phrasal verbs

  1. Mr.TechComm

    Swedish: att blåsa på

    What does this phrasal verb mean in the below sentence? ”Rapportperioden kan blåsa på börsen”.
  2. L

    Workout or work out... this is the problem!

    Hi folks, I was revising for my English exam and I use to check everything, also stupid words that I know by heart just to make sure or to widen my vocabulary. I'll arrive to the point now! I was looking for "work out" and I found different meanings for this phrasal verb. That one i was...
  3. K

    Make something up!!!

    G' Day everybody, This is my frist thread I posted here. So, if anything worng with my questions, please forgive me. Now, I m keen to know what does "Make something up." mean. If any of you know, please do explain about that usage. Thanks alot! Warm Regards, Khune :)
  4. María Madrid

    Stuck it out for years

    To those who've stuck it out since our teens. Context: Acknowledgements at the beginning of a book. No more info. I'm not sure about the meaning of stick it out. Those who've been around? Those who've coped with me? Just guessing, not that I really know. Thanks for your suggestions.