1. Heredianista

    los sinchis que cuidaban a la empresa asociativa (Peru)

    This is from a report on crimes against humanity in Peru in the Shining Path years. This section of the document deals with agrarian reform in Peru in the 1980s. The "empresa" mentioned below is an "empresa asociativa" (meaning "agrarian production cooperative" or "farmers’ cooperative...
  2. Heredianista

    lo colgaron en la madera central del camión

    NOTE: The following text describes grievous human rights violations. Can anyone help me understand what is meant, below, by "lo colgaron en la madera central del camión"? En medio de gritos “¡terrorista, asesino!” vendaron los ojos de Porfirio Suni Quispe, lo subieron a un camión, amarraron...
  3. I

    letter combination 'cc' in Peru

    A bit of an unusual query, but this seemed the best place to put it. The letters 'cc' appear all over Peru in place names (Ccatcca, Ccamara) and personal names (Crocce [or Crucci]), in places they clearly wouldn't show up in Spanish. I had thought this was a result of Quechua influence, but as...
  4. pdxmariposita

    Blusas Snake

    Hi, I am translating a business description for a woman who sells clothing, as well as gas canisters and soft drinks. I am totally baffled at what the word "snake" could mean in this context: "Con este préstamo de S/ 2,500 el cual será pagado en 5 meses comprará mercadería (pantalones, blusas...