو آؤں، مگر کوئی شنوائی نہیں ہوتی۔ یہاں جسے دیکھو ہائے ہائے کر رہا ہے: The next lines are: شبم خرابِ مہر، کتاں سینہ چاکِ ماہ لو اور بھی ستم زدۂ...
  41. taraa

    Persian: then B is effectively rolled back too

    How is 'then B is effectively rolled back too' translated into Persian? especially 'effectively'? If A's ROLLBACK is honored, then B is effectively rolled back too (because B is really part of A), and B's effects on the database are thus not "durable", in fact. An Introduction to Database...
  42. U

    Persian: نفس شمار به پیچاک روزگار خودیم

    Hey everyone, I came across this line of poetry by Iqbal. I'm wondering if you can help me solve this نفس شمار به پیچاک روزگار خودیم مثال بحر خروشيم و در کنار خوديم I'm okay with the second line, but regarding the first, are the first 2 words نفس شمار a compound (a breath counter)? My rough...
  43. T

    Persian : خوش دست

    Hi all, How would one say "خوش دست" in English in the sentences below? این خودکار خوش دستی نیست این پیچ گوشتی خوش دست است این موبایل خوش دست است
  44. A

    Persian, Arabic: false friends

    According to, false friends are words in different languages that look or sound similar, but differ significantly in meaning. It was a pleasant surprise that false friends exist between Arabic and Persian. I have noticed the Persian word for Revolution being انقلاب. In Arabic...
  45. Bahareh_12

    Persian: The only way around your anxiety is through it

    سلام دوستان. به نظر شما ترجمۀ زیر برای قسمت هایلایت‌شده مناسب هست یا خیر صرفاً با گذر از درون اضطراب می‌توانید با آن روبه‌رو شوید، و درصورتی‌که از احساس اضطراب اجتناب کنید، راهبردهای لازم برای کنترل آنرا به هنگام سر بر آوردنش یاد نمی‌گیرید.
  46. U

    Persian: دوستان خرم که بر منزل رسيد آواره ئي

    Hey everyone, I came across this line while reading Iqbal Lahori's Zabur E Ajam. Before I ask my issue, I'll put down the two two verses. دوستان خرم که بر منزل رسيد آواره ئي من پريشان جاده هاي علم و دانش کرده طي Ok so my gripe with the first line is that shouldn't the word خرم (Khorram) be...
  47. PersoLatin

    The poet Hâfez’ name

    Is there any evidence that the name given to Hâfez/حافظ was purely based on his ability to memorise the Quran? I ask because, one, that by the same accounts, other poets & polymaths e.g. خیام, were very capable memorisers, two, we have many poets with Arabic names who’s name is not linked to a...
  48. A

    Persian, Urdu: ہالیزہ

    Background: based on a similar question about etymology, suffixes, etc. in Urdu: vaccine, vaccination, vaccinated, etc. haaliizah - areola; ہالہ around سرپستان or an آبلہ Questions: Urdu Lughat currently lists the origin as Farsi. Is this word used in Persian (or was it coined in Urdu)? If...
  49. N

    research the face of the future

    Hi I want to know the meaning of ''research the face of the future'' in persian. here is the text : A few years ago, they answered his cry of distress when, after his residency training, he fell into lockstep with every ambitious young neu-ropsychiatrist and applied himself to neurochemistry...
  50. taraa

    Persian: predicate reads

    The meaning of 'predicate' here is: So how would you translate these two following 'predicate's into Persian? Database System Concepts, Silberschatz