1. P

    Use of zero-width non-joiner outside Nastaliq

    Hello all, I don’t speak any Persian but I’m intrigued by the orthography/typography of the language. I have come across the zero-width non-joiner (ZWNJ) which is apparently used extensively in the language, and I was just wondering how the speakers perceive it when Persian is written in the...
  2. M

    اضافه کاری هم وایمیستم

    Hi Friends I came across this sentence in my study of colloquial Persian - اضافه کاری هم وایمیستم ولی بازم کافی نیست I understand that it means "I work overtime, but it is still not enough", but I'm curious as to how "اضافه کاری هم وایمیستم" has come to mean "I work overtime" when "وایمیستم "...
  3. Ali Smith

    Persian: تا تریاق از عراق آرند مار گزیدہ مردہ باشد

    Hi, تا تریاق از عراق آرند مار گزیدہ مردہ باشد What does this line mean? In particular, what is the infinitive of the verb آرند and why is the poet saying "May he be dead (مرده باشد)"? Thanks!
  4. S

    Persian: using the indefinite enclitic / article "i" with adjectives ending in -i

    The English sentence a/some big house can be translated as xane-ye bozorg-i, but what if the adjective already ends in -i? Would a/some blue house be translated as xane-ye abi-i or just xane-ye abi? Would an/some Iranian man be mard-e irani-i or just mard-e irani?
  5. Stranger_

    Persian: ز خار بی گل افزون از گل بی خار میترسم

    سلام دوستان امیدوارم حالتون خوب باشه مصراع دوم این بیت رو چجوری معنی میکنین؟ بد از نیکان و نیکی از بدان بس دیده‌ام صائب ز خار بی‌گل افزون از گل بی‌خار می‌ترسم شاعر (صائب) از کدوم یک بیشتر میترسه؟ از خار بی‌گل یا از گل بی‌خار؟ من که توش موندم راستش به نظرم این مصراع دو پهلوست و هر دو معنی رو...
  6. headb

    Persian: خیله؟

    Is it possible that "خیلی"(xeyli) is pronounced like "خیله"(xeyleh) in casual Persian speech? It was clearly pronounced so as far as I've heard, but I couldn't find any information about it.
  7. Godot.

    Cutting someone off in traffic

    Maybe you simply unknowingly cut someone off in traffic and made a new enemy there. یعنی ناگهانی جلوی شما پیچیدن؟
  8. W

    Persian: از

    ! سلام‌ I'm an absolute beginner of Persian, and I'd like to know what "از" in the following sentence actually mean; .زنی در کتاب فروشی چیزی از فروشنده می خواهد (A women is asking a store clerk something at a book store.) I think "از" modifies "فروشنده", but I don't know why this word is put...
  9. B

    Farsi/Dari: Divine Retribution

    Salaam, Is there a Farsi/Dari or Arabic loan word or phrase for Divine retribution? Or maybe cosmic "payback?" I understand that qismat means fate or destiny (maybe also luck?), but I'm assuming that's probably not what I'm looking for. Tashakor!
  10. R

    (Razavar) رازآور - what does this mean?

    Hi, I am only familiar with Punjabi and English recently came across this: Razavar Rural District - Wikipedia It is a location with an interesting name. Growing up, I always knew or believed to know the name, Zorawar / Zoravar as meaning "someone with strength or force". When I came across...
  11. taraa

    Persian: achieve transcendence by myself

    What is the Persian translation of the part in bold? Cult leader: Children, the time of ascension has arrived. Oh, for the love of God. Haven't any of you ever been in a cult before? Damn it! I can't achieve transcendence by myself. That would just make me some kind of lone nut. Somebody's got...
  12. taraa

    Persian: way to go

    What is the Persian equivalent for the part in bold? Peter: Come on, move it! Oh, man! Chris, this place is great. Hye, pull over, you bastard! Oh, man. Chris: Hey, Dad, they even got games in the bathroom. Look, I won a balloon! Peter: Oh, way to go, Chris. Where's my watch? Boy: All right. I...
  13. headb

    Persian: ببینتت

    hello, I'd like to know what is "ببینتت" as in "میخواد ببینتت". Is the pronunciation bebinatet? And does this consist of "ببینت"(bebinat: to see), a colloquial form of "ببیند"(bebinad), and "ت-"(-et: you)?
  14. taraa

    Persian: aren't we fussy tonight

    The Persian subtitle translates the bold as نمی خوایم گیر بدیم به هم.I think it's wrong, right? If so how'd you translate it? Lois: Come on, Stewie. You can't leave the table until you finish your vegetables. Stewie: Then I shall sit here until one of us expires. And you've got a good 40...
  15. taraa

    Persian: I am appalled

    Is I am appalled like مات و مبهوت? Mr. Weed: Peter, I am appalled. Your negligence has damaged this company's reputation. You're fired!
  16. taraa

    Persian: eye candy

    What is the Persian translation of eye candy? Mr. Weed: Are you sleeping on the job? Peter: ***staggering*** No. There's a bug in my eye and I'm trying to suffocate him. Mr. Weed: Peter, I like you. But I need you to be more than just eye candy around here. It's your job to watch for any toys...
  17. taraa

    Persian: I dare you

    What is the Persian equivalent of the part in bold? Sheldon: Thailand has had the fork since the latter half of the nineteenth century. Interestingly they don’t actually put the fork in their mouth, they use it to put the food on a spoon which then goes into their mouth. Leonard: Ask him for...
  18. L

    How to understand expiring date written in Persian?

    How to understand this , when this gum is made and when will be out of date? I know that in Iran time is reconed from Hidjrah, and Iranians have solar year, not like Arabs, lunar will be PR ١٤٥٥ - 1455 Ex: ١٤٥١- 1451 First question : 1451 from Hidjrah- from Christ it is 2032? The...
  19. PersoLatin

    Persian: رست خیز/رستاخیز

    I know what the word means but needed to look up its make-up so I referred to Dehkhoda which surprised me as in its listing for رست خیز/رستاخیز it says رست/رستا means 'dead/the dead' and worse yet, has no entry for it that refers to 'the dead'. Anyway, to me this makes absolutely no sense at...
  20. taraa

    Persian: way back then

    Can you please translate the part in bold? In Canada way back then there used to be a lock on the door of a public washroom where you put in a nickel to unlock the door. It paid for the upkeep of the washrooms.
  21. A

    Persian, Urdu: under-, over-, etc.

    Background: Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi:Too little too late Urdu: self-conscious/insecure Questions: Would the translation attempts for unripe, underripe, overripe be considered grammatically correct? More specifically, would such use of کم، بیش/زائد as prefixes similar to under-, over- be...
  22. Ali Smith

    Persian: Do you like to play chess/watch TV/listen to music?

    Hi, What is the idiomatic way of saying "Do you like to..." in Persian? Here's what I came up with: آیا دوست دارید شطرنج بازی کنید؟ آیا دوست دارید تلویزیون تماشا کنید؟ آیا دوست دارید موسیقی گوش کنید؟ Thanks!
  23. taraa

    Persian: a spoof of

    Can you please translate the part in bold? Penny: This looks like some serious stuff, Leonard, did you do this? Sheldon: Actually that’s my work. Penny: Wow. Sheldon: Yeah, well, it’s just some quantum mechanics, with a little string theory doodling around the edges. That part there, that’s...
  24. taraa

    Persian: presumptuous

    How'd you translate presumptuous ? "I hope I won't be considered presumptuous if I offer some advice" I don't wish to presume, but don't you think you should apologize to her
  25. A

    میوه های یخچال

    1 دیروز چیزی نداشتند بخورند، میوه های توی یخچال را خوردند. سئوال: آیا تمام میوه های توی یخچال را خوردند یا امکان دارد صرفاً بعضی از آنها را خورده باشند. به نظر من معنی جمله این است که تمامشان را خوردند اگر نه باید بگوییم 2 دیروز چیزی نداشتند بخورند از میوهای توی یخچال خورند یا 3 دیروز چیزی...
  26. taraa

    Persian: country

    Do you translate 'country' as 'دولت' or 'ملت'? The country now has a quota on immigration
  27. 9

    Persian: مسلماً

    Hello all, I was reading through a Persian translation of the Quran and one verse was translated as follows: (آری) مسلّماً با (هر) سختی آسانی است، I thought that مسلماً meant Muslims but the Arabic verse doesn't say this. What does مسلماً mean and what is its etymology? Many thanks in advance.
  28. A

    مشکلات زندگی در شهر ها بزرگ

    نویسنده در مقالۀ خود مشکلات زندگی در شهر های بزرگ و اثرات آن را بر ذهن کودکان مورد تحلیل قرار می دهد 1 2 نویسنده در مقالۀ خود مشکلات زندگی در شهر های بزرگ و اثرات آنها را بر ذهن کودکان مورد تحلیل قرار می دهد از نظر من در جملۀ نخست واژۀ "آن" فقط و فقط می تواند به "زندگی در شهر های بزرگ" دلالت...
  29. A


    از نظر من واژۀ "چند" بر اعداد بزرگتر از دو دلالت می کند و نمی توان از آن در مواردی استفاده کرد که فقط دو چیز داریم. مثلاَ اگر سه کتاب روی میز باشد، می توان گفت "چند کتاب روی میز است." ولی اگر دو کتاب روی میز باشد نمی توان گفت: "چند کتاب روی میز است." آیا شما با من هم نظر هستید یا نه؟
  30. PersoLatin

    Persian: موسیقا

    What does this word mean exactly, I suspect it means موسیقی/music but based on the following entry in Dehkhoda I am none the wiser. It looks like it was devised specifically so the word for musical/موسیقایی can be made, so can موسیقا be used on its own, if so what would it mean? موسیقا. (معرب...
  31. H

    Persian: کبک در دامن خاری آویخت

    Hello all, Again a line from the poem عقاب. What does دامن خاری mean or refer to exactly? سپاسگذارم
  32. Godot.

    Persian: circle of concern

    In an ideal world, the moment you become friends with somebody, they would instantly trust you completely and you would be in their inner circle. This should not be a surprise because all people have different circles of concern. I know the meaning of inner circle. I read a topic about 'Circle...
  33. Godot.

    Persian: neutral question & get a neutral or non-committal answer

    The simplest way to discover someone’s mood is by simply asking them a neutral question.This question really has no right or wrong answer. Just propose it to see if people will answer in a non-neutral way. What you are looking for is either a positive answer or a negative answer. If you get a...
  34. taraa

    Persian: as they fall due in the usual course of business

    What is the translation of the bold part in Persian? Definition of insolvent (Entry 1 of 2) 1a: unable to pay debts as they fall due in the usual course of business
  35. S

    Urdu, Hindi, Persian: top of mind vs back of my/one's mind

    Dear Foreros, Just for some context so that we can meet at an advanced stage of comprehension, top of mind relates to being front and center in one's cerebral attention, whereas if something is at the back of your mind, you are subconsciously wary of it, or it subliminally affects your decision...
  36. Godot.

    Persian: linear quantity

    Trust, as it turns out, is a linear quantity. The more you see someone, the more you trust them up to a certain extent.
  37. Godot.

    Persian: exist in a vacuum

    Since moods do not exist in a vacuum, they can be influenced by bringing up people, places, and things that were present at the time of those moods at prior occasions. مود یا خلق وخو در انزوای کامل رخ نمیده معنی درستی هست؟
  38. A

    Urdu to Persian: غافل نہیں

    Background: The follow couplet is often used as assurance that others haven't (or the task they've assigned hasn't) been forgotten: گو میں رہا رہینِ ستم ہائے روزگار لیکن ترے خیال سے غافل نہیں رہا مرزا غالب Questions: How could the couplet be translated into Persian if it is to be included it...
  39. Ali Smith

    Persian: سسل

    Hi, An Islamic scholar asked a young man چطورید؟ He replied بد نیستم، مرسی. تو چطوری؟ The scholar exclaimed بچهٔ سُسُل! What does sosol mean?
  40. A

    Persian:به سر بردن

    آنان هنوز هم درصدد التیام بخشیدن به احساسات جریحه‌دارشده ناسیونالیستی و رؤیای تاریخی از دست رفته خود به سر می‌برند This sentence was extracted from a text about current Russian politicians. In this sentence به سر بردن what does it mean?
  41. Godot.

    Persian: open up

    This person works primarily to get people to open up instead of necessarily getting stuff done. dose it mean to speak freely? درد و دل کردن / صمیمانه گفتگو کردن
  42. Godot.

    Persian: The round hole gets the round peg

    The round hole gets the round peg, and the square hole gets the square peg – and the benefits are limitless. What does the sentence mean totally ?
  43. H

    Persian: در كار کند

    This is from the poem عقاب by Parviz Khanlari. The lines are as follows: خواست تا چاره ی ناچار کند دارویی جوید و در کار کند He wanted to cure the uncureable He searches for a medicine and ???? I don't quite understand the last three words. What do they mean exactly?
  44. USani

    Persian: سنجیدہ

    Hi The word سنجیدہ literally means weighed. How did it come to mean serious? Thank you
  45. Godot.

    Persian: relatable

    In fact, this method is used by politicians carefully all around the world, as it is important that they are relatable and non-threatening. this an easy way for people to like you, but not feel threatened. which one is a better choice in this context? ملموس /در ارتباط با واقعیت یا بجا
  46. taraa

    Persian: Nonloss/lossness

    In the database books the word (nonless/Nonloss) is translated as (بي گمشدگي or بي كاست). Are these good translations?
  47. PersoLatin

    Persian: لندن‌کاری

    I came across this term recently, it refers to the art of painting intricately cut plaster carvings & mouldings. I want to know what لندن means here, I have been told لندن/Landan refers to London in UK but can’t find anything to prove/disprove this assumption. Can anyone help plz?
  48. 1

    Persian: Use of past participle as adjective with or without shode

    Hello everyone. I am trying to say a simple sentence in present indicative using the past participle as an adjective. I have provided some examples and don't which of the two for each is correct. The store is closed مغازه بسته است مغازه بسته شده است‌ It is done تمام است تمام شده است It is...
  49. Godot.

    Persian: reciprocal abilities

    Not coincidentally, this is why a lot of business deals get done on the golf course and on bar napkins – people are able to decide that they can work with each other’s reciprocal abilities, and move into each other’s inner circle. reciprocal abilitiesمعنی چی میشه؟
  50. Ali Smith

    Persian چرا ندانم؟

    السلام علیکم I asked a non-Iranian who lived in Iran, "فارسی می دانید؟" He replied, "چرا ندانم؟" Was he reply idiomatic? Why didn't he say چرا نمی دانم؟? By the way, I think what I said was not very idiomatic, for native speakers usually ask فارسی بلدید؟ rather than فارسی می دانید؟ :oops...