1. taraa

    Persian: goes through

    What is the Persian equivalent for 'goes through'? The procedure BUILD-MAX-HEAP goes through the remaining nodes of the tree and runs MAX-HEAPIFY on each one. Introduction to Algorithms, Cormen
  2. PersoLatin

    Persian: are suffixes -var/ور- and -bar/بر- identical except for v>b/b>v sound change?

    Interchanging these suffixes in Persian adjectives that use them, does not change the meaning, with bar & var meaning to hold/carry/bear رنجبر > رنجور /ranjbar > ranjvar > ranjur (var>ur) مزدبر > مزدور/mozdbar > mozdvar > mozdur Also: جانور & جانبر "holds life" so has life پیشه بر & پیشه ور...
  3. taraa

    Persian: serves as a straightforward way

    Is 'serves' like 'به کار گرفتن'? Drawing out a recursion tree, as we did in our analysis of the merge sort recurrence in Section 2.3.2, serves as a straightforward way to devise a good guess. Introduction to Algorithms, Cormen
  4. C

    Persian: over the top

    Hi, What is the Farsi translation for "over the top"? context: Don't talk over the top of people. I’m sure whatever you want to say can wait for a minute. Thank you!
  5. sb70012

    Persian: lead-free pan قاب نسوز؟

    Source: ONTUBE Pie Pans- 11 Inches Ceramic Quiche Pans, Round Pie Tins for Baking, Oven Safe, Set of 2 (White): Kitchen & Dining Hi, On Amazon this is known as a lead-free quiche pan. And the page owner who has written the description for this pan is a Chinese person. But what does...
  6. taraa

    Persian: we can accommodate

    Does 'accommodate' mean 'جا دادن' here? We use the simple convention of encoding the inputs and outputs in the states. In particular, inputs are placed in designated input variables in the start states; the fact that a process can have multiple start states is important here, so that we can...
  7. taraa

    Persian: make more crafts

    Is 'craft' like 'کاردستی'? Abby: Why aren't you in the salon? Harriet: I want to be, but it's closed today. I don't know what to do if I can't style. Abby: Hmmm, you make great paper dolls, maybe we can make more crafts in my room! Abby Hatcher
  8. taraa

    Persian: spotter

    What is the Persian equivalent to 'Spotter '? Abby Hatcher (voiced by Macy Drouin in the Canada/US, and Maisie Marsh in the UK) – A bespectacled seven-year-old girl of American and Chinese descent who possesses detective skills. She is equipped with a wrist device called the Fuzzly Spotter...
  9. W


    (Moderator note: This thread has been moved here from the Indo-Iranian Languages forum. Cherine) Hello, I have looked for this word in multiple dictionaries, and have not been able to find it anywhere. I've tried variant spellings as well - does anyone know what it means, and/or have other...
  10. PersoLatin

    Persian: present & past progressive

    To form progressive verbs in mainstream Persian, the past & present tense of the verb "داشتن/to have" is used. according to this paper, (the link was provided by Qureshpor in this thread) this style of combining داشتن as an auxiliary with another verb, was first seen in written Persian around...
  11. Ali Smith

    Persian: داشتن

    سلام Is داشتن used in formal Persian to denote the continuous tense? For example, بہ والدین خود محبت کنید شما آنقدر مشغولِ بزرگ شدن ھستید کہ فراموش می کنید آنہا دارند پیر می شوند Love your parents You are so busy growing up That you forget that they are getting old. Thanks!
  12. ل

    Persian: pronunciation of the bird name اکراس

    How to pronounce the bird name اکراس?اکراس The spelling appears in the dictionary as akras or ekras, but the meaning a type of bird is in none of them:اکراس
  13. M

    Persian: why is هوا داره used instead of هوا?

    For instance in the sentence: نه ، هوا داره گرم ميشه Why is it havaa daare and not just havaa? If I'm correct daare is from daarad, but I guess it's not a verb here? Thank you!
  14. G

    Persian: ایں چہ می بینم

    عجب ثُمَؔ العجب۔ ایں چہ می بینم (Intezar Husain, ChiraaGhoN kaa dhuaaN, p. 220) How could this be translated?
  15. G

    Persian: شائستگی چہ کتیت کہ پیش مرداں می آید

    Intezar Husain opens the chapter (16 of his book ChiraaGhoN kaa dhuaaN) titled “ انقلاب کی سواری حلقۂ ارباب ذوق تک تو آئی” with this saying: شائستگی چہ کتیت کہ پیش مرداں می آید What does this mean?
  16. Shandol

    Persian: شیرینی دادن/گرفتن

    درود به دنبال معادل انگلیسی برای شیرینی دادن/گرفتن می گردم. نزدیکترین معادلی که پیدا کردم هست. به طور مثال تو نمی خوای بابت خونه ای که خریدی شیرینی بدی؟ You don't want to treat us for the house you bought? نظر شما چیه؟ ممنون میشم اگر معادل بهتری مد نظر دارید با بنده به اشتراک بگذارید
  17. ali likes the stars

    Persian: To trick / set up sb.

    Hi guys, "He tricked me." As far as I know, there are five ways of saying this. What are their connotations/differences? او من را گول زد او به من کلک زد او من را فریب داد او به من حقه زد او به من ترفند زد Also, can these be used as nouns? "It was a trick!" گول بود فریب بود حقه بود (I...
  18. B

    Persian: Unisex names

    Hallo, Is it correct that, in Persian, some (official) names are used both for mena dnfor women? Wikipedia lists these: Arya, Azar, Dana, Nikan, Nima, Raha, Tiam, Yara. Are these commonly used for both sexes? Some of these do not seem very common or even Persian to me, but I may be wrong...
  19. taraa

    Persian: incentive

    What's the Persian meaning of these two sentences? 1- she lacks motivation 2- she lacks incentive
  20. M

    Persian: چو بربندند بربندند

    Hi, everyone. Help is badly needed with rendering the first part of the couplet by Haafez clear: به فتراک جفا جان‌ها چو بربندند بربندند ز زلف عنبرین دل‌ها چو بگشایند بفشانند I understand the meaning of each word, but have become doubtful about what is being said. So, I previously understood...
  21. S

    Urdu, Persian, Hindi: Variant of the concern

    Dear Foreros, You'll all be too familiar with the various country-based variants of Coronavirus that are sprouting up in multiple corners of the globe but how would your translate the idea in the languages above? How would you say "South African/UK/Indian variant of concern/COVID-19"? For...
  22. taraa

    Persian: take a value

    What is the Persian translation of 'take a value'? A return statement immediately transfers control back to the point of call in the calling procedure. Most return statements also take a value to pass back to the caller. Our pseudocode differs from many programming languages in that we allow...
  23. S

    Persian: Jupiter

    I have been looking at the native Persian words for different planets. When I came to Jupiter I found multiple words for the Arabic borrowing of مُشْتَرِي, including هرمز, اورمزد, برجیس and زاوش. Does anyone know which one is the primary native Persian word for Jupiter, what the difference is in...
  24. Ali Smith

    Persian: کاپوت

    سلام I know the Persian word for 'condom' is کاپوت. My question is: is it pronounced kaaput or kaapot? متشكرم
  25. M

    Old Persian Corpus

    Hi all! Does anybody have any information about old Persian Corpus? Is there a corpus like that?
  26. Haji Firouz

    Persian: احوال پرسی meaning

    Hello, I found احوال پرسی (/ahvaal porsi/ or /ehvaal porsi/?) in my Persian book to be translated as: "greeting", however when I looked up احوال I found that it means "event" and I could not find پرسی as a separate word in the wiktionary. According to another source it means "to inquire after...
  27. taraa

    Persian: with a partition of its locally controlled actions

    Should I translate 'partition' as 'افراز' or 'تجزیه'? Recall that each I/O automaton comes equipped with a partition of its locally controlled actions; each equivalence class in the partition represents some task that the automaton is supposed to perform. Our notion of fairness is that each...
  28. Ali Smith

    Persian: If possible, please do come.

    سلام I'm writing a letter to some new acquaintances. I wanted to tell them about the Khatm-ul-Qur'an (the recitation of the final chapters of the Qur'an near the end of Ramadhan during the night prayers called التراويح) and invite them to the mosque where we pray. How would I say "If possible...
  29. PersoLatin

    Persian: بردبار /bordbâr "tolerant/uncomplaining/patient"

    This is commonly (always really) pronounced as bordbâr and seems to be a simple compound made of برد/bord "bear/carry"+ بار/bâr "load". My question regards the first part (برد/bord "it carried") which seems to be the 3rd person singular simple past tense of بردن "to bear/carry" but semantically...
  30. M

    Investigation and research

    Dorud! Could someone explain the difference between these terms and in what contexts they are used? For example which of these could be used for a criminal investigation and which of these couldn’t? In English while “research” and an “investigation” are two different things, you could still say...
  31. M


    Dorud! 😃What does “طاقت‌فرسا” mean exactly? It seems to mean anything from “demanding, trying” to “unbearable, insufferable”. What would be a less ambiguous word for a “demanding” or “challenging” task or a “trying” experience without implying those are unbearable? 1. Demanding, challenging...
  32. taraa

    Persian: subject to the idea

    Can you please translate the bolded part into Persian? The interleaving representation of concurrency is subject to the idea that there is a scheduler which interlocks the steps of concurrently executing processes according to an a priori unknown strategy. Principles of Model Checking
  33. Ali Smith

    Persian: imperative of داشتن

    سلام الهـی در این شب زیبای "ماه مبارک رمضان" ذهنمان را آرام کن و مارا در پناه خودت به دور از هیاهوی این جهان بدار الهی شبمان را با یادت بخیر کن.... الهی آمین یا رب العالمین Would دار or داشتہ باش have worked too? Or is بدار bedaar the only way you can make the imperative from داشتن (to keep)...
  34. M

    Dastkhosh / دستخوش

    Hello / Dorud! I was wondering how a word such as “dastkhosh” came to acquire the notion of undergoing or being subject to, considering that it literally means “good-hand”? Could anyone provide any information or speculation as to how this semantic change happened? Thanks in advance! 😃
  35. taraa

    Persian: with ties broken arbitrarily

    How would you translate the bold part in Persian, please? Is 'tie' like 'همبستگی/رابطه'? Round 2" Process i sends its value of y to all processes, including itself. If, in the set of messages received at this round, there are _> n - f copies of a particular value in V, then i sets vote " - 1...
  36. taraa

    persian: ever receives a message

    Can you please say 'If a process i ever receives a message' here in Persian? If a process i ever receives a message from another process j that is not of the specified form (e.g., it contains complete garbage or contains duplicate values for the same node in j ' s tree), then i "throws away"...
  37. taraa

    Persian: true vacuously

    What is the Persian equivalent for ' true vacuously' like 'empty'? Proof By induction. The basis case, r = 0, is true vacuously. Distributed Algorithms, lynch
  38. taraa

    Persian: setting

    How would you translate 'setting' into Persian, please? In this section, we consider the coordinated attack problem in the setting where processes can be randomized. As in the previous section, we consider n processes arranged in an arbitrary, known, undirected graph network. Distributed...
  39. S

    Middle Persian: بیروج/بیروز

    I was reading Islamic Hadiths, and came across one when شهربانو, the daughter of یزدگرد was captured and saw Umar bin Al-Khattab, she said: آهْ بِيرُوجْ بَادَا هُرْمُزَ Or according to other copies of the hadith: آهْ بِيرُوزْ بَادْ هُرْمُزَ The translations I found states it means “روزگار هرمز...
  40. S

    Urdu, Hindi, Persian: Working hours and non-working hours

    Dear Foreros, I was wondering what the official terms for working and non-working hours are in the languages above. From a quick Google search the following is what is returned so far as Urdu is concerned: Auqaat/Oqaat e kaar which would suggest that Ghair-auqaat/oqaat E kaar would be the...
  41. MonsieurGonzalito

    Persian: نرسد

    Friends, What does نرسد mean in the following context: عشق اگر بہ فریادِ دلِ ما نرسد It belongs to the lyrics of a song in the Pakistani musical show "Coke Studio", meant to be an hommage to Googoosh's "Man Amadeh Am". [Youtube: U_DSCLqgZCo] But I don't know if the Persian parts are...
  42. marrish

    Persian/Gujarati: پن પણ 'but'.

    Hello, A seemingly unassuming yet quite an interesting word which I've just noticed skimming through the pages of Persian dictionaries is this: پن pan, But, but then, now; yet, however. In Gujarati, a very similar word, પણ paɳ 'but, yet...' is used all the time and expresses the same...
  43. E

    Persian: Pronunciation of آبش احمد‎

    Hello, I'd like to ask about the pronunciation of آبش احمد‎, which is the name of a town in Iran: 1. Does the آ here represent the short vowel a /æ/ or the long vowel ā /ɒː/? 2. Is there a glottal stop sound /ʔ/ between آبش and احمد ? Thank you in advance.
  44. W

    Persian: یاد باد آن که به اصلاح شما می‌شد راست

    I am having trouble translating this line of Hafez. It is the last two lines of Ghazal 204. I've posted the context here: یاد باد آن که به اصلاح شما می‌شد راست نظم هر گوهر ناسفته که حافظ را بود Translation #1: The poetry/order of every unpierced gem, that was Hafez Translation #2: the...
  45. PersoLatin

    Persian: پرخاشخر

    I was looking up a word and came across پرخاشخر (see here) , mainly in Ferdôsi's work, it not related to پرخاشگر, there's also پرخاشخور (-xor) which can only be the correct version of پرخاشخر despite خر- being pronounced as 'xar' and not 'xor', I am assuming suffix خور derives from خوردن, with...
  46. PersoLatin

    Persian: اغمام

    Yesterday I received a text which had this word in it, from the context it was obvious that the sender meant غم‌ها “sorrows”, I can’t find it in any online dictionary, is اغمام plural (broken) of غم “sorrow”, a legitimate Arabic word with the meaning in question, and if not, is it still used or...
  47. M

    Persian: gender - jen-deh (false friends)

    First of all, apologies that I'm unable to write the Arabic script. Anyway, years ago, in a former life, I taught English as a foreign language. In the 1960s, Iranian students were often in the majority in language schools in GB. I was interested in foreign languages and had a bit of a go at...
  48. S

    Urdu, Persian, Hindu: You're family, like family.

    Dear Foreros, I was wondering how would you refer to someone as "like family or to be family to you" in the languages above. If someone were your blood you would say "tum to meraa/humaaraa xuun ho", however the same wouldn't apply for an adopted member of the household I.e. whether its a friend...
  49. marrish

    Persian: ندی

    Hi, What does the word ندی stand for in the following phrase which I've come across in a text message? جوین ندی از دستت رفته I don't expect the following definition from the Steingass dictionary to be of any help, however it indirectly points to the possibility of it being a proper name...
  50. PersoLatin

    Persian: توجهات and صدمات

    From Persian point of view توجهات (attentions) and صدمات (damages) are plurals of توجه and صدمه and on that basis why is صدمات correct and not صدمهات, looking online the same seems to apply to these in Arabic too, can some please explain this?