1. minaaaaa

    Persian: that they were as good as dead

    سلام. ممکنه این جمله را به فارسی ترجمه کنید؟ they told the two frogs that they were as good as dead
  2. musicalchef

    Persian: Hattaa yek abr ham dar asemoon nist.

    Salam, This sentence was in my audio lesson today: Hattaa yek abr ham dar asemoon nist. It was translated as: Not even a single cloud in the sky. My question is, what is the function of "ham" in this sentence? I've always heard it as "too," such as "man ham" as "me too." Mersi!
  3. C

    Persian: Pronunciation of يهوه

    Hello, Persian speakers! Please help me pronounce the word یهوه, as it is, or should be, pronounced in Persian. Is the correct pronunciation yahve, yahva, yahove, or yahova, or something different to these? Thank you very much.
  4. B

    Persian: baKHAR

    Am I correct in believing that baKHAR means vile, mean or contemptible? I found this word in Steingass's Dictionary , but not in Sulayman Hayyam's.
  5. bjoleniacz

    Persian:بیا تا گل بر افشانیم و می در ساغر اندازیم

    بیا تا گل برافشانیم و می در ساغر اندازیم فلک را سقف بشکافیم و طرحی نو دراندازیم اگر غم لشکر انگیزد که خون عاشقان ریزد من و ساقی بهم سازیم و بنیادش براندازیم My attempt: Come, let's scatter flowers and cast wine into goblets Let's rip the ceiling of the heavens and a throw in a new...
  6. marrish

    Hindi/Urdu/Persian: nizamuddin

    As far as I know there are two parts of this word - nizaam نظام and diin الدین. Still I am unable to understand this expression. I am of course hinting at the person of Nizamuddin Auliya - whose shrine is together with the great sage of the older years امیر خسرو Amir Khusro (xusrau) who wrote in...
  7. HZKhan

    Persian: عالم گرددم گلشن

    Salam! بده آن جام آتش‌گون که عالم گرددم گلشن Out of these two, which one more correctly translates the above-mentioned hemistich? 1. Give me that fire-coloured chalice so that my world turns into a flower garden. 2. Give me that fire-coloured chalice so that the world becomes a flower garden...
  8. S

    Persian: دین باور

    Greetings We continue with the Persian Wiki entry on Majid-e Majidi ( چرا که ایشان در طول عمر خود همیشه با سلامت و صداقت و دین باور و معتقد به اصول انقلاب زندگی کرده‌است. Re the words دین باور, I'm not sure...
  9. Stranger_

    Persian: روزی به پای مرکب تازی درافتمش

    Please how should the first "misraa" read? and what does it mean? روزی به پای مرکب تازی درافتمش گر کبر و ناز بازنپیچد عنان دوست Kindly translate the whole "beyt" because the vagueness of the first "misraa" has obscured the second one as well! Regards,
  10. T

    Persian: bande as pronoun

    Hi, everyone! Considering this sentence (discussed in this thread): بنده بر این باورم What is bande? Is it a first person pronoun or just a noun? The classic Persian list of pronouns does not contain bande for sure. It may also regard using the first person conjugation for the verb a common...
  11. S

    Persian: بنده بر این باورم

    Greetings From Wiki on Majid-e Majidi and his support for Musavi: بنده بر این باورم اگر مهندس موسوی انتخاب شود...
  12. bjoleniacz

    Persian: ای آمده از عالم روحانی تفت

    Here is my attempt at translating this poem by Omar Khayam: ای آمده از عالم روحانی تفت حیران شده در پنج و چهار و شش و هفت می نوش ندانی ز کجا آمده‌ای خوش باش ندانی بکجا خواهی رفت O one who turned away from the spiritual world astonished at five and four and six and seven writing that you...
  13. B

    Persian: majnoon مجنون

    If I were to say the word "majnoon" to an average Afghan Persian/Dari speaker, would he be aware that the original meaning of the word is "crazy," or would he most likely just associate the word with the story of Laila and Majnoon, and not be aware of the original meaning?
  14. E

    Persian: این دختر دارد غذا می خورد

    Hi, I'm using Rosetta Stone (among other tools) to learn Farsi, but at some point at the very beginning the program goes from individual words to simple sentences, and that's where I kind of get confused. Could you break down this sentence for me with the meaning of each individual words? I...
  15. S

    Persian: کسره‌ی اضافه

    Greetings I'm still confused about a certain topic: please, what is the difference between ‘کسره’ and ‘اضافه’? You can imagine how bewildered I was to hear that you can actually combine the two: کسره‌ی اضافه - what exactly is that, please? Best wishes, and many thanks, Simon
  16. L

    Persian:خود عین عیان خودی وهم بینای

    گه گشته نهان رو بکس ننما ی گه در صور کون و مکان پیدای این جلوه گری بخو یشتن ننمای خود عین عیان خودی وهم بینای I have trouble to understand this poem, especially the last line. (my own translation) sometimes you find a hidden face that is shown to nobody sometimes you show your form in the...
  17. HZKhan

    Persian: کیک در تنبان کسی افتادن

    Salam! What does the phrase کیک در تبنان کسی افتادن mean in Persian? Here's the context: هوا به اندازه‌ای خوب و آفتاب به قدری مطبوع بود که حد و حساب نداشت. سهره‌ها و طرقه‌ها در باغستان‌های اطراف هیاهوی عجیبی راه انداخته بودند و از پشت کارخانجات نجاری صدای پای نظامی سربازان آلمانی به گوش می‌رسید...
  18. L

    Persian سيمابست

    می در کف من نه که دلم در تابست وين عمر گريز پای چون سيمابست درياب كه، آتش جوانی آبست هش دار، كه بيداری دولت خواب است My questions are: 1,سيماب means quicksilver in dictionary, maybe it means that this short life is unstable, but it doesn't sound poetic in English, I wonder whether it is poetic...
  19. B

    Persian: رستوران خوب است

    Help translate from Arabic to English, please: Thanks in advance
  20. musicalchef

    Persian: Patoon ro gozashtin rooye paye man

    Hello, Glad to be back to these boards! I used to be fairly active on the "other Slavic languages" board, mostly discussing Bosnian, but haven't been on here in awhile. While in university, I studied Persian to the intermediate level. This was a long time ago, so I'm going back to the...
  21. G

    persian:بندم کردہ ای

    May I ask for the translation of this verse which seems to be Persian: درمیانِ قعرِ دریا تختہ بندم کردہ ای باز می گعئی کہ دامن ترمکن ہشیار باش (shahaabnaamah, p.123) :)
  22. S

    Persian: stork

    Greetings Please, what do you call a stork (the bird) in Colloquial Persian? Do you have any idioms etc. using the bird's name? Best wishes, and many thanks, Simon
  23. Stranger_

    Persian: چون لاشه که در کعبش دمی فربه نماید

    Friends, what does the highlighted part of the following maxim from Gulistan mean? Could someone tell me what "کعب" and "دم" mean in this context and explain the whole phrase? Regards,
  24. S

    Persian: انتخابات ریاست جمهوری

    Greetings From Wiki on Majid-e Majidi: حمایت از میرحسین موسوی در انتخابات ریاست‌ جمهوری سال ۱۳۸۸ Please, what is the correct pronunciation of انتخابات ریاست جمهوری? In particular, is ریاست جمهوری one word? I think I've seen it written as ریاست‌جمهوری i.e. with zero-width non-joiner...
  25. G

    Persian: اگر پدر نتواندپسرتمام کند

    Friends, could you kindly tell me the meaning and pronunciation of this proverb: اگر پدر نتواندپسرتمام کند (shahaabnaamah, p.122) Thank you.:)
  26. HZKhan

    Urdu, Persian: champion

    What will you call the champion of a tournament in Urdu and Persian?
  27. ayed

    Persian : He is a serious and determined man

    سلام عليكم جميعا How can I say : Ali is a serious and determined man. Thanks a lot..