1. Q

    Persian: Indefinite ی after nouns and adjectives in negative sentences

    Friends, In Persian, the indefinite suffix ی can be added to a noun or an adjective, the former being less common in the modern language. a) بیژن دانشجوئی زرنگ است b) بیژن دانشجوی زرنگیست These sentences can be negated as below. a) بیژن دانشجوئی زرنگ نیست b) بیژن دانشجوی زرنگی نیست To...
  2. Q

    Persian: برگِ درختانِ سبز

    Friends, برگِ درختانِ سبز در نظرِ ھوشیار ھر ورقی دفتریست معرفتِ کردگار سعدی Is the word برگ to be considered as generic? Also does سبز relate to برگ or درختان? Leaves of green trees---- Green leaves of trees....
  3. Bahareh_12

    Persian: To reason into/ to reason out of

    :سلام دوستان. من یه جمله از جاناتان سوییفت، نویسندۀ ایرلندی قرن هفدهم، دارم که از دو عبارتی که در عنوان مطرح کردم و در دیکشنریها معادل دارن استفاده کرده این جمله از نظر شما درست و قابل فهمه؟ :یا شاید هم reason sb into: کسی را قانع/مجاب/متقاعد کردن reason sb out of: کسی را از چیزی منصرف...
  4. taraa

    Persian: you laundry scourge

    Can you please translate the bolded part into Farsi? He is in a game and is fighting with his dirty clothes by cleaning them. Take that, you laundry scourge! Victor and Valentino animation series, season 01, episode 06
  5. 1

    Persian: Difference between یک and -ی Indefinite Article

    Hello everyone, In persian -ی can be added to mean multiple things (one, any, some). For example: کتابی داری؟ Can mean, "do you have a book" or "do you have any books". There is amiguity. Can یک also take the meaning of "any" or "some" ? Or does it only ever mean a/one. Thank You!
  6. taraa

    Persian: shouldn't you be getting rid of stuff

    Can you please explain the bolded part? Valentino: Hey, Vic, check out these typewriters I found. Vic: Uh, shouldn't you be getting rid of stuff?
  7. N

    Persian: safely touch down on the corrupt world below

    hi, can you explain the bold part in english or translate it in persian? it is from the book Pinball by murakami. thanks Yet it is a historical fact that in 1934, thanks to him, the very first pinball machine steered its way though the golden clouds of technology to safely touch down on the...
  8. Akinci

    Persian: خيمه به در نميزني

    In this text how can we translate this part "خيمه به در نميزني" ? کس نگذشت در دلم تا تو به خاطر منی یک نفس از درون من خیمه به در نمی‌زنی You don't knock (my) door, but where we can put the word "خيمه " ?
  9. Q

    Persian: Possessive pronouns

    Friends, The sentence... او ھمیشہ کتابش را پارہ میکند۔ He always tear his book ... has the same ambiguity one finds in the English translation. Does he tear his own book or someone elses? My questions are these. 1. Is this the norm in Persian and only context will tell the reader/listener...
  10. PersoLatin

    Persian: Bustân/بوستان & Golestân/گلستان

    As we all know, Bustân/بوستان & Golestân/گلستان are two famous works by Sa’di, the former in poetry & the latter in prose. I can not discern any difference in the meanings of these titles, گلستان ‌means “flower garden” (or rose garden, a narrow deginition) بوستان a place of (good) smells (or...
  11. PersoLatin

    Kurdish/Persian: روژکا/ružkâ

    I understand this is made up of روژ + کا with روژ meaning روز/ruz “day”, my question is, what does kâ/کا mean exactly? Meanings given online are not convincing. It is a (modern) feminine given name also used in this greeting: روژکا نیک (good day??)
  12. S

    Persian: Shah-i-Arman

    Hi I think it's a title of the Persian ruler of Armenia, sorry, i can't remember exactly. But please, how to write it in Persian? Best Simon
  13. S

    Persian: تو دانشجوى خوبي هستى

    تو دانشجوي خوبي هستي I know this translates to "You are a good student". I know an ezafe follows دانشجو to make دانشجوى, because it is being followed by an adjective. However, I have no idea why خوب is being turned to خوبي, if anyone would gladly explain this to me.
  14. taraa

    Persian: it sounds disgusting

    disgusting معادل چندش آوره یا تهوع آور؟ Grandma: This room smells like an armpit. Valentino: I agree. Why does it smell like an armpit, Vic? Vic: Eh, I like that my laundry has a natural must to it. Grandma: I don't know what's happening but it sounds disgusting. Here, clean up this space...
  15. N

    Persian: earlier and later

    hi, I want to know the meaning of earlier and later in persian, its from Birth of chess queen book. Here, as in earlier and later religious allegories, she was clothed in virtues considered appropriate for women, such as nonviolence, passivity, and lack of curiosity. thanks
  16. A

    Persian: بهترین کتاب های نمایشگاه امسال

    بهترین کتاب های نمایشگاه امسال کتاب های فرامرز هستند. بدترین کتاب های نمایشگاه امسال هم کتاب های فرامرز هستند آیا آنچه نوشته شده منطقی است؟ هم بهترین ها و هم بدترین ها مال فرامرزند. ولی آیا این آن چیزی است که گفته شده؟ اگر ما بگوییم کتاب های فرامرز بهترین کتاب های نمایشگاه امسال هستند، دیگر...
  17. N

    Persian: the morals of chess

    در اینجا و در رابطه با شطرنج به معنای اخلاقیات است؟morals نام کتابی است نوشته بنجامین فرانکلین.آیا the morals of chess
  18. N

    Persian: written along these lines

    hi , I want to know the meaning of bold part in persian; It is from Birth of chess queen book by marlyn yalum, Jacobus de Cessolis’s Book of Chess, written along these lines in late thirteenth- century Italy, became one of the most famous books of its day thanks
  19. PersoLatin

    Persian: Is انه-/āne/-āna a standalone suffix or not ??

    I don't believe there's such a suffix as -انه/-āne/-āna, what we have instead is two suffixes put together: the plural marker ان-/ān and suffix ه-/-e(-é)/-a. On this forum as well as text books & dictionaries -انه/-āne/-āna is always referred to and treated as a single suffix, I am challenging...
  20. lukebeadgcf

    Persian: تعطیلات چطور بود؟

    Hello, So I was trying to express the question: "How was [your] vacation?" Based on some searches online, it seems like تعطیلات چطور بود؟ is a viable way to express this. Assuming you can say this, I'm just wondering why it's not بودن. In other words, why is بود conjugated for singular and not...
  21. M

    Persian: باده‌ی مَستانه

    سلام. در بیت زیر از حافظ، ساکنانِ حرمِ ستر و عفافِ ملکوت با منِ راه‌نشین باده‌ی مستانه زدند، تعبیرِ باده‌ی مستانه را آیا خوب است به معنای «باده‌ی مستی‌آور» بگیریم؟ به نظرم شاید خوب نیست، تا اندازه‌ای پرگویانه است و زیاده گویا، چرا که باده پیداست رفته‌رفته مستی می‌آورد، و حافظ هم آدمِ این جور...
  22. Ali Smith

    Persian: خواهشاً

    سلام What does خواهشاً mean and why does it have an Arabic ending? My guess is that it’s an attempt to replace the Arabic loanword لطفاً as part of the ongoing secularization of Persian. Here’s where I read it: خواهشاً از پخش و فرستادن پیام‌های بدون منبع و اسرائیلیات پرهیز نمایید Thanks!
  23. eskandar

    Persian: شیرت بگم کم گفتم

    این اصطلاح را در فیلم «گنج قارون» شنیده بودم. به نظر میاد معنی‌اش شبیه به «دمت گرم» باشد. دقیقا یعنی چه؟ یعنی اگر بهت «شیر» گفتم باز هم کم تعریفت کردم و حتی لایق صفت بهتری هستی؟ این اصطلاح چقدر کاربردی است؟ منظورم اینه که بین دوست‌ها استفاده میشه یا فقط تو فیلم به کار رفته؟
  24. Ali Smith

    Persian: You can beat 40 scholars with one fact, but you can't beat one idiot with 40 facts.

    سلام! Does anyone know what the Persian original of this saying was? "You can beat 40 scholars with one fact, but you can't beat one idiot with 40 facts." - attributed to Jalauddin Rumi متشكرم!
  25. S

    Urdu, Persian, Hindi: Book Launch Party

    Dear Foreros, I was wondering what a book launch party could be called in the languages above. Book itself obviously being kitaab, and bazm being an acceptable form of party, but how about the combined form of being a book launch party? Persophones it would be great if you translitered...
  26. Ali Smith

    Persian: مقام

    سلام! کشورهای عضو اتحادیه عرب شامگاه چهارشنبه نتوانستند درباره توافق صلح امارات متحده عربی و اسرائیل به اجماع دست یابند. مقام‌های فلسطینی از این نهاد خواسته بودند توافق میان ابوظبی و تل آویو، موسوم به «پیمان ابراهیم» را رد کنند. Does مقام mean "authority"? If so, is it pronounced maqaam or...
  27. Ali Smith

    Persian: دست یافتن

    سلام What does dast yaaftan mean? کشورهای عضو اتحادیه عرب شامگاه چهارشنبه نتوانستند درباره توافق صلح امارات متحده عربی و اسرائیل به اجماع دست یابند. مقام‌های فلسطینی از این نهاد خواسته بودند توافق میان ابوظبی و تل آویو، موسوم به «پیمان ابراهیم» را رد کنند. متشکرم
  28. Ali Smith

    Persian: من ترا حاجى بگویم، تو مرا حاجی بگو

    سلام Does من ترا حاجى بگویم، تو مرا حاجی بگو mean "You call me a pilgrim, I'll call you a pilgrim.? If so, shouldn't it have been من بتو حاجى بگویم، تو بمن حاجی بگو (be-to and be-man instead of toraa and maraa respectively)? متشکرم
  29. Ali Smith

    Persian: خدا رفتگان شما را هم بيامرزد

    سلام! When is خدا رفتگان شما را هم بيامرزد (May God have mercy on your dead people too) said? I mean, what triggers this as a response? And is the last word pronounced bi-aamorzad or biyaamorzad? خيلى ممنون!
  30. Ali Smith

    Persian: yours

    سلام! I ran into a friend of mine today and asked him سبیل تان کجاست؟ (Where is your mustache?) Actually, he had just shaved his mustache, and by coincidence I had done the same a day earlier. I think he said ھم آن جائی رفتہ است کہ سبیل تان رفتہ است (It's gone to the same place where your...
  31. Ali Smith

    Persian: چشم چرانی

    سلام! What does chasm charaani kardan mean? Here's the context: کسی که در مسجد زنا بکنداورمی کشند ولی درمسجد غیبت میکند با اوکاری ندارند درحالی که غیبت اززنا بدتراست ایمان ضعیف، است، نماز میخواند بیرون در معاملات خیانت می کند و چشم چرانی می کند این از ضعف ایمان است متشکرم!
  32. C

    Persian: واگذاری مسئولیت ناهماهنگ با علاقه فرد

    Hi, Could you suggest an English equivalent for the following please? "واگذاری مسئولیت ناهماهنگ با علاقه فرد" Thanks!
  33. C

    Persian: تحویل دادن/گرفتن

    Hi, What is the English translation for تحویل دادن و گرفتن کتاب توسط کتابدار? Thanks!
  34. Shounak

    Persian: پشت بر کوه ست طاقت تکیه تا بر رحمتست

    Hello All, The entire line stands as this (most probably Ghalib) پست بر کوه ست طاقت تکیه تا بر رحمتست کار دشوارست و ما بر خویش آسان کرده ایم Meaning of the second line is clear. What is the meaning of تکیه , پست and رحمتست ? Koh means mountain.
  35. Shounak

    Persian: بود آیا که فلک زین دو سه کاری بکند

    Hello All, This is from "Diwan e Hafiz". The opening lines are: طایر دولت اگر باز گذاری بکند The lines are: یا وفا یا خبر وصل تو یا مرگ رقیب بود آیا که فلک زین دو سه کاری بکند In this poem the line: " بود آیا که فلک زین دو سه کاری بکند " the word زین does it mean saddle? So the overall...
  36. Bahareh_12

    Persian: Sticks and Stones

    سلام. این یه اصطلاح عامیانه است که از زبان بچه ها به زبان بزرگسالان وارد شده. آیا معادل مناسبی برای اون سراغ دارید؟ Reference
  37. C

    Persian: قابل توجه (کسی)

    Hi, What is the English translation for قابل توجه (کسی) as in قابل توجه مالکین مجتمع مسکونی X Thanks!
  38. sb70012

    Persian: serving

    Hi guys, What is the Persian equivalent of the word "serving"? Context: an amount of food that is enough for one person Examples: The dish has about 250 calories per serving. This recipe makes enough minestrone soup for four to six servings. Thank you.
  39. H

    Persian: thank you

    Hi I am a 20yo Jamaican and I am learning Persian, Should I use chakeretam or mamnoon for the expression of gratitude? I am also looking for native speakers to help me with the spoken aspect of the language. Help would be appreciated.
  40. ali likes the stars

    Persian: تحسین، تمجید، تعریف

    Hello guys, I was looking for a way to say "to praise someone", for example to praise a child for something they did great. I stumbled upon this article: آیا تا به حال برایتان پیش آمده است که از تعریف و تمجید دیگران خجالت‌زده شوید؟ تحسین دیگران می‌تواند مثل یک هدیه کوچک باشد که انگیزه، امید...
  41. akashaziz

    Hindi, Urdu, Persian: Sequencing actions (Like करके/کر کے construction)

    I have a question regarding a grammatical construction in Farsi. In Urdu and Hindi, you can say "मैंने बाजार जाकर सब्ज़ियाँ खरीद लीं / میں نے بازار جا کر سبزیاں خرید لیں (having gone to the market, I bought vegetables). I am now learning Farsi and wanted to know if there is a similar construction...
  42. PersoLatin

    A question on morphemes & lexemes in Persian

    1 - In the following words I have separated morphemes with a hyphen, are they correctly placed? dast-hâ-ye-ŝ-ân / دست-ها-ی-ش-ان (their hands) raft-é-am / رفت-ه- ام (I have gone) mi-did-am / می-دید-م (I used to see) teŝn-e-gi-ŷ / تشن-گی- ای (the thirst..) - I added e to the Latinized version...
  43. MonsieurGonzalito

    Urdu, [Persian?]: dar-guzar

    Friends, "dar-guzar", as when asking God to overlook my faults (in Hindustani: dar-guzar kar de merii xataa) Is one word or two? It uses zain گزر or thal گذر? Thanks in advance.
  44. PersoLatin

    Persian: روادید/ravâdid “visa, permit”

    Is روادید a compound made of روا "allowed” + دید "visit” a calque of the Latin visa?
  45. S

    Persian: Relative Clause with را

    Salaam all, In regards to relative clauses and using را, I was taught (maybe correctly, maybe not) that generally را is unnecessary when the noun being modified is not the object of the main clause verb (even if it is object of the relative clause verb). For example: ماشینی که کنار ساختمان...
  46. S

    Urdu/Hindi/Persian: Door-maker

    Dear Foreros, I was wondering what you call a door-maker in the languages above. Google translate returns darb-saaz for Farsi. I would imagine either dar-saaz/taraash or darwaaza-saaz/taraash would be adequate for Urdu. What do you guys think? Regards, Sheikh.
  47. J

    Persian: صدق کردن

    سلام معادل انگلیسی «صدق کردن» در جمله «تابع f(x) در رابطه (2) صدق نمی‌کند.» چیه؟ ممنون
  48. G

    Persian: با گرفتن یک دستگاه

    Hi everybody! I hope you are well amid this Covid-19 pandemic! The other day I came across this sentence: با گرفتن یک دستگاه: مادران پدران و سایر افراد خانواده را که تمام روز در انتظار بازگشت شما به منزل ساعات خسته کننده‌ای را تحمّل می‌کنند سَرگَرم و خُشنود نگاه‌دارید Although, I understand...
  49. T

    Persian: آن چست که هم رادیو دارد و هم دریا؟

    Hi all, What would be the best translation for the sentence below? آن چست که هم رادیو دارد و هم دریا؟ My suggestion: What is it that both radio and sea have / share in common? I think there have to be better ones.
  50. C

    Persian: Synergy

    Hi, Could you help me with the Persian translation of "synergy" in the context below? This is taken from an article in educational sciences. "The school, college, university or any other academic institution must have diversity in terms of ethnic, culture and age which will make the institution...