1. A

    Persian: Game-changer

    Hi friends Do you know any translations for " Game-changer" except تغییر دهنده بازی? thanks
  2. Faramarz2015

    Persian: به محضر/حضور کسی/بزرگی شرفیاب شدن

    Hi, I'm translating a Persian literary text into English. Just now, I came across this sentence: "در مورد ان موضوع من به محضر شما شرفیاب خواهم شد". I translated it as: (I'll come to see you about that matter.) However I'm looking for its closest equivalent! Could you help me? Thanks.
  3. A

    Persian: offset

    what is the meaning of offset here: Low-speed winds may not have enough power to overcome friction in the drive train of the turbine and, even if it does and the generator is rotating, the electrical power generated may not be enough to offset the power required by the generator field windings...
  4. J

    Persian: خوب vs خب

    I just came across the following conversation: تو در جوی خیابان چہ می کنی؟ کلیدِ ماشینم را جستجو می کنم۔ چرا در این آبِ کثیف دنبالش می گردی؟ در پیادہ رو آسانتر است۔ مگر نگفتم کہ کلیدم در جو افتادہ است؟ خوبِ ولی در این صورت مثلِ ملا نصر الدین باید کرد۔ Now as far as I know, the word خوب khub is...
  5. J

    Persian: مگر

    I used to think that مگر meant "but". However, today I came across the following conversation: تو در جوی خیابان چہ می کنی؟ کلیدِ ماشینم را جستجو می کنم۔ چرا در این آبِ کثیف دنبالش می گردی؟ در پیادہ رو آسانتر است۔ مگر نگفتم کہ کلیدم در جو افتادہ است؟ What does مگر mean? I'm guessing the whole...
  6. A

    Persian: overpowering

    How can I translate the word (overpowering) to Persian in this sentence: To keep from overpowering the generator, however, the rotor must spill some of the most energetic high-speed winds. Thanks
  7. J

    Persian: گرانی and ارزانی

    ھر گرانی بی سبب نیست و ھر ارزانی بی علت نیست I know that sabab and ellat both mean "reason" or "cause", so I guess this proverb could be translated as "Every expensiveness is not without reason, every cheapness is not without reason." Am I correct?
  8. A

    Persian: case

    How can I translate the word (case) to Persian in this sentence: this conclusion is always the case when certain probability characteristics for the wind are assumed. Thanks
  9. A

    Persian: motoring up

    what is the meaning of motoring up in general and specially in this sentence: the machine will start operation by motoring up toward its synchronous speed. thank you
  10. Faramarz2015

    Persian: غائله را خواباندن

    Hi, I want to translate this Persian proverb "غائله را خواباندن" into English. Could you help me? Thank you.
  11. Faramarz2015

    Persian: بی ظرفیت

    Hi, What's the correct English equivalent to "بی ظرفیت بودن، بی جنبه بودن"? Thank you.
  12. S

    Persian: هول و هُرمش

    سلام دوستان معنی این جمله از روزنامه‌ی اطلاعات را نمی‌فهمم٬ مخصوصا منظور «هول و هُرمش». بحث داغ و دیرینه ممیزی کتاب٬ سال‌هاست که در کشور ما در جریان است و با ورود و منزل گزینی هر جریان و گروه جدیدی در وزارت خانه‌ی متکفل این امر ٬بحث را یا داغ‌تر می‌کند و یا از هول و هرمش میکاهد. حدس من...
  13. A

    Persian: bars shorted at their ends

    would you please tell me what is the meaning of (shorted at end) in this sentence: conducting bars shorted at their ends thank you
  14. S

    Persian: به یک کرشمه دو کار

    Greetings I believe that به یک کرشمه دو کار is the standard way of translating ‘two birds with one stone’, but am I right, please? Re this idiom, would it not be more correct in Colloquial Persian to say با یک کرشمه دو کار? But perhaps it's a crystallized form. Furthermore, what is the...
  15. A

    Persian: ((That is)) at the first of sentences

    Would you please tell me how can I translate the ((That is)) at the first of sentences to persian? for example: That is, the machine is a motor, an induction one. That is, about 2.5 days per year the turbine will be shut down. Thank you
  16. ebrahim

    Persian: Khane zad

    Hello, Do we have any English word for 'khane zad' (خانه زاد)? I'm trying to translate a short story in which I came across 'زن و شوهر خانه زاد' and after coming to the conclusion that they both were born in their parent's lords' houses, with the help of some friend, I'm now both in doubt...
  17. PersoLatin

    Persian: نوه نتيجه

    I recently raised this thread and in the discussions the Avestan word nabâ-nazdišta (most closely related) was mentioned, and considering its meaning I thought it can be the source for the contemporary term نوه نتيجه, l wonder if anyone can shed some light on this? Of course for this to be...
  18. C

    Persian: بن نقدی

    What is the English translation of it? My Persian dictionary says بن has a French origin but I can't find the French word, as a Persian word this word can mean "fund", in fact "bon" and "fund" have the same Indo-European origin, we can compare it to Persian bongah (bank, financial institution).
  19. L

    Persian: whisper

    Hello. Can anyone tell me what the word "whisper" would be in Persian, when transliterated into the Roman alphabet? Thanks in advance!
  20. PersoLatin

    Persian cognate of PIE *kel

    In Persian head is kalé (کله) and mountain summit is qolé (قله) which looks a variation of kalé. Is kalé the Persian cognate of PIE *kel? hill (n.) Old English hyll "hill," from Proto-Germanic *hulni- (cognates: Middle Dutch hille, Low German hull "hill," Old Norse hallr "stone," Gothic...
  21. J

    Persian: یک رستورانِ کوچک خوبی

    I just came across the following: در این خیابان یک رستورانِ کوچک و خوبی ھست۔ Would it have made a difference if it had been یک رستورانِ کوچکِ خوبی instead? In fact, this is the one I would have expected, since the translation given for it in my textbook is "Dans cette rue, il y a un bon petit...
  22. L

    Hindi/Urdu: Use of Sanskrit/Persian pronouns

    Hi all. Hindi is more influenced by Sanskrit and Urdu more by Persian and Arabic. The differences become more pronounced depending on the register of the language used (I am given to understand that the colloquial registers are quite similar). I was wondering if in the "higher" (I know this...
  23. D

    Persian: دلفین

    درود بر دوستان کسی از دوستان می دونه در جنوب ایران به دلفین چی گفته میشه؟-که قاعدتا اون رو باید فارسی دلفین بدونیم-البته دونستن این کلمه به زبان های لارستانی یا بلوچی هم برای من جالبه در لغت نامه دهخدا به نقل از 'تحفه حکیم مومن' کلمه 'کچه ماهی' رو معادل دیلمی دلفین دونسته که به نظر من صحیح...