1. Y

    the village of Rozah

    Is "Rozah" here written روضه in Persian? Text: "The famous 'Towers of Victory' stand 700 yards apart on the way to the village of Rozah: a pair of octagonal star-shaped stumps, each seventy feet high and now roofed with a tin hat to prevent further decay." Source: The Road to Oxiana by Robert...
  2. Y

    the Desert of Top

    Is there a desert in Afghanistan called "the Desert of Top"? Text: "The journey here occupied 4½ hours, along a good hard road through the Desert of Top, which was carpeted with irises." Source: The Road to Oxiana by Robert Byron
  3. Y

    Pata Kissar

    What is Pata Kissar and how to write it in Persian/Arabic letters? Text: "We had hoped originally to make a journey by horse along the River from Pata Kissar to Hazrat Imam." Source: The Road to Oxiana by Robert Byron
  4. Y

    Persian: Khoja Duka

    How to write Khoja Duka in Persian/Arabic letters? Text: "A green patch of pasture at Khoja Duka tempted us to stop again, to watch a drove of brood mares and their foals, among which cavorted a raw-boned old stallion of sixteen hands, which is big for these parts." Source: The Road to Oxiana...
  5. Y

    Persian: the Jihun

    What is "the Jihun"? Text: "'Yes,' he said, 'the ground is all cooked between here and Mazar, but it is green again near the Jihun,' employing this word for the Oxus, and not understanding our reference to it as the Amu Darya." Source: The Road to Oxiana by Robert Byron
  6. S

    Classical & Iranian Persian: قر vs غر (seductive hip/movements)

    Dear Persophones, Young and old, this has been a subject which has been on my mind for a while and it pertains to the magically metaphorical and poetic nature of the language. Gher or Ger, whichever way you want to transliterate it (to avoid confusing the term with گھیر which is how some 2nd...
  7. Y


    How can I write "Robat" in Persian, Pashto or Arabic letters? "Robat is the Afghan term for caravanserai, and is also used as a measure of distance, since the main highways have these establishments every four farsakhs or sixteen miles." Source: The Road to Oxiana by Robert Byron
  8. S

    Middle Persian spelling of برزافره

    I was wondering if anyone knows the Middle Persian spelling of Middle Persian spelling of برزافره (Barzapharnes)? And is there an Old Persian attestation of the name as well?
  9. S

    Urdu, Persian: Female Journalist

    Dear Foreros, I have a feeling that whilst in Dari they might use SaHaafii as well as they do in Arabic and Urdu, the term for a male journalist varies in Iranian Persian. That being said what is the accepted or acceptable term for a female journalist in the two languages above? Technically...
  10. S

    Urdu, Hindi, Persian: Differentiating between a beehive and a honeycomb.

    Dear Foreros, I was wondering whether there was a way to differentiate between a beehive I.e. an enclosed structure where bees reside out of sight with a honeycomb، the hexagonal wax structure where honey is stored? I am sure plenty of you already know this but you can buy boxes or bottles of...
  11. taraa

    Persian: interleaving frames

    How would you translate 'interleaving frames' into Persian? One problem that may occur is that a single packet contains multiple audio and video frames. As a consequence, when a packet is lost, the receiver may actually perceive a large gap when playing out frames. This effect can be somewhat...
  12. S

    Urdu, Hindi, Persian: Single, Double, Triple and Unvaccinated

    Dear Foreros, We've all been living through a global pandemic and the hysteria and consternation concerning everyone and sundry's medical records is something that has in some shape or form become a matter of public interest. The pandemic has given birth to novel nomenclature. You have levels...
  13. Ali Smith

    Persian: how to ask someone about his educational background

    السلام عليكم What is the most idiomatic way of inquiring about someone's level of education? I am not looking for a literal translation, but here's my guess: سطحِ تحصيلاتِ تان چندست? متشكرم
  14. Y


    Is "Trump-of-Raphael" here a translation of a Persian name, and if so what is it in Persian letters? Can his name be صور اسرافیل ? Text: "The name of the Governor of Isfahan is Mr Trump-of-Raphael. Before calling on him, I asked one of Wishaw's clerks to translate my letter of...
  15. S

    Urdu, Persian & Hindi: Stat, Stats, Statistics and statistician

    Dear Foreros, Whilst I understand that statistics as a discipline is referred to as shumaariiyaat شماریات or I'lm E a'daad o shumaar علم اعداد وقار in Urdu and that statistics in terms of stats are referred to as a'daad o shumaar, what would you call an individual stat? In other words how...
  16. taraa

    Persian: remote cloning

    What is Persian equivalent for 'clone'? Instead of moving a running process, also referred to as process migration, strong mobility can also be supported by remote cloning. In contrast to process migration, cloning yields an exact copy of the original process, but now running on a different...
  17. 9

    Persian: pronunciation of "aa" with open or closed mouth

    I sometimes hear aa (as in alif vowel) with a full mouth and a deep sound, and sometimes with an empty mouth. Here, psychology in Persian - English-Persian Dictionary | Glosbe the word for psychology روانشناسی is pronounced as ravaan (aa with empty mouth) shinaasii (aa with fullmouth). Is...
  18. T

    Persian : یه امانتی پیش من داری

    Hi all, How would one say "یه امانتی پیش من داری" in English?
  19. A

    Zameen, safed, kharab, shayad. Are these words also used in Persian language?

    Hi guys, i am from india and my most spoken language is Hindi. Today, i watch a persian clip on social media so there one lady used these words : Shayad, Zameen and Kharab. could you tell me please the meaning of these words in persian. i want to know because in hindi we used shayad for Maybe...
  20. S

    Urdu, Persian: Expansionary and Contractionary (Tight) Fiscal & Monetary Policy

    Dear Foreros, Whilst I am not aware if Urdu does or doesn't have official Economics nomenclature concerning the subject matter above, Arabic and Persian lead the way in instituting what are quite convenient terms. You can tell that they take a leaf out of each other's books. For instance, in...
  21. taraa

    Persian: Paravirtualization

    What is Persian equivalent for 'para'/'Paravirtualization'? We have two types of virtualization hypervisors and Paravirtualization.
  22. Y


    In his book, The Road to Oxiana, Robert Byron says: "It is not a happy combination, as one can tell from Sarre's reproductions of Kona." In this article Friday Mosque of Shiraz and its Qur’anic inscriptions there is an explanation for Kona as the following: "Anyhow, something Byron does mention...
  23. C

    Persian: به اندازه ته استکان

    Hi, What is the English equivalence for به اندازه ته استکان? Thanks!
  24. S

    Urdu: Take your time

    Dear Foreros, I couldn't help but think that Apnaa waqt leN/lenaa/lo are calques. That being said just because they are doesn't ipso facto make them incorrect. However, would you consider them to be proper Urdu or mere word on word translations? In other words do use it or find it comical, in...
  25. P

    Panjabi, Gurmukhi: writing 'win' and 'order' Persian-origin words

    I would like to know forum members' thoughts on writing a couple of Persian-origin words in Panjabi. These words are not particularly common in daily speech, but they have been used for hundreds of years, so are part of Panjabi vocab. which would presumably affect pronunciation. So can you tell...
  26. S

    Urdu, Persian & Hindi: Eligibility/Eligible and Ineligibility/Ineligible

    Dear Foreros, The above appears to be a trickier issue than first meets the eye and thereby it is understandable why many opt for the English alternatives instead. The term that pops into mind for eligible in Urdu is ahl I.e. اہل, yet it is more often than not used for competence rather than...
  27. PUB50

    Would anyone please help me translating this Farsi message? Thanks a lot.

    Hi! A friend of mine is a visual artist. He was asked to exhibit his works in Florence, Italy, last month. On the visitors' comment book at the exhibition someone has left the following note that we don't know how to read. Would please anyone help us? Thanks a lot.
  28. taraa

    Persian: accessibility/availability

    How would you translate these two words in Persian? accessibility/availability
  29. S

    Urdu, Persian: Feasibility Report/Study

    Dear Foreros, I would like your esteemed opinions on how a Feasibility Study or report is to be translated in the brotherly languages above. From the perspective of Urdu, here is what I already know. Report is generally referred to as just report or the more Urdu-friendly raporT although the...
  30. Y

    Persian: hot water bottle

    What is the Persian word for hot water bottle? and how come the author mistook it for the word khanum? does its pronunciation resemble the word khanum or resemble another word that means khanum? Text: "Not knowing the Persian for hot-water bottle, I made the kitchen laugh tonight by asking for...
  31. Y

    Persian, Dari, Urdu: Mudir Sahib

    What is the meaning of "Mudir Sahib"? Source: The Road to Oxiana by Robert Byron
  32. zj73

    Persian: نرم افزار

    Hi What does the word نرم افزار mean? The first part means soft. What about the second? It seems to be an Arabic plural like أخبار and أجزاء. If that's true what is its singular? Thanks
  33. S

    Urdu, Persian: Insurance coverage, Insured, Insurer (underwriter).

    Dear Foreros, Given that the official Urdu term for insurance in beema بیمہ is derived from Persian I felt it was particularly apt and instructive to include their input. Firstly, I am not aware of any term that encapsulates the concept of coverage in Urdu and therefore by default the term...
  34. Ali Smith

    Persian: قرناس

    سلام I know modern Turkish uses the word kurnaz in the sense of 'smart, clever'. What was the original meaning of قرناش in Persian? متشكرم
  35. C

    Persian: یکسان انگاری

    Hi, Could you help me with the English equivalence of یکسان انگاری? context: تصویب قانون فوق ناشی از سوء تفاهم یکسان انگاری ربا و بهره بانکی است. Thanks!
  36. Sapere_Aude

    Ezāfe in Persian

    As you know, in Persian we use one structure called Ezāfe for four structures in English: 1. Adjective Noun: the Beautiful flower (گلِ زیبا) 2. Noun Noun: the Football Player (بازیکنِ فوتبال) 3. Noun of Noun: the Plays of Shakespeare (نمایشنامه‌هایِ شکسپیر) 4. Noun's Noun: John's Book (کتابِ...
  37. fredoon

    Persian: روحیه

    Could you please say how I can say "روحیه" in English, consider the following phrase as an example? وقتی دانشجویان در فضای سبز دانشگاه قدم میزنند روحیه آنها عوض میشود یا روحیه آنها شاد میشود As far as I know, "sprit" or "soul" does match here, right? Thank you in advance!
  38. PersoLatin

    Persian: به‌دلیل or بدلیل

    This is regarding the style of writing this term only in Modern Iranian Persian, in/outside Iran, which is the current correct style? I have seen both styles used in well formatted & presented websites, also more average text. The gap between the sub words in به‌دلیل is zero-width non-joining...
  39. Y

    Kala Julk (Persian place)

    How to write Kala Julk in Persian/Farsi? It is a Persian place mentioned in The Road to Oxiana by Robert Byron
  40. Y


    How to write Reis-i-Shosa in Persian/Farsi? Source: "A pompous old fellow in check tweeds, who looks like Lloyd George, has just come up and announced himself as the Reis-i-Shosa. This means Captain of the Chaussées, in other words District Road Superintendent." The Road to Oxiana by Robert Byron
  41. Y

    Tasr Kand (Persian place)

    How to write Tasr Kand in Persian/Farsi? It is an old Persian city mentioned in The Road to Oxiana by Robert Byron
  42. Sapere_Aude

    Persian: منصه ظهور

    How can we say "منصه ظهور" in English?
  43. S

    Urdu, Hindi, Persian: Sport, sporting and sportsmanship i.e. behaviour suited to sports or being willing to take on a challenge willingly.

    Dear Foreros, There are often terms that develop in a language through its own trajectorys and subtleties which means that they can be fairly untranslatable on occasion but would you say that were the case for being a fabulous 'sport' i.e. someone "who behaves in a good or specified way in...
  44. Xander2024

    Persian: town centre

    Hello everyone, I was talking to an Iranian friend today and said, من امروز به مرکز شهر رفتم He said, "What do you mean by مرکز شهر ? I said, "town centre". He suggested I should use بازار. I tried to explain that I had been to the town centre just to get some fresh air, look at the...
  45. jinxnao

    Persian: Chunan daan ka

    Hi. What does chunan daan ka .. mean here? I could not find such a conjugation of danastan as daan . Thank u
  46. taraa

    Persian: hallmark

    One meaning of 'hallmark' is 'انگ'. I don't think this is the case here because it's a positive feature, right? This property of overlapping subproblems is the second hallmark of when dynamic programming applies (the first hallmark being optimal substructure). Cormen's Introduction to Algorithms
  47. C

    Persian: inside out

    Hi, Could you help me with the translation of "inside out" in the following context please? This is a mobile user interface. "Be Gorgeous Inside Out" Thank you!
  48. T

    Persian: قانون بودجه

    Greetings, What is the best equivalent for "قانون بودجه" in English? Thanks in advance
  49. T

    Persian : مزایده فروش کارخانه

    Greetings, How would one say "مزایده فروش کارخانه" in English? Thanks in advance
  50. T

    Persian: قوانین بالا دستی

    Greetings, How would one say "قوانین بالا دستی " in English? Thanks in advance.