1. U

    Persian: تو بطلعت آفتابي سزد اين که بي حجابي

    Hi my dear friends! I'm currently reading Iqbal Lahori's "Zabur e Ajam". I came across this verse that is a little obscure to me. I will put the full couplet below شب من سحر نمودي که به طلعت آفتابي تو بطلعت آفتابي سزد اين که بي حجابي I'm interested in the second line. What exactly does سزد...
  2. taraa

    Persian: preemption

    Can you please write the Persian equivalent of these three words? The second approach for preventing deadlocks is to use preemption and transaction rollbacks. In preemption, when a transaction Tj requests a lock that transaction Ti holds, the lock granted to Ti may be preempted by rolling back...
  3. G

    Persian: مستم چناں بکن کہ ندانم زبے خودی

    Friends, There is a Persian couplet in the book I am reading, appearing in the screenshot below (from Intezar Husain, Ajmal-i-a3zam, p.22). Shall be grateful for its meaning and transliteration: Thanks.
  4. taraa

    Persian: because that is what all this is really about

    Can you please translate the bold part into Persian? Sophia: Hey there James: Good morning, Sophia Sophia: Great tomorrow, prince James. Princess Amber, I'm so exited we're sisters. Amber: Stepsisters Sophia's mother: Amber, James, I know there aren't many fairy tales abut kid and loving...
  5. Shounak

    Persian:چون تخم اشک به کلفت سرشته اند مرا به ناامیدی جاوید گشته اند مرا

    Hello All, This is from Bidel, Ghubar-e-Khatir, chapter 8, first couplet چون تخم اشک به کلفت سرشته اند مرا به ناامیدی جاوید گشته اند مرا تخم here means egg? What is the meaning of this line? I found one link here: چو تخم اشک به کلفت سرشته اند مرا Below is the image. I think there is a...
  6. taraa

    Persian: after all

    What is the Farsi equivalent for 'after all'? "I knew you didn't want to go; so I'm really pleased you had a good time after all.
  7. P

    Persian: ساختمانِ از همه بلندتر ايران كدام است؟

    I'm perplexed by the structure of a sentence given in Wheeler Thackston's An Introduction to Persian: I added the zir on ساختمان to reflect his Romanisation: I note the sort of similar construction in John Mace's Persian Grammar for Reference and Revision: with no ezâfe. I'm trying to...
  8. N

    Persian: virtuoso variation on the theme of love

    hi, I want to know the meaning of the bold part in persian: ''But even without knowing exactly how the pieces moved on the board, one can enjoy the following description of the match as a virtuoso variation on the theme of love..'' It is from ''Birth of chess queen''. I googled this sentence...
  9. C

    Persian: Compensation Council

    Hi, I'm looking for the Persian equivalence of "the Compensation Council". Is it شورای حقوقی? Thanks!
  10. G

    Farsi/Dari: شاید خدا آدم پرهیزکاره دوست داره

    Hi everybody and Happy New Year! The other day I was watching the Dari version of Magdalena - Director's Cut from the Jesus Film Project. At some point a friend of Mary Magdalene says: خدایی که کل ما ره آفریده مه حتى شک دارم که او مره ببینه، چی برسه به ایکه مره بشناسه شاید خدا آدم پرهیزکاره...
  11. marrish

    Urdu: زبانِ خامہ کی چند خامیاں – adj. f. in izāfat?

    Hi, In a book on correct Urdu spelling and enunciation (اصلاحِ تلفظ و املا by Talib al-Hashmi, Lahore 2001), on p. 81 begins a chapter titled " زبانِ خامہ کی چند عام خامیاں /zabaan-e-xaamah kii chand xaamiyaaN" which caught my attention and I'm wondering about the soundness of the izaafat...
  12. Ali Smith

    Persian: کتابشرا ستد

    سلام I know کتابشرا ستد means "He took his book.", but does the book belong to him or to someone else? I know that if you said کتاب او را ستد it would be clear that the book belonged to someone else. متشکرم
  13. P

    Persian: از هميشه versus بيش از پيش

    I've been working through Wheeler M. Thackston's An Introduction to Persian, and got caught on the following sentence: ديشب من از هميشه بشتر درس خواندم. I hadn't seen از هميشه before, and I don't think it occurs previously in Thackston's book. I take the sentence to mean: 'Last night I studied...
  14. Shounak

    Persian: پي نافهاي رميده بو مپسند زحمت جستجو بخيال حلقه زلف او گرهي خور و بختن درا

    Hello All, This is from Bidel, if I am not wrong. The link is here: ديوان بيدل دهلوي - غزليات - بخش اول - شماره ٢٠٢: ستم است اگر هوست کشد که بسير سر و سمن درا The background is Ghubar-e- Khatir, it is the same as the previous posting where he relishes the moment of waking up early in the...
  15. Shounak

    Persian:ستم است اگر هوست کشد که بسير سر و سمن درا تو زغنچه کم ندميده ئي در دل کشا بچمن درا

    Hello All, This is from Bidel, if I am not wrong. The link is here: ديوان بيدل دهلوي - غزليات - بخش اول - شماره ٢٠٢: ستم است اگر هوست کشد که بسير سر و سمن درا The background is Ghubar-e- Khatir, where he relishes the moment of waking up early in the morning and he says that this moment has...
  16. C

    Persian: اطرافیان بیمار

    Hi, How can I translate the following into English? "اطرافیان بیمار با محبت و توجه بیشتر با آنها برخورد می کنند" Thanks!
  17. Shounak

    Persian:دائم کسی بقا فله بودست پاسبان بیدار شو که چشم رفیقان بخواب شد

    Helllo All, This is from Ghubar-e-Khatir. Lines are by Hafiz. Reference is as Maulana Azad stepped out of his cell in the Ahmednagar jail, he found that the guards are sleeping and one of them was snoring. He was thinking that early morning around 3 am, no one could be present with him in a...
  18. C

    Persian: Possible typo of خانه?

    Hello, I stumbled upon these 3 sentences and am confused. The word خانه doesn't have a hamza but nevertheless there's one in the ezafe construction. Shouldn't the first one be ...خانه ی بزرگ ?
  19. Asr

    Persian Dictionary app.

    Hello everyone!:) Does anyone know any good Persian dictionary app? It could be Persian-English or Persian- Turkish, either one would work me. If not I will get a really bulky printed version, but those ones are not really handy while reading. Thanks a lot.
  20. C

    Persian: Pronunciation of تلویزیون

    As far as I know it should be pronounced /televi:zju:n/, however according to some people on Forvo it's /televizjon/, with differences in both the quality and the quantity of some vowels. Is that so because the word was loaned or did I get some rules wrong?
  21. Ali Smith

    Persian: کہ با خا ما نباشی خام کاری

    سلام مکن با صوفیان خام یاری کہ با خا ما نباشی خام کاری کہ باشد دوست آں یارے خدائی دلش روشن زِ نورِ آشنائی چنیں یارے کہ یابی خاک اوشو اسیر حلقۂ فتراکِ او شو Could someone help me translate کہ با خا ما نباشی خام کاری please? I think the rest of it is clear: Don't make friends with raw Sufis...
  22. Ali Smith

    Persian: انتظار كشيدن

    سلام I just received the following message: انتظار کشیدن برای نماز انس بن مالک رضى اللّه عنهما مى گويد: رسول اللّه صل اللّه عليه و سلم فرمود: «تا زمانى كه در انتظار نماز نشسته باشيد، گويا در حال نماز هستيد» Does entezaar kashidan mean "to wait"? I thought entezaar meant "expectation" in...
  23. Ali Smith

    Persian: رحمتِ ايشان كن

    سلام Someone who is not a native speaker was talking about a father and son and then said الله رحمتِ ايشان كن و جنت ببخشيد I think he meant "O Allah, have mercy on them and grant (them) heaven." Shouldn't it have been الله رحمتشان کن وجنت ببخش? Pronunciation: Allah, rahmateshaan kon va jannat...
  24. Ali Smith

    Persian: اى كسانى كه ايمان آورده ايد

    سلام! همانا خداوند وفرشتگان بر پيامبر درود مى فرستند؛ اى كسانى كه ايمان آورده ايد! بر او درود بفرستيد، وسلام بگوييد، سلام نيكو I know imaan aavordan means "to have faith", but why is the verb آورده ايد instead of آورديد? متشکرم
  25. Ali Smith

    Persian: بدیدی

    سلام! What does بدیدی mean? Is it a verb? Is it derived from دیدن (to see)? اگر بیچاره و مسکین و سائل را بدیدی، و در تو احساس همدردی و دستگیری گُم بود، در مسلمان بودنت شک کن! اگر خواندی و باز هم حس انسانی درونت را نرنجاند، به انسان بودنت شک کن! متشکرم
  26. taraa

    Persian: base something on something

    معادل فارسی برای این وجود داره؟ base something on something=use an idea or fact as the starting point from which other things can develop. (Idioms and Phrasal Verbs, Oxford)
  27. taraa

    Persian: attitude

    What are the common meanings of 'attitude'? Only 'رفتار' and 'نگرش'? If yo have or keep your feet on the ground, you have or maintain a sensible, practical attitude to life. A good or bad attitude, for example in a teenager, is behaviour.
  28. taraa

    Persian: put sb down/at sb's expense

    Put sb down معادل ضایع کردنه؟ at sb's expense معادل چیه؟ at sb's expense=against sb, so that they look silly Put sb down=say things to make a person look stupid or silly. Idioms and Phrasal Verbs, Gairns & Redman
  29. W

    Persian: به سر رسد

    Hello, There is a phrase I have come across, and I'm having trouble grasping what it means. An example is from a Khayyam rubaiyat. Relevant portion I'm struggling with is bolded and in the subject line. I translated this as "as life ends, whether sweet or bitter." I know سر = head/top...
  30. taraa

    Persian: Drive me up the wall/round the bend

    میشه بگیم drive sb up the wall مثه بالا پایین پریدنه (از شدت خشم) Drive sb round the bend معادل چیه؟ These are two informal ways of saying that something or someone makes you angry, upset or frustrated: Her behavior drives me up the wall. All this rain drives me round the bend. (Idioms and...
  31. F

    Persian, Urdu: چو شمع سوزاں چو زرہ حیراں ز مہر آن مہ بگشتم آخر

    Dear All, I am looking for a word by word translation of the Persian sentences in Amir Khusro's famous ghazal Ze Haal-e-miskeen, especially of the following line: چو شمع سوزاں چو زرہ حیراں ز مہر آن مہ بگشتم آخر In particular, I am confused if the words 'chuuN' and 'cho' are the same (used in...
  32. N

    Persian: wheellike scrollwork

    hi, I want to know the meaning of "wheellike scrollwork" in this passage? It is talking about chess queen. Is that some kind of clothes that hanging from horse or is that something beside the horse? weellike=چرخ مانند scrollwork= تزئینات طوماری شکل The single Swedish queen (thirteenth century)...
  33. taraa

    Persian: twists & turns

    I found the meaning of 'twist' and 'twist and turn': twist= پیچیدگی، تاب، پیچ خوردگی twist and turn= if a path, road, stream etc twists and turns, it has a lot of bends in it But what does 'turn' mean?
  34. C

    Persian: برگرفته

    Hi, I'm looking for an English translation for برگرفته in the following context: این مقاله برگرفته از رساله دکتری است. Does " has been taken/ adopted." work? Thanks!
  35. alipasha

    Persian: توانستن usage

    Hello, I have several questions on the verb توانستن 1- من ترکی می توانم گفت and من ترکی می توانم بگویم ; are both grammatically correct sentences, which one is more widely used? 2- من فارسی می توانستم گفت ; does it mean I had been able to speak Farsi but, now, I can't speak? 3- این کتاب...
  36. PersoLatin

    Persian: توجیه/justification

    Is there a native Persian word for توجیه in its “justification” sense?
  37. M

    Persian: گنجِ روان

    Hi, everyone! In the following couplet by Haafez e Shiraaz, what do you suppose the meaning of “گنجِ روان” is? Thank you! خوش بود لبِ آب و گل و سبزه و نسرین افسوس که آن گنجِ روان ره‌گذری بود Ps. I should mention the couplet is to be found in the ghazal beginning with آن یار کزو خانه‌ی ما جای...
  38. taraa

    Persian: tuition/tutorial

    What is the Farsi equivalent for 'tuition' and 'tutorial'? tuition is teaching or instruction, especially of individual pupils or small groups. A tutorial is a period of instruction given by a university or college tutor to an individual or very small group.
  39. alipasha

    Persian: رفته نبودم or نرفته بودم

    I am sorry if there is a similar thread but I couldn't see. Which one is better ? ایشان به ایران رفته نبودند or ایشان به ایران نه رفته بودند تشکر کنم
  40. Ali Smith

    Persian: حق باشماست

    سلام I wanted to tell an Iranian he was right, so I said حق داريد. He told me that حق داشتن meant "to have a right (to do something)", not "to be right". He went on to say that the correct expression for "You are right." is "حق باشماست". I've never heard this expression before. Is it really...
  41. alipasha

    Persian: آبمان رفت

    .آبمان رفت Is it a correct sentence? I wanna say our water is gone, there's a water cut.
  42. N

    Persian: undertakings often partake of the fantastic

    hi , what dose this sentence mean in persian? It is from "Birth of chess queen". I know meaning of each word but cant make a true sentence with them. appreciate if someone help me: The most famous work featuring a sensational chess match between a knight and a Muslim princess was Huon of...
  43. S

    Hindi, Persian, Urdu: Heroes & Villains

    Hello, fellow Foreros, I was wondering what the terms for Heroes (by extension also Heroines) and villains would be in the languages above given that I for one am at a loss. Platts offers the term Yal which sounds like a true match: P يل yal [by aphæresis, fr. Zend vīra; S. वीर], s.m. A hero, a...
  44. Ali Smith

    Persian: یك دنیا ممنون از توضیحای عالیتان

    سلام What is the meaning of يك دنيا in یك دنیا ممنون از توضیحای عالیتان? And shouldn't the sentence have been از توضيحاى عاليتان يك دنيا ممنون? The order seems wrong in the original sentence. متشكرم
  45. taraa

    Persian: Skeptic

    Is 'skeptic' equivalent to شکاک or بدبین? Skeptic A skeptic is a person who disagrees with particular claims that are generally thought to be true. 4000 English Essential words
  46. N

    Persian: nursing Madonna

    Hi, I want to know meaning of ''nursing Madonna'' in persian. I know It is the name of virgin mary but when I want to translate it to persian I must say مریم مقدس?
  47. N

    Persian: official seals

    hi ,what dose '' official seals'' mean in this text? is that گنجینه های رسمی ? In Italy, the Virgin was not only understood as a queen, but be¬ came a “surrogate monarch” in civic life. Cities such as Siena, Pisa, Parma, Spoleto, Orvieto, and Cremona adopted her as their patron and sometimes...
  48. taraa

    Persian: mess

    Can you please explain these two 'mess' in Farsi? If your child dropped macaroni on your floor, you would clean it up (clean up the mess). You're a mess, go upstairs and clean yourself up
  49. taraa

    Persian: laundry

    Can you please explain 'laundry' and the meaning of the sentence in Farsi? There are stores that will do your laundry for you. So you take your dirty laundry to the laundry (the laundry store). If I have a lot of laundry to do (for me or my family) I call that task "doing the laundry".
  50. taraa

    Persian: get around in my own house with your junk spilling out

    Can you please explain the Farsi equivalent for 'get around', 'junk' and 'spilling out'? "well, how am I supposed to get around in my own house with your junk spilling out everywhere? Victor and Valentino, animation series