1. Haji Firouz

    Persian: difference between غ and ق

    Hello! For quite some time, I was under the impression that غ and ق are pronounced the same, but as I came across: Notice the apostrophe in the phonetical transcript? This corresponds to a glottal stop, right? I would mimic this in my own language by pausing a bit between two syllables. As I...
  2. T

    Persian: آن چست که هم رادیو دارد و هم دریا؟

    Hi all, What would be the best translation for the sentence below? آن چست که هم رادیو دارد و هم دریا؟ My suggestion: What is it that both radio and sea have / share in common? I think there have to be better ones.
  3. C

    Persian: Synergy

    Hi, Could you help me with the Persian translation of "synergy" in the context below? This is taken from an article in educational sciences. "The school, college, university or any other academic institution must have diversity in terms of ethnic, culture and age which will make the institution...
  4. AidaGlass

    Persian: گذراندن چندین قرآن نحس از سر

    .سلام مفهوم اصطلاح «گذراندن چندین قرآن نحس از سر» را جطور می‌توان در زبان انگلیسی بیان کرد؟ قطعاً معادل دقیق و نزدیکی در زبان انگلیسی وجود ندارد. شاید منظور این باشد که پس از عبور از پیچ و خم‌های فراوان زندگی یا پس از قسر در رفتن از بلایا و فراز و نشیب‌های فراوان شصت و پنج سال و بعد از گذراندن...
  5. AidaGlass

    Persian: دیگ هوس‌ها از جوش افتادن

    .سلام معادل انگلیسی اصطلاح دیگ هوس‌ها از جوش افتادن چیست؟ ولی دریغ که یک سال گذشته خدیجه نیز به دنبال آن در محمد درگذشت، لیکن مرگش چندان غم و ماتمی در خانه به بار نیاورد. گویی التهاب ها فرو نشسته و دیگ هوس ها از جوش افتاده بود، چون دیگر نه از داشتن پسری محمد نام ذکری به میان می آمد و نه اصلا...
  6. AidaGlass

    Persian: سودای خام چیزی را در سر پختن

    سلام. معادل انگلیسی اصطلاح سودای خام چیزی را در سر پختن چیست؟ محمد ثانی نیز پس از هفت هشت ماه، نمی دانم چرا، عمر خود را به شما داد و زبان ملامت مادر را به روی پدر گشود. بیچاره امام، بار غم و ماتم خودش کم بود می بایست بار شماتت های ظاهرا بجای همسر داغدیده اش را نیز تحمل کند. تلاش برای ساختن محمد...
  7. sb70012

    Persian: چندین دانشگاه در یک جا

    1. college 2. university سلام دوستان. در آمریکه کلمه شماره 1 معنی دانشگاه رو میده و کلمه شماره 2 معنی یک محوطه بزرگ پر از چندین داشگاه رو میده. معادل شماره 2 به فارسی چی میشه؟ یعنی در زبان فارسی اگه یک جایی بزرگ توش چنتا دانشگاه باشه بهش چی میگن؟ تشکر
  8. E

    Persian: Savas

    Hello, The India Meteorological Department, which is responsible for naming the tropical cyclones over the northern Indian Ocean, has announced a new list of cyclone names in which the names submitted by Iran are: Nivar, Hamoon, Akvan, Sepand, Booran, Anahita, Azar, Pooyan, Arsham, Hengame...
  9. F

    Persian: این فقط زنان بودند که...

    سلام دوستان کسی می دونه ترجمه ی درست این جمله به انگلیسی چی میشه؟ «این فقط زنان بودند که موفق شدند زبان تازه ای برای هنر خود خلق کنند»
  10. AidaGlass

    Persian: رزمندگان هشت سال دفاع مقدس

    سلام ترجمۀ انگلیسی عبارت زیر چه میشه؟ رزمندگان هشت سال دفاع مقدس
  11. AidaGlass

    Persian: عاجزانه تقاضای رسیدگی به این پرونده را دارم.

    سلام. نظرتون دربارۀ ترجمه جمله فارسی زیر چیه؟ جمله فارسی: عاجزانه تقاضای رسیدگی به این پرونده را دارم. I urgently request that you handle the cast at hand. ترجمۀ خودم
  12. Z

    Persian: andarun

    Hello! we have the change below for darun in Persian as a relational noun: antar-rauna- "inner side" > Middle Persian andar-rōn > andarōn > Classical Persian andarūn > modern ändärun> darun Does anybody know if rōn, andarōn, or andarūn have been used as only a noun or they have been also used...
  13. harakiri

    Persian : "مس وجود"

    دست از مس وجود چو مردان ره بشوی I found this phrase from the following; حافظ (غزلیات)/ای بی‌خبر بکوش که صاحب خبر شوی - ویکی‌نبشته دست : hand از : from مس : copper وجود : existence چو : like (similar to) مردان : men ره : way بشوی : wash از مس وجود : From existence of copper چو مردان ره : Like...
  14. PersoLatin

    Persian: The به/bé & beh part of دمبه/dombé "tail fat" and فربه/farbeh "fat" (person)

    There are two variations of this word دمبه and دنبه, for brevity let's assume دمبه is the correct form. دمبه/dombé is made up of دم/dom "tail" and به/bé (silent h) which somehow relates to the substance fat. فربه/farbeh "a fat person" also has a similar make up, فر/far-fra + به/beh Question...
  15. S

    All Indo-Iranian Languages: lockdown

    Dear Foreros, We live in incredibly interesting times as the world braces for a lockdown and self-quarantine. But the question here is how would you refer to this phenomenon in the languages above. Quarantine itself is Qarantiina & Qaranteen in Urdu. Self-quarantine would thereby be...
  16. Shounak

    Persian: خمیازه سنج تهمت عیش رمیده‌ایم

    Hello, Can you please help me read and understand the meaning of the attached text? I am writing what I can understand, please correct me Khamiyazah means yawning Sanj means chimes Tohomat means slander Aish means pleasure Ramidah means to leave Rest I cannot understand
  17. I

    Persian/Urdu: برعکس نام نهند نام زنگی کافور

    Friends, The Urdu writer Saadat Hasan Manto makes reference to this Persian Proverb in his short story ممی. What is the literal wording of this proverb and what meaning is intending? Google gives the literal rendition as 'On the contrary, they call it the bell of Camphor'. Best wishes, Alex
  18. C

    Persian: دچار بیماری شدن

    Hi, Is "develop" the right translation for دچار بیماری شدن in the context below? در این مرحله از درمان بیمار دیگر دچار سیانوز نمی شد Thanks!
  19. C

    Persian: تحت درمان قرار گرفتن

    Hi, What is the translation of تحت درمان قرار گرفته است in the following context? کودک مورد مطالعه با شکایت اختلال بلع از ماه گذشته تحت درمان قرارگرفته است. Thanks!
  20. C

    Persian: هر بار 20 دفعه

    Hi, What is the English equivalence for هر بار 20 دفعه in the following context? این تمرین را روزی دو بار و هر بار 20 دفعه انجام دهید. Thanks!
  21. C

    Persian: به مرور

    Hi, How can I translated به مرور in the following sentence? تمرینات توانبخشی بیمار به مرور افزایش یافت. Thanks!
  22. C

    Persian: پس از / over

    Hi, پس از ده جلسه درمانی بیمار تا حد قابل ملاحظه ای بهبودی خود را بدست آورد Can I translate پس از as "over" in the above context? what about "with"? Over ten sessions of treatment, the patient recovered significantly. Thanks!
  23. C

    Persian: ضربه های پراکنده

    Hi, What is the English translation for ضربه های پراکنده context: با چهار انگشت به این ناحیه بصورت پراکنده ضربه بزنید. Thanks!
  24. C

    Persian: تحصیلات

    Hi, Under a list of education level, comes the following: تحصیلات بی سواد ابتدایی راهنمایی دیپلم کاردانی و کارشناسی are the following translations correct? Education Illiterate Elementary Middle Diploma Associate's and Bachelor's Degrees Thanks!
  25. ali likes the stars

    Persian: Delivery Service

    Hello guys, I hope you're all healthy and fine. In these times where you can't go out much food deliveries can be a blessing. I realized that I have no idea how to say "delivery service" in Persian. Usually I'll just say "از پیتزایی سفارش کن". But how would I say "delivery service"? سرویس...
  26. S

    Persian: طوطی lovebird as a female given name

    Is this used as a female forename in Iran? I read it was once used in Ottoman Turkey times (Female Slaves’ Names – 16th-Century Istanbul ŞAİR BAKİ' NİN CARİYE TUTİ' YE OLAN AŞKI - Naim ÖZGÜNER yazısı - Haber Name). Does it mean "lovebird" like I've read? Or does it just mean parrot? How is this...
  27. S

    Persian: Faraz فراز as a female name

    Hello, was wondering, is it correct the Persian name Faraz that means "height, ascent" is also used for girls? Thanks in advance.
  28. Haji Firouz

    Difference between gereftan and bordan

    Hello! Just wondering if is there is any clear difference between these two verbs, "gereftan" and "bordan", when I want to use the "take" meaning: I take a book, I take someone to the doctor, I take your house (in a game, as in "capture"), which verb would I use? Could I use both? Thank you,
  29. lukebeadgcf

    Persian: آسیب دیدن میلیون‌ها

    Hello, Could you help me understand the meaning/reason for the use of the word دیدن in the following sentence? نارندا مودی، نخست وزیر هند به خاطر وضع مقررات قرنطینه در این کشور که به گفته او باعث آسیب دیدن میلیون‌ها نفر از فقرا شده طلب بخشش کرده است. I understand that the sentence is saying...
  30. I

    Persian/Urdu: اعجازِ سخن

    شرکا ئے محفل! اس جملے پر غور کیجیے: آج مجھے اعجازِ سخن کے لیے منتخب کر کے جو اعزازِ سخن دیا گیا ہے، سوچ کی آزادی اقدار کی بربادی نہیں۔ احمد سجاد بابر کی "شعلہ و شبنم"، ۲۰۱۵، ص ۱۲۶، س ۹۔۱۰ میں نے انٹرنیٹ کی تلاش کی لیکن جو ہٹ ملیں وہ فارسی میں تھیں اور میں فارسی جانتا نہیں۔ میں ’اعجاز‘ اور...
  31. lukebeadgcf

    Persian: What is the Function of سر on سرپناه

    Hello, I was reading this article and was looking at the following caption: هوای سرد، نبود سرپناه و امکانات پزشکی، این پناهجویان سوری را در معرض آسیب جدی قرار داده است I cannot find سرپناه in my dictionary but I've understood it as meaning پناه, or "shelter." Why is the سر prefixed to it...
  32. G

    Persian: راه افتادن چشم

    سلام سال نوتون مبارک ما تو خانواده مون وقتی کسی به نقطه ای خیره میشه میگیم "چشم‌هاش راه افتاده الان مهمون میاد" اما جالب اینکه امروز متوجه شدم این اصطلاح گویا خیلی مرسوم نیست و از چند تا دوستان که پرسیدم فقط یه نفر باهاش آشنایی داشت. میخواستم ببینم آیا شما این اصطلاح رو شنیدید؟ تو...
  33. S

    Urdu, Persian: Session

    Dear Foreros, I understand that the term for sessions which involve sitting the term in use for Urdu is ijlaas, but what about for things that do not require people to be seated and assembled I.e. a tennis session, a coaching session, a training session, Q&A session and so on and so forth...
  34. S

    Persian: Kam کام as a male name

    Hi, I was wondering, can Kam (which means wish, desire) be used as boy name alone in Persian? (As in, would it be strange in Iran to use the Persian Kam alone to name a boy?) I know it's often seen as part of Persian boy names like Kamkar, Kamran etc. Just wasn't sure as I haven't seen Kam alone...
  35. Haji Firouz

    Persian: /h/ or not in case of final ه

    Hello, I never know when I should add a final /h/ in the phonetical transcript when final ه exists in the word. For example: fog = /meh/ = مه (I am pretty sure about this one, I think I have learnt it like this) little garden = /baaghceh/? /baaghce/? = باغچه become (past participle) = /shode/...
  36. Haji Firouz

    Persian: compound verb /aabiaari kardan/?

    Hello, again! I was wondering if آبیاری کردن (to irrigate) /aabiaari kardan/ a compound verb? I noticed /aabiaari/ = friendship, help/assistance. Help + water =to irrigate? Help (through or with) water... Thanks, Ana-Maria
  37. Haji Firouz

    Persian: Does پایین بردن exist?

    Hello, I am wondering about the verb فرو بردن /foru bordan/ to immerse, to plunge. Knowing that فرو /foru/ or فرود /forud/ mean "downward", and a synonym of that is پایین /paaiin/, is پایین بردن /paaiin bordan/ a recognisable verb? PS. Is it common to say فرود بردن /foruD bordan/ (with a D...
  38. C

    Persian: عدم ابتلا به بیماری مزمن

    Hi, What is the English translation for عدم ابتلا به بیماری مزمن? It comes as an item in a list. Thanks!
  39. Haji Firouz

    Persian: taa be mosaaferat?

    Help! I'm not sure which meaning of به /beh/ (To? At? By? With?) is used here: I convince my father ... to go? من پدر را مجاب می کنم تا به مسافرت برویم. /Man pedar raa mojaab mi konam taa be mosaaferat beravim/. I have problems esp. with this syntagm: تا به مسافرت = ? mosaaferat =...
  40. Haji Firouz

    Persian: /dars khondan/ درس خواندن - subjunctive form, rule and pronunciation

    Hello, Question about compound verb "dars khondan" (درس خواندن), meaning "to study" (composed of: dars/lesson + khondan/read). 1) Is the verb in the following sentence in the present subjunctive tense: /dars bekhUnam/? 2) Is there a rule that present subjunctive = "be" + present stem (/khUn/...
  41. C

    Persian: از این تعداد

    Hi, What is the English translation for از این تعداد in the following context? در این گروه خداشناسی صد نفر عضو هستند. از این تعداد ایکس نفر مسیحی، ایکس نفر یهودی و ایکس نفر مسلمان هستند. Thanks!
  42. Haji Firouz

    Persian: زیر چشمش چروک شده است

    I don't see the verb "داشتن " (to have) in the following sentence, so why is it translated as: "she has..."? She has wrinkles under her eyes. زیر چشمش چروک شده است. /Zire chashmash choruk shode ast./ choruk shodan = to become wrinkled? شده است --> is this right? Isn't /e/ in shodE the same as...
  43. Haji Firouz

    Persian: با بالا رفتن سن

    Hello folks, I don't really understand the syntagm "baa baalaa raftane san" in the following sentence, could you explain it to me please? Why does skin wrinkle with age? چرا با بالا رفتن سن پوست چروک می شود؟ /Cheraa baa baalaa raftane sen pust choruk mishavad/? "Raftan" means to go... so I...
  44. Haji Firouz

    Persian: charbi badan vs. charbi badanESHAAN

    Hello, I came across this sentence, to me it feels/sounds incomplete: "They are burning their? fat by exercising." آنها با ورزش کردن چربی بدن را آب می کنند. /Anhaa baa varzesh kardan charbi badan raa aab mi konand/ Am I correct if I add their (eshaan?) and rephrase it as: "They are burning...
  45. Haji Firouz

    Persian: Maa foru kard vs. maa foru kardim.

    Hello friends, I came across a sentence that I think is grammatically wrong (wrong verb form, to be exact): ما میخ را در دیوار فرو کرد. /Maa mikh raa dar divaar foru kard/ Shouldn't this be: /... foru kardim/ ما میخ را در دیوار فرو کردیم. Literal meaning: We a nail (raa) in the wall...
  46. S

    Urdu/Persian: Gun-fire & to fire a gun

    Dear Foreros, Nearly every other language be it Arabic, Spanish or Turkish use their literal translations to denote firing a gun and gun fire I.e. the command is always their literal alternative of fire. So fuego in Spanish, Naar in Arabic and ateş in Turkish. Bearing this in mind I assume it's...
  47. sb70012

    Persian: swift lifting of the restrictive measures

    Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani called on the international community to take a stand against unilateral US sanctions against Iran and push for the swift lifting of the restrictive measures, which he said are hampering the country’s fight against a coronavirus outbreak. Source: Iran Daily...
  48. C

    Persian: عدم بارداری و شیردهی

    Hi, What is the English translation for عدم بارداری و شیردهی یکی از شرایط ورود به مطالعه عدم بارداری و شیردهی است. Lack of pregnancy and breastfeeding/ no pregnancy and breastfeeding Do these two work here? Thanks!
  49. ali likes the stars

    Persian: where your body ends

    Hi guys, how would I say this in Persian? He was without limits and didn't know where his own existence ended and hers began. ("existence" could also be replaced with "mind" or "body" or even "rights".) My problems exactly are: 1. How do I say "to end" as in "my arm ends here". 2. How do I...
  50. A

    Persian, Urdu: immuno-competent/compromised/suppressed

    Background: Potential translations: immunocompetent - اہلِ مناعت | مناعت دار immunocompromised - منقوص المناعت immunosuppressed - مناعت باختہ Questions: What terms are used in Persian and Urdu for the English scientific/medical terms? Would any of the aforementioned translations be...