1. H

    Persian: در كار کند

    This is from the poem عقاب by Parviz Khanlari. The lines are as follows: خواست تا چاره ی ناچار کند دارویی جوید و در کار کند He wanted to cure the uncureable He searches for a medicine and ???? I don't quite understand the last three words. What do they mean exactly?
  2. USani

    Persian: سنجیدہ

    Hi The word سنجیدہ literally means weighed. How did it come to mean serious? Thank you
  3. Godot.

    Persian: relatable

    In fact, this method is used by politicians carefully all around the world, as it is important that they are relatable and non-threatening. this an easy way for people to like you, but not feel threatened. which one is a better choice in this context? ملموس /در ارتباط با واقعیت یا بجا
  4. taraa

    Persian: Nonloss/lossness

    In the database books the word (nonless/Nonloss) is translated as (بي گمشدگي or بي كاست). Are these good translations?
  5. PersoLatin

    Persian: لندن‌کاری

    I came across this term recently, it refers to the art of painting intricately cut plaster carvings & mouldings. I want to know what لندن means here, I have been told لندن/Landan refers to London in UK but can’t find anything to prove/disprove this assumption. Can anyone help plz?
  6. 1

    Persian: Use of past participle as adjective with or without shode

    Hello everyone. I am trying to say a simple sentence in present indicative using the past participle as an adjective. I have provided some examples and don't which of the two for each is correct. The store is closed مغازه بسته است مغازه بسته شده است‌ It is done تمام است تمام شده است It is...
  7. Godot.

    Persian: reciprocal abilities

    Not coincidentally, this is why a lot of business deals get done on the golf course and on bar napkins – people are able to decide that they can work with each other’s reciprocal abilities, and move into each other’s inner circle. reciprocal abilitiesمعنی چی میشه؟
  8. Ali Smith

    Persian چرا ندانم؟

    السلام علیکم I asked a non-Iranian who lived in Iran, "فارسی می دانید؟" He replied, "چرا ندانم؟" Was he reply idiomatic? Why didn't he say چرا نمی دانم؟? By the way, I think what I said was not very idiomatic, for native speakers usually ask فارسی بلدید؟ rather than فارسی می دانید؟ :oops...
  9. K

    Persian: what aspects of other languages can be understood?

    Hi all. This is not a specific question for Persian, but it is more general. Apologies in advance if it does not follow the strict rules. I have learned Russian (at a respectful level) and I can understand whether a hearing language is Slavic or not in the first 2-3 seconds. Having decided to...
  10. K

    Persian: خوشوقتم

    خوشوقتم Hi all. Can you explain to me, why does this mean "nice to meet you"? I mean, how to literally get into that point? I do have a starting point: خوش, according to wiktionary is an adjective meaning happy or pleasant. But what about the وقتم? Thanks in advance.
  11. taraa

    Persian: مهندسي كامپيوتر گرايش نرم افزار

    ميشه به انگليسي اينو بگين لطفا؟ مهندسي كامپيوتر گرايش نرم افزار خوندم. يك سال به عنوان برنامه نويس سخت افزار تو يك شركت فعال در زمينه پرویه هاي مخابراتي كار كردم.
  12. Godot.

    Persian: get a nice fire going

    Stoke the embers of their positive emotions until you get a nice fire going! اینجا معنی غیر تحت الفظی چی میشه؟ خاکستر سوزان عواطف آنها را تا زمان ... شعله ور کنید
  13. K

    Persian: داشته باشه[باشَد] و

    بله بله. این آواز خوندن[خواندَن] زیرِ پُلِ خواجو هم حِکایَتی داره؛ حالا چه قَدرِش[چه قدرِ آن] ریشه یِ تاریخی داشته باشه[باشَد] و این ها واقِعا نمی دونم[نمی دانَم]، Hi all. I don't understand the literal translation of this part: داشته باشه[باشَد] و. Can you help me? Thanks in advance.
  14. K

    Persian: می گویَند vs می گن

    Hi all. I found this: می گن[می گویَند] تو اِصفَهان هر کی خواسته ای داره[دارَد] یا دِلِش گرفته است، می ره[می رَوَد] زیرِ پُلِ خواجو می خونه[می خوانَد]. این چیه[چیست]؟ I want to check whether I understand properly the Persian grammar: می گویَند: this is alternative spelling of می‌گویند which is...
  15. S

    Urdu, Hindi, Persian: People of colour and brown people

    Dear Foreros, I find this to be fairly odd in that whilst there are vogue terms in place for members of the White and black community in gora/gorii and kaalaa/kaalii no such term appears to be prominent for non-whites I.e. people of colour or brown people who are the most numerous in the...
  16. Godot.

    Persian: The emotions that we do

    They put forth a theory on why we feel the emotions *that we do*? That does the highlighted one mean? Thanks
  17. S

    Urdu, Persian: Firing Line, in the line of fire, cross-fire

    Dear Foreros, As you may well know the aforementioned term/phrase has very little to do with actual fire but relates to being in the middle of the spray of bullets or cross-fire I.e. the use of artillery or guns towards a certain target. I have enquired in the past about terminology concerning...
  18. taraa

    Persian: self-destructive

    How'd you translate 'self-destructive'? 'He's self-destructive'
  19. taraa

    Persian: our current crusade

    Would you translate 'crusade' as 'نهضت'? Or 'جهاد'? Or 'پيكار، مبارزه'? (Dracula is talking about Hector and Isaac (both of him forgemaster)) Dracula: I find myself wishing you two were better friends. Isaac: As I say to him, making human friends seems a little pointless given our current...
  20. taraa

    Persian: for potions

    Is 'potion' mean 'معجون'? Dracula a vampire saved Isaac that is human. Now he is talking about their first meeting that Dracula saved him Isaac: I was being hunted by brigand magicians who wanted to kill me, cut me up and sell my parts to other magicians. Someone like me is, in parts of the...
  21. C

    Persian: به همراه داشتن کارت ملی جهت احراز هویت الزامی است.

    Hi, How should I translate this sentence to English? به همراه داشتن کارت ملی جهت احراز هویت الزامی است. Thank you!
  22. taraa

    Persian: God forbid

    Is 'God forbid' like 'خدا نكنه'? "if, God forbid, a close family member of yours were killed"
  23. taraa

    Persian: strayed off course to Coddington

    Can you please explain the bold in Persian? Woman:Did you know that Trumpet Tooter's ship was once spotted in Coddington Bay? Man: You mean Tumpet Tooter is real? Woman: He is! And so is his ship. The Shiny Cutlass! Legend has it that Pirates stole the Shiny Cutlass and then strayed off course...
  24. Sarmed Ahmed Usmani

    Persian: using a noun without reference to its number

    Hi If a father wanted to encourage his daughter to watch less TV and read books instead (without referring to any specific books) would he say كتاب خوان or كتاب را خوان or كتابها خوان or كتابهارا خوان? Thank you
  25. taraa

    Persian: These are my souvenirs

    Is 'souvenirs' like 'سوغاتي' or 'يادگاري'? These are my souvenirs from when Iwent to Coddington as a kid.
  26. H

    Persian: تا تنور داغ است، نان را بچسبان

    I understand that the meaning of the verb چسباندن is "to stick, glue", but it doesn't make sense to me in this context. What am I misunderstanding? Is it referring to how in a traditional oven the baker sticks the dough on the inner wall of the oven?
  27. taraa

    Persian: has come to her senses

    Is 'has come to her senses' like 'سر عقل امدن'? Watch Fetcher. Let's see if old Attila the Hen has come to her senses
  28. taraa

    Persian: desperate

    How'd you translate 'desperate'? Like 'وخيم، حاد، مبرم، بسيار بد'? Ginger: Mr. Rhodes, is this you? (Its photo on a poster) Rhodes: Ah, who wants to know? Ginger: A group of desperate chickens. You see, if it is you. You may be the answer to our prayers. Rhodes: The, call me a miracle, Doll...
  29. 9

    Persian: Etymology of yargamal

    Hello all, I recently heard this word on an Urdu news channel: یر غمال meaning hostage. Platts' dictionary says that it is a Persian word, but I can't seem to find it on my Persian dictionary or on Google. Does anyone know the etymology of the word? Thank you
  30. taraa

    Persian: How dare you

    Is 'dare' like 'brave'/'not being afraid of'? Does it mean 'چطور جرات ميكني ...' How dare you talk back to a senior ranking officer!
  31. zj73

    Persian: vocative ending ا

    Hi Was the vocative ending ا originally يا, as in Arabic? Like كريما which occurs in a famous poem by Saadi.
  32. taraa

    Persian: Spot

    How'd you translate 'site' and 'spot'? Spot A spot is a place where something happens The kitchen is a good spot to eat meals Site A site is a place We found the perfect site for our picnic. (4000 Essential English Words)
  33. taraa

    Persian: I try to be responsible and save money

    Is 'responsible' like 'وظيفه شناس'? Responsible If a person is responsible, they do the right things. I try to be responsible and save money.
  34. Anglia767

    Persian: Use of an indefinite marker in a sentence with a determiner

    I saw this sentence on page 41 of 'Persian: A Comprehensive Grammar' by Saeed Yousef: ان دختر جوانی را که با مینا حرف می زند نمی شناسم The translation is 'I do not know that young girl who is talking to Mina'. Notice the use of دختر جوانی. My understanding is that جوان is an adjective meaning...
  35. H

    Persian: علف خرس

    What does this expression mean exactly? Is it a type of plant? And how should it be pronounced? I found it in the phrase مگه پول علف خرسه
  36. I

    Sanskrit, Persian: changing dh to d_h

    Hi! I found a thread on this forum where a couple of users mention how 'dh' in Sanskrit/Prakrit was often changed to 'd_h' in Persian, with the blank being a vowel. What other examples of this are there (apart from dhilli --> dehli)? And why was 'dh' changed to 'd_h' instead of 'z' like the...
  37. taraa

    Persian: A charge punishable

    ِDoes 'charge' here mean 'اتهام' ? You have violated intergalactic law 90210! A charge punishable by immediate particle disintegration! Oh, snap.
  38. taraa

    Persian: Reports of panic and mayhem

    Chicken Little sees that a piece of the sky falls on his head and warns everyone that the sky is falling. That cause a lot of chaos in tow. Now for the second time it's happening. This is what that is reporting in TV: Reports of panic and mayhem are pouring in after yet another Chicken Little...
  39. A

    Persian, Urdu: -shaming, -shamed

    Background: relevant dictionary entries: Outline of potential translations/words/compounds: shame - خجلت/خجَل، عار، شرم، شرمندگی، شرم ساری، وغیرہ ashamed - مخجَّل شرمندہ/شرم سار (کردہ/کیا ہوا)...؟ shamer - مخجِّل شرمندہ کنندہ یا شرمندہ کار...؟ shaming - تخجیل (یا تعییر) شرمندہ کاری...؟...
  40. taraa

    Persian: sugarcoat it

    there are almost no players available to enter the game as replacements. They have to use Chicken Little, who hasn't been up to bat once since joining the team. Uh... Strike one! I'm not going to sugarcoat it. I've seen roadkill with faster reflexes. The catcher lays down the signals. Here's...
  41. T

    هر کی تک بیاره اون ..... میشه

    Hi all, In Persian there is a phrase which is used (mostly among children) to pick/elect someone at random. (هر کی تک بیاره اون ..... میشه) Children bring their hands in front of them form the back of their heads with the palm of their hands either facing upwards or downwards. Then the one with...
  42. taraa

    Persian: ego get bruised

    What is the Persian equivalent for 'ego'? Is this like 'self-esteem/respect'? Oh… poor thing. Did your ego get bruised?
  43. taraa

    Persian: It's about gloating and rubbing their noses in it

    Two baseball teams have a match. The reporter is saying: This excitement isn't about the fun of baseball, it's not about the prize. It's about gloating and rubbing their noses in it Chicken Little, animation What is the Persian equivalent for the part in bold?
  44. taraa

    Persian: gibberish

    Little Chicken was hit by an acorn and he thinks the sky is falling. He announce to all others run for their lives and take a cover. After they found that he is mistaken: The interviewers: Chicken Little! What were you thinkin'? Why put your town's safety in jeopardy? How could you mistake a...
  45. Anglia767


    I saw this sentence in the title of a video online: چرا ما در محل هایی پراکنده دارای مو هستیم؟ The use of دارای combined with the verb 'to be' is new to me. How common is this construction? I would expect the sentence to be: چرا ما در محل هایی پراکنده مو داریم؟ Any help is appreciated.
  46. taraa

    Persian: to take it

    What is the Persian equivalent for 'take it'? To accept something that is offered is to take it.
  47. Y

    Nasmiya and Amniya police

    How to write "Nasmiya" and "Amniya" in Persian/Arabic letters? Text: "There are two kinds of police: the Nasmiya, which controls the towns; and the Amniya, which controls the roads and such of the hinterland as admits the law." Note: They are in Persia. Source: The Road to Oxiana by Robert Byron
  48. Y


    How to write the name of this kind of tree in Persian/Arabic letters? Text: "The inner court is planted with the same trees; horhju they are called." Source: The Road to Oxiana by Robert Byron
  49. taraa

    Persian: ازمون را به تعويق بندازيد

    What is the Persian equivalent for this? لطفا ازمون را به تعويق بندازيد و در زمان مناسب و بدون استرس برگزار كنيد
  50. Y

    Sarakh bisyar harab!

    This is a sentence by an Afridi man in English letters, how can I write it in Arabic\Persian\Pashto letters? and what does it mean? Text: "Sarakh bisyar harab! What an absolutely rotten road!' he shouted, grinning at its shiny complexion." Source: The Road to Oxiana by Robert Byron