1. taraa

    Persian: hallmark

    One meaning of 'hallmark' is 'انگ'. I don't think this is the case here because it's a positive feature, right? This property of overlapping subproblems is the second hallmark of when dynamic programming applies (the first hallmark being optimal substructure). Cormen's Introduction to Algorithms
  2. C

    Persian: inside out

    Hi, Could you help me with the translation of "inside out" in the following context please? This is a mobile user interface. "Be Gorgeous Inside Out" Thank you!
  3. T

    Persian: قانون بودجه

    Greetings, What is the best equivalent for "قانون بودجه" in English? Thanks in advance
  4. T

    Persian : مزایده فروش کارخانه

    Greetings, How would one say "مزایده فروش کارخانه" in English? Thanks in advance
  5. T

    Persian: قوانین بالا دستی

    Greetings, How would one say "قوانین بالا دستی " in English? Thanks in advance.
  6. A

    چشم گرم شدن

    I wonder how you would say in English this expression that is used before one goes to sleep? چشمانش گرم شد.
  7. prashanthmv

    Persian: نوع - الگو

    Hi, I’m working on a project for a typography competition where we need to make posters with the word type in different languages. I found two words in google translate. I’m just wondering if any of these actually means type as in typography. 1. نوع 2. الگو If someone can help me out with...
  8. S

    Urdu, Hindi, Persian: Water to break vs to involuntarily urinate.

    Dear Foreros, I was wondering whether a pregnant woman's water breaking is something that lends itself well to the languages above. At least it ought to. Urdu/Hindi and I'm sure it's the case for Persian too are powerfully descriptive when it comes to matters pertaining to explosions, release...
  9. S

    Urdu, Persian, Hindi: Facebook Outage/Blackout

    Dear Foreros, I am sure alot of you would have been affected by the recent blackout of all Facebook owned social media sites and apps. But how would you refer to such widespread outages in your native languages? I wasn't able to find much on any official terms in Urdu but this leaves plenty of...
  10. S

    Urdu, Hindi, Persian: In real life

    Dear Foreros, In real life is a common phrase used in the English language pertaining to having done something in reality rather than virtually or to experience it. It's used mostly in contrast to the virtual world. I have never spoken/met to him in real life and so on and so forth. An online...
  11. Ali Smith

    Persian: چو بیمار از شفا سرمست گردد طبیب از فرط شادی مست گردد خدارا شافی واین خود افتخاریست که دستی باخدا همدست گردد

    Salam, چو بیمار از شفا سرمست گردد طبیب از فرط شادی مست گردد خدارا شافی واین خود افتخاریست که دستی باخدا همدست گردد Could someone translate this for me? Here’s my try: When a sick person becomes…from healing The doctor becomes intoxicated with extreme happiness God…healer and this itself is...
  12. taraa

    Persian: resolved

    Can you please explain all these 'resolve's/'resolution'? What is their English meaning and Persian equivalent? Names play a very important role in all computer systems. They are used to share resources, to uniquely identify entities, to refer to locations, and more. An important issue with...
  13. S

    Urdu, Hindi, Persian, Dari: Morning walk/ a walk

    Dear Foreros, The concept of a walk is important in every language and this is particularly poignant in Indo-European languages yet I cannot for the life of me think of a term that encapsulates the concept of a walk. What I mean by this is a walk as a noun not in the act of walking which can be...
  14. S

    Urdu, Hindi, Persian, Dari: "Kind words"

    Dear Foreros, I was at a complete loss when attempting to formulate a term for kind words. How would you go about describing the following in the languages above?: "Your kind words have given me great resolve and strength". Your assistance would be much appreciated, and do transliterate where...
  15. taraa

    Persian: common practice

    How'd you translate 'practice ' into Persian? This character is also used to indicate whether a path name is absolute. For example, in Fig. 5-9, instead of using no:<home, steen, mbox>, that is, the actual path name, it is common practice to use its string representation Ihome/steen/mbox...
  16. S

    Urdu, Hindi, Persian: Chilli Garlic Sauce

    Dear Foreros, In the brotherly languages above how would you refer to a condiment that has found its way on tables aplenty? My attempt: Mirch/ii-lahsun Sauce? Chutney would sound rather odd as chutney is a certain type of sauce akin to a relish. Thence why other languages like Arabic resort to...
  17. taraa

    Persian: Take 1

    What is the meaning of 'take 1'?
  18. taraa

    Persian: I knew that we'd become one right away

    How'd you translate the following into Persian? I knew that we'd become one right away Rihanna – Diamonds
  19. C

    Persian: بهداشت حرکتی

    Hi, Can anybody help me with the English equivalent of "بهداشت حرکتی"? Context: قسمت عمده ای از اختلالات جسمی و حرکتی ناشی از اختلال در بهداشت حرکتی و نحوه عملکرد در زندگی و محیط کار وهمچنین شیوه و سبک زندگی افراد است. Thanks!
  20. A

    معنی لغت "خف" در فارسی

    آیا شما لغت "خف" را به کار می برید؟ به چه معنایی؟ اتاق خف" اتاقی است دلگیر و یا اتاقی که هوای آن سنگین است؟ یا در هر دو مورد می توان گفت که اتاق خف است؟" "آیا می گویید "هوای اتاق خف بود به چه معنایی؟ با تشکر و امید به بهروزی
  21. K

    Persian: ی vs ي

    Hi all. How to distinguish ی from ي in writing? Two examples: پیداشون It has ی پيداشون It has ي هستين It has ي هستین it has ی Thanks in advance.
  22. S

    Urdu, Hindi, Persian: Front cover, Blurb & Title Page.

    Dear Foreros, Whilst Urdu most certainly has no shortage for terms to fill such voids the wholesale adoption of English terms is befuddling to say the least. In that light how would one refer to a front cover, the back-cover blurb and the title page? From a brief online search I was able to...
  23. S

    Urdu, Persian, Hindi: Drinkable

    Dear Foreros, Whilst the term for edible that Urdu has derived from Persian for edible is xurdanii/xwurdanii I.e. خردنی, I wanted to enquire if a similar term existed for liquids worthy of drinking? Noshanii نشنی would appear to hit the spot but I doubt such a word exists. In any case using...
  24. taraa

    Persian: شرمنده کردن

    شرمنده کردن" به انگلیسی چی میشه؟ بهت ثابت میکنم ک دروغ میگی و شرمنده ات میکنم
  25. PersoLatin

    Persian: آسیب پذیر

    I am coming across آسیب پذیر quite often these days, on Persian languages TV programs etc, which is used to mean 'vulnerable', but I don't believe it sounds right, for instance comparing it to the much more established word دلپذیر/del-pazir, one can see پذیر/pazir here is means g pleasant &...
  26. A

    Urdu to Persian: محنت کر، حسد نہ کر

    Context: محنت کر/کریں، حسد نہ کر/کریں! حسد نہ کر/کریں، محنت کر/کریں! English translations: Work hard! Don't be envious! or Don't be envious, work hard! Questions: What is the origin of this phrase? What would Persian translations be or are there any Persian proverbs conveying the same...
  27. taraa

    Persian: پروانه در آتش شد و اسرارِ عیان دید!

    مصرع زیر به انگلیسی چی میشه؟ پروانه در آتش شد و اسرارِ عیان دید!
  28. B

    Persian: تقاص پس دادن

    میخوام به انگلیسی بگم تمام ظالم ها عاقبت تقاص ظلم خودشونو پس میدن چه جوری بگم ؟ دقیقا به همون فعلا تقاص پس دادن مشکل دارم
  29. S

    Urdu, Hindi, Persian: Pet shop, Pet food.

    Dear Foreros, One reason behind the wholesale adoption of English terms, in many languages is their knack of being uncumbersome. It is time that other languages take a leaf from its book. In fact if anything Urdu-Hindi used to do exactly that with nifty terms like Hawaa-chakkii for windmill and...
  30. Shih-Wei

    Persian: Initial glottal stop

    Questions about the Persian phonology: When we read a word alone which begins with a vowel, such as افتادن، آب، ایستادن، ابرو, do we implicitly pronounce a glottal stop [ʔ] at the beginning? Is ابرو usually realised as [ʔabɾu:] or [abɾu:]? When this kind of words are preceded by a consonant, do...
  31. S

    Urdu, Hindi, Persian: full-sleeve, half-sleeve and sleeveless

    Dear Foreros, I was wondering whether any terms existed for the above. Now from what I know as far as Urdu is concerned and I would assume the same is the case for Persian both neem-aasteen and neema-aasteen are used for half-sleeve garments. In Persian the terms are uniformly used for...
  32. taraa

    Persian: measured along at least three different dimensions

    What is the Persian equivalent to 'along'? Scalability of a system can be measured along at least three different dimensions (Neuman, 1994). First, a system can be scalable with respect to its size, meaning that we can easily add more users and resources to the system. Second, a geographically...
  33. taraa

    Persian: فاز

    فازت چیه به انگلیسی چی میشه؟ فاز خانم چیه؟
  34. S

    Urdu, Persian and Hindi: Plural of tea i.e. Teas

    Dear Foreros, I would be interested to know how you pluralise tea in the languages above. Although chaa'e in Urdu and Hindi is a feminine noun the typical rules of pluralisations do not seem to apply when it comes to the word in that I am yet to ever come across chaa'eiN. Thence how would you...
  35. S

    Urdu, Persian & Hindi: Court Child custody battle

    Dear Foreros, I was wondering how the concept above which people of the region are definetely not strangers to is referred to in the brotherly languages above. Would BachchoN kii/ke (liye) Hiraasatii jang or baraa'e bachche ... make sense and if not what will? Is Hiraasat a term limited to...
  36. S

    Urdu, Hindi, Persian: non-iron

    Dear Foreros, I was wondering how you would refer to non-iron garments I.e. one that do not need to iron as opposed to unironed/non-ironed ones. For instance be-istrii for urdu-phones imparts the impression of being unironed and thereby is not suitable here perhaps. Or is it and would it be...
  37. S

    Urdu: دید وا دید

    Dear Foreros, I was interested to know the full gamut of denotations behind the Persian term which is used at least in Urdu literature if not everyday speech in deed waa deed/deed o deed/ deed aa deed. From what I have hitherto understood it holds several denotations 1. one of which is to meet...
  38. Ali Smith

    Persian: کانون

    سلام واکنش دفتر امام‌جمعۀ اهل سنت زاهدان به اطلاعیۀ کانون مدافعان حقوق ‌بشر دفتر امام‌جمعۀ اهل سنت زاهدان به اطلاعیۀ اعتراض‌آمیز کانون مدافعان حقوق بشر واکنش نشان داد و دفاع از حقوق و کرامت انسان‌ها را «اعتقاد» شیخ‌الاسلام مولانا عبدالحمید دانست که هدف از آن «کسب جایزه» نیست. در این بیانیه...
  39. PersoLatin

    Afghan Persian: ماشین را گل کنید

    I saw this sign on TV news about Afghanistan. The English translation says ‘turn off engine’, so گل کنید must mean ‘turn off’ but how come and is that gel, gol or gal, or a misprint?
  40. Z

    modaheb , origin name

    good morning, for years i have been trying to figure out the origin and where i can find more on this name that my great great grandmother registered with. the only names we know of her are mariom (which i think was written down the way they heared it which could have been maryaam because we...
  41. PersoLatin

    Persian: بالاخره, بلافاصله

    Are these words fully Arabic or a mixture of Persian & Arabic? The Persian part in question is ب/b in both case: ب + ال + اخره in the end/finally ب+ لا + فاصله without delay/a gap Thank you.
  42. taraa

    Persian: take the floor of the result

    What is the Persian equivalent of 'take'? Then, we multiply this value by m and take the floor of the result. Introduction to Algorithms, Cormen
  43. S

    Urdu, Hindi, Persian: Sense of belonging

    Dear Foreros, I was wondering how you would refer to a sense of belonging in the languages above? As in they finally felt a sense of belonging with the cause as if they belonged. In fact I'm not entirely sure how to refer to belong at all in the languages above. As in this belongs to you, you...
  44. 盲人瞎馬

    Persian/Arabic: How regular are plural noun forms?

    How regular are plural noun forms in Persian compared to Arabic?
  45. taraa

    Persian: as just

    How would you translate the bold part into Persian? join operations are depicted in Figure 15.3. (We now represent the channels as just arrows rather than ovals.) Lynch's Distributed Algorithms
  46. PersoLatin

    Persian: نیاندیشی or نیندیشی

    A while ago I came across نیندیشی & نیندازی for نیاندازی/nayandâzi and نیاندیشی/nayandiŝi, I had assumed they were colloquially spelt but recently I have seen them used in formal text, does anyone know if this is an approved style along with the 'correct' style? If that style is correct then...
  47. taraa

    Persian: pileups of UIDs

    What is the Persian equivalent of ' pileups of UIDs'? The reason for the difference is t h a t the asynchrony can cause pileups of UIDs at nodes. We call the modified algorithm AsynchLCR. Lynch's Distributed Algorithms
  48. Haji Firouz

    Persian: Digar amry nist? دیگر امری نیست؟

    Hello Could you comfirm please if this translation is correct? /Digar amry nist/ / دیگر امری نیست؟ Any other order? Does /amry/ mean 'order'? Also, is it a polite expression? Thank you and my very best wishes, Ana-Maria
  49. Ali Smith

    Persian: آنھا ھستند کہ ما ھستیم ما از آنھاییم وآنھا از ما اند

    سلام What does آنھا ھستند کہ ما ھستیم ما از آنھاییم وآنھا از ما اند mean? متشکرم
  50. ali likes the stars

    Persian: تو آدم نیستی

    Hi guys, an Iranian Christian has received a lot of hate on his Twitter account from pro-government and very islamic (islamist?) people. I was asked to translate those tweets into German so that they can be used to strenghten is asylum bid in Germany. One thing I noted was how often he was...